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Name: Rauline Grimmington
Pronounced: Raw-LEEN
Gender: female
Age: late thirties
DOB: February 20
Family: cousin

Occupation: cosmetic surgeon/bio-mechanic
Residence: NYC / Shukumei
Personality: bubbly, big-hearted, naïve
Talents: hardware, software, medicals
Faults: chatterbox

I like!

almonds, DDR, computers, sushi, J-pop, goggles, useful junk, shopping, rainy days, spring

I don't like...

red meat, winter, conflict, bugs, being alone, raisins, dirt, philosophy, horror movies

Rauline hasn't changed much over the years. She's grown a little softer around the edges, and a little more business-savvy, but to all appearances she is still an eccentric, happy-go-lucky, rather girlish woman. Since changing professions Raw has somewhat adapted to high society, but is still too excitable to really give an impression of class. She dotes on her best friend's family and has found more time to spend with her cousin.
Overall, she's very happy.

Physique: Raw is fairly short for her age, at 5'2", and has a petite figure with a slight curve. Her face is heart-shaped and has the delicate features of a doll—large eyes, small nose, pert lips, and a pale "peaches-and-cream" complexion. The obscene combination of family beauty and her own cosmetic practices has given her a persistently youthful appearance even in her late thirties. Her taste in clothes—short dresses, frilly skirts, and cartoon-character tops—only enforces her childish appearance. The only thing that disturbs Raw's innocent and classically pretty features are her eyes, which despite being a luminous blue are slitted like a snake's. Also, while there is hardly any room for action in the office, Raw is oddly strong and fast for her size and age. Her metabolism runs higher than normal and makes her temperature hotter than an average human's, and because she burns through calories so quickly, Raw tends to eat a lot, and frequently.

As a canine Raw isn't much different; just a little odder. Her wings are large and noisy—Raw tends to snap them open with a noise like umbrellas before lifting off, and also flutters them rapidly when she gets annoyed or excited. Her antennae are highly sensitive to changes in pressure or temperature, and tend to quiver when Raw is on the alert. Rue jokes she's "calling down the mothership" whenever this happens.

Personality: If at first glance you assume that Rauline is not much more than a bubbly, happy hug on four legs (or two, depending) you wouldn't be far from wrong. Raw has a big mouth and a bigger heart. Optimistic, cheerful, and always willing to lend a friendly hand, one could hardly imagine that she makes a living in chopping people's faces open and trading mechanical limbs on the black market. In actuality, however, Raw's bubblehead nature is tempered with strong nerves and resolve; while little things going wrong in her daily life can make her burst into crybaby tears, in the event of a real emergency Raw is incredibly level-headed and efficient. Consequently, this makes her an excellent confidant in difficult situations.




imageRue is my cousin, and really my only remaining blood relative. Not that I mind! We've been through thick and thin together over the years, and we're as close as any brother and sister ever were. Rue's still in the fashion business and better than ever—he's even released his own exclusive line of clothes at some point—but he always manages to find some time to spend with me, whether it's to go shopping or just feed the ducks in Central Park. Besides, I'm the only one who can convince Rue to a DDR showdown! Love you forever, Rue, you're my favorite.

imageIggy is a family friend who's only been around for like, ever. She's really closer to Rue, plus she lives in an other-worldly forest where she maintains a magical pigment shop, so I don't hang out with her a whole lot, but when we do get together for an afternoon it's great fun showing her around New York! If you manage to find her shop I highly recommend dropping by for a visit, she loves getting company even if she doesn't act like it. Just be careful if you decide to mess around with the paints, okay? There's no telling what might happen with them!

imageHivy is kinda like a little sister to me, only because she's Rue's foster and I used to see her around his apartment a lot. I still don't really get her—apparently she's not a little girl at all, but some kind of broken program looking for a new world? I dunno! But I got to know her better when we went shopping for a new computer for her to use. I think Hivy has the potential to be sweet under all her not-really-understanding-people, and she loves animals—who would've guessed! Next time she comes back from her explorations I'm gonna take her to a pet shop.


