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Quart Cs is a detailed, yet simple and clear guide on how you should build a creative life for your Neopets & how exactly should you love your pets!

All you have to remember is Create, Characterize, Customize & Caring! FourC's! If you think feeding your pet everyday is just it, you're extremely wrong. There's so much to do for a pet!

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Your Guide

I've seen you wandering around for some time now. A wonderful & pretty petpage I have here don't I? Well, welcome to a guide for all Neopians to know how exactly their pets should be treated, just like Royalty! Even if they're not Royal in colour. (: If you an owner who logs in, feed your pets and ignore them for the rest of the day, well, you really ought to be hit by me in the Battledome!

My name is Quartretta, and you can call me Retta. (: I was created to host this page and thus my name, but nevertheless, my owner loves me! I'll be your guide today as you read on. There's much information that needs a wise one to explain :P *smiles sweetly*

You should also do some note-taking. You never know what you'll forget!

Erm... A normal pencil would be fine, thank you.

Quartretta's Note
Along the page, you'll see this lavender box, where I'll mention important stuff. Also, the Neopian Pound where many pets are abandoned has been down for maintenance, which caused a lot of inconveience to many players. I'll talk more about it later.

First C: Create |

Color/ Species | Gender | Name | Base Color

Quartretta's Note
If this is your first time at Neopets and you've already created a pet, not to worry! You can read this and apply it when you're creating your next pet (:

Before you create your pet, think about the poor pets which are abandoned at the Neopian Pound. Some of them are there because their owner got bored of them or because they're quitting Neopets so they hope someone else will take care of them instead.

You can help these pets and the Neopian Pound a better place by adopting these pets. You can always alter the looks and stats of the pets afterwards, just like a pet that you would have created.

Neopets has this small section about the Neopian Pound too on the Pet Central page.

Neopian Pound
Why Create-A-Neopet when you can give a poor, abandoned Neopet a great home?! Visit the Neopian Pound today, but make sure to stay away from that Dr. Death character.

Choosing a color/ species

Quartretta's Note
Due to the new Customization function, the images of all pets are redrawn. The left image above is the old version and the right image is the one you actually get now. Also, there're limited-edition pets (known as LE pets) that can only be created either on the specific pets day (yes, all pets have their own day to celebrate) or by morphing. The Grundos species can only be adopted from the Space Station. In any case, you should create a non-limited pet for a start!
  1. Heres a page with all the pet images. Make sure you look only at the converted pet images! Those are the actual images of your pet you really get.
  2. Are you going to have a pet that you want to boast about to your friends and other Neopians? If so, why not choose a rare colour? Very expensive though so think twice The rare colours are Pirate, Maraquan, Plushie, Grey, Pink, Faerie & Darigan.
  3. Now choose the pet you like! There're so many colours and species, it may take you some time to decide the one you like most but take the time!
Quartretta's Note
There is a function called the Lab Ray that enables you to 'zap' your pets once per day. The lab ray can cause many changes to your pet, and one of them is to turn its species or color. Many Neopians acquired this function to get their dream pets as its often cheaper and you can forever use it. However chances of getting your dream color/species is completely random. Some colours cannot be zapped so be aware!
Male or Female?
Depending on the colour you've chosen, you may want to decide it's gender. This decision shouldn't take too long, but be aware that female pets have obvious eyelashes on them, while the males don't. Maybe you could try and look at people's pets and use them as a comparison.

Personally, I think for some of the pets, those eyelashes don't really look good on them, so you may want to reconsider if it really looks strange to you. It all depends.

What do I call my pet?
Now this may be the most difficult part to handle. If you prefer the most original and nicest pet names, it'll be something like Quartretta. Single word, with no numbers or underscores. And if your pet name is a word that means something, that'll be wonderful! Most importantly, you created the name yourself.

The most prettiest names I've seen are names after Greek or foreign gods, or short and simple. This user has lots of brilliant pets with wonderful names. I'll never understand how she gets to find all the nice names...

Heres a wonderful guide to all the unused names in Neopets, maybe it'll help you decide.

Choosing a base colour

All pets can only be created with either Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. You'll be able to turn your pets into other colours such as Brown, White, Christmas and many others by buying Paint Brushes later in the game. So don't worry too much about it!

Congratulations! Your new pet has been created!

