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testing 123
link to older layout for comparison woooop


weeee~ drag and drop for full view~


1/9/2014: IT'S ABOUT TIME REG HAD an art section for all the art I've received xD so I added it.

12/30: ALMOST 2014 NO WAYY D: closing in on my 2 year mark with Reg (okay like in 3 months haha) I cannot believe it has been that long!! ;u; Reg's character has grown so much wahh and now I have a college degree. Reg help me find a job haha D:
here is a reg that I doodled yesterday:

Anyway, I was fixing up this layout when I realized that I absolutely hate it! it only looks good in a certain window size which drives me insane, so BACK TO SQUARE ONE U___U;

5/16: HOLY COW I FINALLY UPDATED REG'S LAYOUT. Bear with me while I fix up all the colors, spacing, content, links, headers, etc, etc... @____@

3/11: Wow! I adopted Regulis on March 17th, that means I've almost owned him for a whooole year! ;u; when I think about how far his character has come (and how far all my other characters and stories have come thanks to him) I just can't believe it!
Once again, thank you so so much Kiata for letting me take care of such a great pet! asdffksdjf
I wanted to do something special, but I probably won't be able to because of school D: but here have some WIPs!

2/15: Ugh getting recursively hit with life-dumb and school work.... painting someday you will be finished u_u That is If I don't stack overflow asdkfsjdfkfsdj |D

Thank you Robin for this Wonderful gift art~ LOOK REGGIEKINS IS SO ADORBS BAWHAWHAWHAW~ ;u;

12/13- actually no that would be rediculous. I need to finish the digital painting one askfjsdkfk.

here Reg, have a radio:

12/12- SCHOOL IS OVER! *___* I can finally work on Reg's page omg it is so overdue.
I left my tablet pen at school though. D: so I can't make any digital art which is AWFUL. But I think watercolors suit Reg better anyway, so I'm redoing his new layout with watercolors haha no. @____________@ IS NOTHING EASY

enjoy this durpy sketch of Reg in his adventure Iyaban travel clothes :B
hush I don't have a scanner I took a picture of it with my phone lol.

12/2 - ASDKFJS finals week school is almost done akjf sd I can taste the freedom wahhhhhh
I'm just gonna... leave this here...

10/7 - wooo, finally got some time to work on a new BC entry for Reg! just gotta color. :B

I feel like I painted his new layout like a moron, and now I hate it e____e I think... I'll start over with a better idea...

9/8 - ahhhh layout painting why you take so long! ;_;

9/3 - okay Regulis, I swear I'll clean up this mess from your page when I finish painting your new layout...

WIP !! |U I over rendered things arrrg, oh well it still looks okay. time to finish.

but anyway, finished card border, here's a wip of Reg's:

(the symbols are the world's magic elements, their placement denotes how the character is aligned to them, blah blah blah blaaaaah. Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Planar, Celestial, Genera, Rend, Null, and Void. Reg's is Planar.)

Portrait! Originally for the card, but this style didn't mesh well with the border, so I'm going for my more illustrative/graphical/linear/what rainbow throw up painting shenanigans for the inside instead.
But this is the first decent looking portrait I've ever done of one of my characters. /tears
not finished, up to here to somewhere between 3-4 hours.

7/24 - HOLY MOLY. summer bio classes/work kicked my butt, but now they are almost over *u* TIME TO GET STUFF DONE!

sketch/terrible mock-up of Reg's new page layout! I like this one much better... XD main image is gonna be an epic painting. mostly blues so his reds stand out unlike this current layout.... 8P but we'll see how long that lasts...

6/1 - mulling through petpage outlines is depressing, so while I wait, more Stuff to dump on Reg's page! Here's a Map of Iyabo that will either go on Tidus's or Therra's page at some point, but I'm too lazy to go all the way over there at the moment. so uh HAVE SUM MAP:

drag and drop!
marked are the Territories, oceans/seas, and a few important story locations (ex: Regulis crashes in Pequi). Obviously this is not a detailed map because... this is a planet lol. There should be 100 billion more things labelled and drawn hurrhurrhurr. also changed Darunga's name to Deganra because it's easier to say loool.