imageExha and me are best friends forever! We weren't always so tight, though. When Exha and I first met somewhere along 42nd street, she...well, didn't seem to like me much. I guess it's because she was this very classy, rich socialite, and I was the dork who shopped Goodwill and tinkered with inventions in her spare time. But we got over first impressions—that same day we went shopping and ended up planning a bubbly party together—and I got to know Exha better, as a strong, determined, and deeply caring woman and my closest friend. I'm both proud and humbled that she picked me as her children's godmother.

imageMo is one of Exha's eight children and one of my favorites. She was always so bright and curious as a kid. Whenever I came over to babysit the guys she'd always hang by my side and ask so many questions, about my goggles, my transmitter, anything! Now she's training to be a police officer, but for some reason she doesn't want me to surgically alter her for her job. I mean, it would certainly save her a few trips to my apartment for whenever she gets hurt playing defender-of-the-weak. Silly girl!

imageVera is, in my opinion, the weirdest one in the family. I always knew that she had a mean streak a mile wide, even as a child, but I never knew what trouble she really was until later, when Exha started calling me for advice—about her smoking, skipping curfews, fooling around with boys! In her stubbornness Vera is a lot like her mother, but sooo much less sense-making. I think she has some kinda movie-star complex, thinks she's invincible as long as she looks good. She's another silly duck.

I don't know imageKio as well, mostly because she was always very shy around me, even as she started getting older. The thing I always noticed and Exha lamented was how clumsy she is—of course I could offer to tune her muscles up, but it's not really polite to just tell your goddaughter she's utterly uncoordinated! At least she managed to get some kind of secretary job; it's good to know she has something to fall back on, since she thinks she's not good enough for college. You guessed it—another silly girl!

imageMort is my second favorite of the Powell kids. He was a little like Mo—really curious, only he was so cagey and shy as a tyke! Now that he's all grown up, he's still one of those silent types that don't really talk unless they have to, and lots of people are nervous around Mort. Not me, though. He still comes by to my apartment sometimes to swap ideas for inventions. I'm really impressed with the progress he's been making, although I wish he wasn't so stubborn about my giving him advice.

imageLeo is someone I haven't seen in a long time. I still remember the day we met, though—it had been a really early winter morning in the city, and when we accidentally plowed into each other, I pulled a gun on him thinking he was a street crazy. But of course he wasn't, and we became friends and went to his place for an impromptu breakfast. To be honest, haha, I had a little bit of a schoolgirl crush on him! The last I heard from Leo though was that he was going to a culinary school—I'm not sure where he is now. I just hope he remembers me and knows I miss him!

I haven't seen much of imageComedy and Tragedy since I met them on my first trip to Shukumei. I'm not sure what to think of them, exactly. First there's the crazy thing that they're, like, the same person and the only way you can tell them apart is by the mask (well, that and when they open their mouths of course). Then Comedy just doesn't know when to stop with the one-liners and practical jokes, and Tragedy is a wet blanket even if she's more compliant than her "sister". I guess I just don't like their conversation much, but I'd probably call them friends for convenience.

image Ohhh, Akira is just silly, and she's not even one of those Powell kids! I met her while she was touring New York City, complaining how hot it is and generally sticking out like a sore thumb. I felt kinda sorry for her, so I took her to my favorite thrift shop and showed her around the nicer places in the city. But she still likes to put on airs and thinks Hollister is something really special, and she really just needs to lighten up. You're much cuter when you're not being grumpy, Akira-la!

image I met Rylex under strange circumstances, when Vera called me for help regarding an accident at a hotel. Apparently this boy has a unique mutation that involves his wings growing inside of him rather than out, with some painful and bloody results when the wings burst out from stress! I suspect my goddaughter was somehow at fault for the accident, but for now it's all I can do to provide specialized treatment for Rylex and forward my research towards a cure.



Miku (未来) is my griefer and most constant companion! Many years ago, my best girl friend Exha gave me a brand new griefer as a present, since I'd never really gotten around to buying a pet of my own, and my gosh if it wasn't the best quality pet that money could buy! She was straight from Japan before they even released this series of griefer to the public. I decided to call her Miku, since it means "future" in Japanese, and also because—well, it was all she ever spoke, really. I think because she was so new and unregulated, there was some leftover ghost data in her system. That meant that she showed a strange consciousness and almost a personality even though the rest of her was functioning normally—I went through some trouble getting her to obey commands in the first few weeks of owning her. Once, when I was trying to access her language centers, she even self-destructed in my face! Well, I managed to put her back together and even gave her a new paint job, and since then she's been much more accepting to me.

