Free Neopoints!
A how-to guide by QI

HI! My name's Qatis_Ixi (You can call me QI, it's easier) and I'm an adorable blue/christmas ixi ( Don't ask... ). Anyways, I bet I know why you're here. You need neopoints. You've got your eyes on that adorable baby paint brush for your eyrie. Or you've fallen in love with the mutant korbat and can't wait for a potion to transform your boring lenny. Whatever the reason, you need neopoints and you need 'em fast! So you've come here thinking I'll give you enough neopoints to go on a shopping spree and buy out the whole hidden tower, right?


I'm not here to give you neopoints. And don't start actin' like a n00b and call me mean, thinkin' your story about your-pets-are-dying-while-I've-got-more-neopoints-than-I-need will make me give you enough money to feed your pets for a year and a paintbrush for the new zafara you found at the pound today. No. Don't get me wrong, I really am a nice Ixi, and I really will help you. I'm just not gonna give things away to strangers. That doesn't help anybody. Instead, I'm gonna show you how to get your own neopoints, so that you'll never run out of food for your pets, you can buy enough books to send the shopkeeper on a ten-day vacation, and (by saving up correctly) you might be getting that new paintbrush by the end of the month.

So, on with the teaching:

Lesson 1:
Why Begging Never Works

All the n00bs think they know the easiest way to get neopoints: go into the Neoboards and say you desparately need neopoints. Tell them your pets are dying. Tell them you just started yesterday. Tell them how badly you want that desert paint brush. And if somebody says no, tell them how mean they are until they give you something. But, everybody who isn't a n00b knows this is the dumbest and most annoying way to get neopoints, and that it hardly ever gets you anything except a few new enemies. Nobody will give you their hard-earned neopoints. Nobody will give away paint brushes or faeries for free. And Nobody will feel sorry for you (except maybe the newbies). There are plenty of ways to get neopoints, but unless you're at the money tree, nobody will give away their money.

You have to remember that EVERY Neopets user started off with 200 neopoints. No matter how much they have now, they started off with the same amount as you did. The users that have millions of neopoints worked hard to earn them, the users that spend most of their time begging probably haven't even bothered looking at the games pages. Everyone has an equal opportunity to earn neopoints, too. There isn't a limit to how many people can play the games per day, or how much you can earn in a day. There are also many different games and contests that require different skills: typing, drawing, poetry writing, math and logic, HTML coding, CSS coding, writing, and even a contest that requires different skills every time. If you have any of those skills, then try those links when you're done with the page. If you aren't good at any of those things, try the other games and contests (I only named about half the contests and two out of about a hundred games). Whatever you do, if you don't try anything you won't gain any neopoints (Seems kind of obvious, doesn't it?).

Now some ranting: sometimes on the Neoboards you'll see posts that say, "Can i hav a stari paint brush? I'l give you 50nps 4 it!" or "Can I buy a baby pet? I'll give you 126 nps". First off the cheapest paintbrushes cost around 100,000 nps when they're on sale. And for the second one, you cannot buy pets from people and it is impossible to transfer them and baby paintbrushes cost 600,000 neopoints. Therefore, not many people are gonna tell you "Yes".

People who beg like this are called n00bs. (There is a difference between n00bs and newbies. A newbie is a new player. A n00b is someone who begs and scams to get neopoints. n00bs act like they are new players, but they could have been playing for a long time. Being called a n00b is considered an insult. n00b also means beggar, hacker, idiot, scammer, spammer, and report-happy. People who use chatspeak, 1337, or any combination of the two are also n00bs) If you decide that the fun and easy ways to get neopoints that I'm about to mention are too hard, and you decide to ask someone else for money or items, you will be labled as a n00b. Be forewarned: there are many people on the neoboards, my owner included, whose favorite hobby is picking on n00bs who beg for things. So remember: don't beg.

One last thing: I've seen newbies and other n00bs standing up for the beggars saying, "She's not begging! She was asking politely! So if you're not gonna give her a Faerie paint brush then go away!" There are many ways to beg, y'know. Even if they say "Could I please please please have a paint brush, i'm not begging." they're still begging. If they say, "you dont have to gimme a paintbrush but if you want to i would like one" It's still begging. Just because they don't say "give me a paint brush" doesn't mean it's not begging. Finally: If you see someone asking for ways to get neopoints, they are NOT begging. They are just wanting to know how and are not breaking the rules by asking.

