DISCLAIMER: I was in no way forced to make this petpage application! I chose to make it of my own free will to show my dedication for Kaploop! :)

Introduction/About Me

Hello Cat! My name is Maddie, and I welcome you to my application for your lovely Kaploop, who I've taken to calling Kally for short. Before we get started with the application, I thought I'd first tell you a little bit about myself...


In the real world, I'm a 20-year-old college student who loves to read, write, and direct films (that is, when I'm not studying for tests or working on essays!). I go to the movies frequently, enjoy shows like "Doctor Who" and "Big Bang Theory", and have been swept up in the Pokemon Go craze. When I'm not in class or hanging out with my friends, I like to come on Neopets for stress-relief and to get my creative juices flowing. Which leads us into the next section...


Though I'm certainly not as active as I used to be, I still visit the site a couple of times a week to check in on things, and always make sure to stick around for major events like the AC, Games Master Challenge, or plots. When there isn't an event going on, the bulk of my Neo-time is spent developing characters for my pets and working on their petpages. I also enjoy writing for the Neopian Times; currently I've been published 14 times, and am hoping to make it an even 15 soon!

Moving on... Links to my accounts and my current pets can be found in the "Meet the Family" section. Below, I've included the buttons that will lead you to my petpages, both complete and in progress, in case you're interested in taking a look at them. I apologize in advance for any broken images or other messes; after the most recent filter update, a lot of things broke, and I just haven't had the time yet to fix them. Stuff like this is what keeps me coming back to Neo though- it means there's always something to do! :)

Now, I think it's time we move on to who's really important here: Kaploop!

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Character Profile

Full Name: Kaploopanaw'huana of Mar
Nicknames: Kaploop, Kally
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Royal Purple
Skin Color: Green mottled with orange
Personality Traits: Friendly, Exuberant, Adventurous, Impatient, Self-conscious, Doubtful
Homeland: Kelp Flats, in the ocean bordering the Altador coast
Occupation: Seer (in training)

Kally comes from a long line of seers who are respected far across the Altadorian ocean. Her great-great-grandfather predicted the First Great Shake, allowing the residents of Kelp Flats to safely evacuate before the area was ravaged by an underwater earthquake of great magnitude; her great-aunt predicted a massive oil spill, giving those who lived near the coast enough time to invent a device to slow the spread of it; and most recently, her cousin predicted the events that lead to the break-up of Krawk Island and made sure that rescue and aid teams were prepared to deal with the aftermath.

Not all of Kally's relatives are as revered, though. Her cousin Vin is the current failure of the family, using his powers only for cheap tricks to scam tourists out of their money. Kally, however, fears that she will outdo even Vin and do what no Seer of Mar has done for centuries: misinterpret the future and cause more damage than would be created otherwise.

Little does Kally know, it is this uncertainty in herself that clouds her visions and causes her to struggle in reading the future. Kally has within her the ability to be one of the best Seers the oceans have ever seen, but to unlock that ability, she must first believe in herself.

(Note: The like/dislike images below will of course be changed to match Kally once this application is converted into a petpage!)




Swimming fast


Going on adventures with friends



The pressure of expectations

Kelp Lasagne


Sea creatures with big teeth



Finley has been Kally's best friend since the time both were guppies. Though Finley is part of a large school of fish, he is terrified of crowds, a fear that the others in his school tease him relentless about. Thus, Finley seeks sanctuary in Kally's friendship. Over the course of their adventures together, the two help each other overcome their fears and emerge as stronger and more confident fish.


Serafina is a young Duchess of Maraqua who is forced into hiding after enemies of her kingdom threaten her. At first she is scared and confused, having never lived anywhere outside palace grounds. Unaware of her status, Kally quickly befriends Serafina and helps her adjust to ocean life. Serafina comes to love living a normal life, and begins to dread the day when she has to return to her kingdom.


Ronan is a young member of the Peophin Warrior Corps, an elite force which hand-picks its members; to be chosen is an immense honor that none can refuse. However, Ronan despises fighting and combat, preferring peace to war. He dare not speak his mind though, lest he be released from the Corps and bring great dishonor on his family's name. Kally meets him when his platoon is stationed in Kelp Flats. Drawn in by Kally's friendly nature and the care-free fun she and her friends have, Ronan finds himself shirking his duties to spend more time with Kally and the others, putting himself at risk of release.


Aqua is a mercurial and energetic Water spirit with a curious dilemma: her only wish is to explore dry land, an activity she can never partake in, for a Water spirit ceases to exist upon leaving the water. She becomes attached to Kally when she learns of the Seer's aversion to visions, seeing the contradictions in both of their characters. She enjoys hanging out with Kally and her friends, and especially likes annoying Ronan by using her ability to melt into the water to sneak up on him.

