Welcome to Anna's CSS, a premade site featuring clean, minimalistic styled templates for petpages, user lookups, pet lookups and shop layouts. After founding it in August 2013, Anna has worked hard to bring you some of her best templates.

terms of use

one. do not remove, hide credit from my css

Please, show some respect for both myself as the creator and others who would like to use my coding and just leave the credit. Likewise, do not alter or change the credit with the intent of deceiving others or making it hard to locate.

two. you can change or edit the css to fit your needs.

I do not mind if you change or edit the css to fit your needs. In fact, I will be willing to assist you with any problems or questions that may arise as you change the coding. But remember- just because you edit the css, that does not make it yours!

three. theft will be taken very seriously, so behave.

Unfortunately, I've had to deal with coding theft several times in the past. Because of this, I do not take coding theft lightly. I have made my work available as a courtesy to everyone; there is no need to even steal my coding at this point. So please behave nicely.

site updates
Dec 26 at 08:20AM +1 EDIT
I have now made the NC WL/TL page, Smoke and Mirrors more JN wishlist friendly. So you should now be able to import a JN wishlist and not have an issue with table overlap. Hope everyone had a happy holiday!!

Dec 6 at 10:50AM +1 EDIT
I noticed some users were having problems with overlap for their collections box and the userneopets header for the userlookup, GLASS WALLS. This has now been fixed!!

May 19 at 3:15PM +1 EDIT
It's come to my attention that one of the pages- Smoke and Mirrors- has an issue with tables in a few Firefox browsers. I've updated it to fix this (mostly fixes within the stylesheet itself), so if you're using it now, feel free to plug in your tables to get it working right! In addition, if you see anything look off with a page, please let me know! I'm not able to see my pages in every possible browser and resolution, so let me know if there is an issue that should be addressed.

Anna's CSS has had the honor of being this week's featured site at Prismatic. Thank you so much for this recognition, and thank you to all of you for the support. You guys make this so wonderful. ❤

April 29 at 7:30 PM +1 PP
If you're a fan of JN's Checklist Tools, be sure to check out my newest page- L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.- a gorgeous, minimalistic page for you to copy and paste all of your checklists into! This list has links for easily navigating your page, and it makes styling your checklists a breeze. If you do use this, please be sure to read my notes for them!

April 28 at 11:30 AM +1 PP
I have a new petpage template up for you guys! The newest addition- Smoke and Mirrors- is a simplistic, scrolling neocash page. It has links programmed for easily switching between your wishlist and tradelist, and for easily directing people to the proper portion, as well. Enjoy, guys!

April 23 at 5:30 PM +1 EDIT
Oops! I just realized that I had accidentally added up the 'in-progress' coding of All Eyes on You, rather than the proper version. I've put the proper one up now, so no worries about that! But apologies out to all of you who might have tried to use the wrong one. Please don't hate me. ❤

April 20 at 9:45 PM +1 PP | +1 EDIT
I have a new petpage template you: the Wonderful Unknown, a petpage that's just perfect for pet apps and pet character pages (and, well, anything you want, really!). In addition, I have further edited Sweater Weather- it's nothing major, just a couple color tweaks. But current users may like the new, simpler look it has.

April 20 at 4:45 PM +1 UL | +1 BUTTON | +1 AFFILIATE
I'm pleased to bring you a fun new user lookup- All Eyes on You. This is a simplistic lookup that keeps neo's header and footer, but lets you express yourself in a fun way regardless. I also have a beautiful button courtesy of Sarah at Floret. And, lastly, I'm now affiliates with Penciled, a fun adoptable site!

April 18 at 10:10 PM +2 AFFILIATES
Anna's CSS is now affiliated with Floret, a gorgeous button request site, and Bio- a wonderful CSS site. Be sure to stop by and take a peek- they're both truly amazing sites and I'm sure you'll fall in love.

April 18 at 6:20 PM +3 AFFILIATES | +1 SISTER SITE
Anna's CSS is now affiliated with three new lovely sites- Aroha, Fiasco, and Stalight. There are three fabulous sites, so you really must check them out if you haven't begun stalking them already! In addition, Whitespace and Anna's CSS are now sister sites!

