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Greetings, visitor! My name is Autum, and I'd like to welcome you to my little review site, Supplement. I offer in-depth reviews based on sound advice and creative suggestions.

My motto is this: communication is key. Therefore, I encourage you to talk to me at all stages of your review. I want to help your site reach its full potential.


June 10th, 2013
  • A new section called Things To Remember has been added. So far, it only contains two tips, but I firmly believe that they're important. Please take a moment to read them!
June 9th, 2013
  • I have finished the reviews for Vitreous and Impressions.
  • Requests are open. The first two forms will be accepted.
June 8th, 2013
  • Supplement is now off hiatus! To celebrate, here's a super simple layout.
  • An event will be up soon, so keep your eyes pealed!
  • The sites on the waiting list have been notified about my terrible service. Again, I'm super sorry about the lack of... well, anything from me for the past few months!


I offer 3 different types of rubrics, each covering a different range of focus. To read each rubric, click on the links below.
Classic | Pro & Con | Questions & Answers |

Classic Rubric

Reviewed on Date Here using the Classic Rubric

First Impression: 15/15

When a visitor first enters your site, they need a reason to venture forth and look at your content. Do I, as a visitor, want to stay and look around your site, and if so, why? Can I immediately tell what your site name is and what you offer? Does anything in particular catch my eye and make me say Wow, this site is going to be amazing?

Layout: 25/25

Layouts are the frames in which sites are created. Most visitors expect a pleasant colour scheme, styled fonts and headers, and some visual imagery. There has to be ample space for your content so that the visitor doesn't feel "cramped".

Content: 30/30

Content is what the visitor comes to your site for. Regardless of how long your site has been open, visitors expect quality. If your site has been open for a few months, visitors also expect a larger quantity of content.

Organisation: 15/15

Organisation is key to having a great site. In the site-making community, having navigation links within your page is an accepted standard. Large amounts of content should be in a scroll box.

Spelling & Grammar: 5/5

While spelling and grammar may only seem like minor things, they can affect the overall atmosphere of the site. If you're constantly misspelling words or using the wrong form of "to", visitors will be left with a bad impression. I will point out most of the mistakes I find, but if there are many of them, I may point out a handful and then make general comments.

Sitely: 5/5

The sitely section is a necessity for any site. It holds your link back buttons, affiliates, listers, reviews, and credit sections. They should all be in a reasonable order and properly labelled so that visitors aren't confused.
Link back buttons are also a crucial part of your site and will be graded here based on quality, text readabilty, and image clarity.

Professionalism: 5/5

Owning and running a site is a lot like running a business. If you address the visitor through text and service with respect, then you'll gain a great reputation. The opposite is true as well.
This section also includes taking pride in your site and taking care of the little things. The little things, like link borders around images and proper centering of text can make all the difference.

Final Comments:

This is the section where I'll wrap up your review. If there's a crucial issue with your site, I'll remind you again here. I may also give you some well-deserved praise about the parts of your site that you're doing great on.

Final Score: 100/100


I offer 3 different types of rubrics, each covering a different range of focus. To read each rubric, click on the links below.
Classic | Pro & Con | Questions & Answers |

Pros&Cons Rubric

Reviewed on Date Here using the Pros&Cons Rubric


This section will be a list of sentences about parts of your site that you've done excellent on. I will explain why whatever I've mentioned is good for your site.


This be another list of sentences, but these will focus on areas of your site that need to be fixed or just tweaked. I'll given an explanation as to what you can do to fix the problem or issue, and why it's an issue in the first place.


I offer 3 different types of rubrics, each covering a different range of focus. To read each rubric, click on the links below.
Classic | Pro & Con | Questions & Answers |

Questions&Answers Rubric

Reviewed on Date Here using the Q&A Rubric

In this type of review, you get to ask a set amount of questions about your site. This way you get advice on only what you need. If you're uncertain about a new feature you've added or if your layout works well, this is the review for you.

You may send up to 10 questions at a time. If you send under 3 questions, the review will take place over Neomail. You can submit completely original questions, or take some from the list provided below. It's all up to you!

Sample Questions

  • How can I improve my content?
  • Could you link sweep my affies/listers/etc.?
  • Critique my link back buttons?
  • What are some examples of my best and worst content?
Note: When requesting a Q&A review, please list your questions in the "other" section of the review form.


