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~ Off the Peg ~

A directory of species-specific outfits.

Just like his namesake, ProfessorLockhart is a bit of a natty dresser and always likes to look his best. He has generously dedicated his page to help other pets find the perfect outfit by listing all the wonderful costumes specifically designed for each species.

Latest site update - 28th October 2016.

Some clothing item names are not compliant with the current filters. I have marked those items as inappropriate and hope they will be back to normal one day.

NEW!: Skeith Back to School outfit. Devil Grarrl outfit. Cwin Eyrie outfit. Witch Bori outfit. Boho Jetsam outfit. Frillkin Korbat outfit.

NEXT PET DAYS: Pteri, Vandagyre, Usul, Xweetok.

Clothing items awaiting release: None.

At the Back of the Wardrobe you may find Rags and Robes; Suits and Boots...

Choose a species:
Acara - Aisha - Blumaroo - Bori - Bruce - Buzz - Chia - Chomby - Cybunny - Draik - Elephante - Eyrie - Flotsam - Gelert - Gnorbu - Grarrl - Grundo - Hissi - Ixi - Jetsam - JubJub - Kacheek - Kau - Kiko - Koi - Korbat - Kougra - Krawk - Kyrii - Lenny - Lupe - Lutari - Meerca - Moehog - Mynci - Nimmo - Ogrin - Peophin - Poogle - Pteri - Quiggle - Ruki - Scorchio - Shoyru - Skeith - Techo - Tonu - Tuskaninny - Uni - Usul - Vandagyre - Wocky - Xweetok - Yurble - Zafara

Colour-specific clothes (not NC):
Baby - Maraquan - Mutant - Pea


Pet Day: 28th June.

28th June 2007

Acara Nurse Hat
Acara Nurse Shoes
Acara Nurse Uniform
Golden Acara Headpiece
Acara Swim Mask
Acara Swim Fins

28th/29th June 2008

Mysterious Acara Archer Gloves
Mysterious Acara Archer Hat
Mysterious Acara Archer Mask
Mysterious Acara Archer Tunic
Brown Acara Bodice
Blonde Acara Wig
Purple Acara Umbrella
Patchwork Acara Skirt

27th/28th June 2009

Acara Festival Gown
Acara Festival Ribbons
Acara Festival Sandals
Acara Treasure Hunter Vest
Acara Treasure Hunter Hat
Acara Treasure Hunter Map

26th/27th June 2010

Acara Wanderer Jacket
Acara Wanderer Shirt
Acara Wanderer Shorts
Acara Wanderer Shoes
Sleek Acara Shades
Sleek Acara Jacket
Sleek Acara Shoes
Sleek Acara Trousers

28th June 2011

Trendy Acara Glasses
Trendy Acara Collar and Scarf
Trendy Acara Jacket
Trendy Acara Trousers
Trendy Acara Shirt
Trendy Acara Shoes
Lovely Acara Wig
Lovely Acara Necklace
Lovely Acara Dress
Lovely Acara Shoes

28th June 2012

Suave Acara Wig
Suave Acara Shirt
Suave Acara Trousers
Suave Acara Shoes
Fashionable Acara Bracelets
Fashionable Acara Outfit
Fashionable Acara Purse
Fashionable Acara Sandals
Fashionable Acara Wig

28th June 2013

Acara Adventurer Helmet and Wig
Acara Adventurer Dress
Acara Adventurer Gloves
Acara Adventurer Boots
Acara Adventurer Satchel
Acara Rebel Jacket
Acara Rebel Trousers
Acara Rebel Sunglasses
Acara Rebel Gloves
Acara Rebel Boots

28th/29th June 2014

Acara Warrior Wig
Acara Warrior Armoured Top
Acara Warrior Armoured Bottom
Acara Warrior Sword

13th August 2015

Tasseled Acara Hat
Tasseled Acara Long Coat
Tasseled Acara Boots

29th June 2016

Acara Fur Cap
Acara Fur Gloves
Acara Fur Coat
Acara Fur Boots
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Pet Day: 3rd January.