April 17 at 10:05 PM +1 UL | +1 PL | +4 EDITS
And the productivity continues! As you can tell, I've added a new userlookup, a new petlookup and finished editing four existing templates (one userlookup, one petlookup and two shop layouts).

April 17 at 3:00 PM +1 PP | +2 AFFILIATES
It's been a busy day for Anna's CSS! One new petpage (Glue, an Art Dump page) has been added. In addition, I am thrilled to announce that Anna's CSS is now affiliated with Bisou and Charme, two lovely adoptable and resource sites by the darling Ashe. If you haven't seen these pages yet, you definitely have to check them out today!

April 17 at 12:30 PM +1 PET PAGE
I am pleased to announce my newest addition- Growing Up! This is a petpage designed to be used as a portfolio, complete with fill-in-the-blank sections for you guys to use. Enjoy, guys!

April 16 at 4:30 PM NEW LAYOUT
I realized that I was unhappy with both my current site layout and the templates I have on here. It was nice branching out of my comfort zone, but in the end, I was unhappy with what I had and it took away my motivation. I'll slowly be adding the template codes back to this page as I work on perfecting them, but in the meantime, if you'd like the old codes, visit this page.

March 22 at 9:13 AM +1 AFFIE
Anna's CSS now has a new affiliate- a very unique newcomer, Whale's CSS. Check them out today!

Notes from Anna
Hey loves! Thank you so much for your support and love in my absence.

Between a busy school semester and dealing with a very frustrating series of coding theft, I hadn't updated much. However, you can start expecting several new updates coming soon!


Growing Up ? Suggested use

Additional Notes
Pictured adoptable by Bisou

Glue ? Suggested use
Art Dump

Additional Notes
Because of the full-width banner at the top, the 'save page' button is hidden. So to save your page, use the tab key to hit the button. In Chrome, this can easily be done by using Shift+Tab twice and hitting enter.

Wonderful Unknown ? Suggested use
Pet Application/ Pet Characters

Additional Notes
This is set up as a pet application page, but it'll also work wonderfully as a pet character page. All you'll have to do is change the links!

When previewing the page, you'll notice the horizontal bar has shifted and is out of alignment. This is normal, though, and it'll look normal once you have saved it.

Background from Subtle Patterns.

Smoke and Mirrors ? Suggested use
Neocash WL/TL

Additional Notes
Because of the large top-margin to cover the neo banner, contents will shift upwards before you save. This is normal- it'll look the same once you have saved.

In addition, links have been programmed for navigating between your wishlist and tradelist, and for easily directing people to the proper section.

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. ? Suggested use
Jellyneo Checklist Dump

Additional Notes
If you use JN Checklists with this page, make sure you delete their styletags and everything in between!

In addition, if you're using multiple lists, you may want to only use a portion of a list or their no-image version in order to make loading, saving and managing your pages easier.

Because of the large top-margin to cover the neo banner, contents will shift upwards before you save. This is normal- it'll look the same once you have saved.

Links have been programmed for jumping between different links.

Coming Soon!

older petpages

Sweater Weather ? Suggested use
Neocash WL/TL

Additional Notes
Background from Subtle Patterns.

Dirty Paws ? Suggested use
Skeleton Page for Experienced Coders

Additional Notes
Because this is a widely used layout, I've decided to keep it up. However, I just want to warn you that this is very basic- just the skeleton is done. Because of that and the usage of sub-navigation, I would only recommend this for experienced coders or people who don't mind spending additional time coding.

user lookups

Leopold Street ? Does Not Show
neo header + footer, shields, habitariums and nc albums

Additional Notes
This requires a gallery and/or shop in order to display properly. This is also a wide layout, spanning about 1000px.

In order for your neopets to have a circular border, add the following under #userneopets img:
border-radius: 90px;

Pictured adoptable by Bisou

Glass Walls ? Does Not Show
neo header + footer, shields, habitariums and nc albums

Additional Notes
This requires a gallery and/or shop in order to display properly.

In order for your neopets to have a circular border, add the following under #userneopets img:
border-radius: 90px;

Pictured adoptable by Bisou

All Eyes on You ? Does Not Show
shields, habitariums and nc albums

Additional Notes
This requires a gallery and/or shop in order to display properly.

