Welcome to OBSESSED! This petpage is a directory of users who are obsessed with a particular species. What denotes an obsession, you ask? A minimum of FIVE of one species, and the desire to always have more!
*** NOTE: due to sheer volume of entries for these species, the following will require a minimum of 10 permie pets: Aisha, Draik, Lupe, Xweetok ***


Neomail your form to Kelly to be listed! (Make sure you change the "species" in the subject line to your hoard type.) Permies only!

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- How many pets in your hoard?
- Small blurb about your obession
- ALL of the pets you own of the hoarded species separated by commas, no need to list colors

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unheroine aishafied beknight chaitown __zanisha
Total Aishas: 12
If I could hoard cats IRL, I would. Hoarding Aishas is the next best thing! My obsession started when I zapped my alien via lab ray, and then put all my efforts into saving up for my Plushie Aisha, Addrie (who is still my favourite to this day!) I have two Aishas left to paint until my collection is complete.

charliews bonita_1000 ibelongttoyou drawingrainbows __xsmiles
Total Aishas: 20
This started as a fun customization activity that went from 0 to 100 real quick and now I have -20 self control and I have crowned myself as the queen of Aishas ok tnx.

outdoorsy hooch_2016 a_emmawee_a indoorsy sidedoorsy
Total Aishas: 14
Loved them since I started playing 13 yrs ago! Super cute in literally every color and it makes it so easy to cross paint!

vivi_orunitia_ f0rg0tten_dreams liligant tinyaisha
Total Aishas: 10
I've been obsessed with Aishas ever since I joined neopets as a little kid- now I'm an adult and it's not ending any time soon. I love my alien cats!!

vernalagnia kittykittycat129173 umbecast herbose tingent
Total Aishas: 19
Since I joined Neopets on February 4, 2001, I have been obsessed with Aishas. My love for this species can be traced all the way back to my very first days on the website.

pootsybear chelbiegirl1101
Total Aishas: 6
I love Aishas because they are so fun to customize and they resemble cats and cats are perfect ^.^

_the_spardel_queen_ flamezeai flamealou flameangel paintedpetsfever
Total Aishas: 45
It all started with my UC Royal Aisha I created and painted before the conversion, somewhere along the line I fell in love with drawing and designing characters for them and made a goal to get one of each of the UC Aisha colors! Then started adding converted A ishas whom I love dressing up!

optimusgato gatoprime deinone astronah araignea
Total Aishas: 20
I just do

11emokitten11 11emokitten123 soamsion horescrazy3000 cristie_is_awesome
Total Aishas: 10
I accidentally fell into customization in college and started a hoard of the two cutest species; Kacheeks and Aishas.

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treas0n necr0tic foxgl0ve
Total Blumaroos: 13
What's NOT to love? They've got plushy tummies, chubby tails, floppy ears, & the cutest heart shaped feet from here to Timbuktu- and I don't trust anyone who doesn't think the same. They're an absolute delight to customize, and even more fun to draw! I just... love 'em!

pootsybear phoxyfox chelbie0219 chelbiegirl1101 ilyzacharywilson
Total Blumaroos: 13
Blumaroos are seriously the most adorable things ever. Seriously ever. They have smushy faces and a cute tummy. Those floppy ears and heart shaped feet omg.

Total Blumaroos: 6
Started out as a UC Blumaroo obsession then after realizing how much fun converteds are to customize I fell in love and haven't looked back.

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Total Bori: 14
There's something about their faces and the way they look in clothes thats so irresistible!

purple_articuno triforcedd weavile_shadows glitchchocobo shmupqueen
Total Bori: 8
I only had one or two of these cuties pre-hiatus, but after coming back I noticed how cute they were and soon my collection grew to 8 adorable armadillos.

haiitskatiex capnkatie kay_par
Total Bori: 11
My obsession started when I adopted a Halloween Bori. I just think they're cute and very unique.

Total Bori: 8
I started hoarding Bori when I adopted my first ever Halloween Bori and since then I just loved them, especially their big claws and ears.