Second C: Characterize |

Pet's Details | Pet's Lookup | Pet's Desc | Petpage

Yay! You got your pet! Now is to give a life to it! Have great imagination on how will the pet be if it's really living with you in Neopia!

Enchancing Pet Details
You will have noticed that there're several -Attributes- every pet have, namely the following and how they can be improved:

Age You can't change this.
Level 1 of the 5 stats you can train at the Academies.
Gender You can't change this, unless the lab ray does it for you.
Height I'm not too sure about this but it should grow according to weight.
Weight If your pet eats too much or a lot of sweet foods, its weight will increase! I'm not too sure whether eating Health Foods will reduce it.

And here're the -Battledome Stats- they should have:

Battledome Stats
Hit Points (aka. Endurance/HP) 1 of the 5 stats you can train at the Academies.
Strength 1 of the 5 stats you can train at the Academies.
Defence 1 of the 5 stats you can train at the Academies.
Movement 1 of the 5 stats you can train at the Academies.
Intelligence This gradually increases if you play games such as Faerie Crossword and Cliffhanger with your pet, but we mainly read books to your pets to increase their intelligence.
Battle History A record of your pets battle history.

Designing Pet's lookup
Premade Pet Lookup Image from sunnyneo.com.

A pet's lookup is a page where you see a specific pet's statistics. As mentioned above Quartretta's one is here. It gives a pretty summed up idea of what colour the pet is and how much their owner loves them. Obviously if you made an effort to make them pretty, you love your pet more than those who don't right? I make a name banner for my pets to make it special. (:

Now, compare the left image with a default pet's lookup. Quite a lot of difference doesn't it. It's definitely not nice to leave your pet's lookup with no pretty backgrounds and font styling. Banner/ images are not a must but definitely a plus (:

A basic pet's lookup would have a background, header, and some pretty colour fonts that match with the pet. And if you're wondering where to add the codes, it's here.

Quartretta's Note
Don't be lazy! Even if you can't afford the time to make one, or you don't know how to, there're many premade pet lookups out there, accessible with a click! Not knowing html is no excuse!
Writing your Pet's Description
Put something into your Pet's Description! Whatever you put in here should appear below the pet, giving an idea of what the pet is about. It can be anything.

A very common and basic description I've noticed, is this:

3 words that describe your pet. You can put : {Friendly | Curious | Nervous}, or something close to this. I often see this like almost everywhere.

Followed by simple prounciation guide of your pets name. For example Quartretta, it'll be quart-rat-tah. This is definitely helpful, if your pet has a really special or difficult-to-pronounce name and you want people to know it right.

After this, give the visitor an idea of what your pet has been through! Is your pet a lab rat? Is he/she the brother or sister of your other pets? What does he/she likes to do?

The common yet unique ones I've seen is a poem, with some words that link/refer to another pet's lookup, whom they are related to each other (maybe relatives according to the pets) Often, Neopians put a short poem of their pet, a simple quote, or maybe a short story.

You don't have to follow suit though, this is just a guide! You can definitely put anything you prefer for your own pet!

Making a pretty petpage
Page screenshots from sunnyneo.com

This could be hard. Knowing html is an important issue, but you must know how to put the right content as well. Petpages can be used for many purposes.

Creating a help page
This includes Dailies/Freebies page, avatar guides, game guides, plot guides, and what you're looking at is actually a help page too! As long as your page helps others/ provide information, it's a help page.

Pure Pet page
A page about your pet! There're some people who loves to Role-play (also known as RP) with their pet, like making up a story on how they found the pet and then their adventures they had around Neopia... They're often artists who draw beautiful pictures of their own pets and a pretty layout to match with their wonderful stories. If you can make it good, you can even enter your pet for the Beauty Contest or Pet Spotlight!

Adoption Rules
Some players do help to adopt pound pets, zap them a pretty colour and hope someone will adopt it instead of being forever lost in the pound. These pages often points out that you have to send a application for the pet, and it won't be easy because many details need to be included.

Guild Webbie
Also known as guild website, this is a petpage used for Guild purposes. To put content and events that are happening in the Guild. Guild donations, guild pets, guild contests, guild plots, guild trades... etc.

Lab Log
Because using the lab ray is so common, pets that are under the Lab Ray may have a lab log, that keeps a history if the everyday lab results.

