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As of December 5, 2009,

Rainlight Pixels


Don't say that you were surprised to see this coming. This site has been on hiatus since October when I originally had plans to leave Neopets for good. Instead of abandoning the place where I had sought refuge from the real world for many years, I simply decided to abandon my sites that I had put so much hard work into.

Yes, this was a very difficult decision to make. I had put lots of time and effort into building my sites and making them known throughout Neopia. Unfortunately, I simply don't have what it needs to keep up the workload anymore: time.

And so I say farewell to all Rainlight Pixels fans. Those of you who have used my pixels correctly may continue using them as I do not at this time plan on deleting them from their server.

I would also like to thank all of my affiliates. As a final shout-out, I will place the link buttons of my pixel affiliates here to help others seeking pixels find a site that's still open. Feel free to remove my site as I do not plan on re-opening. You are all very talented pixel artists and I admire you all for taking the time to perfect your art.

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