Lesson 2:
Neopoint Myths

I've seen some myths on the neoboards about getting neopoints. It's usually from well-meaning older players trying to help newbies. Unfortunately, some of these myths might hurt the new player more than help them. So I'm going to help you out!

Myth 1: If you start with more than 1 neopet it will be impossible to get rich

This is not true. When my owner first started on her main account she created two pets right away and adopted two more from the pound. She started with four pets and now, just by working hard, learning the freebie pages, and not begging, she has over a million neopoints in the bank (on a different account, of course. She says she doesn't trust me and my unfinished plushie collection around her money...). So if someone on the boards tells you "You can't afford to have 3 pets while you're a newbie" Don't abandon your new friends, because you can afford that many no matter how long you've been playing.

Myth 2: There is absolutely no way to get a free paint brush

This is...partially true. There is no way to get free paint brushes from other players, but there are ways to get free brushes. One way will be talked about in Lesson 3. The other way is a random event. If you don't know what random events are: sometimes things will happen as you are looking through the site. At the top of the page it will have a caramel-colored bar that says, "Something Has Happened!" You could get neopoints, paint brushes, map pieces, potions, or something...nasty...

Myth 3: There is a hidden junkyard where the queen of the faeries throws away things from the hidden tower

Okay, this one is just pure annoying. First: If there was a place where you could get hidden tower items for free, this would severely reduce the prices of that stuff. Everything in the tower is still worth millions of neopoints, right? Okay, we've disproved it already...but wait! The believers have proof! There's a screenie of the junkyard on Bolishevik's webpage! Okay, if you actually look at those screenies, you can easily see they're fakes. Part of the text reads: "...a chance to find a diamond in a rough." Do you see the error there? Also, in the picture, the faerie shoyru in the background is blurry, it looks like someone cut and pasted it from another image. Also, around the edges of the junk in the picture, you can see places where the background doesn't fit with the picture. TNT would never post an image like that on their site, and they certainly wouldn't give away million-point items for free.

Those are the only ones I've heard so far. You can help me out: if you see something on the boards that looks like a myth (or a scam. Telling scams helps too) just send it to my owner and she'll check it for you.

Lesson 3:

Yes, you read that subtitle right. There ARE ways to get free things (but none of them involve begging other players). Here is a list of the places that give things away:

That's all I can think of. I can't remember if there's more or not, but still, that should last you through the day.

Lesson 4:

Oh, the n00b's least favorite method of getting neopoints: having fun playing the games. Now wait, wait. First off: Don't tell me you're bad at the games. I refuse to believe it. There are SOOO many games on Neopets that there's got to be at LEAST one or two that you're good at. If you like fast-paced games, try Petpet Sitter . If you like the old Atari and other early video games, try Nibbles-based Meerca Chase II , Millipede-based Flycatcher, or Space-Invaders based SwarmII . If you like shooter games don't miss Carnival of terror. Fighting game fans should try out Meepit V.S. Feepit (Caution: It's addictive!). If you think you're an expert at neopets, give yourself the Defender Trainer test. Go into the game room and try all the games, eventually you'll find one you're good at.

Secondly, don't tell me you don't like playing the games because you have to pay neopoints to play them. Here's a little piece of neopian trivia: Only the Luck/Chance games make you pay to play them. The Puzzle games and the Action games are FREE. They don't cost a cent, and once you find one you're good at you can get around 3000 neopoints per day from ONE game.

Third, Don't even think about making "I don't have the game-playing shockwave installed" your excuse. There are several games that pay well and don't need Flash! These include the card games (Pyramids, Scarab 21, and Sakhmet solitare), Sewage Surfer, Bilge Dice, and Dice-a-roo. There is a list of all the non-flash games at

Also, please don't come back later and say, "QI? I tried all the games and I'm still not good at 'em. Can I have some money now?" First off, I'll still say No. Secondly, there is a way to get better at the games. You don't believe me? Okay, how many people here are in an activity at school or something? ...uh...I see some hands in the back, what are you into? Soccer?...Basketball?...You play Violin? Okay, don't your teachers and coaches tell you to practice? They do? Well, that's also how you get better at a game. Take a game you like, for my owner those would be Destructo Match II and Turmac Roll, and practice as often as you can. Eventually you'll get much better, and your high scores will climb higher and higher!

