Welcome to my pet, Prusten's pet page lovely_me2004! This is a page filled with mixed links so that you can find whatever you need! Here, we have mixed goodies, premade layouts, guides and many more! Out there, there are many amazing page creators and they're darn useful! So here they are, all compiled for you! Don't forget to use "ctrl +f" and search for the things you need! The main categories are listed below!

-very good! (usually for guides)
-can ask for request

Adoption Agency/UFT

Hippo Adoption Agency
Magical Menagerie

Art Requests

Accipio's Art
Artwork by Annette
Audra's Art Requests
Pickle's Art
Vee's Extreme Art Requests


Third Impression

Fun stuff XD

Carrot Quiz
The Chokato
Funniest HC Topics of the Day!
Itsy Bitsy Nooblet Poems
The Joke Site


Jinnzi's Rainbow Adoptables
Meow Buttons
Pitty's Glitters
Katherine's Blinkies
Snooks Blinkies
Music Codes:
Emzee's Music Codes
Never Gone
Not Up For Trade Signs/Not UFT Signs:
Jeql Graphics
Other Graphics/Mixed Graphics:
Bedroom Mirror
Dixie Graphics
Katie's Dragon Graphics
Merely Michelle
Moon Graphics
Mystique Graphix
Organized Chaos
Pas de Chat
The Pteri Factory
Randomly Graphics
Amber's Pixels
Ice-Cream Adoptables
The Pixel Field
Pixel Nation
Sticky's Goodies
Tropical Pixels
Premade Neoboard Fonts:
Dawnbug's Font Designs
Color Splash Fonts
Userlookup Shields:
Jeql Graphics


Autumn Skye's
Siddey's HTML/CSS Help
Uber's Lookup Tutorial
Game Guides
Cliffhanger Answers
Nickt666's Guide to World Challenges
Hex Colors Codes:
Phae's Colors
Neopoints Making Guides:
Achieving Your NP Goal!
Grana's Way to Np
Kissmoto's 100k A Day
Pheo's Guide To Quick Easy Np
Valeri's NPs Making Guide
Other Guides:
Akaunts' Unofficial Guide to Neopets Accounts
Ari's Guide to the NeoBoards
Babydante's Dailies
Bugsy's Guide to Effective Shopkeeping and Malling
Chatspeak Guide
Dekasin's Lab Map Guide
Katireona's Guide to Decorating a Tree
Marmeri's Key Quest Powerups Guide
Misery's Dalies Page
Mylanithi12's Avatar Guide
The Neopets Closet
Petpet Matcher
Pictionary Pet Page
Rocknrollpup95's Painting & Potions
Screenie Guide
The Toy Box (Plushie List)
Trill's Screenie Art Guide
Uber's Transmogrification Guide
Unconverted:A History (UC Pet Guide)
Who wants to be a neoMillionaire?
Your Guide To Avatars
Untaken/ Unused Names:
Fluttering Dreams
A Gift For Life
Pinaele's Pet Names


The Neopets Closet (Wearables Guide)
The Toy Box
Rainbow's Petpetpet List

Other Directories

Petpage Directories/ Link Directories:
A Small List
Cupcake Dreamz
Damaged-A Directory
Glowing Kougras-a directory
Smiley Central
Soroptimist Directory
Other Directories:
KQ Token Directory
Nite Time Guild Directory
Saved-directory of pets adopted from the pound
The Screen Savers
Sealla's Adoptables Directory
Viola's Pixel Directory

Pet Directories

Best Dressed
The Darigan Directory-Darigan Pet directory
Desert Royalty-A directory of Desert Pets
Kau Krazy-Kau Directory
Lupe Listed
The Wocky Directory

Premade Layouts/Shop/

Premade Guild Layouts:
Mixed Premades:
Cupcake Pearls
Kat's Krazy CSS
Suger Drop Premades
Premade Petlookups:
Izzy's Graphics
Premade Petpages:
Ally's CSS
A Ray of Sunshine
Mylanithi12's Graphics
Organized Chaos
Petpage CSS By Kitty
Rocknrollpup95's Graphics
Under The Sea
Visionary Graphics
Premade shop/gallery layouts:
Izzy's Graphics
Graphics by Okie
Premade Userlookups / User lookups:
Graphics by Okie
In Amity
Izzy's Graphics Pretentious
Medonia's Userlookups
Mylanithi12's Graphics
Mystical Magik
Race Trak
Rocknrollpup95's Graphics
Sareko's Premade Lookups
Under The Sea
Visions(userlookups and pet lookups)