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wolfcommander halfwolfer wolfscience champion_wolf wolf_conqueror
Total Buzzes: 3
It started with King. I loved him since the beginning. When I made him a pirate captain, I decided he needed a crew. And thats where the rest came.

gryphen zenfyre acrylix serquin novalum
Total Buzz: 5
It started when I came back from hiatus, shortly after pets were converted. I always felt the Buzz went pretty underappreciated to begin with, and upon realizing how cute their converted forms were, I created Syrvali and her brother Zythrel. From then on they became my favorite species.

annnoel annnoel2 annnoel3 annie521 annnoel123
Total Buzz: 6
My obsession for the Buzz species started when I first got my Mutant Buzz Winnyz. I never really intended to get more Buzz after her (besides a Faerie Buzz) but one thing led to another, and now I've got 6 of the little cuties! I plan on getting a Wraith Buzz as well whenever they're released!

Total Buzz: 8
I returned to gardening and then began beekeeping and really enjoyed it -- I noticed Buzz have really great potential and pretty soon after morphing Echonam, the others followed suit!

Total Buzz: 10
It started when I noticed how pretty Faerie Buzz are! Also UC Darigan Buzz are my favorite of all the UCs. I used to have all three UC Buzz, but ended up trading them for real words, because UCs are too hard to customize, which is one of my favorite things to do on this site. That also happens to be one the biggest reasons why I'm obsessed with these little bees as well - they're one of the best species to dress up!

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itsnotyouitsme_loljk sammie_noelle
Total Chombies: 5
It used to be Quiggles but those accounts are gone forever, and I've since picked up an obsession with CHOMBIES! They're cool and cute, everything I could want, and I guess I just don't see too many of them... which is also a shame. I hope to have plenty more someday.. but for now I'm happy with the family I've got.


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xxcutexbunnyxx de_awesome_bunny mochibunneh buhnnyz snowman53
Total Cybunnies: 8
I used to have a whole lot more Cybunnies, but at one point, I had to downsize xD. But, my Cybunny obsession still lives c:

Dragonshadez Staraisha12 Kayydance Leeayria
Total Cybunnies: 18
I loved Cybunnies since I was just a little girl. Why I picked Cybunnies? I have no idea.

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_sa0ri moltien qrinwz toyebox _courtsta_
Total Draiks: 8
Hey there! I horde Draiks, haha. Why do I hoard them? I like the fact that it's more of a challenge to collect Draiks. Saving for the egg and then their paintbrush gives me something to aim towards. I also find them more fun to customize.

cybunny_fanatic_ dogzandcatz123 laceyloveshercybunny EdwardBellaJacob undeclassified
Total Draiks: 18
I started off saving for Romalotti, and after receiving him, I decided I loved customizing Draiks, as well as drawing them and wasn't content with the 3 I ended up having at the time. The rest is history.

ongnoobs jesterb88 morellodelarocha rippleinstillwater tailslide
Total Draiks: 23
They're just so pretty ♥_♥

plukkie1999 colaatje12 jentel01 jentel02 machonijntje
Total Drainks: 5
They're perfect for customising!

blackroseofwisdom pearlizedgold lavarie lasile laconique
Total Draiks: 23
Cylisaen was the first draik I ever hatched. His egg was a gift from my husband. My obsession has continued to grow since then.

meereen marble_pillar qazman007 wanheda twonea
Total Draiks: 25
I started with Felanra, who I wanted because he was 9/9/9 draik and I had been there that day but missed the window to get a Draik. Then came Deadliness. And then I just couldn't stop until I had nearly every color of Draik that I liked! It took roughly two years to get all of them.

Total Draiks: 15
I've been playing Neo for about 11 years, and Draiks were always my favorite species. It was never about value to me, I just loved the way they looked! Since they've become easier to obtain, I've gone a little Draik crazy, and for awhile that was the only species I had as permies.

leanoroha leanorhapluto 1rst_ruler_of_pluto darth_yeti
Total Draiks: 15
I absolutely love customizing Draiks, I think they wear dresses and wigs the best of any pet. Plus, um, dragons are awesome. I pined for a Draik as a poor child, and once I got older and wiser on Neo, began saving NP to hatch/morph my own and trade for the colors I wanted. I'm eager for more pet slots so I can dress up even more Draiks!