The best way to get a lot of neopoints from games is to send in ONLY your best scores. You can only send your score in for neopoints three times, but you can play until your fingers fall off! (ouch) Now, I know it's sometimes hard to decide if the score you've gotten is your best (Is 856 high enough or can I get higher? Is 794 too low? What do I do!??) but there are easy ways to judge. My owner's way is to play it a few times and see what the highest scores you can get are, then set a limit for sending your score. For example: in Destructo Match II she uses 1700 as her limit. If she gets a score higher than 1700 (even if it's 1701) she'll send it. If it's lower than 1700 she won't. Another way is to find out would work better at a game you're good at. The most you can get from sending your score once is 1000 neopoints. So, look at the NP ratio (I'll talk more about it later) and figure out how much you need to get 1000 neopoints. If the ratio is 100 np per 100 points then you need 1000 points. If the ratio is 30 np to 100 points, then you need to do a little math to figure it out.

Remember to pay attention to the NP Ratio (You can see it when you're on a game page. It's in a little box to the right of the game's picture). Some games pay as much as 800nps for every 100 points scored on a game. Others pay as little as 1np for every 100 points. If you are good at the lower paying games, you'll still get about 1000 nps every time you send your score. If not, you could get around 1000 nps in total for the three times you're allowed to send your score. However, if you really want neopoints, you'll probably want to play the higher-paying games. Also, when you first enter the gameroom, try the "Featured game". Every day one game is picked to be featured. If you send your score for the featured game you'll get twice the neopoints you normally would (The maximum you can get from one score is 2,000).

Playing games alone can earn you a lot of neopoints, but playing in the World Challenge earns you even more! Think about this: Playing one game and sending the score three times can earn you a maximum of 3,000 neopoints (excluding the Featured Game, which will get you a maximum of 6,000), however, if you play that game in the World Challenge, you can get 3,000 neopoints for sending three scores, extra neopoints for getting in the top four of the contest, and the top four in the contest get a piece to their picture, which, when completed, will get you 2,000 neopoints and an item (usually a codestone, rare petpet, petpet paint brush, or pet paint brush). Sounds much better, huh? To enter a world challenge, find a game you're good at that offers the World Challenge and click on the little globe beneath the game (If a game doesn't have the globe, then it doesn't offer the World Challenge). The challenge costs 100 neopoints to join, but it pays for itself quickly. Then, play the game and send in your best scores. When your score is sent in, it is compared to another score that someone else in the challenge has sent. The two scores are compared, and whoever has the higher score gets a point (the person with the lower score loses a point). Then, your name is put on a list ranking the people in the competition by how many points you have. At the end of the contest, the top four scores get neopoints and a picture piece, and the person who sent the high score gets a picture piece (If they were also in the top four they only get one piece). The rules are that the contest lasts one hour, and you have to send in at least three scores. Very easy and well-paying.

Lastly, there are cheats to get your scores higher. I would tell you some, but unfortunately, I have misplaced my list. However, If you go to the Wheel of Knowledge (It costs 500 neopoints per spin, so make sure you have enough) and it lands on the "?" the Brightvale Library Ixi will tell you a cheat for a random game. There are also websites like and that have hints, strategies, and cheats for neopet games. And, in the Neopets Official Magazine there is a strategy guide for a different game in every issue.

Lesson 5:

Aaaugh! What does restocking mean?!" Relax, don't worry. I'm here to help. If you go to the "Shops" area on neopets and look up at the bar that appears at the top, you'll see a little tan colored building. When you put your mouse over it it says "Your Shop". This is another way to get neopoints. If you open a shop (It costs 150 neopoints) you can put things in it and have people buy them from you. However, there are some things you need to remember. First off: People won't buy things that are too expensive. A 2500np Palm Fan? 1000np sandals? Selling junk for too much won't help you. Instead, go to the shop wizard and look up how much other people are selling your products for. Put your price in the area of the lower prices. If you have something interesting, like a codestone, you can put it for a little lower than the lowest price(make sure to hit "refresh" to see other prices).