Miku's gone through a lot over the years as my security and early-alert system. She's looking a little worn now, and has a few seconds' delay in responding to commands, but she's still as full of love as ever. On quiet nights Miku likes to curl up in my lap and snooze quietly, and for a hunk of metal, plastic, and electronics she's actually pretty cuddly. I love my Miku; I wouldn't give her up for the world.


life story

teehee this is under construction



Lemme tell you about my work! ^3^


Despite changing fads and trends, there are some standards of beauty that remain consistent no matter what culture or generation. That is—clear skin, generous hair, healthy figure, and so on.
All of these combine to create the appearance of someone healthy and young and, well, fertile, because it's all a millenia-old biological response. For example, while the modern idea of long lashes is something of a fashionable appeal, biologically they say that the person is healthy enough to spare nutrition for frivolous things like hair and such. And on the same note, even though people today are generally under the impression that someone of a size two or lower is "beautiful", let me tell you, as soon as anyone sees someone's skin stretched tight over a ribcage they immediately and unconsciously recoil! Ah, no offense to anyone who actually has their bones sticking out. All I'm saying is, people naturally prefer a healthy mean or average.

But here you see a complication! If you created an average from everyone in a single country, let alone the entire globe, you'd have a face and body that's technically "pretty" but one that's wholly generic and uninteresting. It's like if you took all the landmarks in the globe—deserts and tundras, and forests and jungles and cities and everything in between—and created a single, average landscape from that. You'd have no variation in terrain, nor in the wildlife and flora, or...well, anywhere! Boooring.
Biologically, variation in a person is actually sought after by the individual, in order to create a stronger genetic line. There's no strength in uniformity: a single, calculating virus or disease can fell the entire group. Besides, aesthetically speaking there's always something charming about difference—a person can still select, say, a long thin face with narrow eyes in stubborn defiance of the average, again and again. People are accustomed to seeing randomness, so even in the modern world there's still no one formula for beauty.

So you're probably asking how all this blabbing about biology and genetics relates to my cosmetic surgery! Well, it all boils down to a delicate balance between science and art. When I work with a client I can't just slap a cookie-cutter face on them. So, rather than show the client a prepared selection of noses or eye shapes or whatever, I instead prefer to get permission for a detailed scan and then work from scratch, consulting with the client before we both agree on the final outcome. Sometimes I'll even reference family members if they want something more like their "better side"! As for the operations themselves, I never let anyone else do my work for me. At most I just have a trusted assistant or two, well, assisting with anesthetic and handing me tools and taking care of paperwork. Anyway, I don't like feeling crowded while I'm working, ugh.
In short, everything is personally tailored to the individual. People love to feel special, and even if this process takes a little longer and costs a little more my clients are always happy with the result. And I love making people happy! That's what got me started in the underground business—but, oops, more on that later!

I don't usually mention little details like nanos, however. As much as I love my work there'd be something of an uproar if certain people heard that I've managed to make fully-functional and programmable nano robots! Besides, people seem more comfortable with the idea of chemicals than tiny machines that are just eliminated once their job is done. Funny, right?
Now that you know what I'm all about I'll let you in on some insider operations and info! Isn't this exciting?

You're in good hands now!
(Metaphorically speaking.)
Care to tell me how
You'd like your tweaking?
I've got chips and hair-dyes,
Robot arms galore!
Not to mention false eyes,
Fur, feathers, and more!
While my fees are pricey,
They're the best around
I'm a monopoly,
Living 'underground.
I hope you appreciate
The risk I am taking—
Some folks just can't wait
To steal what I'm making!*


I think I ought to mention
That I'm not certified-
No need for apprehension,
No one (yet) has died!
Insurance will not cover this,
It's only fair you know.
But all your fears you can dismiss,
I'm proof enough to show!