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Petpage Details

As I mentioned at the beginning of the application, my main draw to Neo is character creation, which for me results in petpages like the ones I listed earlier. Kally, of course, would be no different; the instant she came home, I'd convert this application into a proper petpage. I often come up with many different sections unique to each pet (for Liri there's a music playlist, for Eve there's a lab log, etc.), and though I know not yet Kally's may be, I can assure you that she'd at least have the two staples of a petpage: story and art.

Story Summary

As I mentioned in the "Character" section, Kally is a Seer in training who doubts her own abilities. The bulk of her story will revolve around her subsequent journey to confidence and belief in herself. Each member of her friend group also has their own obstacles to overcome: Finley wants to belong in his school despite his fear of crowds, Serafina must learn to live among the masses before she can return to the life she knows, Ronan needs to reconcile his peaceful nature with his position in a warrior group, and Aqua desires to walk on an element that will destroy her. Together, and often without realizing it, this group of misfits will help each other overcome their obstacles and grow as individuals and as friends.

As for the specifics of the story, they're still rolling around in my head. At the moment, my general sense is that Kally will receive a vision of great importance. Under the weight of expectations and the overbearing advice of fellow Seer family members, the pressure will be too much and Kally will run. Her friends will follow, and together they will help Kally unravel the vision and save everyone... or something along those lines! It's all still up in the air right now, but I promise that it'll all start to take shape should you choose me as Kally's new owner. :)


I've never actually drawn aquatic species before, so Kally has been a bit of a challenge. I'm not one to back down though, and have taken it in stride. Below you can find a doodle I drew while playing dominos with my family, as well as a more complete image of Kally that I drew to play around with her markings.
(Drag images into your browser to see full size!)

I will of course continue to draw more pictures of Kally, should she come home with me. If I'm particularly pleased with any of them, I'll likely enter her in the BC. Just a couple weeks ago, my Eve received Gold, and seeing that shiny trophy I just knew I needed more! Hopefully Kally and I will have luck; she's just too pretty not to have a trophy or two of her own!

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Future Plans

Aside from her petpage, there are a few more plans that I have for Kally!


As I'm sure you've realized by now, I plan to morph Kaploop into a Wocky and then paint her Maraquan. The morphing potion can be found in my gallery. As for the painting, I plan to use the Fountain Faerie Quest I've saved up on my main account. Speaking of which...


I plan to permanently host Kally on my first side account. Should you choose me as her new owner though, I'd like you to transfer her to my main, madidogs88. Once I've morphed and painted her, I'll transfer Kally over to her permanent home on my side.


You can see Kaploop's planned customization in the "Character" section of this application. All items can again be found in my gallery.


Now this is the one thing I'm still undecided on. Choosing petpets is always a careful process for me; I want to make sure that my pets have the perfect companion. After hours (I'm not exaggerating, sadly...) of searching, I've finally narrowed it down to two options: a Maractite Dartail or a Blue Melton.

The idea is for Kally's petpet to be an aide for her seer abilities, kind of like a living, sentient crystal ball. Should I end up choosing the Dartail, the swirls of its maractite coat will shift and change to show messages for Kally to interpret. The Melton, on the other hand, will show Kally visions for interpretation. I've purchased both a Dartail and a Melton, which I'm sure you saw in my gallery. Once I've decided, I'll purchase the appropriate paint brush and give Kally her new friend. :)

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Why Kaploop?

While lurking the PC to try and find owners for my own foster pets, I happened to stumble across a post of yours advertising your UFA pets. Kaploop was at the top of the list, and the instant I read her name, I couldn't stop giggling. It was just the cutest thing, so fun to say and so expressive. In my mind I immediately saw a fish plopping in the water and making ripples, and it was just the perfect name/image combination. At that moment, I knew that I had to apply for Kaploop and turn her into a Maraquan pet.

As I browsed my options, I knew right away that I wanted one of the more unique Maraquans, the ones that look like UCs. Like many users, I've always been fond of UC pets. But since I've never been into trading and never had luck applying for UCs, I've long since resigned myself to the fact that all my Neo-babies will be converted. However, with many of the Maraquan pets, you get the best of both worlds- customization, but without that static pose of nearly every other color.

The Maraquan Wocky form I chose for Kally is one of the most UC-esque paint jobs there is, which is a large part of why I selected it. Also, I love the irony of the Maraquan Wocky being a cat-fish... I probably find that much more humorous than it actually is! Anyway, the dynamism of the pose together with the imagery evoked by her name made the perfect combination. And from there, Kally's character and story practically bubbled out of the ocean on its own!