Another thing that won't help is selling your items for too little. A morphing potion for 1000? A potion for 20? If you sell your items for too little you might actually lose money instead of make it. A good idea would be to make sure you sell it for more than you spent on it. Not too much, remember. maybe 50-500 depending on the item. Again, check the shop wizard. Some items are rare and are worth more than other items.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about restocking. It's supposedly the easiest way to get neopoints, but Qati plays the games instead. So, I've decided to put a list of restocking guides here instead of with the other links near the bottom of the page.

Pages we've found so far:

Lesson 6:
Stock Market

The Stock Market is an easy way to gain neopoints, however it is highly confusing if you've never used it before. In this lesson, I'll give you some of my owner's tips for using the stock market.

First off: you'll need some neopoints to play the Stocks, so make sure you have enough. On the Stock Market front page, go to 'Find Stocks'. Here you can buy stocks. The lowest you can buy them for is 15 neopoints. So buy a few that are at 15-18 neopoints (you can buy 1000 shares per day). Then you wait. Eventually your stocks will either gain or lose money.

To get money on your stocks you must sell them. Go to your portfolio on the Stock Market front page to see if your stocks have made any money. When they have made enough to pay off how much you spent, plus the 25 np fee, and give you profit, then you can sell it. If you wait untill your stocks get really high before selling them be careful, the Stocks are as unpredictable as my meerca brother on a sugar high.

Lesson 7:
Saving Up

See? Didn't I tell you I was a nice Ixi? Look at all those ways to get neopoints! Now you're ready to get that paintbrush! However, you've noticed a problem: every day you go out and get neopoints, but the next day you have less than you started with and have to go get more than you did yesterday. Now, the problem isn't with my tactics of getting neopoints. If this ever happens to you, it'd be your problem with spending neopoints. If you really want the Island paintbrush THAT badly, you need to save up your neopoints. And what better way to do that than at the bank? The friendly bank skeith will deposit your hard-earned money in the vault of the national neopian. Now you just need to decide how you're gonna save your money.

There are several ways to save up your money. The most obvious would be to deposit everything you earn. However, there are ways to save up and to be able to buy other things you want, like a new plushie for your Ixi (hint hint to Qati). One way is what my owner, Qati, does: For an example, let's say she earned 5,483 neopoints playing games today. After she's done playing, she goes to the bank and stores everything above the last thousand points. So, for our example, she would deposit 483 nps, and take the 5000 with her for shopping. After she buys something, let's say she spent 395 nps on a cookie for my brother and a book for her favorite Ixi, that'd mean she has 4,605 nps left, She'll store the "extra" again, meaning the 605 nps goes in the bank and the 4000 stays in her pocket.

You need to remember to save your items, too! You never know when the paint devil or one of Dr. Sloth's ray guns will find you and your things. You can store as much stuff as you want in your Safety Deposit Box (SDB). It can hold more than your pockets, your bedroom, and that shelf in the kitchen combined! (By the way, if you get 1000 different items in your SDB you'll get a surprise!) Another way is to hide stuff in your shop. There are some very, very rare random events (usually caused by the Wheel games) that could steal stuff from your SDB if there is nothing in your inventory. Neither I nor Qati have ever had anything like this happen, but we've heard from one place that they can. So, if you want to be safe, you can put it in your shop, but leave the price at 0 neopoints. This way it won't show up in the list of things visitors can buy, however, it will take up space in your shop, so you would need to increase the size if you want to hide lots of things.

Another way to save up is with a "Set Amount". This means you pick some amount of neopoints, as an example, we'll use 4000. Then you gain as much money as you want and deposit all but 4000 neopoints. A similar way to do this is to set a high amount, example: 10000. Then you play games untill you earn over 10000. Deposit the 10000, keep the extra, and play some more untill you get 10000 nps again.

