Welcome to the guild website for Camelot. A big thanks to Alley for the Spring-themed guild layout and spring-themed guild webbie!

Camelot is made up of extraordinary individuals with different Neopian interests and from all walks of life. From avatar collecting to fighting in the Battledome, Kadoatie feeding to restocking, Habitarium owners to Key Questers, we do it all! We are very helpful and supportive of the special goals set by our members. Generosity, humor, and compassion are all hallmarks of Camelot. Check out our Member Biographies for a glimpse of our special members and our Camelot Pet Directory for a preview of our precious pets.

Here you will find our rules, activities, lending lists, and information on how you can move up ranks. Please take some time to thoroughly read the webbie and drop Rainer or any of our council members a line if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


-250 avatars

-4 month account

-2 LE/painted pets (exceptions made if you have one pet)

-12 trophies (the Lucky Space Faerie Charm, Lutari Talisman, and NC Mall Albums are not counted)

-180 games played


1. Please keep chat speak to a minimum! A guide to proper posting behavior is located here. Action, ranging from a warning to even a permanent ban, will be taken against those who repeatedly fail to abide by proper netiquette rules. Patience is very important: many of our members multi-task and might not be able to respond to your posts immediately.

2. Inactivity for longer than one month without letting a council member know (through NeoMail) will possibly get you demoted or even deleted from the guild. You may, however, re-join without repercussion when you return. If you do give us proper notification that you will be absent, you will not need to worry about this rule. We understand that family, school, and work come first. Note: Members will be deleted if they have not logged onto Neo for over one year.

3. We prefer that you join on your main account. You may join on a side if your main is or was once (very actively involved) in the guild. Exceptions to this rule may occur and will be determined by a council member; however, they will be rare. Your main must meet all of the requirements (rare exception may be made). Note: If a member has a side account only in Camelot and has not posted on the Guild Board for over a year, they will be deleted.

4. Although many of us are avid restockers, the guild board is not the place to conduct business. Do not solicit your shop, trades, or auctions on the guild board.

5. Please remember to respect what other members have worked so hard to achieve while playing Neopets! Just because they have certain items in their galleries that can generate avatars or are great weapons, please do not badger them about being lent those items.

Reminder concerning the Pound: No one is required by any means to lend a pet and they can lend their pets to whomever they wish. Members are not allowed to ask repeatedly, beg, or by any other means harass people to get lent. These special pets are created and painted by people who have taken the time and energy to create them: therefore, they have express rights to be as specific or picky as they wish.

6. Please do not post more than five times in a row on the guild board. The 6th, 7th, and subsequent posts will be deleted and you will be warned, as this is considered spamming. If there are members who constantly break this rule, please contact one of the council members and we will take the appropriate measures. **Exceptions--You can post more than five times in a row during special guild events and Rainer can post with important information or updates.**

7. While we do understand that people sometimes leave the guild, there are several guidelines that should be followed. Chronic leaving of the guild will result in a permanent ban. Leaving once to explore other guilds is acceptable; however, anything more than this will rarely be tolerated. Please do not make your departure a spectacle. NeoMail those you want to keep in touch with: do not post your goodbyes on the board.

8. New members who are under the requirements for the guild will not be permitted to move higher in rank than Baron until they fully meet the requirements. In other words, if you join the guild with 245 avatars, 10 trophies, or 170 games played, even if you have over 1000 posts, you will not be promoted to Feudal Lord unless you reach the 250 avatars, 12 trophies, and 180 games played requirements. Exceptions may be made at the council's discretion.

9. During 2010 and 2011, many accounts were disabled for the protection of players. For those members not having their accounts returned, they may be allowed to join on a new account or converted side at the council's discretion. They may also be returned to their previous rank. These situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


There are five ranks: Serf, Squire, Knight, Baron, and Feudal Lord. There are also five Council members. Members are promoted and demoted in rank based on various factors determined by council. Exceptions can be made at council's discretion.

Serfs are the side accounts of Council members and Feudal Lords. These accounts often have guild petpages attached.

Squires are new members of Camelot and those members who have under 250 posts on the guild board. They still might not meet all of the guild requirements.

Knights have posted at least 250 times on the guild boards. Members of this rank might be lent pets and items at the discretion of individual lenders.

Barons have earned the trust of at least one council member and the guild leader. This means that a council member would feel comfortable lending someone of this rank his/her personal items or pets. Members of this rank and up are more likely to be lent higher valued items. Barons generally have more than 500 posts.

Feudal Lords are special: these members have shown true dedication to the guild and its activities, have impressed the council members with a positive attitude, and have a willingness to help others. Feudal Lords are like second council: they help enforce rules and keep the guild an active and orderly place when council members are not present. Feudal Lords generally have more than 1000 posts.

Council Members tend to be the most active of all of our members in Camelot. They run many of the activities and post often on the guild board. If outside circumstances become more prominent, council members will step down and a new member will either be selected through applications or some other means.

Council members have at least one vote for the Member of the Month; therefore, they should log in during the first seven days of each month to ensure that their votes are cast.

Council members should become a NeoFriend with all other members of Camelot.

