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Welcome, guest, to My Screenies!

Random Blah XD

My best score yet!

Hurray! I finally got it! Spent about 900K total on it...

Oh yeah! :D

Yes, I got a Blue Bruce Plushie ("Real Life" plushie) from the giveaway! :P I sold it for 250K, or so.



Guild Board

Good time, good times.

You must read from the bottom up!

My guild rulez!

You must read from the bottom up!

To bad Bill had to delete the guild. :(


Cool! Now let's see if I can get that Honey Potion!

The right pet!

Random Events

Dumb dude!

NeoQuest 2 is the BEST game to get Random Events!


*gets shoe*

It took me FOREVER to get it!


On my guild board.

Thank you, fellow guild member! ;)

Thank you, kind lender from the neobaords that lent me for free! XD

I got it! Yay!

Thank you very much. :) She lent me for free!

Yum! Chocolate...

I love neoquest...

Another avatar for free from my guild! :D

OH YEAH!!!!!


Oh, I am. XD

The ultimate show of luck!

I love this avatar! Thanks, friendly lender that's a friend. :D

After SO LONG, I got lent. *sniff*


No he's not! I checked and he's not!

Geee...Thanks...I think...

Day 1 of 3 of winning at least one codestone or bottled faerie from tombola!

Day 2 of 3 of winning at least one codestone or bottled faerie from tombola!

Day 3 of 3 of winning at least one codestone or bottled faerie from tombola!


Am not!

Nard! (An inside joke ;))

I should get way more then THAT!

I'm telling you, TNT should increase the amount of neopoints you get if that happens!

Thanks, but I want that Jackpot!

I'm still waiting for that Jackpot!

The highest I get! I know, it's sad!

I rarely get even this high!

Better than nothing


What's THAT? *pokes with stick*

First time ever! But of course he didn't eat him!

He laughs at the stupidest so-called 'jokes'!


Yay again!

It's only worth 2K... :(

O_O That...was...amazing!

Yes! Now onto level 200!

I love scratchcards...

I love you, Snowie! ^_^


That's IT!?





Cool! I'm saving up for the Lab Map, too!

I love the toolbar!

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