Of course, you can always just keep everything you earn in the bank. One user told me that they put everything in the bank, then they won't take any of it out until they've saved up enough to buy what they want. One way my owner uses this when she wants to buy something: She'll estimate the cost for however many items she's buying (let's say...two codestones: one she estimates to 3,000, the other to 4,000 which totals 7000) Then she takes out more than she needs (We'll use 10,000 for our example). Then she plays one game and sends her score (let's pretend she got 889 neopoints, she now has 10,889), and buys one of the objects (Let's change the 3,000 point codestone into 2,999. Now she has 7,890 neopoints). Then, she plays games untill she has the amout she withdrew back (10,000 remember? Let's say she ended up with 10,124 after the games). Then, she buys the other item, unless she was only buying one thing (We'll change that 4,000 point codestone to 3,750. Now she has 6,374). Then, she re-earns the amount she took again, plus extra (We'll say...11,245) and deposits all of it back. Now she has even more than she did when she started shopping! Easy, huh?

There are many ways to save up all those new neopoints you'll be getting. There may be many ways I haven't listed here. The best thing to do is to find a way that works best for you. And, when you're saving up at the bank, you'll be able to collect that free intrest I mentioned earlier. Just remember: You won't be able to do your paintbrush shopping at the hidden tower unless you save up.

Lesson 8:
The Neolodge

I'm sure you're wondering about this. "How did the Neolodge get into a neopoint guide? It doesn't help you earn neopoints..." Well, you're right. It doesn't. But it will help you save money, and will help you avoid a type of scam. The main office for the Neolodge (where you make your reservations) is in Neopia Central. If you are going away for a while, and will not be able to take care of your pets, you can send them to the neolodge for a while (the most is 28 days...but my brothers usually get kicked out in around three days...I'm sure your pets will behave better than them...). While your pets are in the Neolodge, you can still play, train, and do things with them, but you don't have to worry about feeding them. To put them in the lodge, go to the Neolodge, pick your pet, the hotel they will stay at, the extras, and the length of time. Then you just pay for their stay and you're done! Now, something that confuses most Neolodge first-timers: Which hotel should you send your pet to? Will the cocroach towers give your pet some disease? will the best hotel be too expensive? The answer is: It doesn't matter which hotel you go to. They are all the same, and none of them will change your pet or give them a disease. It's just that some are very cheap, and some are more expensive. Extras don't matter, either. They are there to give your pet a little more comfort, but your pet can survive without them. Kallico told me that they would put their pet in the Cockroach Towers motel for 28 days at a time. It only costs 400 neopoints, and it keeps your pet well-fed and happy.

And now that you have all those neopoints, you'll need to learn these rules and tips:

How To Avoid Losing Your Neopoints

You've saved up all your neopoints and are so close to getting that paintbrush you dream your pet is christmas colored in your sleep at night. You're just a few neopoints away, when it dissapears. You have to start all over again. Maybe you've even lost that pet you were going to paint. What happened? You were attacked by a scammer *evil music*. Scammers come in many ways, asking for things, threatening, even acting like they're trying to help you. This next section will tell you how to be safe from people who want nothing more than what YOU have.

Let's start with the most obvious scam: The Codeword Giveaway. This scam is somewhere in almost every scam, either hidden discreetly or glaringly obvious. Simply, the scammer asks for your code word (I'm not allowed to say what it is really called, but for those of you who don't understand it's one of the two things you enter to log in to neopets, the other thing is your username.) The most obvious form is when you'll see a board that says "NEWBIES WHO NEED NEOPOINTS COME HERE!!!", when you visit the board it says "just tell me your pw" (or word, or code word, or something similar). When you tell them this information, they will log on to your account and change your e-mail and your code word so you can't log back on and you can't get the new word from the scammer. After that, it's just a simple matter of sending all your neopoints and items to their account.

The most common scam on the Neoboards is the Chain Letter. You're talking to your new friend about the movie you saw over the weekend, when somebody comes onto your board and says "Post this message in 10 boards and go to faerieland to find all the paintbrushes and 6,000,000 nps! Approved by the neopets team!" You look at the post and think "Wow! 6 mil! And paint brushes! And it has to work if TNT says it does!" Well, no. They don't work. Think about it: If all you had to do to get paint brushes is copy and paste some text, why are brushes so rare? Even if it says TNT approved it (when it says right in the rules, they don't approve those things) how can you be sure? I can tell you I was painted fire before a lab ray accident, but do you know if I'm telling the truth? I'm not. Neither are chain letters. If you do go and post those messages, you have to put them on someone else's board. And I'm pretty sure they won't like that. So they'll report you. Too many reports will freeze your account.