  • Link back to Supplement before you request a review.
  • I will only review sites on Neopets. For a list of site types I will not review, see here.
  • Sites that are on the waiting list of more than one other review site will not be reviewed.

Waiting List
Request Form

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Reviewed on June 9th using the Classic Rubric

First Impression: 15/15

Upon loading your page, the first thing that catches my eye is your title because of the darker blue colour. The font size of the title, however, is a bit on the small side. I'd suggest increasing the size of the title so that it stands out more.

Your welcome message is concise and to the point. You give the visitor all the basic information, along with a mission statement that leaves the visitor with a good impression.

Layout: 25/25

Your layout is very functional, and is also ascetically appealing. The soft colour scheme of blues and purples is very inviting. Your headers are beautifully styled and make each section's title stand out.

Your current layout is very fitting for Impressions, but I have a few suggestions for future layouts. So far, all the layouts to grace Impressions have been simplistic. That's completely all right, however, I suggest that for your next layout you take it to the next level by creating a layout that's more complex in design. An example of one of your more complex layouts would be the one you created for Petticoat.

Another suggestion I have for future layouts is to make your navigation stand out a bit more. In your current title, the navigation almost blends into the texture behind it because of the lighter font colour and the smaller font size. Although this works well with your colour scheme and overall atmosphere, in future layouts it would be beneficial to make it stand out so that it draws the visitor's attention toward it after they see the title.

Content: 27/30

For the content section, I am going to critque some of your indivudal layouts and extra graphic requests.

The layout you created for Petticoat is by far the most visually complex layout you've made for a client during your time at Impressions. All the stock images used work together to create a unified theme and colour scheme. The headers are styled simply yet effectively.

The title, however, does not stand out against the vertical stripes behind it. The font size is a bit small, and the colour of pink you chose blends in with the stripes. Because of this, a visitor's eyes are not immediately drawn to it. Using a lighter font colour, such as #????? ( bg colour of h1 ) would have made the title much more noticeable.

Overall, this layout is very high quality and showcases your talents as a layout maker. You show that you can work with multiple images that may not seem related to create a themed layout that isn't too busy or contrasting. You did an excellent job on this layout!

This layout has distinct qualities that show you were the creator. Wood paneled backgrounds appear in many of your designs, and simple layouts with only a few PNGs for visual decoration is a reoccurring theme as well. Consistency of style is a good thing for layout makers to have so that requesters know what to expect. You've shown through your other layouts, however, that you're not a one-trick pony and are capable of creative designs that deviate from your personal style. ( Neopia: A Breif History's layout is the biggest example of this. )

This layout specifically is very high-quality and simplistic at the same time. One thing that really stands out is the title. The styling you've done for the word fashion makes the design much more interesting, yet still readable. The styling for the navigation is also eye-catching and well executed.

As I mentioned before, this layout is quite different from your normal style. The creative book design perfectly fits the theme of the site. The colour scheme works well and isn't too flashy or subdued.

The layout's content area is too small for the type of content ( text-heavy ) that it will be used for. While I understand that the image you used confines you to that small size, a good thing to keep in mind for future layouts is the type of content ( and therefore the needed space ) the layout will house.

The title is very eye-catching, but it could have been executed in a better way. The subtitle, A Brief History is too close to the main title. The bottom of the p of Neopia sits behind the subtitle and makes it look busy. Reducing the size of the subtitle by a few pixels and moving it to the right by about 75 pixels would have reduced the busy feel.

This layout is very simple, yet the image provides a beautiful colour scheme that really stands out and makes this layout shine. The organization of this layout is amazing and overall, this layout is one of your best.

The title, however, is too small to stand out and catch the visitor's attention. At the current size, the title competes with the image for the visitor's attention. It also uses colours from the image, therefore blending in even further. To make the title stand out, a larger font with a lighter version of the current colours would have worked.

This simple text banner is executed quite well. The outline and drop shadow are obvious enough to make the text stand out, even against a white background. The yellow used at the beginning of the word, however, is a bit on the light side. Using a slightly darker shade of yellow would help the letters stand out more.

This banner has potential to be high-quality. The textures you used are very heavy and obvious, which makes the image less clear and slightly blurry. Lowering the opacity on your textures can help solve this problem.