3rd January 2008

Aisha Rain Boots
Aisha Rain Hat
Aisha Rain Slicker
Lishas Glasses
Aisha Space Suit

6th January 2009

Jungle Aisha Hat
Jungle Aisha Shirt
Jungle Aisha Trousers
Jungle Aisha Collar
Aisha Maiden Hair
Aisha Maiden Shirt
Aisha Maiden Skirt
Aisha Maiden Shoes

5th January 2010

Aisha Disco Dancer Shirt
Aisha Disco Dancer Shoes
Aisha Disco Dancer Trousers
Sakhmet Aisha Dancer Headdress
Sakhmet Aisha Dancer Costume
Sakhmet Aisha Dancer Slippers

4th January 2011

Ritzy Aisha Hat
Ritzy Aisha Jacket
Ritzy Aisha Trousers
Ritzy Aisha Shoes
Ritzy Aisha Cane
Fancy Aisha Dress
Fancy Aisha Scarf
Fancy Aisha Mirror
Fancy Aisha Shoes
Fancy Aisha Wig

4th January 2012

Fashionable Aisha Glasses
Fashionable Aisha Hat
Fashionable Aisha Jacket
Fashionable Aisha Trousers
Fashionable Aisha Shoes
Trendy Aisha Hat and Wig
Trendy Aisha Scarf
Trendy Aisha Shirt and Trousers
Trendy Aisha Bag
Trendy Aisha Shoes

3rd January 2013

Aisha Warrior Wig
Aisha Warrior Dress
Aisha Warrior Wrap
Aisha Warrior Socks and Shoes
Aisha Warrior Sword
Aisha Wizard Hat and Wig
Aisha Wizard Beard
Aisha Wizard Robe
Aisha Wizard Belt
Aisha Wizard Wand

3rd January 2014

Aisha Rock Idol Wig
Aisha Rock Idol Glasses
Aisha Rock Idol Jacket
Aisha Rock Idol Trousers
Aisha Rock Idol Shoes
Aisha Rock Idol Guitar
Stylish Aisha Wig
Stylish Aisha Necklace
Stylish Aisha Dress
Stylish Aisha Tights
Stylish Aisha Shoes

6th January 2015

Eccentric Aisha Wig
Eccentric Aisha Shirt
Eccentric Aisha Jacket
Eccentric Aisha Trousers
Eccentric Aisha Shoes

5th January 2016

Aisha Viking Helmet
Aisha Viking Top
Aisha Viking Cape
Aisha Viking Trousers
Aisha Viking Sword
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Clothes for Baby Pets:

5th March 2013

Baby Knitted Mittens

23rd May 2013

Baby Faellie Plushie Friend

14th December 2013

Baby Holiday Scarf
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Pet Day: 8th August.

8th August 2007

Blumaroo Jester Mock Sceptre (not shown)
Blumaroo Jester Bow Hat
Blumaroo Jester Dress
Blumaroo Jester Sandals
Blumaroo Jester Hat
Blumaroo Jester Shirt
Blumaroo Jester Trousers
Blumaroo Jester Shoes

8th August 2008

Pink Blumaroo Bow
Pink Blumaroo Dress
Pink Blumaroo Slippers
Blumaroo Farmer Pitchfork
Blumaroo Farmer Hat
Blumaroo Farmer Overalls

8th/9th August 2009

Blumaroo Shepherdess Blouse
Blumaroo Shepherdess Wig
Blumaroo Shepherdess Shoes
Blumaroo Shepherdess Dress
Blumaroo Shepherdess Cane
Blumaroo Magician Cape
Blumaroo Magician Gloves
Blumaroo Magician Hat
Blumaroo Magician Shirt and Jacket
Blumaroo Magician Trousers
Blumaroo Magician Shoes
Blumaroo Magician Wand

7th/8th August 2010

Blumaroo General Hat
Blumaroo General Shirt and Coat
Blumaroo General Trousers and Boots
Blumaroo General Sword
Colourful Blumaroo Dancer Hat
Colourful Blumaroo Dancer Dress
Colourful Blumaroo Dancer Necklace
Colourful Blumaroo Dancer Shoes

9th August 2011

Comfortable Blumaroo Shirt
Comfortable Blumaroo Trousers
Comfortable Blumaroo Belt
Comfortable Blumaroo Shoes
Colourful Patterned Blumaroo Wig
Colourful Patterned Blumaroo Scarf
Colourful Patterned Blumaroo Shirt
Colourful Patterned Blumaroo Trousers
Colourful Patterned Blumaroo Slippers

8th August 2012

Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Belt
Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Cane
Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Hat
Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Jacket
Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Trousers
Neovian Blumaroo Gentleman Shoes
Mysterious Blumaroo Dress
Mysterious Blumaroo Shoes
Mysterious Blumaroo Wig
Mysterious Blumaroo Choker
Mysterious Blumaroo Purse
Mysterious Blumaroo Stockings

8th August 2013

Elegant Blumaroo Wig
Elegant Blumaroo Shirt
Elegant Blumaroo Jacket
Elegant Blumaroo Trousers
Elegant Blumaroo Shoes
Fancy Blumaroo Dress
Fancy Blumaroo Shoes
Fancy Blumaroo Hat and Wig
Fancy Blumaroo Boa
Fancy Blumaroo Purse