Shyruto Shyruto_2 Shyruto_3 Shyruto_4 Shyruto_5
Total Draiks: 12
Dragons are my favorite fantasy species -- if I could own a fire breathing creature, I totally would. But I can't. So I'm here, collecting Draiks because who could resist those beauties?

Total Draiks: 20
Dragons are my favorite part of mythology and fantasy; and on Neo; Draiks are the best representation of their ferocity and beauty. It all started in 2009 with Draiqh; who was my first FFQ, and then in summer 2016 I got bit hard by the bug and traded 18 pets for Draiks and a Krawk.

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Total Eyries: 6
I really love to draw them, you can make very dynamic poses because of the wings!

Total Eyries: 3
I wasn't always a fan of Eyries, but they grew on me. Not only are they the largest pet, they just simply look majestic!

vicious_shenlong pocus menace_shenlong shadow_of_hireatsu brookewalizer
Total Eyries: 20
Eyries #1 specie HANDS DOWN!

Total Eyries: 11
I'm a huge griffin fan, so Eyries are my go-to species as far as pets. I have the most fun developing characters for this species.

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kylanina kylanila melissani
Total Gelerts: 8
I've been obsessed with gelerts ever since I created one as my very first neopet in Y4.  I'm a huge dog lover, and gelerts were simply too adorable to resist.  The ones I have now are only a part of what I've owned over the years, and if I had more space, I'd probably have more in my pack!  Gelerts are supposed to be loyal and brave, valuing friendship over all else - what more can you ask for?

staryanna happy_magic_rainbows staryanna1997 anna_the_yoshi zenyattaa
Total Gelerts: 10
After coming back from a recent hiatus I realised I liked a lot of the Gelert colours and well it just went from there

tutonkaa tonkatut totonks jkhowling bigmartimus
Total Gelerts: 17
My obsession started when I began my career in animal welfare (shelter, grooming & vet medicine). Dogs became my life at home and at work, so naturally it was easy to fall so in love with this species. They have a special place in my heart ♥

dtrg feunard goupix demolosse arcanin
Total Gelerts: 9
I don't even know, they are noodle dogs, what else can I say ? They're awesome.

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Akakaburito pokemon_lover_4_life _akakabuto_ kahkahkah harpoonied
Total Gnorbus: 5
It all started when I found my ghost gnorbu Kamelyi in the pound. It really just spiralled from there. I used to have a lot more, but I've downsized in order to keep my herd under control.

weirdobluedevil pompompompauttaja keksinmurustaja kausarefun thisiswhatlabgaveme
Total Gnorbus: 9
I got tired accidentally feeding stuff for my (uc) mutant skeith Rabelais so I morphed it gnorbu. Then I made Kiharakutri to be RG and Rabelais be her partner. I made cy on cy day, didn't like cys and morphed to gnorbu. Then adopted a few because went SQUEEE each time I saw gnorbu.

jellywafflesaregood ixispirit Shanziek98 thefrightenedrabbit guildofgnorbus
Total Gnorbus: 22
I adore their fluffy manes, and their sweet, dorky faces. I just love them!

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Hejula brambleclaw7741 grarrlo theaaah rewqula
Total Grarrls: 12
It all started with my baby Grarrl. I had no luck trading her, so I just gave up. I zapped Gallatoss Grarrl the next day, and since then, I've just collected Grarrls. I'm not sure why but I absolutely love them! I'm working on a Transparent/Royal Grarrl now. I'm also saving up for customization for each of them. c:

windveil rovakian snicker_snake snicker_snake2 snicker_snake3
Total Grarrls: 8
I love drawing these little dinos and I love all the colors they come in! I look forward to Grarrl day every October to see which new color I want next.