In order for your neopets and description image to have a circular border, add the following under #userneopets img and .gim (respectively):
border-radius: 90px;

GIF from Adventure Time!

Coming Soon!

pet lookups

Flapper Girl ? Additional Notes
This is best used for simple pet lookups with no description or additional images needed as it can easily be viewed at a whole. There is coding for an information box on the bottom, though.

Featherstone ? Additional Notes
This works well for all purposes, however, some may prefer to adjust the trophy sizes if using this with trophied pets.

shop + gallery

Dog Days Are Over


faq + important information

common questions

What resolution / browser do you use?

I'm on a Macbook Pro- so my computer is oddly shaped. While most people have the standard resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, I have the random resolution of 2880 x 1800. Likewise, I use Chrome, which has the tendency to display coding that Firefox or Internet Explorer doesn't recognize.

I always test my templates in various resolutions and browsers, but if you do notice that something is not displayed the same way it is displayed in the preview, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!

Where did you learn to code?

I first became familiar with coding when I took a class on web design and coding back in high school. Since then, I have continued to further and advance my education by researching and studying different coding techniques in various books and sites.

For pages where you have both a text credit and a button credit, do we have to keep both?

While I would greatly appreciate it you keep the gorgeous buttons on your page, I won't make you nor expect you to if there is already a text credit coded into the page.

Why don't you have any textarea boxes coded in your premades?

Because of the way textareas work, I cannot include a textarea inside a textarea. If you do want to use my coding for your button tables in your sitely, don't worry- I'll include the coding lower down for you to grab. ッ

Are you going to add more palettes for your layouts?

Unfortunately, I realized that part of my lack of motivation with this site was my unhappiness with it- including the clutter that came from having multiple palettes. Because of that, I decided to remove all palettes and I do not think they'll be making a return. However, if you're interested in changing the color scheme of a template and don't know how, please send me a mail and I'll help you out!

Will you code me a ___?

Unfortunately, this is just a premade site- not a request site. BUT I am always willing to take suggestions about different page types you would like to see. I'll also randomly open up requests, as long as you don't mind me using the page created for you (or at least a derivative of it) as a premade. If you're interested, feel free to pop me a mail and ask when I'll be opening requests up. Or, of course, keep checking back and see if anything is up in the Notes box.

Are you going to put your current layout for ___ up on here?

If it's not already up, then chances are, I won't be putting them up for awhile. I know- it's kind of mean to do that- especially if you really love it. But, I spent a good deal of time coding it, so I want to feel special using it before I put it up as a premade for everyone. That doesn't mean I won't ever put it up, though! I tend to circulate through layouts pretty quickly now, so you should see it gracing this page soon enough.

Can I use the coding that you made for this site?

Please do not just take the coding that I created for this site- it took me very long to come up with. However, if you are interested in learning how to code a certain element from this site, please feel free to neomail me and I'll help you through it!

Coding- Textarea for Buttons
textarea {
font-family: tahoma;
font-size: 7pt;
line-height: 10px;
background: #ffffff;
border: 1px dotted #AA88BA;
color: #000000;
width: 88px;
height: 25px;
Where Can I Find...?
+ Blank button bases on your templates and sitely?
The blank button bases are from Turnip's lovely site, The Lunch Box.

+ Images to use in my layouts?
The item images that I use in my templates are from Jellyneo's Item Database. The tiny pet icons that I use in my pet lookups are from Sunny Neo's Pet Image Finder. Lastly, the neopet images that I use in my userlookup templates are from Dr. Sloth's Image Emporium.

+ Backgrounds that you use on your pages?
I use backgrounds from either Sublte Patterns or Colourlovers.


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Whitespace is a CSS premades site run by the lovely Mexxy. She has such a fun personality and it really shines through in her unique style. Whether you're looking for a user lookup, pet lookup or even a pet page layout, you absolutely must check out Whitespace!
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  • All coding and content by Anna.
  • All blank button bases used are from The Lunch Box.
  • Gijinka adoptables used/pictured are from Bisou.
  • Bullets used are from Charme.
  • All buttons link back to their respective creators.
  • Banner background from Subtle Patterns.
  • Counter from Boing Dragons