Council members should keep their messages up to date on the Guild Home page.


Once upon a time, before the kingdom of Camelot came into being; there was a Neopian named Kenny. Kenny excelled in avatar collecting and in the Battledome. Torn between his two Neopian interests, he led two separate guilds. One, the Avatarium, focused on gathering talented and passionate avatar collectors from all across Neopia. The other, the Dark Brotherhood housed a close group of Battledome experts who enjoyed wars with other guilds and tournaments amongst themselves. The two guilds both thrived and expanded separately, with Kenny being the primary liaison between the two different worlds.

One day, Kenny had an idea. Surely it would make more sense to merge his two loves, and his two guilds, together? Thus, Camelot was born on October 10, 2007. All former members of the Avatarium and the Dark Brotherhood were invited to join and the man known as "Kenny" was now King Kenny, leader of Camelot. With the exception of a small handful of members who wished to be in avatar or Battledome specific guilds, the vast majority of members from both guilds stayed in Camelot, which was essentially a dual avatar-BD guild.

A group of people from completely different walks of Neopian life-- from serious avatar collectors with no battling experience to novice collectors with jaw-dropping Battledome records-- were all housed peacefully in Camelot. Avatar collectors now participated in Camelot's wars, and Battledomers began branching out into serious avatar collecting. Instead of being in a guild with members of very similar Neopian backgrounds, Camelot had such a diverse group of people, that its members learned more and more about other aspects of Neopian life that they had never known before.

Despite the success of Camelot, the years of actively taking care of two guilds and seeing them merge into one had taken a toll on Kenny. One day, King Kenny decided that it was time to hang up his scepter and retire from Camelot and from Neopets. He handed the reins over to other Council members and ultimately Caylan began to look after his kingdom and make sure that it maintained its camaraderie and success.

Queen Caylan led Camelot for almost two years; however, things have certainly changed since its creation. In June of 2008, Caylan and the rest of the council decided that it was time to declassify Camelot as an avatar-Battledome guild. Although a large percentage of its citizens today are still avid battlers, many found it difficult to participate in wars and other guild Battledome events due to time commitments. It was certainly a difficult decision for the council to make; however, it remains very open to members of all walks of life. Battlers, restockers, Kadoatie feeders, and graphic designers have all found a home, and a family, in Camelot.

In August of 2010, Caylan stepped away from the throne to concentrate on work. Rainer, Camelot's wise, old Merlin, stepped up to lead Camelot with her rainercamelot side. She is fully qualified with her rainerbug main and is so dedicated to Camelot that she has all five of her accounts in the guild (the other three being rainerduck, rainer1956, and rainerjedi).

The tale of Camelot is unfinished; after all, how can the works of a group of people so imaginative, driven, and talented have a final chapter?


Many members lend their personal items and/or pets to other members of the guild. (all avatar items with the exceptions of BGC, MSPP, and SuAP),

Please keep in mind that, generally, only Barons and up may borrow items and pets from guild members. That is, of course, unless the lender specifically offers to lend someone who is not yet a Baron. Being active on the Guild Board is often a key factor in building trust with our lenders. Harassment of lenders will result in a warning and/or suspension, and if it continues, a permanent ban from the guild. Lenders have the right to refuse lending someone if they wish; it is, after all, their item/pet.

Click here for a list of pets and petpets (under construction), and here for weapons lent by our members!


We are always accepting ideas for guild activities. If you have any ideas, please NeoMail one of the council members! If you have time, try some guild activities we have going on right now! Note to people in charge of activities: TNT does not condone guild contests, or contests in general. No prizes are allowed; therefore, give members created trophies or banners.


Our last big activity was the Camelot Spooktacular 2013! Click here for a recap of the 31 days of fun!

Second Annual Camelot Cammies Winners!

-Pet Showcases

-Role playing games

-Theme Days

-1-Player Battledome challenges

-Scavenger hunts around the site

-Font/art spotlights where your work can be featured on the webbie!

Members of the Month

Every month, we will announce a Member of the Month. Members of the guild will be nominated for overall attitude, helpfulness, and some undisclosed qualifications. This member might be given administrative privileges, will be consulted on various future guild activities, and submit nominations for the other Members of the Month for one year (after which time they will once again be eligible). New in 2012: Each Member of the Month will complete our new Spotlight Page (similar to one that Neo has on FB).

Nominations are submitted by all five council members as well as the past twelve Members of the Month. Yes, there can be a tie. The Member of the Month will be announced at or before noon on the eighth day of the following month. Good luck to all of you!

Member of the Month for March 2014: To be announced soon--Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for February 2014: Jayana (getoffamyrunway)--Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for January 2014: Ava (_ava_ryu_toyoda_)--Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for December 2013: Cay (babybluegurl28))--Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for November 2013: Ash (star_light_xox)-- Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for October 2012: Alex (pletogputte)-- Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for September 203: Nikki (littlebaaba)-- Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for August 2013: Rei (bonniemsalvatore)-- Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for July 2013: Alley (alleycats383)-- Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for June 2013: Congrats to Cathy (misshelga_b )-- Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for May 2013: Darc (dragon_immortal)--Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for April 2013: Jade (jadequeen35--main, jadianne)--Spotlight Page

Member of the Month for March 2013: Rainer (rainerbug, rainercamelot, rainerduck, rainer1956, rainerjedi)--Spotlight Page

A big thank you to Tj (January – May) and Elaine (June – December) for the custom trophies!