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chi_chicaulle stefanywitch will_fany_potter
Total Grundos: 14
I'm just obsessed with chubby things. And they are not only chubby, but adorable ♥

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Total Hissis: 5
I became a hissi hoarder after my friend went on and on about them for days. I realized that hissies are a passion of mine, and while I am no longer specifically looking for them and have adopted out a few of them, there are some that will be with me forever.

spirited_falcon infidel36 miradex spinning_crystal faerie_bower
Total Hissis: 16
My hissi army.

hissentric hissfunctional tempeth tcarr
Total Hissis: 22
I'm obsessed with snakes, keeping quite a few irl. So of course I'm obsessed with the Hissi! I have a gallery called Hissi Pride that I've completed and have set myself the challenge of collecting everything 10 times over for fun C:

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Total Ixi: 11
I love them

kako144555 morgue_shadow
Total Ixi: 5
I've been a rampant Ixi collector for years. I even ran an Ixi directory called Impish Ixi before the conversion, which has since been taken down. I would love to add to my Ixi hoard in the future; I plan on having a sweet Striped Ixi, and possibly adding an Unconverted Ixi or two someday.

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deadfoot92 zerlinda zarlus zergin zullem
Total Jetsam: 7
I've always adored sharks and have been amazed with their resilience in this ever changing world. On Neopets, I also liked that they weren't a "cutesy" pet - it's a win win for me!! (:

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Total Jubjubs: 9
Who can resist these lil fluff nuggets? I sure can't.

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islandforever mousey213805 chi_chi190 janice213
Total Kacheeks: 9
I was obsessed with Kacheeks back when I first played, I guess nothing changed haha. But Kacheeks mean a lot to me since they remind me so much of foxes that I really love and they're so adorable!!

11emokitten11 11emokitten123 soamsion horescrazy3000 cristie_is_awesome
Total Kacheeks: 11
I accidentally fell into customization in college and started a hoard of the two cutest species; Kacheeks and Aishas.

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igiveuponthissite Morelull
Total Kaus: 7
I go by Kaunner on the site so I started to get a cool connection with the kaus, eventually collected three of the UC forms and now I'm hooked. Mooooo.

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Alyssolight Unfairjurisdiction Brandiks2012 Cueball Russetnose
Total Kougras: 17
I've always been a fan of cats, and growing up my favorite animals have always been tigers. Therefore it made sense that I would love Kougras on Neo! SO over the years I have slowly build myself up a Pride of Kougras to love. I even have a gallery dedicated to them which can be found here.

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incandescenced thorki imagemap weaponize
Total Krawks: 4
I like them. Very much.

xx_manners_xx bleeding_flowers tumbling_flowers roaming_flowers sparkling_flowers
Total Krawks: 9
They look like lizards. I like lizards. They wear customization well, are inspiring when it comes to creating characters, and they have some fantastic colors - obviously I'm obsessed. I want them all!

Total Krawks: 9
I've always had an absolute love of reptiles, and Krawks look like adorable lizards. They're my favorites to draw and will always be my favorites.

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cedarpaw streetclan lifedefined mauitopia lupebrigade
Total Lupes: 11
I used to have 20 lupes... I cut back a little and am trying to keep myself from adding more to my hoard. D: They're so cute, it is too tempting.

punkkitten468 missmanni katsmannequin kittiekat4200 lamasaur
Total Lupes: 17
When I started playing Neopets I crept on a lot of petpages and, at the time, Lupes were the cool thing. I wanted cool petpages and artwork like all those beautiful artists with amazing pages and aspired to be like them. I also wanted to be one of those cool people with all the Lupe adoptable sets hahaha. It all started with Phe, my favorite lupe, and never really ended!

Total Lupes: 13
Lupes are just so cute! How could you NOT hoard them?

