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The moons hangs high in the sky. The wide range of mountains and valleys are bathed in a light mist provided by the moon. The grass sways softly in the cool wintery breeze. Frost is beginning to line the stems of the leaves and grass. Things seem calm and settled here. On a mountain, stands a figure. Just looking at it makes someone shiver. Her fur sways in the gentle breeze. An amulate hangs around her neck, glowing marvoulesly. Her head turns, and orange eyes scorch into your fur. They are determined yet sadened. Then, with a stronger whisp of wind, the form is blown away like a pile of dust, leaving you alone in the mysterious land.


Name: Recutia
Allis: Ria
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Ghost
Eyes: Tangerean
Main Fur: Silver
Markings: Gray. White.
Level: 5
Height: 4" 9
Weight: 119
Values: A mystical amulate
Body: Slim, muscular, agile
Care Taker: Ash


Armongo is one of the first I met while living here. He was visiting my homeland, and I had befriended him. I see him from time to time, but I feel nothing special for this one soul.


Likes & Dislikes

Being Alone.....Crowds
Accasional Company.....Nosey People


I must admit; I used to love at one point. But, love is what caused me to live like this. I believe love is only trouble. But, sometimes, I do tend to miss the warmth and comfort of a close one. Thus, I believe no one would love me as of now. It is impossible.. I am forever alone...


You c-can't do this to me..!

A silver wolf was crouched down on the ground, legs spread apart and eyes narrowed. Her jaw's were gaped open, crimson liquid dripping from her fangs onto the cold ground below. Above and only a few inches away, stood a dark red wolf, eyes glowing a brilliant crimson. His jaws were open and tongue hanging out. Claws unsheathed into the ground underneath and he stepped closer.

Snarling, the silver wolf took a step back. Her large belly told that she was either fat, or carrying pups; and she was carrying pups... his pups. She panted heavily as blood trickled down her side. She had received multiple wounds from this wolf like creature and her body could hardly support her any longer.

She closed her eyes tightly, her blue amulet dangling from her neck. She took a breath and instant flash backs filled her mind of her earlier years in life...
Can't catch me!" screeched the young lupe pup as she bolted across the street. A silver lupe instantly stood up and growled. "Recutia! Get back here!" she barked. Her young pup and the pups brother skidded to a stop. "Ahh but mom!" moaned the male lupe pup. The silver lupe shook her head. "No buts. Get over here! You know how neopians treat stay neopets.." the mother sighed. The pups looked at each other and sighed. "Alright..." they muttered and scampered quickly over to the silver lupe.

Later, as the three were curled up in a cardboard box, Recutia was the only one awake. She squirmed free of her mothers grip and placed her small paws on the boxes edge. Looking out into the street, her eyes narrowed and watched sadly the figures that passed. A human was running swiftly, a lupe and gelert running quickly behind him.

They were laughing softly as they took shelter in there neohome, only a few yards away. Recutia's ears drooped. That's what she wanted; a true family. She loved her mother and brother, but stealing food was not how she wanted to live all her life.

The young lupe thought hard as she sat in the box in the dark ally. Her orange eyes scanned the area and she glanced back at her mother and brother. Sighing, she sprang out of the box and landed with a thud on her paws. She looked back, taking a final look at her broken family. She let out a long sigh and whispered, "I'm sorry... I just can't do it anymore..." She waved her tail, knowing they couldn't see her wave of goodbye, and bolted out of the ally, into the dark rain.
Life was hard for young Ria. Keep in mind, she was only a few months old when she abandoned her family and set out on her own. She didn't know much of the real life, but somehow she survived all through this. It wasn't until she was nearly a year when she truly got her wish.
Trash cans plundered over and a silver lupe skidded to the right, then bolted out of the street side. The lupe ran swiftly, tail sticking straight up. A line of sausages hung from her jaws, slapping at her side in the wind. An angry kougra roared in anger. "Thief! Bring those back!" But Ria kept on running.

Just keep running; don't stop!" she repentantly shouted. She swung around a curve when- BAM! The next thing she knew, her head was spinning and she was laying belly-flat on the ground. She shook her head and looked in front of her. A young teenager female was on her bottom, head tilted and hand rubbing her head. "Ow..." she moaned. She opened her eyes, which were like chocolate and she studied the lupe. Blinking, the two made eye contact and staid that way for several minutes.

But, an angry kougra interrupted as it stomped over. "Hey! Is that your lupe!?" he snarled.

The young teen blinked and looked at the lupe. Ria felt a sense of panic; she didn't belong to her! But, with a slight hesitation, the female replied. "Y-yes. I'm sorry for the damage she did by,"- the girl glanced at the lupe and saw the sausages- "taking the sausages. I should have given her some neopoints before I let her take off. I hope this covers the damage." She pulled out a sack of neopoints and tossed it the feline like neopet. With a scowl, he marched off, neopoints in paw.

The teen stared after him for a moment and let out a sigh. By then, Ria had slowly sat up, meat at her paws. Finally, the girl turned to the wolf creature and smiled softly. "So, who are you?" She began.

Ria stared at her for a moment, not sure what to say. "I...I'm Recutia. But call me Ria." she replied softly. The girl nodded. "I'm Ashley. Call me Ash." she replied. Ria nodded. The two got up and Ash dusted herself off. "So, who do you belong to?" she asked with a sigh.

Ria hung her head and looked behind her. "I belong to the streets, the dark allies. The rain and the sun. I belong... to no one.." she sighed. Ash frowned softly and shrugged. "Well, I have no neopets right now." she began. Ria's ears pricked and she slowly looked at her. Ash grinned softly. "Do you want to be my neopet?" she asked. Ria was dumbfolded. She hadn't expected this. But it was her dream to have an owner. And now she could! Ria smiled softly and nodded. "Okay." she nodded. Ash smiled and ushered her forward. A rumbled of thunder was heard and Ash scowled. "C'mon, lets get to my neohome before the rain falls." Ash proclaimed. Ria smiled and nodded. The two new companions bolted off, heading for a small, cozy little home close to the forest, away from the noisy city Ria had grown to know.

-To Be Continued-

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