The text styling of this banner is poor. Not only is the text very small, the font blends into the background despite the opaque white stripe you used to make it stand out. You have enough room at the bottom to make the font a much bigger size, therefore standing out while still staying away from the Pokemon. The effect used on the word Pokemon makes it blend into the background. I would suggest that you keep the entire text a dark blue colour so that it prevents the banner from becoming too busy.

The cropping for these three icons is spot on! You've also edited them just enough so that they don't look tacky, but aren't plain images, either. These are three of your best icons.

Score breakdown:
- 3 points for the reoccurring issue of site titles that aren't properly styled ( to catch the visitor's attention ).

Organisation: 15/15

Overall, I was impressed with the organisation across Impressions. Your bundles are neatly displayed side by side, saving vertical space on the page. Your extras are also neatly tucked away in separate "pages", avoiding clutter in that section. You also have a clean portfolio that efficiently displays all your past content.

Spelling & Grammar: 5/5

You wrote: It is my responsibility to ensure that my clients are 100% pleased with their layouts. ( Welcome message )
I suggest: It is my responsibility to ensure that my clients are completely satisfied with their layouts.
Why: 100% pleased makes the sentence seem a little awkward due to poor word choice. My suggestion makes what you are trying to say clearer. ( Because this is a word choice issue that you may not agree with, no points will be deducted. )

You wrote: To visitors and prospective clients, thank you for visiting. ( Welcome message )
I suggest: Dear visitors and prospective, thank you for visiting.
Why: Using the verb to implies that something is going to happen to your visitors and clients, while all you're doing is thanking them. Adding in a word like dear ( or something similar ) adds a personal touch and makes more sense than using to.

You wrote: Icons are great for a variety of nifty thing, just like banners. ( Extras - Services ) I suggest: Icons are great for a variety of nifty things, just like banners.
Why: A variety implies that there is more than one thing, therefore the thing should be plural to agree with this.

Sitely: 5/5

The cropping on this button is strange, there is no clear focal point, yet the text is located near the bottom. The text styling is poor, because the light font colour and outline make the text fade into the background. The animation, however, is quiet interesting and well-executed. It is up to you whether or not you remove this button.

All your listers with the exception of one are bold links. I can't tell if this is an indication of whether or not you are ranked at that site, or if one link simply isn't styled correctly. If it is an indication of ranking, I suggest adding a small notation about this.

Professionalism: 2/5

While reading through your guidelines, I came upon the following sentence: Vague requests will not be accepted because they do not point me to any directions! I can completely understand where you're coming from by having this guideline; however, I suggest that you consider asking a requester for more information about their request before rejecting them outright. This not only shows that you appreciate each request you receive, but it also shows that you want to provide exactly what your requester wants. If you do decide to go this route, I suggest that you rewrite this sentence to something along the lines of this:
If your request is vague, I will be prompted to neomail you asking for more information about your request.

Also, I noticed that you don't run on a "first come, first served" basis. This is an issue because it implies that you pick and choose which requests you'll fulfill, which is off-putting to visitors. As long as the requesters do everything you ask of them, you should accept your requests based on which you receive first. Turnip explains this issue perfectly in her guide, How To Offer Great Service:
Requests should be done in the order you receive them – not the quality of the site, the amount of requests, or anything else. You should operate on a first come first serve basis. There should never be a situation where you pick and choose which requests to honour. If you don't have the time to fulfill all requests, then set a limit, such as making the first five, or ten requests. ( How To Offer Great Service )

Score breakdown:
- 3 points for "picking and choosing" which requests you fulfill.

Final Comments:

Overall, Impressions is a great request site. You consistently offer high-quality layouts, icons, and banners. Your requests are open quite often, considering how much time and effort you put into your work. I would recommend Impressions to anyone looking for a layout request site.

Final Score: 94/100


Reviewed on June 9th using the Classic Rubric

First Impression: 14/15

The first impression I receive of Vitreous is average. Your site title is displayed clearly in a large font, followed by a subtitle that perfectly explains your site's goal. This is excellent because it leaves your site name and purpose in the visitor's mind.

