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[ introductions ]

Good day to you Stranger, & welcome. It is only hospitable of me to tell you before you begin your visit, to keep your hands & claws to yourself, & to keep an eye on your pet. We wouldn't want any accidents, now would we precious?

Somehow you've managed to stumble your way into my domain, though I don't know why you'd want to visit. It's awful dreary here & it wreaks of decay. If you haven't guessed by now, my name is Raeihr, or more commonly spoken as 'Rae'. Quite cruel of the person who named me, giving me the feminine version rather than the masculine, though I suppose at the time it seemed harmless enough. It's the only thing amusing about me.

[ beware ]

I have no exciting tale to tell you of, no journey of how I became the way I am, just a simple answer: DNA. Genetics is a wonderful toy. People have been using it for thousands of years to develop different breeds of different creatures, but humans seem to forget that you can't breed out instincts too easily. Even man kind itself still holds onto it's basic desires... It's quite comical to think about really.

Therefore, there's nothing monstrous to natures great desire to feed. I will admit, however, that I've grown to enjoy it on an unhealthy level. No, I'm not overweight, but my greatest thrill comes with the hunt, the kill, & to see the light vanish from my victim's eyes. I enjoy it, so much so that I'm afraid I've become addicted to the habit, with no desire to break it. Does this frighten you precious?

Please don't let this tincy little fact sway your mind about me. Just because I enjoy the taste of blood does not make me a ruthless murderer. I still have my class. I take great enjoyment in the arts, mostly theater. America's present-day taste on entertainment is too cheap for my liking though. I don't think there's been a decent film made in years. I find the stupid-humor of today's society tacky & appalling. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit & slash the throats of the jokers who come up with it.

Hello Kitty cuteness is another issue that leaves me homicidal. Cuteness is to fine art as stupid humor is to visual art. It's rotting the brains of thousands, & lowering IQs everywhere. It should all be burned alive. Just because my human is an artist & has the tendency to draw cute & adorable things is by no means a reason for me to accept it.

Moving past all of that, I'm a pretty mellow creature at heart, if you can believe it or not. If you're still fearing for your life, trust me, I'd be picking my teeth with your remains if you looked appetizing enough. No offense, but you're a little too gamy for me. My tastes revolve more around pets... Anyways, as I was saying, despite my carnivorous nature I'm a pretty easy-going fellow to get along with. Think of me as a very large house cat - with talons, though if you try to give me any stupid little toys I'll eat you.

[ comrades ]

Ant is the great unknown in my immediate family and is the current lab pet.Name: Antheir
Relation: Clan
Species: Unknown

Notes: This creatures identification in unknown at this present time due to current labratory treatment.

Other Information: N/A

Ent Name: Enteite
Relation: Clan
Species: Canine

Notes: Restricted contact only authorized while under supervision of the human.

Other Information: Adorable-like nature found to be repulsive.

Kih Name: Kihanni
Relation: Clan
Species: Equine

Notes: Creature largly of thought & few of words.

Other Information: Inability to fly. Company considered to be tolerable.

Ashen Name: Ashen
Relation: Associate
Species: Avian

Notes: A worthy companion

Other Information: Thoughtful & noble character.

Aeowl Name: Aeowl
Relation: Associate
Species: Avian

Notes: Sympathetic nature

Other Information: Distant cousin or sort. Very kind & good hearted.

[ clone yourself ]

Please use resonibly & please be sure to take one of these lovely little creatures home with you.


Royal Boy
Royal Girl


c u s t o m s




[ mini me ]


[ award ]

I like to run with scissors :B
This award was created for creative & original petpages ONLY, so please only apply it if you actually put some effort into your page! If you think your page is worthy, neomail Taa. [**NOTE!** Do not apply if your petpage was created by someone other than yourself.] Please be sure to provide your petpage address in your neomail. Thank you

Winners of the Running Scissors petpage award:
[ Azulita707 | Chivalries | Enteite | Ikaze | Jirince | Kihanni | Kinx | Klebos | Master_of_Mischiefs | MysticalOasis | Unigano ]

[ raeihr faq ]

PLEASE read this first if you're thinking about asking me a question! If you don't see your question answered here, then feel free to mail me about it & I will happily reply. If your question is here, I would really appreciate it if you didn't bug me about it. Thank you! :)

Q: Will you draw me a picture?
A: I do not do requests, & hardly do trades, but if you want art please contact me at taa.deviantart.com for more information. Please send me a note on DA & I will explain further. If you do not have a deviantart account, neomail me for my email.

Q: Will you do an art trade with me then?
A: Unless I ask you, or have it written somewhere that trades are open, the answer is 'no'.

Q: Will you make me a custom adoptable?
A: Please check out the Adoptables section on this page to find out their status.

Q: My pet is in love with yours! They must be together!
A: 1st off: stalkers don't make good lovers. 2nd off: my pets don't date strangers & don't rp enough to fall in love, so they don't really date peoples. Sorry if this breaks some hearts out there.

Q: Can my pet rp with your pet?
A: RPs are closed to the general public. I will only accept RP inquiries from old friends or guild members. :)

Q: Can my pet be friends with yours?
A: Mail Me :3 Even though I don't have a lot of time for rping, they can still be friends!