5/4 - Reggie-kins got a super cool adopt! I have no idea where I'm gonna put it yet XD so gnorbu!Reg will hang out riiiiiight... here:

also first link back thing ;u; added that and family links to the bottom. durp I need to finish his petpage outline already XD

4/27 - ahhhh finally, class is over, Finals and stuff was killing me the past 3 weeks 8U.

starting off the summer with designing Regulis's friends! They're all pretty important in his back story. :B
the group began as just Regulis and Callideus, then they joined the school's Chess Club which was just Casus and Remoris at the time. Now the Chess club is 7 people with the addition of Octavia (the only girl who would risk her reputation hanging out with these losers), Felix, and Aedis.
(ending names with an s is a delta thing? XD)

Callideus (Cal) is the group leader red ranger. he plays football. Regulis is the group quiet kid and the guy that can most likely fix the whatever, Octavia is the Chemistry know-it-all who's handiwork is in all the group's pranks, Casus is the human calculator pyromaniac, Remoris (Remi) is the stealth ninja guy, Felix can somehow acquire practically anything for the group's needs, and last but not least, Aedis (Eddy) is the lookout who also corrects everyone's essays because apparently he's the only who can write decently. There you have it! the Chess Club. c:

I think I have their silhouettes down, now for details and stuff! 8D

ADKFJFJFs Reg won gold! thanks for voting!

March 23rd: back from camping, and Regulis is in the BC! So now I am shamelessly spamming his page for votes! |D
Thanks if you do! I appreciate it, not sure if Regulis likes being in a beauty contest though! Hopefully his first will be gold...

background only and a process of it! meant to put these here a while back...

*OMG ;~; Thank you so much Kiata~~ Easily the best start to my spring break! I cannot thank you enough!
My baby is home~ ;u;

Thank you everyone who mailed me such kind words of encouragement! ajgaskjg I don't deserve you guys.

All the other applicants were freaking beyond awesome and had me quaking in my boots! Seriously you guys rock. I wish you all good luck with future applications/endeavors/life, and if you guys ever need anything you can always ask me~

Now... to make his petpage! 8D ( app here for tonight. It is... 1 am |D )

NEW LAYOUT?? Y/N?? yes. this one is nice, but I am tired of looking at the purple. XD
comic story comes first though.

spent all day doing dumb sketches lololol!

Reg looks very similar to another character of mine, Linus. The two of them tend to end up looking like clones of each other when I draw 'em for whatever dumb reason. (because they are both absurdly pale, white-haired people??) I finally PUT AND END TO IT. |8D HA!

major difference is Linus's CREEPER stat. It is like 300 above Reg's. |D

wip adoptables~

A Lesson in Fate

Intercepted message from Kada Taosind, Chimera Fleet, 11240 uec.

I will tell you something you may already know.

The universe is vast.
It is governed by entropy.
Do events come to pass for a reason?
Or simply a product of probability?
I find I ask myself this question quite often,
but never before I saw them.

Before you settle on your truth, hear this:

Three entities of legend roam across the universe.
Perhaps they are fulfilling a purpose.
Or maybe they are simply here by chance.
We named them for the atrocities they commit instinctively:
The Devourers of Planets, the Executioners of Time and Space.

Leviathan, with impregnable scales and incomprehensible speed, sweeps erratically across the stars, uttering a pleading "stop me!

With its machine gait and unmatched strength, Behemoth swallows everything whole, without inspection or savor. It performs its solemn duty with a firm grasp of true indifference;

Cruel Renanim boasts the best of its brethren. Perhaps created as an echo to our own dark nature, it only consumes its quarry when all the inhabitants are at the brink of death from relentless torture.

Do these devils choose their path? Are they a cast of an infinite-sided die?
I suppose only one with the luxury of time can hope to find an answer.

Signal Child

DATA: AH48 EXP-STOR 3a24; SUBJECT 4f7e-53; CONTEXT Rho Venus, pre-exodus;

They sat lifeless at the small kitchen table. The sirens had ceased their whining hours past, taking the day with them. Shadows of kitchen clutter bounced off the room's many surfaces while dim moonlight from a tiny window illuminated the faces of a mother and her seven year old son. Their eyes were blackened with apprehension; their faces still with solemn disbelief.

The pair were completely absorbed in the static emitted by a bright red transistor radio. The pale light could not hide its alarming hue; it always commanded the room, regardless of the occasion or hour. However, it had never controlled them like this. His name had always been called across the frequency before. But now it was early in the morning and the signal had been dropped. No more names would be called this round. He didn't make it out. He wouldn't be coming back home. He was gone. The radio stayed on as if suddenly the signal would return after the long silence. He would be listed among the others and everything would be fine again. How many times would they be forced to tell themselves he would not return before it sunk in?