Your introduction, however, isn't as clear as it could be to further drive home the purpose of Vitreous. You use incomplete sentences, and the organisation of the paragraph is scattered. I suggest that you rewrite it similar to this to provide a more quality introduction:
Thanks for stopping by, guest! Vitreous is a transparent pet directory run by yours truly, Titus. We feature not only permanent pets, but pets up for adoption and trade. We were formerly known as Arzyn's Transparent Directory, but became Vitreous in a complete revamp.

Score breakdown:
- 1 point for the unclear introduction written in incomplete sentences.

Layout: 24/25

Your colour scheme isn't visually pleasing. The green, orange, and dark red clash with the greyscale used. This is a problem because it looks unprofessional and not visually pleasing. The dark red background doesn't match the greyscale of the navigation or the text effects you use. I suggest browsing through [Kluer] to find a suitable colour scheme that looks more put together and visually pleasing.

The navigation you've used, while functional, isn't the most convenient for visitors. Since you use a one page continuous layout, I suggest using a navigation that scrolls with the page. This way, visitors don't have to scroll all the way back to the top to use the navigation.

Score breakdown:
- 1 point for the low-quality visual impression caused by the clashing colour scheme.

Content: 30/30

You list a great amount of information concerning Transparent pets and have a total of 64 different permanent pets listed.

As far as your facts concerning Transparent pets go, I suggest that you add the following information:
- There are currently 17 different species that can be painted Transparent.
- Transparent Paint Brushes cost around 1.5 million Neopoints. ( This can be checked by referring to Secret Laboratory Map and Paint Brush Prices or manually checking a few times a month. ) - If you added a list of Transparent themed wearables, it would give a nice touch to your information. Some of these wearables would be: Geraptiku Bushes, Skeletal Hands Foreground, Pile of Bones, and Long Silver Wig. - You may want to mention that Transparent Morphing Potions are only available for the following species: Korbat, Wocky, Skeith, and Elephante.

Organisation: 15/15

Each species gets its own section in your directory, which keeps everything organised. You use columns to make pets appear side by side, which saves vertical space. Overall, you've effectively used your space to display a large amount of content.

Spelling & Grammar: 5/5

You wrote: Some favorite petpet suggestions for Transparent pets are Sklyde and Skelly for obvious reasons.
I suggest: Some of my favorite petpet suggestions for Transparent pets are Sklyde and Skelly, for obvious reasons.
Why? By adding in of my, you're establishing who's favourite suggestions you're talking about.

You wrote: As of date, Transparent is not available as a petpet color.
I suggest: As of today, Transparent is not available as a petpet color.
Why? Simply saying 'date' does not indicate when you're referring to. By saying today, the sentence makes much more sense.

Sitely: 3/5

While this button is nicely cropped, it has a few problems. It appears as if you haven't edited the original image at all. Adding a texture and playing with the opacity can do wonders to make a button look more polished and finished.

The text styling makes it very hard to read. On this button, white text with a darker brown outline would look better than a transparent stripe. This is because the white text would stand out more against the darker background and be easier to read.

The animation is sporadic and very fast. Instead of having sparkles appear all over the image, I suggest making your sparkles focus on the area above and below your text, as this leads the visitors eyes toward your text. The fast speed looks unprofessional, but could be fixed with a few static frames between each sparkle.

Overall, most of your buttons have the same issues. The text is hard to read because you use white stripes with black text. Usually, white text with a dark outline is the easiest to read. Text styled in that manner also looks more professional.

Animations should be kept at a slower pace to avoid looking unprofessional. When text is moving, it must be done at a very slow pace so that all the text can be easily read.

I suggest that you request a few high-quality buttons from sites like these: Open Eyes, Euphoric, Saranghae, Oasis, Asylum, or Cosmos. Make sure that the site you're requesting from has open requests before sending in a form.

The following sites do not list you as an affiliate: The Guardian, The Colony, Eventide Directory, Bucket of Bolts, The Quiggle Quilt, and Club Chocolate. You may want to contact the site owners about this.

Score breakdown:
- 2 points for low-quality link back buttons.

Professionalism: 5/5

Overall, you conduct yourself in a professional manner. You clearly state that the pets listed in your directory aren't up for adoption or trade.

Final Comments:

Vitreous is a great directory overall and I'd recommend it to anyone who would like to browse through a large selection of Transparent pets. The interesting facts you've included are also a great boon for your site.