Total Lupes: 9
You know, oddly enough Lupes aren't even my favorite Neopet. I actually prefer Aishas, or Gelerts. There's a good reason as to why I have so many, though! I've been playing Neopets since I was 11, and I've gone through all the phases of drawing bad original 'wolf' characters, the age of adoptables, role playing etc. I guess you could say I never really grew out of it, and in a way, I can't bear to rid myself of these precious pups. I'm not gloating when I say I definitely used to have more Lupes, but the remains of my pack are definitely adored pets to me.

nyx_knight nyx_knight_ _nyx_knight_ blipps92 04netgurl
Total Lupes: 17
Lupes are so fun to make packs with and customize in many different ways. Plus they're so cute! I just cant resist.

juicy_jewson juicyjewson king_hammy moregainryelie reiminister
Total Lupes: 12
My very first Neopet I ever created way back in 2005 was a Lupe, and from there, I just kept adopting them! I am a huge dog lover, and being able to hoard Lupes was the easiest way to care for a whole bunch of canines at once.

Buppity Fallen_Darkness21
Total Lupes: 6
I've always loved Lupes, ever since I first joined Neo. Helps that they're super easy to customise now!

Total Lupes: 15
My very first pet was a Lupe (jake) and it might be silly but I'm proud he never changed species before. My obsession is so big I decided to make a gallery dedicated to Lupes and just recently I reached my UC Lupe pack goal!

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rijstebrij darkvidel meyneth emmilyn
Total Lutari: 8
I've loved Lutari before and after conversion. I never had them because there were no MPs and I couldn't get on the island. Suddenly they released MPS and here I am.


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Total Myncies: 6
I just really like Myncies lol

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paintedpeophin peophinzors peophinatic peophinz peophinlady
Total Peophins: 18
Hi hoarders! I grew up obsessed with horses and drew them almost every waking minute, so it was natural for me to gravitate toward Unis and Peophins. The grace and regality of Peophins really sealed the deal for me, and after I created Arnalya, there was no going back.

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ag1228l ag12288l ag112288l au128 silver128l
Total Poogles: 15
Owning a Poogle was my goal ever since I first played Neopets when I was little. When I returned to Neo, I got my first Poogle, and I knew I wanted more!

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Total Pteris: 17
So I'm a bird lover if you couldn't tell. Currently at 16 Pteris and counting, hoping to reach 25 one day. I'm currently in the process of building a Pteri gallery, customizing my birds, and coming up with characters for them. The going is slow with school in the way, but being creative with my flock is a fun pastime that I am not normally afforded. I'm currently looking to add more UC birdies to my flock because their poses are more birdlike, though I love all my beebs equally~


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Total Rukis: 5
I have always secretly loved this species. My discovery of the Woodland Ruki really set off my obsession. They are very underappreciated, but now I am a proud Ruki lover! All my Rukis start with an R or a C.

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Total Scorchios: 6
My obsession started when I decided to rebuild after losing an old main, and focus on a pet species I admired but was underappreciated... I picked Scorchios, and it's spiraled right into my love for them ever since! I've painted more pets than I have by hand and even obtained a UC of one of my favorite old Scorchio colors. After I started, I even obtained some Scorchio cards and a talking Scorchie plush that has spurred me even further!

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lilcutepanda Pookaliciouz angelqt4eva oxpoohbearxo Ox_bluchicken_ox
Total Shoyru: 14
My shoyru love began with my first, Shorushi. Since then it has grown by adopting, zapping, painting and trading. I'm also proud of my decent shoyru gallery & all KQ tokens except gold. My goal is to continue to expand with my last 3 dream UC shoyrus and add more life to all of them!

nightmare_159 cuchesdan cuchedan cuchesdans
Total Shoyrus: 13
Well since day 1 I have been a Shoyru follower, never planned on having so many, but now I want more. So I'm always looking to make the family bigger and better.

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milkbear peachytea poutbox lolrams aquabatss
Total Skeiths: 6
Hello! I've always had a Skeith no matter what age I was at. They're all so tubby and round and cute and aaah I want to smooch all their little faces. I especially one day would like to own an UC Skeith. I never had the chance before and their old artwork is spectacular, when I was younger I never had a painted Skeith so even after the conversion I wouldn't have kept him. That lil' guy is gone but my love of Skeith definitely still sticks!