These are pages that have screenshots of the happenings in Neopia and they can get very exciting when put altogether. They're done for fun, and Neopians often add in their own comment to make it funny for readers.

About Me/ FAQ
For those famous Neopians who receives neomails about themselves and repeated questions so much, they might as well create a petpage that summarizes everything!

Quartretta's Note
If you can't think of anything to put for your petpage, it's defnitely ok. It's understandable that making a pretty page takes a lot more effort. Even though there're also premades for this, the importance for petpages is its content.

Third C: Customize |

Not every Neopian can actually afford this. The most pretty items often come from the NC Mall, which many of us actually don't have it. Paying real money to beautify your pets is one thing, but what for when you can make your pets look just as pretty with Neopoints?

Customization is wearing special clothings on your pet. And also Backgrounds!
My advice is to not to get really fanciful or expensive clothings. I get them plain and fitting ones so they still look as original as before.

For example, my owner kept the Red Usul Bow I used to wear when I was still colored Red, and then I was painted Royal and I wore back my Red Usul Bow again. Nice and pretty! Then, my owner took off my Royal clothing and painted me Zombie before putting them back again. Even with just one piece of clothing, it could make a difference. Your pet deserves some clothing of his/her own!

There are certain Paint Brushes that come with clothings. If you paint your pet with the Baby, Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Christmas, Halloween, Royal, Snow, Usuki & Pirate Paint Brushes, it often and most of the time comes with clothings which you can take on and off at the Customization page.

Quartretta's Note
The NC Mall is the only place you can pay real money to buy clothings for your pet. You can choose not to do that however and buy clothings for your pet through the SW, TP, or Auctions by paying NPs as well.

Fourth C: Caring |

As you explore more of Neopia, you'll notice there's hundreds of things to do within the site. That's why Neopets is so successful! :P You can do many things with your pets: Feed them, make them read books, train their stats for the Battledome, Groom them, Play toys with them, Buy new clothings for them, give them a brand new color, morph them into another species.

Well, your pets have to eat right? They can't go hungry... You can feed it any food, but sometimes, your pet can be picky and says, Yuck! I'm not eating any of those!. Maybe you should then get another food for it. (: There're many tasty foods out there, hamburger, sandwiches, anything and everything! If you're saving up NPs, you can always feed your pets with the free food you can take daily from the Giant Omelette and Giant Jelly.

How do I feed my pet?
Click on your Neopoints on the top right corner of the page, and you'll be brought to your Inventory page. Click on the food you want to feed and click Feed it to [pet name].

Quartretta's Note
You can leave your Neopets without feeding it. They'll be shown Hunger: Dying but Neopets will never die. But that doesn't mean you don't have to feed them, please!

Buy books for your pet to read! You want your pet to be smart don't you? (: Reading books is the main way of raising your pet's intellgence. They don't actually have a purpose, but you may be in for the Book Awards if you read enough books! And showing off your pets being smart is cool too :D An alternative way to raise your pet's intelligence is to play educational games like Faerie Crossword

There're 2 different types of books that can be read to your pets:

Magical Bookshop

(around 1726 books up to date)
Click on the shopkeeper to go to the shop and buy some books now!

You can win the The Neopian Book Award if you read enough books!

Booktastic Books

(around 89 books up to date)
Click on the shopkeeper to go to the shop and buy some books now!

You can win the The Booktastic Book Award if you read enough books!

Quartretta's Note
You must at least read a few books to your pet, so that they have above average intelligence! Some of them may have the status shown as Intelligence: Dim witted and I'm sure you won't want anyone to see that your pet is that unclever. =/
You can train your pets stats at the following places. Hover over the dubloons/ codestones to see their full name.

Quartretta's Note
The following dubloon list is not complete, the codestones list are complete. You can get them from the Shop Wizard/ Trading Post/ Auctions.

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy

You're encouraged to train your pets here when they're Lv 40 and below. They take a longer time compared to the Training School below, but their fees are cheaper. Pay with the random dubloons the academy ask for.

Mystery Island Training School

Train your pet up to Level 250 here. Pay by brown codestones.

Secret Ninja Training Sch

If your pet is so strong that it's over Level 250, come here for ninja training. You'll have to pay by red codestones.