Final Score: 96/100

things to remember

This page is a list of tips that site-makers need to remember. I feel like these things are often overlooked by the community.

stay humble

Let's start by reading a quote from Cass:
You shouldn't refer to your site or content (or, really, anything of yours) as "high-quality." I know you're trying to set an impression that you have high standards and really do offer great stuff, but not only does it come off as a little snotty, chances are you don't offer high-quality stuff. That just makes you look silly (and a little stuck-up) because visitors might be thinking, "How could they possibly call that high-quality?" ( Apartment Nine )

I recommend clicking on the link at the end of the quote to read the entire statement from Cass.

I see a large amount of sites state that explicitly that they offer high-quality content in their introduction. Most of the time, that claim can't be backed up by their content. There are others, however, who do provide high-quality content.

However, it is much more effective to use different adjectives to describe your content, because quality is subjective. "High-quality" is a term that can interpreted in different ways. However, take a look at these words and phrases:
  • in-depth
  • fast service
  • large selection
  • convenient
  • custom tailored to each requester/site/visitor
  • variety of choices
  • helpful
These terms are clear and most of them aren't as broad as "high-quality". Compare these two introductions:
Hello, visitor! Welcome to Abysswalker, a graphic site that offers high-quality icons and banners. Feel free to stick around! Hello, visitor! Welcome to Abysswalker, a graphic site that offers a large variety of icons and banners. Feel free to stick around!

Which introduction gives a clearer idea of what Abysswalker offers? I would say the introduction of the left. You can clearly see in your head a large variety of icons and banners - ones with different focal points, colouring, text, etc. But what is "high-quality"? Do they offer only icons and banners with amazing colouring effects? Is all their content cookie-cutter "high-quality"?

All in all, this is simply a plea to be humble. Go ahead and toot your own horn, but remember that there are always areas you can improve in. There is always someone who can honestly say they don't consider your content "high-quality". It's an outdated term.

credit the users

Fonts used are from dafont.

Saying that the fonts you use are from dafont is like requesting a button from a petpage site on Neopets and saying that you "got it from Neopets." It simply doesn't make sense.

Dafont and deviantart themselves make no content. Why are you crediting the sites and not the users who created the content? These sites host the content. That's all they are - a directory of sorts for fonts and art, respectively.

So how should you credit? For fonts, the best credit you can give on Neopets ( within TNT's rules ) is stating the font name. For most fonts, there's no need to actually credit for them ( although it's polite to do ) as long as you don't use them for commercial use. Be sure to check the readme file of each font you use.

For resources from deviantart ( or other similar sites ), credit like this: username @ DA. This way the actual user who made the content gets credit, rather than just the site they're hosted on.


Welcome to Supplement's Reference Page! This page highlights the guides and tutorials that I reference in my reviews. It was created so that I would always have them at my fingertips, but more importantly, so that my viewers can learn from them as well.

Hover over each button to see an explanation why I use it as a reference.

Think you have a guide I should take a look at? Neomail me!


1) What type of sites do you not review?
I will not review guild webbies, about me pages, art pages, and screenie sites. However, any type of petpage may request a Question & Answer rubric.

2) Why don't you list the reasons why you take off points?
Because I take off points on a site-by-site case. For example, I may only take off two points for a layout malfunction on a graphic site. However, I may take off five points for the same issue on a premade layout site. Each site is different, and I take off points based on how much a particular issue affects the site I'm currently reviewing.

3) What makes you such an expert?
I have run many sites in the past, two of the most successful being Another Wish and Scribbled Joy. I also have access to, and often reference in my reviews, the plethora of quality guides in the site community. See the reference page for a list of these sites.

4) Why do you review so slowly at some times, and so fast at others?
Because high school. ._.

In all seriousness, my reviewing speed does generally revolve around my schoolwork. Sometimes, however, I'm just not in the right mindset to review. I'm not going to force myself to review a site at these times, because I've noticed that my work suffers.


Link Back?

Sister Site

Petticoat is the newly relaunched review site run by the fair and talented Fish! Not only does Fish offer detailed and quality site reviews, she also offers pet application reviews that are fantastic! I'd recommend Petticoat to anyone looking for a high-quality review site. You'll be blown away by the quality service!

Affilates ( 11/14 )

If you'd like to apply, drop me a neomail!

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