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Hello guest and welcome to my Mynci Beach Volleyball guide! By using this guide, you can most likely achieve this spiffy avatar.


To get this avatar, you must score 800 or more in MBV.
These are the possible trophies for you to score in the game.

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the basics

There are 6 rounds. The minimum score per round is 12.
You need 2 more points than your opponent to win a round; eg. If the score is 13-13, you need to score another 2 points so that it's 15-13 and you go on to the next round. After you pass round 6, you get a bonus of 250 points.

Use the arrow keys to move around. The up arrow key to jump, theleft and right arrow keys to move left and right.

Gives you bonuses if you hit it with the volleyball.
Generally, I'd prefer not to get the Pawkeet if possible.

If you step on this, you can't move for 2 ½ seconds; the same thing happens if your opponent steps on the Turdle.
If you hit the Pawkeet, usually the Turdle pops up on your opponent's side. Same goes if your opponent hits the Pawkeet, the Turdle would appear on your side.

Giant Ball
Bigger than your average-sized ball.
It's an okay bonus if you ask me.

Small Net
Smaller than the normal net.
It's also not that great, since both you and your opponent benefit from it.

Big Net
Taller net.
BAD bonus - make sure you're far away from the net in order to get the ball over to the other side. Otherwise, the ball will hit the net and bounce back, usually giving you trouble.

Super Jump
Makes you jump higher than normal.
Also a BAD bonus. It takes a long time for your Blue Mynci to get back onto the ground, and probably by then the ball will have landed on your side.

Super Speed
Makes you go extremely fast.
Generally a good thing to get, but it's easier to miss the ball since your feet get a little slippery.
If I could animate this, I would. D:

Super Size
Makes you gigantic.
A really good bonus, because your Mynci's body is taking up most of of the space on your side, so that will mean you don't have to run back and forth as much. Take advantage when your opponent gets this bonus. He misses the ball more often.

tips & strategies

Get at least 100 points every round, then at the end of round 6, you'll get a bonus of 250 points.
100 points x 6 rounds + 250 bonus points = 850 points.

When "serving", go to the very back, start running forward and hit the up arrow key to release the ball. It's easier than staying in one spot, jumping, and jumping again to hit the ball.

If you get Super Jump, try not to jump too often. Only jump when you need to get the ball over the net. Practice! The more you play the game, the better you'll get at it. Be patient, you will have to serve back and forth a lot but you'll eventually get that avatar!

Try not to get the Pawkeet, some bonuses, like Tall Net and Super Jump aren't so good.

Type turdle in the game to make a turdle appear on your opponent's side. Type dirigibles to make a blimp fly across your screen.

Try to get the ball to go behind your opponent at the back, so that your opponent will bounce off the side of the screen and miss the ball. The ball will slip between the back of your opponent and the right end of the screen, as shown in the screenie below.

If you get 800+ points, you will get this event to pop up in another window!

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use Spike It! as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

link back?

If you have any questions, just neomail me ^^

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