Another scammer trick is a Neopoint Generator. The scammer will give you an internet address to somewhere off the neopets site, saying if you fill out the form you'll get lots of money and paint brushes. You go to the sight and look at the form. The first box says "Username". You enter "guest". The next box says "Code Word" (The word you use to log in to your Neopets account). You fill out this box, too, and the other boxes on the page and submit it. Then, you wait for your money. Meanwhile, the scammer has recieved your username and code. Now, they can get in to your account! They log on and quickly change your code, then they change your e-mail to theirs so you can't get their code to log back on. They now have your pets, your items, and your neopoints, which they send to their account. Then they freeze your account. They have all your things, just because you wanted a paint brush. Another variation is where the scammer tells you they know a code to get you millions of neopoints, if you give them your code word they'll enter it for you. It's very obvious, but sometimes greed overcomes common sense... (Thanks to loki53124176 for reminding me about the second form of this one!)

Also, there's the Giveaway Scam. The scammer says either "Buy something from my shop and I'll give you a paint brush", or they'll have a piece of junk in the Trading Post with a wishlist that says, "My friend gave me 5 baby paintbrushes. If I accept your bid I'll give you one!" For the first person, you go into their shop and see everything is at least 5,000 nps more than normal, but you buy a t-shirt so you can get that paint brush. Now the scammer is 5,000 neopoints richer and you have a T-shirt that smells like the basement they kept it in. For the trading post scammer you bet something equal to what they have on their trade. They'll reject it. So, you get desperate and give them a codestone, petpet, map piece, and 1,000 neopoints. They accept. Then you learn they don't have a paint brush, so you gave up 20,000 nps for some junk (this one happened to Qati once). For the second one, just think: If they'd give away a paint brush, why don't they have it right there in the trade?

One scam you'll see almost every day on the neoboards: the Starry Scam. Somebody makes a board that says, "Hey look! If you type your codeword backwards it looks like this: *****". You go in the boards and the scammer tells you, "Try it. It works, I promise." So you type your code in backwards, only to see that it doesn't work. You've just shown your access word to everybody who looks at that board. And before you can get to the help room and change it, someone else has logged on and done it for you. Then they raid your account. This is a very easy, simple scam, and it's just as easy to avoid.

This one's pretty easy to avoid, but it still tricks some people: The Change-Cheat scam. There are two variations to this scam: One is that you'll get a neomail, or see a post on the neoboards that reads, "If you change your code word to getalotonp (or something easy like that) You'll get 1,000,000 nps!" However, changing your code to this one just makes it easier for the scammer to get your account. The other way is that they'll tell you the same thing, except to change your e-mail (where TNT sends your code word when you've forgotten) to something else. When you change it, the scammer puts your username in the "Forgotten your code word?" box at the login page, since you have put their e-mail as yours, the word will be sent to them and they can easily get in. These are both easy to avoid if you know what this scam looks like.

Here's a similar one to look out for: The Graphic Maker's Scam. Someone has made you a graphic for your lookup or webpage, but you can't send URL codes over neomail. Now, when my owner sends someone a graphic she'll ask for their e-mail address so she can send them the code, but scammers will say, "Tell me your code word and I'll put it on for you" or "change your e-mail to mine so I can send it that way". End result same as above. (thanks to xoxcalli for telling me about this one!)

Here's another scam thats easily avoided: The Fake TNT Scam. Somebody sends you a neomail saying "I am from the Neopets Team. Our computers have malfunctioned and we need you to send your codeword in your reply to this message." Tip 1: TNT has everybody's codewords on file and will never ask you for them. It says so in the neorules. Tip 2: If TNT also has your e-mail on file (to which they send all account and codeword information) why would they neomail you?

