Viari's Chainmaille


Hi there! My name is Rechain the Lenny. My owner, Viari, has trusted me with the task of displaying her amazing chainmaille jewelry creations. I really don't blame her, you know, after all I am a beautiful Faerie Lenny:


So, it's only natural that I should display beautiful things!

Bridal Head Piece

An early commission for a lady's wedding day

Celtic Knot

Pretty green Celtic knot!

Celtic Cross

Expanding the knot a little further.

Bracelet & Star Set

Bracelet, pendant & Earrings

Triforce Dice Bag

Inlay pattern

Becoming a pouch (Shenron cameo!)

Finished bag

Eternal Dragon

My best design yet. A chain-and-scale Dragon, modeled after Shenron from DragonBall Z ^__^

HP3-in-1 Charm Bracelet

A simple charm bracelet.

Red Flower

I love these. Made with scales and chain links, they can be barrettes, pendants or just a nice trinket!

Chain Star

Five pointed star. Nice for when you want to sparkle ^.^

Gem Anklet

Using the 4-in-1 and adding some shinies!

Blue Chain Bracelet

The basic chainmaille design, always simply elegant.

Celtic Star & Bracelet Set

Done in Earthy colors!

Rainbow Bracelet

A pretty, colorful bracelet

Dragon Tail

This blue/silver piece is one of my favorites


A must for any Lady of the Faire!


One of my favorites just cause of its name ^.^

Butterfly Chain

This is beautiful for any occasion - simple or fancy.


A very versatile Japanese weave


I'm just learning this one - the links are held together with ribbon, instead of other links!