Q: How did you make you petpage?
A: With HTML of course! :) If you are needing help with HTML & making your own petpage, visit lissaexplains.com. It's a great site to get help with petpages. You can also visit Csshelp for lots of css help! XD

Q: Why did you make this petpage?
A: Because I'm a geek who thinks I can have a part in bringing the art community back to life on Neopets & inspire the next generation of artists. :)

Q: Can I be your Neofriend?
A: Sorry, but I don't have enough time to really get to know you well enough for that.

Q: Can I mail you to say "Hi" or something?
A: I don't mind a nice little chat, & I don't bite or anything, so if you wanted to mail me for the sake of conversing you are more than welcome to. I am a normal person after all, & I'm always pleasant, so please don't be afraid of me peoples! I feel so bad when I get mail & the person feels like their like a thorn in my side because they've mailed me. I'm not going to eat you! I promise! :3

Q: Will you join my guild?
A: Sorry, but no. I'm already happily devoted.

Q: How did you join Shukumei?
A: Please check out this page for more info.

Q: Can I have some items/nps?
A: Begging is bad. :6

Q: How did you paint your pets/get the lab ray?
A: It's called saving :3 That's what the bank is for!

Q: Will you link to my pet's page?
A: I will if you will ;) ...& only if you're page is original, meaning nothing stolen or ripped off of someone else's page.

Q: Can I draw you some fan art/custom adopt/etc.?
A: If that's what you feel like doing, then go right ahead! I'll gladly display it too. (& will love you forever!)

Q: Will you vote for my pet in the BC?
A: If I'm gonna vote I'll be on the BC board.

Q: What programs do you use to do your art?
A: Photoshop CS2 & a Wacom tablet, but you don't need them to do awesome art. If you're serious about digital art, I'd suggest Paint Shop Pro 'cause it's easier to learn with & kids can actually afford it. (...but pirated Photoshop works too, lol!). I'd only suggest a tablet if you're really serious though. If you're not into digital art, pull that pencil out & just start doodling! :D It doesn't matter what you use or how you do it - it just matters that you put your heart into it! :3

Q: What is a tablet?
A: A tablet is basically a board you can draw directly onto the computer with & it has a neat little pen that works as it's mouse. They're very nifty for digi arts, but not required.

Q: Can you help me with Photoshop/PSP/etc?
A: Sorry, but no. If you're needing help, google some tutorials (I don't know any off the top of my head).

Q: Hey! I've tried neomailing you, but you've blocked neomails. How can I ask you anything now?
A: Sorry, but if I get too busy I will block incoming mail from those I don't know. Please don't take it personally.

Q: How did you come up with your pet designs?
A: Real life has lots of inspirations. I just mixed them with my old characters basically. Nature has the best designs, especially BIRDS!

Q: Someone's using your picture for such & such...
A: PLEASE let me know ASAP if you ever see anyone using my art!

Q: Who is Zimbarii/Vixanie/etc??
A: Zim, Vix, & all the rest of my former pets were frozen on my former account the_vixens_revenge. They exist in the neopets database only as ghosts now.

Q: Why were you frozen?
A: I don't really know/remember. It was years ago.

Q: Why are you still playing Neopets?
A: I don't really know that one either! XD I guess 'cause I didn't want to let them beat me... I honestly never thought I'd be doing petpages & stuff again though.

Q: Are you on DeviantArt?
A: Yes, taa.deviantart.com

Q: Is your name really Taa?
A: What's in a name? Taa, by any other name would still smell as sweet... lol. No, my real name is Amber, but Taa is a nickname from an old account. It's just stuck ever since, & for anti-stalker purposes I enforced it.

Q: How did you learn to draw/can you teach me?
A: I don't remember when I discovered "Hey! I can draw!", I've just kinda always been able to a little better than all the rest of the kids in class. You can learn to draw, especially with practaise, but I think it would be very difficult for me to teach you anything over the internet. I think your best bet would either be with art classes or how-to-draw/anatomy books. The main things is to just get inspired! :D

Q: How old are you?
A: I was born in Feb. 88, so do the math from there. :)

Q: How do you get your pictures on your petpage/lookup/online?
A: You first need to upload them to an image hosting site like photobucket.com, then after you upload it, take the url code & put it in an image tag, which you can find in the neopets HTML Help.

[ return ]

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[ vitals ]
+ Name: Raeihr
+ Alias: Raeihr, Rae
+ Pronounced: Ray-ear
+ D.O.B.: unknown
+ Classification: Eyrie
+ PB Hue: Spotted
+ Gender: Male
+ Age: N/A
+ Eyes: Ice Blue
+ Human: Taa
+ Affections: N/A

[ amusements ]
+ The taste of flesh
+ The color red
+ Phantom of the Opera
+ How tasty your pet looks right now

[ loathes ]
- Present-day Hollywood
- Things that are 'cute'
- Rude individuals
- Unbehaved children in public



[ escape ]

Kihanni Enteite
wicked clown Consumed from within... Hell Phoenix any nightmares yet? Come...I don't bite...yet !