8th August 2014

Casual Blumaroo Shirt
Casual Blumaroo Trousers
Casual Blumaroo Jacket
Casual Blumaroo Boots

8th/9th August 2015

Blumaroo Geek Shirt
Blumaroo Geek Pants
Blumaroo Geek Glasses
Blumaroo Geek Bow Tie

9th August 2016

Bunad Blumaroo Crown
Bunad Blumaroo Wig
Bunad Blumaroo Dress
Bunad Blumaroo Pouch
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Pet Day: 13th October.

13th/14th October 2007

Bori Rainbow Bow
Bori Rainbow Dress
Bori Gnome Tunic
Bori Gnome Trousers
Bori Gnome Shoes
Bori Gnome Hat
Bori Gnome Beard
Bori Cosy Socks

14th October 2008

Orange Bori Bow
Orange Bori Dress
Orange Bori Hat
Orange Bori Purse
Bori Engineer Cap
Bori Engineer Keys
Bori Engineer Neck Scarf
Bori Engineer Shirt

13th October 2009

Bori Detective Coat
Bori Detective Magnifying Glass
Bori Detective Hat
Jazzy Bori Wig
Black Jazzy Bori Boa
Jazzy Bori Gown

13th October 2010

Bori Miner Hat
Bori Miner Shirt
Bori Miner Trousers
Bori Miner Mining Pan
Bori Flower Girl Wig
Bori Flower Girl Dress
Bori Flower Girl Shoes
Bori Flower Girl Basket

13th October 2011

Moltaran Bori Gentleman Hat
Moltaran Bori Gentleman Cloak
Moltaran Bori Gentleman Gloves
Moltaran Bori Gentleman Shirt and Vest
Moltaran Bori Gentleman Trousers
Moltaran Bori Gentleman Shoes
Garden Tea Bori Wig
Garden Tea Bori Glasses
Garden Tea Bori Dress
Garden Tea Bori Jewellery
Garden Tea Bori Shoes

13th/14th October 2012

Dapper Bori Wig
Dapper Bori Jacket
Dapper Bori Waistcoat
Dapper Bori Trousers
Dapper Bori Shoes
Festive Bori Wig
Festive Bori Dress
Festive Bori Shoes
Festive Bori Parasol

12th/13th October 2013

Maractite Lined Bori Wig
Maractite Lined Bori Shirt
Maractite Lined Bori Sunglasses
Maractite Lined Bori Trousers
Maractite Lined Bori Boots
Lovely Bori Wig
Lovely Bori Dress
Lovely Bori Shoes
Lovely Bori Tail Jewellery

15th October 2014

Bori Wool Dress
Bori Wool Cape
Bori Wool Tights and Shoes

14th October 2015

Bori Gardener Hat
Bori Gardener Shirt and Overalls
Bori Gardener Boots
Bori Gardener Gloves

14th October 2016

Witch Bori Hat
Witch Bori Top
Witch Bori Cape
Witch Bori Broom
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Pet Day: 5th December.

5th December 2007

Golden Bruce Locket
Pretty Pink Bruce Sweater
Pretty Pink Bruce Skirt
Bruce Tuxedo Jacket
Bruce Tuxedo Shirt
Tropical Bruce Shirt

6th/7th December 2008

Fun Argyle Bruce Sweater
Green Bruce Trousers
Blue Bruce Loafers
Shining Blue Bruce Scarf
Elegant Blue Bruce Gown
Pretty Blue Bruce Shoes

5th/6th December 2009

Bruce Buzzer Keeper Gloves
Bruce Buzzer Keeper Hat
Bruce Buzzer Keeper Honey Comb
Bruce Buzzer Keeper Shoes
Bruce Buzzer Keeper Suit
Safari Bruce Binoculars
Safari Bruce Hat
Safari Bruce Trousers
Safari Bruce Shirt
Safari Bruce Shoes

7th December 2010

Bruce Noil Tamer Hat
Bruce Noil Tamer Jacket
Bruce Noil Tamer Trousers
Bruce Noil Tamer Shoes
Bruce Noil Tamer Hoop
Bruce Tooth Faerie Crown
Bruce Tooth Faerie Dress
Bruce Tooth Faerie Wings
Bruce Tooth Faerie Shoes
Bruce Tooth Faerie Wand