Not enough.

They were not alone. It had been bad this time around. Many hadn't made it out. The previous day had been full of all the expected horrors. The sirens always go off; everyone knows what will happen, but no one is ever ready for it.

When something goes wrong in the mines, the sirens awaken, and the people of Delta crowd to the nearest red radio. The blood red machines litter every building and line every street. They embody the omnipresent Horror. One by one, miners able to leave the compound are called out through the radio by name. The mine's mouth, as well as the entire inner compound, could not be entered by even the closest family member. The Terema unearthed under its premises is too dangerous a substance. So instead of around the compound gates, the miners' loved ones crowd around the red radios until one by one, only the soon-to-be grieving are left gawking at them.

The shrill moaning sounded off just before lunch. She had waited all day to hear her husband's name. Her son met her at the store where she worked as soon as he heard them. They had finally relocated their frantic selves back home when the signal shut off and the sirens went silent. There Regulis and his mother sat motionless, waiting for a name that would never be spoken again.

It was morning now. The dawn's light crept into the kitchen and bounced off the stainless steel sink. Regulis watched his mother slowly and silently rise from her seat. She stumbled out of the room as if she was no longer conscious of reality. From the kitchen window, he watched her climb into the family car. She had paperwork to fill, now. The radio's white noise drowned out the sound of the vehicle starting. Somewhere far away, lighting flashed. Its distance was such that the waves it released echoed through the radio as a ghostly cry rather than normal crackling. The radio wailed for those few eerie moments, and the returned to blank hissing while the car left for the mining compound office. The daily dismal rain began.

How many ways could the people of Delta avoid one simple fact? Every child learnt it before anything else without being told: the Horror. Nobody dared to mention it out loud. When a miner is swallowed by raw Terema, it doesn't kill him. He's still very much alive, comatose in the rock below.

His father was now trapped down there forever, totally alone in the dark. Regulis couldn't bear such a thought. From that day forward, the red radio stayed alive on the kitchen table forever crackling with meaningless white noise. It waited in vain with him for the day something would free his beloved father from the depths of the Terema mines.

Such a day would never come.

Regulis Aurea

character info

Quick stats:

full name{ Regulis Carol Aurea }
gender{ Male }
age{ currently 19; }
birth{ assumed to be August 9th }
birthplace{ assumed to be Mu Mining Base }
family{ deceased adoptive parents }
magical disposition{ none }
order{ Shapeshifter; *mouseover his picture! }
base species{ Eyrie }
coloring{ Grey, uc }
mastered forms:{ 2; human & eyrie }
(Rho Venus){ Student }
(Arc Fleet){ Communications / Navigation }
(Iyabo){ none, adventurer }
(Rho Venus){ Delta Mining base }
(Arc Fleet){ Garuda Rendezvous Flagship, Cor Feen }
(Iyabo){ traveling; no residence }

  • Radios / Radio Astronomy
  • Building stuff
  • Red & Blue colors
  • thunderstorms / lightning
  • the Arc Fleets
  • static / white noise or quiet
  • high altitudes
  • running
  • practicality

  • hot weather
  • large social occasions
  • pranks
  • math, esp. theoretical parts
  • Renanim ( the Devourers )
  • swimming
  • pears
  • yellow
  • total darkness

old ref sheet that needs to be redone omg


Art by Others~

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the trade Queen! *u*

What a surprise! Thanks Marsh! ;u;

Another surprise gift, thank you Sheru!

Link Back

come back soon!

Links out:

*SNAPFLASH* Say Cheese! Net Field Connection... Initiated. WIZARD MONKEY!!!

Thanks to Mystic, Smoothie, Dan, and Rosen for your repeated help with perfecting this thing! You guys freaking rock so hard, I don't even know.

Thanks to the rest of my awesome NMU buds who cheered me on and are just generally way too cool for school.

Thank you life for being cool and scheduling my midterms all around this app's due date. Pfft, not.

Thank you to my guildies at Divinity for also being awesome and checking things for me!

Finally, space images used in alot of the images I painted are edited wallpapers from hubblesite org. They are in the public domain so they were used with permission. For the record, this page was created with Photoshop CS5 and coded painstakingly in TextWrangler. Tabs and indentions, hooray! Annnnd that is all folks. :'D





ART, trophies, screenshots, customizations, etc.


EXIT! thanks/ credit/ obligatory gangstah poses, link out and other places and yeah


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