Fangoriousy Awesome Screenies!

Hi there, guest! This is a collection of screenies, obviously. These are all taken by myself, so don't put them anywhere
without my permission. The usernames (except for my own, and those who I have spoken to about it)
in the pictures have been covered for privacy reasons, and comments have
been added where I feel they're appropriate/hilarious. Everything is posted in chronological order.
More are always on the way! Please enjoy!

By the way, I love recieving constructive criticism,
but these are two things I don't want to hear:

-"You have too many, you should get rid of some."
The screenies I've got here are my very best. Getting rid of any would be
a bit of a backwards step, wouldn't it?

-"You don't have any pound screenies."
I will never have pound screenies. Period.

Thanks, that is all.

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With so many "interesting" people roaming around Neopia, I choose to combat them by
preserving their moments of stupidity for the world do see.


It started with a regular screenie, and it grew to be my most popular group of screenies. This is a series of conversations
between me and a very crazy person who believes themselves to be a therapist.
It's beyond explaination, so...just read it.
(I appologize that a lot of these have low visual quality,
but they take time to make, and after continueous saves over time
they get a little blurry.)

Sometimes, weird stuff happens. Heres some of the weirdest.

Not many interesting things happen to me, so there's not much in this section. Most of the stuff in here is just random junk from around the site.

These are something new that I just started. Basically, I just take
a page from one of the plot comics, and add my own text (this was
partially inspired by MST3K, the greatest show of all time).
These are organized chronologically, in the order I made them, and they generally don't have
anything to do with each other, so read each page as a seperate thing,
and not all of them as one big story.

These are all 100% fake. I wish they could happen, but chances are,
they never will. (Note- These are all fake event screenies, not fake board screenies. Fake board
screenies are evil. Like Folgers in your cup.)

This one requires a bit of explaining. It's basically making a statement.
That being: I strongly dislike pound screenies. They're not funny, and they just show how lazy you are.
No matter how great the pets you see, the best any one can seem to muster is "The pound is wet!"
Seriously, I don't get why people make them.

Well, that's it! Neomail me to tell me how you liked them! Watch our for me on the HC, and keep checking this page,
because I'm always adding more! For my awards, click

Here's some banners to promote things. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Down With The Pound!