6th December 2011

Stylish Bruce Glasses
Stylish Bruce Scarf
Stylish Bruce Jacket
Stylish Bruce Trousers
Stylish Bruce Shoes
Lovely Bruce Cap
Lovely Bruce Flower Basket
Lovely Bruce Jacket
Lovely Bruce Skirt
Lovely Bruce Shoes

5th December 2012

Cool Bruce Wig
Cool Bruce Necklace
Cool Bruce Shirt
Cool Bruce Jacket
Cool Bruce Trousers
Cool Bruce Shoes
On the Go Bruce Wig
On the Go Bruce Gloves
On the Go Bruce Trousers
On the Go Bruce Jacket
On the Go Bruce Handbag
On the Go Bruce Shoes

5th December 2013

Bruce Wizard Hat
Bruce Wizard Beard
Bruce Wizard Shirt
Bruce Wizard Robe
Bruce Wizard Staff
Stunning Bruce Wig
Stunning Bruce Necklace
Stunning Bruce Dress
Stunning Bruce Shoes

5th December 2014

Chic Bruce Wig
Chic Bruce Jacket
Chic Bruce Scarf
Chic Bruce Trousers
Chic Bruce Shoes

5th/6th December 2015

Wealthy Bruce Wig
Wealthy Bruce Shirt
Wealthy Bruce Jacket
Wealthy Bruce Trousers
Wealthy Bruce Shades
Wealthy Bruce Shoes
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Pet Day: 11th January.

11th January 2008

Elegant Buzz Gown
Elegant Buzz Gloves
Elegant Buzz Shoes
Buzz Honey Collecting Hat
Buzz Honey Collecting Suit
Buzz Honey Collecting Boots

13th January 2009

Brown Buzz Gardening Hat
Purple Buzz Overalls
Purple Buzz Gardening Gloves
Yellow Buzz Gardening Shoes
Sporty Blue Buzz Jacket
Sporty Blue Buzz Trousers
Sporty Blue Buzz Shoes
Sporty Blue Buzz Headband

12th January 2010

Punk Buzz Shoes
Punk Buzz Wig
Punk Buzz Trousers
Punk Buzz Shirt
Colourful Buzz Dancer Hat
Colourful Buzz Dancer Shirt
Colourful Buzz Dancer Shoes
Colourful Buzz Dancer Skirt

11th January 2011

Buzz Diver Goggles
Buzz Diver Net
Buzz Diver Flippers
Buzz Diver Suit
Buzz Diver Gloves
Buzz Tennis Visor
Buzz Tennis Ball
Buzz Tennis Racquet
Buzz Tennis Shirt
Buzz Tennis Skirt
Buzz Tennis Shoes

11th January 2012

Dark Buzz Wig
Dark Buzz Jacket
Dark Buzz Trousers
Dark Buzz Cape
Dark Buzz Boots
Light Buzz Wig
Light Buzz Earrings
Light Buzz Dress
Light Buzz Sash
Light Buzz Sandals

11th January 2013

Buzz Librarian Wig
Buzz Librarian Glasses
Buzz Librarian Necklace
Buzz Librarian Blouse and Jacket
Buzz Librarian Skirt
Buzz Librarian Shoes
Buzz Librarian Book
Buzz Robber Hat
Buzz Robber Mask
Buzz Robber Gloves
Buzz Robber Shirt
Buzz Robber Trousers
Buzz Robber Boots
Buzz Robber Sack

11th/12th January 2014

Distinguished Buzz Wig
Distinguished Buzz Shirt and Waistcoat
Distinguished Buzz Trousers
Distinguished Buzz Shoes
Buzz Mage Wig
Buzz Mage Dress and Cloak
Buzz Mage Shoes
Buzz Mage Spell Book

10th/11th January 2015

Space Explorer Buzz Helmet
Space Explorer Buzz Shirt
Space Explorer Buzz Trousers
Space Explorer Buzz Gloves
Space Explorer Buzz Boots
Space Explorer Buzz Tank

12th January 2016

Buzz Musketeer Hat
Buzz Musketeer Shirt
Buzz Musketeer Trousers
Buzz Musketeer Sword
Buzz Musketeer Lance
Buzz Musketeer Shoes
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Pet Day: 18th February.