Aelunar's Screenies
Allison's Screenies
Ally's Screenies
Ashlee's Screenies
Brittni's Screenies!
Caedyl's Screenies
Chibi-ya Screenies
Chiekii's Screenies
Clawz's Screenies
Cloudy Screenies
Dream and Pika's Screenies
Ecologydude's Screenies
Elizabeth's Screenies
Jalele's screenies
Kimy1688's Screenies
Lizzies Screenies
Mauinookie and Jhadear's Screenies
Nala's screenies
Nick's screenies
Rio's Screenies
Tailz' Screenies!
Unexpectedregret's Screenies
Vee's Screenies
Waterfall Screenies

Site of the Month (SOTM)

The Bookshelf
Wish Away


Other Directories
Pet Directories
Premade Layouts/Shop/Petpages/Guild


August 17th, 2011-
Added 2 new sites! Decided to remove affies list.

August 12th, 2011-
Wow! Yes, it has been over a year! For the past few days, I have been trying to clear dead links and list new sites! Sorry if everything seems crudely done, they will improve! I came back from my haitus realizing neopets had changed their coding! So my old code was all messed up! Thank you those who remembered Lovely's Links and welcome to all those new to it!

May 25th, 2010-
Joined my Altador Cup team ^^ Good luck everyone XD

April 29th, 2010-
New sites added! Don't forget to report any dead links to me so this site can be more efficient! If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to contact me! I'm not updating as much, but that doesn't mean I'm not here!

February 3, 2010-
I got my dream pet! *drumroll* A desert Uni!!! It was because I was in the Happy Zappers' List =) Proves to show how useful petpages can be! *hint* On other news, added new sites!

January 13th, 2010-
New sites added! Also removed some graphics that were not appearing here!

December 21st, 2009-
Hey there! Haven't updated in a while..but a lot have been going on! I moved continents!! So..today, in order to contiue facilitating neopians with a directory...me and a bunch of awesome neopians at the HC board cleaned out the dead links! Thanks to nattaleigh, lugobie, __lade__ and maplegirlzzzz, Lovely's Links Page is now dead links free!!! Thanks again!!
Note: Thanks tere_sita_60 for helping me note a mistake in this post XD

August 30th, 2009-
Wow! Me and a bunch of helpful fellow neopians have cleared out all the dead links in this directory!! That means that now Lovely's Links Page is as efficient as ever! Thanks again sweetpea20031219, makes_me_lol, argetl, peaceout__87, baby_cool100 and triphosphate! Without you guys, it would've taken me a lonnngg time before all this could've been done! Everyone else, enjoy your dead-links-free directory!!

August 24th, 2009-
Okay, finally got internet connection but haven't got a PC yet! So...I'm doing updates on my laptop- slower yet still able to! Once again, I will neomail you when I have listed you =D I will update every week or more often if possible!

August 12th, 2009-
Hey everyone! I'll be moving continents so I'll be away for a bit! As soon as I get internet connection again, I'll list all the sites that has requested to be added! Thanks for your paitience!

August 1st, 2009-
As you can see, I'm updating a lot less but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop adding sites! I'm checking back every once in a while to list sites that want to be added! I'm on a kinda haitus but I'll still be checking back! Please forgive me for my slow replys! But I can assure you that if you sent me a neomail wishing to be added, I'll add you soon! Thanks for all your support!

July 13th, 2009-
Thanks everyone who offered to let me list their sites! As everyone can see, there's quite some sites listed so there's bound to be broken links! If you'd like to help make this directory more efficient, you can neomail me to inform me of any broken links!

July 6th,2009-
Yes I am still alive XD I was in Beijing for a holiday and is now back! I've added the sites which neomailed me wishing to be added! Once again, thanks for your paitience!

June 25th,2009-
Hey everyone! I won Stardust SOTM!!! Thanks to everyone who voted and of course, everyone who uses this site!! Also, if you catch any broken links durning your time here, please neomail me if you have time ^^ Thanks again!