Guild Advertising

So you have invite powers and want to advertise for the guild? Great! Please follow the general format listed below; however, you are welcome to change minor details (with the exception of the requirements). Be sure to only invite people who meet, or are very close to, the guild requirements (read the rules for exceptions below). (Note: Members without invite powers may not make boards unless someone with invite privileges offers. Please do not ask people with invite privileges if you can create recruiting boards. If they want to, they will offer without you asking.) To recruiters and people who help keep the recruiting boards busy, thanks for helping to keep Camelot an active and friendly place!

Title: Camelot 250+ (put in whatever tags)

First Post:
We're a friendly and helpful avatar guild that lends most items, pets, and petpets!

-250 avatars
-4 month account
-2 LE/painted pets (exceptions made if you have one pet)
-12 trophies
-180 games played

Guild webbie on www.neopets.com/~Rainerkoi

Post for an invite if you meet the requirements. Small exceptions may be made.

Second Post:
Post the guild stats. For example (do not use these same numbers, as they are inaccurate, the current ones can be found on the guild page):

Page Views: 2,281,731
Members: 55
Messages: 63,085 (higher number was reset)
Founded: 07/10/2007

**Please Note** Small exceptions may be made (this information is not posted on the recruiting board):

1. The 4 month rule is an absolute must.

2. The potential member can fall short of the requirements by only ONE of the requirements. In the requirement s/he falls short of, s/he must still have:

a. 245 avatars or
b. 10 trophies or
c. 170 games played

3. If there are special circumstances, and you wish to ask for more of an exception, contact Rainer!


Please thoroughly read the FAQs (as well as the Guild Rules) before NeoMailing a council member. While we don't mind receiving NeoMails, getting asked the same questions again and again everyday when the answers are right below (or in the rules) can get very frustrating sometimes! Keep in mind that your fellow guild members, and not just council members, can serve as resources as well. Council members should be contacted only when several other members do not know the answer to your question. Thanks for helping to keep our inboxes relatively unflooded!

I'm not a Baron or Feudal Lord yet; however, I have some collateral. Can I please be lent *insert blank here*?
Guild members tend to only lend items to Barons and above. While this lending is free, it is still up to each individual member as to how or if they will lend items to people who are not yet at the rank necessary.

I see people with less posts at higher ranks than me. Since I post more, shouldn't I be promoted?
Promotions (particularly from Baron to Feudal Lord) lie with the council member who chooses to promote the person. The number of posts and activity on the guild board, while playing a part in the promotion process, does not in any way guarantee a promotion. Being helpful while active on the guild board will be noticed.

I logged into Neopets and noticed that my rank was reduced! Why?
This can be due to a number of factors, the primary ones being extreme inactivity and lack of communication with council members. When a member has not logged into Neopets, let alone posted on the guild board, for hundreds of days, we do become concerned about that member's interest in the game as a whole. When a member does log into Neo but has not posted for months on the guild board, we also become concerned that either the member is no longer interested in Camelot or has had their account compromised. We are very reluctant to demote or delete members; however, if we fail to hear back after repeated NeoMails and Guild Mailers, we will take action.

What do I do if I see members constantly breaking the guild rules (chatspeak, spamming, asking for donations)?
If you see a member repeatedly breaking the rules, please contact a council member. While we hope that people follow the guild rules even when we're not present, it's not the case sometimes, and we need help from time to time!

What exactly is chatspeak? I read the Netiquette page but I still don't get it!
Chatspeak is a particular form of typing that is characterized by run-on sentences (commas and periods are there for a reason, please use them) and shortening phrases into letters and numbers (for example: "btw," "omg," "u," and "plz"). While using chatspeak as a joke will be tolerated sparingly, we hope that you keep the guild boards a literate and mature place. If someone needs to take a few minutes rereading your post, trying to figure out what you just wrote, this is a problem. If a council member finds that someone uses chatspeak incessantly, s/he will receive anything from a warning to a permanent ban.

I'm so close to getting my goal of *fill in the blank*! Can I ask members for small donations/loans, or advertise my donation shop in my signature?
While we understand that goals you're close to are tantalizing (we've all been there before), please do not beg guild members for donations. Under no circumstances should you go around soliciting guild members for their hard-earned Neopoints or items. Anyone found to be harassing members for donations will be promptly removed from the guild.

You may advertise your donation shops in your signature, as long as you don't shamelessly draw attention to it ("*pokes siggy* Donations anyone?" in all of your posts is an absolute no-no). If there are very special circumstances to your needing to borrow some NP/items and you are a Baron or above, contact a council member and there may be a small exception made to this rule, though this is not guaranteed.

More Links

Guild Council



This Guild Webbie has many members to thank: Nikki, Cay, Elaine, Mauri, Alley, and Tj to name just a few. We hope to make this Webbie a dynamic resource for all things Camelot.

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