20th February 2008

Coconut Chia Suit Red Chia Dress

18th February 2009

Chia Chocolatier Hat
Chia Chocolatier Jacket
Chia Chocolatier Trousers
Chia Chocolatier Spoon
Red Hood Chia Basket
Red Hood Chia Dress
Red Hood Chia Cape
Red Hood Chia Shoes

18th February 2010

Chia Rock Star Trousers
Chia Rock Star Bandana
Chia Rock Star Shoes
Chia Rock Star Shirt
Chia Ballerina Top
Chia Ballerina Slippers
Chia Ballerina Tutu
Chia Ballerina Sleeves

18th February 2011

Desperado Chia Hat and Mask
Desperado Chia Shirt and Cape
Desperado Chia Trousers and Boots
Desperado Chia Foil
Stylish Checkered Chia Wig
Stylish Checkered Chia Dress
Stylish Checkered Chia Shoes
Stylish Checkered Chia Sceptre

18th/19th/20th February 2012

Chia Barbarian Beard
Chia Barbarian Boots
Chia Barbarian Shield
Chia Barbarian Dagger
Chia Barbarian Belt
Chia Barbarian Tunic
Gypsy Chia Belt
Gypsy Chia Hat
Gypsy Chia Shoes
Gypsy Chia Necklace
Gypsy Chia Skirt
Gypsy Chia Tunic

16th/17th/18th February 2013

Sparkling Green Chia Wig
Sparkling Green Chia Dress
Sparkling Green Chia Gloves
Sparkling Green Chia Purse
Sparkling Green Chia Shoes
Sparkling Green Chia Necklace
Lumberjack Chia Hat and Beard
Lumberjack Chia Shirt and Suspenders
Lumberjack Chia Trousers
Lumberjack Chia Shoes
Lumberjack Chia Axe

19th February 2014

Casual Chia Shirt
Casual Chia Wig
Casual Chia Jacket
Casual Chia Trousers
Casual Chia Shoes
Cosy Chia Hat and Wig
Cosy Chia Dress
Cosy Chia Shoes
Cosy Chia Purse

18th February 2015

Chic Investigator Chia Wig
Chic Investigator Chia Shirt and Jacket
Chic Investigator Chia Trousers
Chic Investigator Chia Shoes

19th February 2016

Chia Stooge Hat
Chia Stooge Top
Chia Stooge Bottom
Chia Stooge Cane
Chia Stooge Shoes
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 22nd March.

22nd/23rd March 2008

Chomby Spacesuit Yellow Stripe Chomby Bow
Pink Polka Dot Chomby Boots
Chomby Knit Turtleneck Sweater

24th March 2009

Chomby Rainbow Bow
Rainbow Chomby Dress
Rainbow Chomby Shoes
Chomby Sleuth Hat
Chomby Sleuth Magnifying Glass
Chomby Sleuth Coat

20th/21st March 2010

Chomby Flower Child Shirt
Chomby Flower Child Peace Symbol
Chomby Flower Child Flowers
Chomby Flower Child Rose Glasses
Chomby Flower Child Slippers
Chomby Flower Child Bracelet
Chomby Flower Child Skirt
Chomby Flower Child Wig
Chomby Prehistoric Trousers
Chomby Prehistoric Shirt
Chomby Prehistoric Spear
Chomby Prehistoric Unibrow
Chomby Prehistoric Wig
Chomby Prehistoric Bone Necklace
Chomby Prehistoric Boots
Chomby Prehistoric Cuffs

22nd March 2011

Chomby Gentleman Moustache
Chomby Gentleman Hat
Chomby Gentleman Shirt and Vest
Chomby Gentleman Jacket
Chomby Gentleman Trousers
Chomby Gentleman Shoes
Chomby Belle Dress
Chomby Belle Hat
Chomby Belle Gloves
Chomby Belle Makeup
Chomby Belle Parasol
Chomby Belle Necklace

22nd March 2012

Chomby Grave Digger Hat
Chomby Grave Digger Trench Coat
Chomby Grave Digger Shirt
Chomby Grave Digger Belt
Chomby Grave Digger Gloves
Chomby Altador Heroine Wig
Chomby Altador Heroine Dress
Chomby Altador Heroine Necklace
Chomby Altador Heroine Sash
Chomby Altador Heroine Sandals

22nd March 2013

Adorable Chomby Hat
Adorable Chomby Glasses
Adorable Chomby Shirt
Adorable Chomby Skirt
Adorable Chomby Trousers
Adorable Chomby Boots
Chomby Warrior Helmet
Chomby Warrior Shoulder Armour
Chomby Warrior Top Armour
Chomby Warrior Bottom Armour
Chomby Warrior Tail Armour
Chomby Warrior Boots

22nd March 2014

Chomby Punk Wig
Chomby Punk Jacket
Chomby Punk Trousers
Chomby Punk Choker
Chomby Punk Boots
Fancy Green Chomby Wig
Fancy Green Chomby Dress
Fancy Green Chomby Necklace
Fancy Green Chomby Shoes
Fancy Green Chomby Purse

11th November 2015

Stylish Chomby Hat and Wig
Stylish Chomby Glasses
Stylish Chomby Sweater
Stylish Chomby Trousers
Stylish Chomby Shoes

22nd March 2016

Chomby Red Tuxedo Shirt
Chomby Red Tuxedo Jacket
Chomby Red Tuxedo Trousers
Chomby Red Tuxedo Bowtie
Chomby Red Tuxedo Shoes
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 27th April.