Part of the beauty of applying for a pet is falling in love with it as you work on the application, and that's exactly what's happened with me and Kally. Regardless of your decision, I've had a wonderful time getting to know Kally! And at the very least, I'll always be able to giggle fondly over her name... ;)

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Meet the Family

Unsurprisingly, I'm not the only one who wants Kaploop to come live with us! If you don't mind, Cat, I'd love to show Kaploop around my accounts and introduce her to my other pets; they're delighted to meet her!

Let's start with my main account over in Altador. This is where my first four pets reside. They've been siblings for a long time, so don't be alarmed if they squabble a bit!

(Note: Hover over each pet's image for their name, and click to visit their lookup!)

Main Account

Me: Hey guys, look who came to visit!

Randielia: Why, you must be Kaploop! Kally, sweetheart, I just want to let you know that if you decide to come here, I'll make sure that you feel right at home. I can fly over any time you want to chat. I was painted Faerie not too long ago, and-

Blewby: Oh-kay, I'm going to butt in before Randielia gets off on a tangent about faeries.

Randielia: I do not go on tangents!

Blewby: *rolls eyes* Sure... anyways, my name's Blewby. It'd be great to have you here, Kally. I swear we're being overrun by Lupes; there are four of them in the family! While I love them to pieces, it'd be nice to have another feline around the Neohome. We could have a lot of fun-

Altodar: Is that Kally! Oh boy, can I talk to her?

Blewby: Well, I guess so, but I was kinda-

Altodar: Thanks, Blew, you're the best! Hi Kally, I'm Altodar, but you can call me Al if you want. You should come live with us! We always have a ton of fun. And Maddie is a great author! I'm sure if you asked, she'd write a story about you. She wrote one about me, and it got in the Neopian Times!

Snowfall: Al, I hope you don't mind if I interrupt, but I'd like to speak to Kaploop too.

Altodar: Oh, right. Sorry Snowfall. Bye Kally!

Snowfall: *sighs* Once Al gets started, it's nearly impossible to get him to be quiet! Kally, let me just say that we'd all love for you to come live with us. It's not always this crazy...

Me: Alright guys, I think I'll head over to the next account now. Say goodbye to Kally!

All: Bye Kally!!

Sorry about all that. They're just so excited that you may be coming to live with us! It shouldn't be as hectic on the next account- speaking of which, this one will be your home should you decide to come live with us. It's in Terror Mountain, but in the valley where it's only cold during the winter. There's a nice big pond in the garden that I'm sure you'll love. But don't take my word for it, let my pets there tell you...

Side #1

Me: Ice! Tris! Eve! Come say hello to Kally!

Ice: Why hello, Kally dear! Maddie's told us so much about you! You seem like such a sweet young lady. I really do hope you decide to come here, we'd have a splendid time, I just know it! Just wait until you see your pond, it's so quaint and cozy.

Me: I was thinking we could head over there now- Ice, do you know where Tris and Eve are? I thought they'd come when I called.

Ice: They likely couldn't hear you- I think they're both out in Tris's garden.

Me: Ah, perfect, we'll run into them on the way to the pond then. Kally, if you'll just follow me, the garden's out back... Oh, hello Eve!

Eve: Hello Maddie! And oh- hello! Kaploop, right? Maddie said you might be coming to live with us! I really hope you do; I'd love to have someone to stargaze with! I heard you like that, right? I do too. I may be a labrat now, but someday I'll have the stars in my fur as an Eventide Bori...

Tris: Eve, Is that Kally? Why didn't you tell me she was here!

Eve: Sorry, Tris! We got distracted. Kally, I'll let Tris show you your pond now, but it was wonderful meeting you! I hope to see you again soon!

Tris: It's so nice to meet you, Kally! Follow me, the pond is this way... Did you know that Maddie adopted me just like she's trying to adopt you? I'm so glad I decided to live here. Everyone is so nice and friendly, we're just one big happy family! ...Alright, here we are! What do you think? It's pretty big, so you'll have plenty of space to swim around. And I've planted all my favorite flowers around here, so you'll always have something nice to look at! Anyways, you've still got a few accounts to visit, so I'll let you get going. Have a safe journey, and I hope to see you soon!

Now back to Altador, where my next set of pets reside... be prepared, Baby Pets on the loose!

Side #2

Me: Sweethearts, Kally's here to visit!

All: Yay!!

Sawyer: So you're Kally, huh? You better watch your step, 'cause take one wrong move and I'll have to use my teeth! *growls and bares tiny baby teeth*

Timu: Sawyer! That is no way to treat a guest! Especially since she might be your sister soon! Apologize at once, young man.

