guest, how in neopia did you wander here, huh? Well, since you're here, you might as well look at some screenies! Right this way! *Points downwards* Have fun!

2cute4eru's Screenies

Please, my owner drew this and spent alot of time on this picture of me (above) so don't copy it!

Here are some screenies I have collected so far! Oh, and if you have any ideas of how to catch this darn fly on my nose, neomail my owner!


Oww, I stubbed my toe on it! *grumble*

Hey, who threw that at my head? *Gets nervous*

The door and floss trick really does work! Now I know what the point of neohomes are!

Wohoo! I win even before I can win! :P

Wow, thats worth quite a bit of neopoints, sold it for over 10 K.

Hey, at least it wasn't my pet in the spider web! *wink wink* (Kidding)

Oooo, do I have a secret admirer?

Awe.. but I am training my pet there- thats why I was looking for a codestone!

I love pricey cookies, but don't worry, I'm not a cookie grabber. :)

Awe, thats sweet, and yet now I am spooked.

The other strange thing is I NEEDED a Har codestone and Bri codestone. As I was looking for a Bri codestone, I stumbled upon the Har. Fancy that!

I thought so too, qtpi, I thought so too...

Both a compliment and dissappointment. That, guest, is something only Illusen can do.

I haven't gotten this one before...


Its ok, hey, do it again and give me another map, if you want!

*Goes to Mystery Island* ^_^

Hmmm... suspicious... (Sorry its a little choppy)

Haha, I didnt even need to do a game to earn some money!

How ironic that Cutelittlegirl558 was "starving" for medicine. She's not sick, nor even hungry!

Every time someone says "do this " or "do that", something like this happens to me.

Goodnes, dont be so ostentacious!

Hey! A free spin practically! :)

Ooo! Lucky petpage! :) I guess this is my reward for all the work I put into my petpages!

I won even before I tried the Fruit Machine!

Hehe, qtpi_14 asks a good question... *Blushes*

Haha! That was when I looked up my side account too! My lookups are luck, I tell you! Luck!

That was an EXPENSIVE random event! :(

If you cant stand the cold, get out of the desert shop and into the desert... geeze, Peopatra puts on the air conditioning for a reason!

Hey! Thats not very nice to say about neo! Maybe she just forgot to do some spring cleaning...

XD Oh I do get too excited over random events!


This was pretty neat, since I wasn't expecting anything from the scratchcard! :)

It would be hard to NOT be a winner with that scratchard! I was lucky to get such a GREAT scratchcard! (Also, excuse my math, there really are 5 10,000's, but I am too lazy to change it back :D)

*Shrug* Oh well, at least I got the scratchcard for free! :)



:) Cool.

He should give me a book, so that I can figure it out by myself. (Or just resell it, hehehe *shifts eyes*)

I want a paintbrush! :(

Ohh! What are they talking about? I won a codestone! :P

Wow! Yay!

Eeew, Mr.Tombola man is becoming not only cheap but disgusting...

Thats a nice prize!

Ive had that avatar for more than a year! Oh well, atleast I got 10 K.

Wow, I probably got more than 11,000 NP profit! Fantastic!


That was when I looked at a userlookup, I got a quest at the same time, look at how messed up it looks! At first I thought it was fake, part of their background, but it wasn't! Look for yourself! ALSO: I got their permission to allow you to see names. Dont be alarmed!

I almost got a heart attack when I saw I got a ffq! Klariona took a dip in the rainbow fountain, if you were wondering.

I am dieing because I was sooo close. Darnit...

*Goes to Haunted Woods to look for riches* Look below for what happens

Who is he talking about when he says "you", because for some reason I havent gotten any "riches", I lost probably 1K, thank you very much...


Hmm, maybe the mystic is just delayed a few weeks


:) Not that much profit, but I am still glad I got something!


I still can't believe it, it practically went up 3,000 neopoints in 2 seconds? I've heard of regular users doing this in their shops, but the great and kind BREAD MASTER?! *gasps*


Woo! Luck! I usually am not so lucky with the wizard.

Some of the items neopia just humor me a bit. (Also if you know of any other disgusting or wierd foods, tell me and I can screenie more!)


Hmm, a glitch... Im guessing? Their ears arent SUPPOSED to look like that, are they?

Look at my cybunny! She is real 1337 I suppose, hehe...


Oh well, I forgive their typo...

Hah! 3 hissis at once! You dont see that often! How do they all hold their shovels...?

It was already named 1337!

This was on the first try too!

Nice species I guess, but I want a cool colour! I guess she will have to change species again!

Yay I dont like spotted Aishas...

Of course it wasn't real, but it was funny, and I scribbled part of their name just for security reasons.

How can a Red Quiggle gummy make a Rainbow amulet of Chia frazzling? Err?

Im confused, is there supposed to be two ships?

Thats cheap... blech...

Oh my goodness-Fuzzy, NO! Thats not snow, its CUSTARD! (Something YOUR made of!) *gasps*

Hmm... *scared*

What are the odds that it evened my nps exactly? :O

Wha?! I got a super low score! I was just too lazy to finish the game, and its saying that I got a high score? Haha, glitch.

Wow! I have had so many people read my neoadventure and it makes me feel so great! If you want, read it by clicking the link here or on my lookup! I just reached my 1000 times read goal!Im so happy! (Of course, that doesn't mean I dont want you to read it anymore, please, go ahead and read it! :) )


Awe, thats a cute electric neopet.


Thats cute!

Uhh, personally I dont like mutant Blumaroos... but still cool!

Awe, poor thing. I sribbled out part of her name, just to let yah know.

I wasnt really looking for anything rare, just a good name. I got both of what I was looking for!

Awe, what a cute little lupe!

I decided to put her up for adoption, Hope she found a good home!

Awe, she was adorable, and had a nice name! :) She also got a good owner! ^_^ (No I did not catch her though.)


(Do you like my grammar?)

It took 5-10 minutes before someone told him where the self-freeze site was, just to annoy him I bet.

Haha! Fun!

I think that's a hilarious siggy, and the people's reactions were just perfect! (There were more, but I decided just to show you a few) And the glitch part.. well, it does scare me a bit. I hope it gets fixed soon because a lot of people are haveing the "problem".

I can't believe the pet rock board had almost the most replies (other than a pound board) there was on the 1st page! **Also, look at the bottom left, see anything... interesting?**

I couldnt get in, but I think it was some one who kept repeating the same message over and over again, and it was finnally deleted later on. The person kept doing this to all adopt boards...

This one is silly...

-_- Wow... just wow...

Thanks so much for visiting my screenie page! As you might have guessed by how the screenies look, I have not added new screenies to this for a few years now... I may add more in the future if I come across something I just must share, but otherwise this is it for now!

ALSO: I do not accept awards anymore, although I do appreciate feedback and I love getting neomails from neopians that have taken a gander at my screenies, so feel free to neomail me!

Well, thanks for coming!

Dont forget to link me!

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