28th/29th April 2007

Bionic Cybunny Body Cover
Bionic Cybunny Collar
Bionic Cybunny Cranium Cover
Bionic Cybunny Hind Cover

26th/27th April 2008

Black Satin Cybunny Top Hat
Cybunny Pocket Watch
Cybunny Tuxedo
Cybunny Carrot Hat
Cybunny Carrot Robe
Cybunny Carrot Slippers

28th April 2009

Pretty Spring Cybunny Dress
Pretty Spring Cybunny Wig
Pretty Spring Cybunny Shoes
Cybunny Miner Boots
Cybunny Miner Clothes
Cybunny Miner Hat
Cybunny Miner Pick

27th April 2010

Little Red Riding Hood Cybunny Shoes
Little Red Riding Hood Cybunny Dress
Little Red Riding Hood Cybunny Basket
Little Red Riding Hood Cybunny Cape
Cybunny Ancient Warrior Gauntlets
Cybunny Ancient Warrior Helmet
Cybunny Ancient Warrior Shield
Cybunny Ancient Warrior Armour

27th April 2011

Cybunny Diver Goggles
Cybunny Diver Suit
Cybunny Diver Fins
Cybunny Diver Gloves
On the Go Cybunny Wig
On the Go Cybunny Dress
On the Go Cybunny Makeup
On the Go Cybunny Shoes

27th April 2012

Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Wig
Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Waistcoat
Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Trousers
Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Cape
Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Shoes
Neovian Cybunny Gentleman Cane
Cybunny Ocean Warrior Wig
Cybunny Ocean Warrior Cape
Cybunny Ocean Warrior Dress
Cybunny Ocean Warrior Gloves
Cybunny Ocean Warrior Shoes

27th/28th April 2013

Cybunny Nobleman Wig
Cybunny Nobleman Jacket
Cybunny Nobleman Trousers and Shoes
Cybunny Nobleman Cane
Shenkuu Cybunny Wig
Shenkuu Cybunny Earrings
Shenkuu Cybunny Dress
Shenkuu Cybunny Slippers

26th/27th April 2014

Eccentric Cybunny Glasses
Eccentric Cybunny Goatee
Eccentric Cybunny Jacket
Eccentric Cybunny Trousers

28th April 2015

No new clothing released for Cybunnies in 2015!

27th April 2016

Cybunny Space Helmet
Cybunny Space Suit
Cybunny Space Gloves
Cybunny Space Boots
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Restricted! (though originally LE).
Pet Day: 9th September.

8th/9th September 2007

Draik Archer Hat
Draik Archer Tunic
Draik Archer Trousers
Draik Archer Boots
Draik Archer Quiver
Basket of Baked Draik Goodies
Precious Pink Draik Socks
Ruffled Draik Bonnet

9th September 2008

Draik Space Boots
Draik Space Jacket
Draik Space Slacks
Draik Space Helmet
Red Draik Dress

9th September 2009

Elegant Pink Draik Fan
Elegant Draik Hat
Charming Pink Draik Gown
Delicate Lavender Draik Necklace (not shown)
Mysterious Draik Mask
Mysterious Draik Gloves
Mysterious Draik Jacket
Mysterious Draik Trousers
Mysterious Draik Shoes

9th September 2010

Shrouded Draik Headscarf
Shrouded Draik Shirt and Sash
Shrouded Draik Trousers
Shrouded Draik Shoes
Shrouded Draik Sword
Draik Sorceress Cloak
Draik Sorceress Belt and Tunic
Draik Sorceress Skirt
Draik Sorceress Shoes
Draik Sorcerer Wand

9th September 2011

Elegant Draik Wig
Elegant Draik Necklace
Elegant Draik Earrings
Elegant Draik Dress
Elegant Draik Slippers
Draik Traveller Wig
Draik Traveller Shirt and Jacket
Draik Traveller Gloves
Draik Traveller Trousers
Draik Traveller Boots

8th/9th September 2012

Draik Survivalist Wig
Draik Survivalist Shirt
Draik Survivalist Vest
Draik Survivalist Boots
Draik Survivalist Trousers
Evening Draik Wig
Evening Draik Shoes
Evening Draik Dress
Evening Draik Jewellery