poetry and animation by Neesboy. Thanks! ^u^


Iris Color: Since my first experiments involving eye colors I've come a long way in cosmetic alterations! This procedure is very simple and consists of two separate injections. The first sends nano robots into the bloodstream to remove the pigment in the iris, which gives the effect of albinism in both the color of the eyes and their photosensitivity. The next injection uses nanos again, this time to replace the removed pigment and arrive at the color of choice. Now, this can vary depending on both the initial eye color and the desired outcome—in cases where pigment can simply be added to achieve a darker color, the removal step isn't necessary. However, when moving from dark to light, or transitioning to an extreme color like icy blue or bright yellow, the iris must first be blanked to achieve a vivid hue. Please note that his procedure is tricky to reverse to the exact color and pattern of the eyes before the procedure, so I recommend you think carefully before deciding to change them permanently.

Skin: Changing the color of one's skin works very similarly to the above process, except the doses and number of applications are larger to compensate for the big surface area presented by the skin. As with the eyes I might require some of the skin's natural pigments to be removed, depending on the exact tone of the final color. For an additional charge I can even program the nanos to perform artistic dyes! That is, you can request additions to your base skin color such as a permanent blush or tattoo. The catch with this operation? It might be a little tricky for you to get permission to do switches beyond a shade or two. See, there's an ethical question in changing your skin color, especially if the outcome has racial implications, and then there's also just common sense questions, like how livable your life's going to be as a real, blue-skinned Na'vi. I have a reputation in my business to uphold, so I tend to refuse requests for more extreme alterations. Sorry!

Hair/Fur/Feathers: The procedure for changing the color of one's hair, fur, feathers, etc. is very similar to the above two procedures, in that they, again, use nano robots via injection to remove and replace pigments. As with the skin, larger doses and more applications are required to cover the larger surface area. But because the colors and patterns of a hair strand are much easier to replicate than that of an iris, a change in hair color is pretty easy to reverse. And, if the client also wants something a little more bold, I can program the nanos to create patterns and more specific color swatches—spots, stripes, highlights, streaks, you name it! And the best part is that the hair, or, fur, or whatever continues to grow into the new color. No more trouble with bleaching your roots and making your hair fall out with repeated application of chemicals, haha!

Weaponized Nails: I did this one on myself! This operation involves replacing the body's natural keratin fingernails with something that has a little more bite—usually a lightweight metallic alloy with a smooth finish and sharpened tips. There's also a follow-up procedure to shut off the body's impulse to continue growing new fingernails under the metal. Ultimately, the result is easier for girls to pull off, since the metal can easily look like a shiny silver polish. As with regular nails, some maintenance is required to keep the metal from wearing down over time, and it takes a little practice to keep from accidentally nicking yourself or someone else with your fingertips. In the end, though, it's totally worth it if you want a ready defense in bad situations, or if you really just like slicing through envelopes and tape with no hassle!


Vision Overlays: These are some of the more useful operations for the eyes. There are several variations on these, but all of them require some level of computerization in the brain to function. And if you're a little squeamish about me poking around in your head, a much less invasive alternative is goggles! My goggles, as well as the ones I made for Mokhee, can seamlessly integrate specialized views with one's normal vision. I use my inter-net to send commands to the system in my goggles, but Mo's are completely independent and are adjusted with buttons hidden in the rims.
Many if not all of these are restricted, except in special circumstances.

Infrared: This lets you see the world in terms of heat—hot things glow bright yellow and white, while colder areas appear in red and dark indigo. For example, where most people would be averaged to red, I look orange in infrared because my temperature is higher. It's a simple display I adapted from army designs, but my version is better, of course, and is adjustable down to very fine details.

Night Vision: This allows the viewer to see shapes and forms clearly in the dark, by enhancing spectral range past visible light. Again, it's a basic military principle that I tweaked a little bit—rather than having everything in green or grey, the view can achieve a limited color palette as long as there is some visible light to work with. In a pitch-black area, the vison overlay can only show grey.

Targeting: Everything that it sounds like—at the most basic level this simply consists of a crosshair over your vision, but at its most advanced this setting actively seeks out and locks onto the target. This requires the user to program the software with something to latch onto—like an image, or an accurate description, or even a sample of whatever the object of person is, such as DNA.