This one usually happens in reverse, where the victim brings the scam to them unknowingly: The Pet-Sitting Scam. Say you're going on vacation. You're worried about your pet: Who will feed her? Who will play with her? Who will groom her? So you go to the neoboards and ask for a pet-sitter. A pet-sitter will go on to your account and take care of your pets while you are gone right? The scammer agrees to pet-sit for you. You give this person your codeword and feel better about leaving. However, while you're gone, the scammer has changed your code word and taken your neobelongings. You come back to find you've lost your account. Sometimes the scammer will advertize their pet-sitting services, but it's usually the worried owner who leads themself to this scam. If you are really worried about your pets just leave them at the neolodge. They'll get a place to sleep, be well-fed (and the lodges serve great food, trust me), and they'll get a vacation too! Or you can just leave them, Neopets can't die. (thanks to ashelaine13_ for reminding me about this one!)

This one has many variations, it's best to watch for anything suspicious when you see stuff like this. The Rare-Junk Scam Type I. There are many items on neopets that look like rare, priceless items, but you can get them for almost nothing. Sometimes the scammer will sell a cheap item in their shop and try to sell it as a rare item at 99,999. Buying it will just get you some expensive junk. One way a scammer will abuse this is by putting the rare item in a trade, waiting untill you bid on it, then closing the trade. They'll then neomail you saying if you bid on the new trade they make they'll accept it, however they'll make the new trade with a worthless look-alike. So you'll wind up paying a lot for junk. A popular version of the scam is to advertize on the neoboards that they are selling a paint brush or magical plushie or something at a certain time. Victims wait in their shops and automatically click the expensive item and buy it, only to find it's not what the scammer said it was. It's a plushie paint brush or regular plushie or something that doesn't do what the scammer says. When you buy from a shop, make ABSOLUTELY certain that you are buying what you want and not some junk. (thanks to puddins587 for telling me about this one!)

This one is a bit rare, but it's still out there. The Trading Post-Banned Scam. Someone says that they are willing to trade you a rare item for something else, however, they have been banned from the Trading Post, or their computer is too slow for the trading post, so they tell you to send them your item, and they'll send theirs once you get it. Just remember: NEVER trade with someone outside the trading post. Just because you send them something doesn't mean they have to or will send something back. (The creepy thing is, my owner and I saw one of these right after nb_1_faerie_princess neomailed it to us! Thanks, nb_1_faerie_princess!)

Qati and I have heard of this one a lot. It drives us insane: The Pound Surfing Scam. You're at the pound trying to find a new pet, when you see a rare, painted pet just waiting for a good home! You quickly adopt it and go to the shops to buy your new friend some food. Later, when you check your neomail, you'll find a message from another user saying you adopted their rare, painted pet. They'll probably tell you that it was "abandoned by accident", but no matter what they say, they'll tell you to give their pet back. A few things, first: It is impossible to "accidentally" abandon a pet. You have to click the abandon button five or six times before the pet is sent in the pound. Second: The other user probably doesn't have any proof that the pet belonged to them. No matter what they say, they have no way of showing you if they were the person who put it in the pound. Finally: Even if they do have proof that it was theirs, you do not have to give the pet back. If they were so worried about their pet, they shouldn't have put the pet in the pound in the first place. Qati has seen boards made by people complaining that their pet was "stolen" in a pound transfer (sending a pet to a different account). They should have known that pound transfers are against the rules (it says so on the front page of the pound), and whoever got their pet is allowed to keep it now, no matter what the old owner says. Also, if someone says that they abandoned the pet, but they just want the (petpet / battledome item / ect.) attatched to it back, you don't have to give them those things either.

Another easy-to-avoid scam: The Avatar Collecting Scam. Someone on the neoboards tells you that they know a really cool and rare avatar, and they want to help you get it, but they tell you that you can't get it on your own, so they tell you to give them your code word so they can get it for you. Very few scams are more obvious than this one...

Finally, we have the Pyramid Scam. This was the first scam Qati ever fell for. They might be gone, as I haven't seen any on the boards for a long time, but still, be careful. The Pyramid Scam starts when someone on the Neoboards says that they are rich with many neopoints and items and want to share their secret. You neomail them and ask how. They will tell you that first you have to send them something: a codestone, a paint brush, a dubloon, anything expensive. When you give them your item they say to tell people about the secret, but make them give you an item first, just like the scammer did to you. The pyramid grows, greedy people stealing from others. Sometimes people caught involved with a Pyramid Scam will get reported. Unless you choose not to share the secret like Qati did (good luck getting your item back) you'll be reported for scamming others and possibly frozen.