7th/8th September 2013

Draik Boxer Wig
Draik Boxer Shirt
Draik Boxer Trousers
Draik Boxer Gloves
Draik Boxer Shoes
Draik Boxer Moustache
Lady Draik Knight Wig and Helm
Lady Draik Knight Upper Armour
Lady Draik Knight Lower Armour
Lady Draik Knight Boots
Lady Draik Knight Shield
Lady Draik Knight Sword

9th September 2014

Tribal Draik Wig
Tribal Draik Dress
Tribal Draik Necklace
Tribal Draik Sandals

10th September 2015

Draik Top Hat

9th September 2016

Superwoman Draik Wig
Superwoman Draik Pants
Superwoman Draik Jacket
Superwoman Draik Gloves
Superwoman Draik Shoes
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Pet Day: 16th January.

16th January 2008

Elephante Peanut Suit
Elephante Peanut Umbrella
Elephante Trunk Trunk
Pink Elephante Parka
Feather Elephante Headdress

16th January 2009

Elephante Fortune Teller Wig
Elephante Fortune Teller Belt
Elephante Fortune Teller Skirt
Elephante Fortune Teller Blouse
Elephante Fortune Teller Vest
Elephante Fortune Teller Cards
Orange Elephante Hat
Orange Elephante Jacket
Orange Elephante Trousers
Frilly Black Elephante Shirt
Snazzy Elephante Shoes

16th/17th/18th January 2010

Elephante Flapper Headband
Elephante Flapper Dress
Elephante Flapper Necklace
Elephante Flapper Gloves
Elephante Flapper Shoes
Dare Devil Elephante Helmet
Dare Devil Elephante Jacket
Dare Devil Elephante Trousers
Dare Devil Elephante Cape
Dare Devil Elephante Shoes

19th January 2011

Dark Hooded Elephante Cloak
Dark Hooded Elephante Tunic
Dark Hooded Elephante Gloves
Dark Hooded Elephante Boots
Elephante Sushi Chef Shirt
Elephante Sushi Chef Sandals
Elephante Sushi Chef Headband
Elephante Sushi Chef Knife

18th January 2012

Elephante Barbarian Wig
Elephante Barbarian Armour
Elephante Barbarian Bracers
Elephante Barbarian Trousers
Elephante Barbarian Boots
Elephante Barbarian Sword
Elephante Bard Shirt
Elephante Bard Wig
Elephante Bard Cape
Elephante Bard Trousers
Elephante Bard Boots
Elephante Bard Mandolin

16th January 2013

Elephante Ballerina Wig
Elephante Ballerina Tutu
Elephante Ballerina Tights and Shoes
Elephante Ballerina Rose
Elephante Detective Hat
Elephante Detective Shirt and Coat
Elephante Detective Trousers
Elephante Detective Shoes
Elephante Detective Magnifying Glass

16th January 2014

Elephante Professor Wig
Elephante Professor Glasses
Elephante Professor Jacket
Elephante Professor Trousers
Elephante Professor Shoes
Fancy Elephante Wig
Fancy Elephante Dress
Fancy Elephante Purse
Fancy Elephante Shoes
Fancy Elephante Necklace

16th January 2015

Delivery Elephante Hat
Delivery Elephante Shirt
Delivery Elephante Trousers
Delivery Elephante Shoes
Delivery Elephante Crate

19th January 2016

Elephante Marching Band Hat
Elephante Marching Band Shirt
Elephante Marching Band Trousers
Elephante Marching Band Gloves
Elephante Marching Band Trumpet
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Pet Day: 10th October.

10th October 2007

Eyrie Sleeping Cap
Eyrie Footsie Pyjamas
Eyrie Militia Boots
Eyrie Militia Coat

10th October 2008

Ranger Eyrie Quiver
Ranger Eyrie Hat
Ranger Eyrie Tunic
Rocking Eyrie Wig
Rocking Eyrie Bass
Rocking Eyrie Shirt

10th/11th October 2009

Eyrie Magician Cape
Eyrie Magician Hat
Eyrie Magician Jacket
Eyrie Pilot Helmet
Eyrie Pilot Jacket
Eyrie Pilot Scarf

9th/10th October 2010

Eerie Eyrie Gloves
Eerie Eyrie Hat
Eerie Eyrie Tuxedo
Eerie Eyrie Trousers
Eerie Eyrie Shoes
Dark Neovian Eyrie Wig
Dark Neovian Eyrie Coat
Dark Neovian Eyrie Blouse
Dark Neovian Eyrie Sandals
Dark Neovian Eyrie Skirt