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Elephante109 the_goddess_erola miss_kyd
Total Techos: 5
Techos have been my favorite species ever since I created one as my first pet. I love their big eyes, cheerful smiles and long tails. If I could have unlimited pets, I'd adopt a ton more Techos!


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_koolness_ kazzers sserpent namekians justsaiyan
Total Unis: 13
I probably would've had a Draik hoard if I had the neopoints, but the horseback rider in me wanted more Unis to draw. My hoard taught me equine anatomy and I've grown to love each and every one of them.

shefampyr shefampyr2 lvloonlight pegasis_the_colorful fragileglass
Total Unis: 13
Zueicadalfamp was my first Uni. She started off as a Starry Uni (ok wayyy back when 200K was a lot of neopoints, lol) and then I zapped her and she turned grey. Then when the option came around to convert her, I CONVERTED HER because I wanted to dress her up. So maybe my uni hoard is to make up for that momentary lack of any brain cells?? I don't know. I still love customising my Uni's. They are so awesome.

scatsmom rathykay rathyk rathrynkay rathrynk
Total Unis: 20
Unis are awesome! I hope one day we have enough petslots that I can own one of each Uni color.

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Total Usuls: 9
Started out when I first got into Neopets, I thought they were bunnies (I love bunnies). Years after I realized they are squirrels, but still stayed very fond of them.

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kittiekatlover3 kittiekatlover33 cybunnielover3 bab072999 brookelyn
Total Wockies: 14
I just love cats. So much. Something about Wockies drew me in and I am just completely smitten with them! I got my first one from the pound and just ended up favoring them over other pets and picking them out over others! (Almost all of my pets were adopted from the pound, in fact!)

kiki5556 ebin_tree_lyf adoption_kiki vermont peazie
Total Wockies: 7
I first fell in love with wockies when Witkop zapped Darigan, quickly I became obsessed with these tubby sassy little felines! They are just so snuggly and look like a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat! I mean look at that tail and mane...how could you not love them.

dauntlessleader midnightfreedom threeravens
Total Wockies: 9
Wockies are, literally, my main reason for playing Neopets. I started playing Neopets after stumbling upon a Blue Wocky picture on a search engine! I'm a crazy cat lady who can't adopt kittens in real life, so I hoard them on here. I love my Wockies so much; they're my pride and joy on this site!

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poondi tgbwsx1 swirlybanana
Total Xweetoks: 6
ALL THE XWEES. I WANT ALL. Forever seeking a stealthy Xwee.

Total Xweetoks: 15
My first pet on the site was a Xweetok. Ever since then, I have adored the species and wanted to own as many of them as possible.

lilgoby lilgoby_sa lilgoby_sa1 lilgoby_sa2 lilgoby_sa3
Total Xweetoks: 9
I enjoy xweetoks because of their elegant stance and beautiful creative outfits.

Narutoluvr935 Adelem1 Adelem98 Tloztp Samus913
Total Xweetoks: 5
I've always loved xweetoks; mostly faeries. I've always loved how all their paints looked, but never got myself to want too many different colours.

dana_7_r konan3693
Total Xweetoks: 9
My older sister a couple of years ago gave me this bead, her favorite pet was a beautiful Snow Xweetok that I had, told me it was the most beautiful species and she was right haha.

clouded_dreams_101 dawnflower_101 face_in_the_trees Absylum
Total Xweetoks: 19
My brother and I used to adore them when we were young. I collect them to honour and keep the memory alive. They are what keeps me on Neo.

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Total Zafaras: 5
I'm not sure what it is about these cute little kangeroos wannabes. When I rebuilt my account, my friend gifted me a Pastel Zaf FFQ custom and it grew from there.

Total Zafaras: 5
It started when I fell in love with the UC Plushie Zafara. I got offered my own a few years later. Then I started to collect UC zaffies. Today I own one of each UC Zaffie