Scam-Identifying Tips

Ok! Now here's some tips to help you identify scams yourself! I'm sure you'll find these helpful!

For Neoboard scams:

For Neomail scams:

For Shop scams:

For Trading Post scams:

There. That's everything I know and you'll need to get, save, and keep neopoints. Just think: Somewhere on the "Newbie" neoboards somebody is posting "I m realy por. my petz r dieing n i need a pb" (that last word means "paint brush"). But you came to me and learned how to get neopoints for free and by having fun! Soon you'll be buying furniture for that new neohome on faerieland!

By the way. To all n00bs who decide to report me for something I have said: I have done nothing wrong. The Neopets Team really does check the reports they're sent. If I am reported and TNT sees that nothing is wrong, the reporter is the one who will be in trouble.

And to all newbies who just started playing: HI! I Hope you like it here on Neopets! And I hope my hints were helpful. If you need any more help with anything, just neomail Qati (It'll say a different name, but that is her). Oh, and if you want to make Qati your neofriend, please send her a neomail first. Just say something like "Tell QI 'Thank You' for the neopoint guide".

Extra Help

Here's some more guides, just in case mine wasn't helpful enough:


Minty's guide to being mint rich!


for your

Got A Question?
Neopia's Information Center

Click here to learn about the Rare-Junk Trade Scam Type II

Do not feed the n00bs

Kau_cow_lover's Dailys guide, Newbie guide, and Avatar guide.

Another scam guide (but they have some scams I've never heard of...)

Itavita & Lierku's 'How to' guides

Neopet FAQs

The Neopoint Help Page

(There aren't any tips for getting neopoints here, but this site helped me out soo much when my owner was trying to make those link stickers below)


You can't steal anything from my page, but if you put these in your page, shop, or lookup they link back to mine, so you can tell your friends about getting free neopoints!
Do not change the codes!

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About QI

Name: QI
Owner: Qati
Species: Ixi
Color: Blue/Christmas
Painted on: December 2, 2005
Age: 104858 hours
Level: 3
Strength: 11
Defence: 7
Speed: 14
43/13 HP
IQ: 38
Gender: Female
Neopet Code (click here to decode) : NC=NixfW4Sl-D---CbluCxssmgEbrndkAaT---Lev[1]Y[0]N[7]B--M[none]
Petpets: Sal the Snowball, Ashley the Angelpuss, Bob the Bilguss, Betty the Buzzer, Cody the Catamara, Harry the Harris, Marty the Mazzew, Pete the Puppyblew, Steve the Slorg, Sammy the Sludgy, Susy the Snarhook, Stinky the Snicklebeast, Underpants the Uggatrip, and Wally the Warf. ( They're in my gallery if you'd like to meet them ^_^ )
Likes: Helping people, reading, plushies
Dislikes: Fighting, n00bs (not newbies), scammers
Ixi plushies collected: 7 blue, 6 halloween, 1 red, 1 cloud, 1 Nabile
Total plushies collected: 244
Do not steal my pictures! If you want Qati to draw you a picture of your pet just ask. She loves drawing. However, she doesn't like people stealing her work and using it in the Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, or claiming it as their own. People who steal this picture will be reported. And don't steal the way I look either! C'mon, be creative and make up your own pet.

Just some extra links for people who are getting board with surfing through the help sites. These don't have any neopoint tips and are just for fun, or because I like them. This is also where Qati and I will list links to roleplaying guides we find (You are a roleplayer, aren't you?).

Winslow266's Screenies

My family:


My toy box



My description:
Deep blue body with light blue from chest to back of body, brown legs with white near the hooves, black hooves, brown tail with a white tip, black ankle bands with fake holly berries and leaves on back legs, brown head with white stretching from eyes to cheeks, blue ears, brownish-red hair that hangs down to shoulders, white antlers, black nose, dark brown eyes.

Directories I'm in:

Ooh! I'm in four directories! How fun! ^_^

Roleplaying Guides:

What Role playing is.
Roleplaying Terms and Definitions
So you're literate, now what?

Thanks for coming! good luck!

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