Camera: This is a little more complicated, especially if it's installed internally. Basically, this creates a recording interface that supplements naturally formed memories. Rather than simply being an accessory for normal vision, it runs constantly beside it (unless you want to stop recording), as an artificial, photographic memory, one that can be played back with perfect accuracy.

Bio-mechanics: Prosthetics, cybernetics, bionics, call them whatever you like; body parts made with a combination of organic and inorganic components are my specialty! I based my underground career on making arm and leg replacements—a lot of my first customers were war veterans who couldn't get the government funds to replace their lost limbs, and if anything my services are far better than anything the government could offer. The basic design is a meshing of wires and nerve endings to restore what we call the "phantom limb", a metal skeleton, a mix of synthetic and natural muscle fibers and vessels, and finally a cloned skin covering. In the end the limb looks just like normal, and is simply a little stronger and harder to damage. I also know how to integrate concealable weapons into biomechanical limbs, but let me tell you, you'd better have some good arguments ready if you think I'm going to give you an arm with machine-gun capabilities!

Internal Internet: Or inter-inter net if you want to call it that, haha! I did this one on myself too. This operation has several variations depending on how many functions you want. You can call people, send emails, or even navigate the internet—all without touching a cell phone or laptop! Still don't get it? I'll give you an example. If you see this thing I have on my ear—looks like a chunky earring, doesn't it?—it's actually a transmitter that boosts signals enough for me to call people anywhere in New York City, if it's operating without any help from a cellular network. Meanwhile, I have chips in my jaw to carry sound. It's like having a Bluetooth and everything, only it's all in my head, so to speak! probably really looks that way when I'm calling Rue and all anyone else sees is this weirdzo talking to herself. But seriously, you look just as bogus talking into a headset. I also have the rest of the inter-net in me, but I like to use my goggles to view emails and whatnot.

Augmentation: This is my most special and restricted of operations. It employs many of the above procedures, along with some others, to enhance the body and mind to superhuman proportions. It's...well, it's very intense! Nervous impulses are tuned up for lightning reflexes and thought, creating greater balance and almost predatory alertness. The muscles are strengthened with no grotesque bulking up, for greater mobility as well as strength, and the bones in turn are both reinforced and lightened to take more stress without breaking. When combined with vision overlays, an internal computer system, and increased brain capacity, you pretty much get a superhuman with unlimited resources and the superior intelligence to use them.

I've only ever performed the complete operation on one individual. Her full name was Annette Nox Lear, and she had previously undergone some military alterations. I was...foolish, and too eager to study her own unique capabilities to refuse her convincing case. But after the operation she started to show strange changes in her personality. She went from forceful and arrogant to downright megalomaniacal, and suffered from delusions of grandeur. There was an ugly period where she threatened me for further operations, believing that I had saved the best enhancements for myself, and it's only by virtue of her being caught and presumably killed by the government, or perhaps her former military, that I was saved. You could say that was my first lesson in meddling with stuff I didn't know about—since then I'm a lot more careful with who I perform my operations on and what I let people know.



imageShukumei is, to say the least, different. The place has three moons hanging in the sky for crying out loud—three! I'm still not convinced it isn't some kind of atmospheric illusion. Really though, Shukumei is magical. The lands have the freshest air, the softest grasses, the tallest trees and some of the most delicious fruits you could ever hope to find. And everyone there is so nice, even to strangers! I love going there as a break from the city smells and noises, but at the same time I can't imagine how some people choose to live there, like, for ever and always! It's such a missing way of life—no internet, no sushi restaurants, no Chinatown. I like Shukumei a lot as a second home and respite from New York, but I'm a city girl at heart and you won't catch me there for for than a day or two at a time.

If you want a place with a supportive, friendly, talented, and caring community—Shukumei is the way to go.



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awards...for me?

ah, I'm so flattered! I can't thank you enough! ^u^


hey I'm on TV!

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As you know, I love small and cute things! Here are some Tokidoki Cactus Pups and Mameshiba for you to take home.
The same rules apply as for the rest of my adoptables—no stealing, no using without credit, and always link back!

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