June 22nd,2009-
It's been a while since I updated XD Sorry to everyone who neomailed me but took me quite a while to reply! But now you've all been added! Thanks for your paitience!

June 8th, 2009-
It's a bit late...but I'm in the Golden Neopias! I just checked and found out I was in it...so if you have time to spare a vote, it's greatly appreciated! Also, I'd like to remind everyone to check if the request status of graphic sites are open before requesting even if they have a red lips sign beside them!

June 5th, 2009-
Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating as much! Went and added everyone who contacted me through neomail! If you have any comments towards my site, I'd love to hear them! Whether it's critisism or just a little note, it'll help me improve my directory! Thanks again everyone!

June 2nd,20009-
Got listed in a directory and of course, listed new sites! I'm still in Stardust, actually in the lead XD Thanks again for voting everyone! Good luck to everyone else in the competition!!

May 31st,2009-
I've updated the listing form again XD Also, have added new pages! I'm in the lead for Stardust, S.O.T.M and I hope I win! Thank you to everyone who voted!

May 30th,2009-
Was working on my new fansite for Faerieland For the AC! XD But...still managed to add new sites!

May 28th,2009-
Added new sites and edited my affies.

May 26th,2009-
Like my spiffy new button!?! I do! I'm on the hunt for more buttons so if you know how to make animated buttons, please tell me! Also, I've edited the size of the headers throughtout the whole page! Hope that makes it better =)

May 25th, 2009-
Added new sites. Got a review back! (98/100)! Also, I've entered the site of the month contest for Stardust! Vote for me by clicking the button! Thank you very much!

May 23rd, 2009-
I edited my form a bit and hopefully, it'll make adding sites a bit easier! Added several new sites changed some things around the site (such as adding more spaces between the reviews etc...)

May 22nd, 2009-
I am planning to set up a counter of how many sites I've listed and will soon be posting that up! Meanwhile, if you want, you can check out pixels I've made at PixPix! (button in affies!)

May 21st-2009-
Finally, all the sites are now listed in alphabetical order. I've also sorted directories into petpage directories and other directories!

May 19th,2009-
I have decided to rid this page of broken links! Thanks to strayv, who helped me in my search for broken links, this is being done a lot faster! Hope that after this, the page can load faster for everyone and can be used more easily!
P.s. Thanks also to cool_chat_queen, tweesa and nathy08_5 who also helped!

May 18th, 2009-
I've checked for broken links around the directory and removed some sites =( This always makes me unhappy but...I've also added new sites!

May 17th, 2009-
Got back a review today that wasn't very good =/ (82/100). The good thing is that I can find ways to improve my site and I've already started changing things accordingly!

May 16th,2009-
Sorry! I didn't update for several days because I had exams =( Meanwhile, I did list new sites and today, I got a review back! A 30/30! Also, I've requested to be added to the "Best Directory" category in the Golden Neopias! If you have spare time, you can go and cast a vote when voting begins!

May 12th,2009-
Yay! Got another review sent back! (97/100!) I am still trying to get more reviews so that people can see if they want to come to this site or not! (I hope you do!) Also, when I feel that Lovely's Links is ready, I may try my hand at being admitted into a S.O.T.M contest!

May 10th,2009-
Of course, added new sites ^^ Also, I've added a toybox section to my page! Hopefully, people will know more about me by having a lookie there =D Also, as you can see, I've put my updates in a scroll box because it was getting messy XD

May 5th, 2009-
Added a neomail me area and also an award area ^^ Gave me a nice place to put my new award! Also, new sites were added! Music was also added...should I include music? If you don't like it, neomail me and I'll remove it if many suggest the same =S

May 3rd, 2009-
Got reviewed and got 50/50! Yay! My first award/review!

April 28th, 2009-
New sites added ^^ I'm currently trying to reorganize the listed sites into alphabetical order...it's gonna take a while XD

April 28th, 2009-
Added new sites...and i'm trying to get my hands on some reviews! I hope I can improve my site for everyone to enjoy =D

April 26th, 2009-
Officially opened this directory ^^ And...totally revamped the site =D

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