Sawyer: Sorry, Kally...

Timu: That's better. I'm terribly sorry about that Kally, he's been reading a lot of comic books lately and can get rather protective. We're all thrilled to hear that you might join our family, especially the little ones. Pacha, would you like to say hi to Kally?

Pacha: Ploop? *looks up with big, round eyes and giggles*

Timu: Oh, would you listen to that, he already knows your name! *smiles fondly* Now, where has Daniel gotten to...

Daniel: Right here, Mother. Is this Kally?

Timu: Yes, why don't you introduce yourself?

Daniel: My name is Daniel Faraday, or Dan for short. I'm studying quantum physics with my U'ncle Blewby, and I love to chase frisbees. It's very nice to meet you, Kally, but now I have to get back to studying. *toddles off towards some very thick books*

Timu: Isn't he so smart? He really is serious about the quantum physics... anyways, it was wonderful meeting you! Goodbye for now, Kally!

We'll head over to Pomaloth next, which is a realm between Shenkuu and Altador where what I like to call my "adventure crew" resides.

Side #3

Me: Issuhn? Are you home?

Issuhn: Yes, is Kally here?

Me: Yes, why don't you get her something to drink. We've been on quite an adventure visiting everyone else.

Issuhn: Of course. *walks into another room and returns with full glasses of lemonade* Welcome to my humble realm, Kally. I apologize that we don't have more comfortable accommodations for you here; Pomaloth sadly doesn't have any large water masses. If you ever wish to visit though, I'm sure I can have something arranged, as I'm-

Liri: The Prince of Pomaloth, so bow before me and yada yada yada something royal...

Issuhn: *scowls* Liri! Do you really have to embarrass me in front of who could be our new sister?

Liri: Wait, you're Kally?? *squeals* Oh, am I glad to meet you! From everything Maddie's said, you sound like so much fun! Anytime you wanna play, you just come over here, I can show you all the best ways to annoy Issuhn-

Issuhn: A-HEM!

Liri: *rolls eyes* I mean, all the best ways to behave and be nice and boring...

Issuhn: Hey, there are PLENTY of ways to have fun WITHOUT annoying me!

*the two continue squabbling, as a Christmas Vandagyre slides into the room*

Murry: Kally? Hi, my name is Murry. Don't mind those two- they're always going at it. It's the way they show affection I guess; rather odd, right? I just wanted to say hello and that I do hope you come to live with us. We really do have quite a lot of fun together, though you'd never know it by the way those two acted...

Me: Well, I think it's time we go now, Murry, but thanks for stopping in to say hi! Good bye-

Tebor: Wait! Don't leave yet!

Me: Tebor? What are you doing over here? I thought you were out on your daily patrol.

Tebor: I was, but I heard Kally was visiting and just had to meet her. Kally, my name is Tebor and it's a pleasure to meet you. Maddie adopted me from the pound and has been so kind to me! She's painted me my dream color of Cloud and graciously offered to include me in Issuhn's story, an offer which I happily accepted. I really hope you choose us as your new family! Well, I better get back to my patrol now, but I hope to see you again soon!

Okay, just one more account to go! Just a warning, Deal is... well, you'll see when we get there.

Side #4

Me: Deal, you have a visitor!

Deal: You know I hate visitors. What lowly being have you brought to my door this time? Hopefully not another of those whimpering fosters?

Me: *sighs* It's Kally, the Wocky I've been telling you about.

Deal: Oh, that one. Hello Kally. I am Dealanach, God of the Mountain. Now that I've been painted Electric, all shall tremble in fear of my power!

Me: *rolls eyes* Of course, Deal. I think Kally's pretty tired now, so I think we'll get going.

Deal: Whatever. Don't let the door catch your tail on the way out. *stalks away*

Sorry about Deal, I don't know what happened with him. As soon as I told him I had plans to make him an all-powerful mountain god, he started acting like that...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed meeting everyone. Things can get a little crazy here sometimes, but we all love each other and have a great time. As Tris said, we're all one big happy family! Thanks so much for visiting, and I wish you the best of luck finding a new home! I know you'll end up going somewhere amazing, even if it's not here with us. So take care, and tell Cat I said hello!

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Well, that just about wraps up my application for Kaploop! Thank you so much, Cat, for taking the time to go through it. I had a ton of fun developing Kally's character and working on the bare bones of her story, and hope to get the chance to continue flexing my imagination with her! Even if I am not chosen though, I want to thank you for providing me the opportunity to get my creative juices flowing again. :)

If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to neomail me. Thank you again, and best of luck choosing Kaploop's new owner!


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