Grooming takes little time. All you have to do is to sit down with your pet and... and... do whatever you can with the grooming item. (:

The most common item would be a comb/brush because many Neopets have fur/hair and it's very easy to get bad hair day! Of course, conditioners would go great, and a little bit of eyeshadows and lipstick will go perfect (:

Grooming actually doesn't really affect your pet's features, but it keeps them happy. Just like how the toys work.

Quartretta's Note
M I N doesn't really get our family grooming items, we prefer toys xD. However you should have the knowledge of this, in case a Faerie asks for it for her quest!

Quartretta's Note
Some toys can be broken easily after playing a number of times, and it's best to avoid them. You can repair those toys for a price, at Terror Mountain. Below are Click Klacks and the Broken Click Klacks.

The most common toy any Neopian will get for their pet is most probably a plushie. The item's name is easy to remember, and they come in lots of varities, and can come in the same color/species of your pet. They can be relatively cheap, cute, and even magical. It's the best toy any pet can have, but you may differ in your opinion :)

Some toys are animated while some don't. Toys make your pet happy and does nothing else (except those which are magical which I cannot tell you xD) and are also a good category for Galleries as they have wide variations.

Re-paint/ Morphing
Some of the following content is quoted from Gere.

You may ask me:
Why will I want to RE-paint my pet? I saved so hard for that only color, it cost me so much NPs, and now you're telling me I should repaint it by spending money again and waste the old color?

Now... the only thing permanent about a pet is it's name. Other than that, you can change anything else of the pet, as long as you put effort in it.

The most common excuse for "pounding" a Neopet instead of morphing/ repainting it is that the owner doesn't want to "waste" the pet's color. This statement is absurd in itself because a color has no value.

Once a paintbrush or morphing potion has been used, it cannot be used again, it's gone forever. If you paint a pet plushie, you cannot later extract that plushie paintbrush from the pet and return it to a previous color. Therefore, what is done is done, and the color of a pet has no real monetary value or worth.

Repainting thus, doesn't "unpaint" what you had done before but simply builds on it, which - after the painting is completed - is the only thing left to do whether its repainted or not.

Besides this, your Neopet should be far more valuable than a layer of paint drizzled on it! A Neopet is a responsibility you took on and though colors and fads may come and go, a Neopet is constant.

There're two ways you can choose to change your pet's look. Painting and Morphing.

To Paint your pet, you need a Paint Brush. It'll look something like this:

To morph your pet, you need a Morphing Potion, or a Transmogrfication Potion. It'll look something like this:

The difference between a Morphing Potion and a Transmogrfication Potion, is that a Morphing Potion turns your pet into the species and color as mentioned. For example, a Red Lupe Morphing Potion turns your pet into a Red Lupe and a Baby Kougra Morphing potion turns your pet into a Baby Kougra. A Transmogrfication Potion only turns your pet into the species you want, in the color mutant. Therefore, the only way to get a mutant pet is by the lab ray, other by drinking this Transmogrfication Potion. There is no Paint Brush for this color.

The Neopian Pound

The Neopian Pound has been down currently, and we have no idea what functions may be added and removed! However, we expect the same old 'transfer' system to be still around. Very dangerous though, because anyone can adopt any pet from the Pound...

If you're wondering why the pound is down, and more information about the closing down... go to this page:

According to the old Neopian Pound, there are pros and cons. The pros is that you can 'transfer' your pets to your side account. This is done by Although they should work most of the time, however sometimes other Neopians may get to your pet and adopt it first! Thus it's always unsafe to put your pet into the Pound.

My Pet Images! |

Here's a small guide on how you can put your pet's images all around Neopia!

To put this small image (50 x 50 pixels), the url link is http://pets.neopets.com/cpn/(PetsNameHere)/1/1.png

This image is also the same shown at the Neoboards.

To put this bigger image (150 x 150 pixels), the url link is http://pets.neopets.com/cpn/(PetsNameHere)/1/2.png

This is also the same picture of your Neopet shown on your userlookup. However the link there is slightly different.

Quartretta's Note
The above 2 images links will always show the latest look of your pet. This means if your Ixi turns into a Grarrl, the image will show a Grarrl automatically.

Author's Note

The navigation will only work out right if you're viewing this page with the Mozilla Firefox. On Internet Explorer it'll just appear below this block of text. Grrr.

Coding and text by rain_mercury on Neopets. No one helped me and even knew I'm building this page so if anyone claims that they have credit, shoot them up or lemme know (:
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