11th October 2011

Neopian Times Eyries Paper
Neopian Times Eyrie Hat
Neopian Times Eyrie Shirt and Vest
Neopian Times Eyrie Trousers
Neopian Times Eyrie Shoes
Slick Eyrie Wig
Slick Eyrie Bag
Slick Eyrie Shoes
Slick Eyrie Glasses
Slick Eyrie Jacket

10th October 2012

Eyrie Mountaineer Goggles
Eyrie Mountaineer Hat
Eyrie Mountaineer Jacket
Eyrie Mountaineer Trousers
Eyrie Mountaineer Scarf
Eyrie Mountaineer Shoes
Eyrie Mountaineer Gloves
Tough Eyrie Gloves
Tough Eyrie Jacket
Tough Eyrie Trousers
Tough Eyrie Boots
Tough Eyrie Wig

10th October 2012

Eyrie Swordsman Wig
Eyrie Swordsman Armour
Eyrie Swordsman Sword
Eyrie Swordsman Trousers
Eyrie Swordsman Boots
Dressy Eyrie Wig
Dressy Eyrie Dress
Dressy Eyrie Necklace
Dressy Eyrie Bracelets

10th October 2014

Moltaran Fashion Eyrie Wig and Goggles
Moltaran Fashion Eyrie Shirt
Moltaran Fashion Eyrie Skirt
Moltaran Fashion Eyrie Wing Plates

10th/11th October 2015

Eyrie Chocolatier Hat
Eyrie Chocolatier Shirt
Eyrie Chocolatier Pants
Eyrie Chocolatier Tray

11th October 2016

Cwin Eyrie Wig
Cwin Eyrie Jacket
Cwin Eyrie Short
Cwin Eyrie Bat
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Pet Day: 3rd July.

3rd July 2007

Flotsam Chef Hat
Flotsam Chef Jacket
Golden Flotsam Necklace
Flotsam Guitar

3rd July 2008

Flowery Flotsam Hat
Flotsam Bustle Skirt
Charming Flotsam Bodice
Flowery Flotsam Necklace
Flotsam Spy Jacket
Flotsam Spy Trousers
Flotsam Spy Sun Glasses
Flotsam Spy Watch

21st July 2009

Flotsam Dress
Flotsam Tiara
Flotsam Wand
Dashing Flotsam Jacket
Dashing Flotsam Trousers
Dashing Flotsam Hat
Dashing Flotsam Cape
Dashing Flotsam Fin Cover

3rd/4th/5th July 2010

Flotsam Tourist Shirt
Flotsam Tourist Pack
Flotsam Tourist Hat
Flotsam Tourist Compass
Flotsam Artist Beret
Flotsam Artist Smock
Flotsam Artist Belt
Flotsam Artist Palette

2nd/3rd/4th July 2011

Sunny Flotsam Hat
Sunny Flotsam Dress
Sunny Flotsam Bracelet
Sunny Flotsam Sandals
Flotsam Band Leader Hat
Flotsam Band Leader Jacket
Flotsam Band Leader Trousers
Flotsam Band Leader Shoes
Flotsam Band Leader Trumpet

3rd July 2012

Fancy Flotsam Wig
Fancy Flotsam Top
Fancy Flotsam Trousers
Fancy Flotsam Jewellery
Elegant Flotsam Hat
Elegant Flotsam Shirt
Elegant Flotsam Trousers
Elegant Flotsam Ring
Elegant Flotsam Watering Can

3rd July 2013

Dystopic Flotsam Hoodie
Dystopic Flotsam Shirt
Dystopic Flotsam Trousers
Dystopic Flotsam Shoes
Classic Flotsam Wig
Classic Flotsam Dress
Classic Flotsam Shoes
Classic Flotsam Necklace

3rd/4th/5th/6th July 2014

Refined Flotsam Wig
Refined Flotsam Shirt
Refined Flotsam Trousers
Refined Flotsam Bracelets

18th August 2015

Sailor Flotsam Hat
Striped Sailor Flotsam Shirt
Flotsam Neck Scarf

7th July 2016

Bold Flotsam Neckpiece
Bold Flotsam Top
Bold Flotsam Bottom
Bold Flotsam Shoes
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Pet Day: 6th March.

6th March 2008

Bone Print Gelert Sweater
Bone Print Gelert Shoes
Green Gelert Trousers
Gelert Bone Sun Glasses
Feather Gelert Headband
Gelert Feather Necklace
Gelert War Paint
Gelert Feather Wrap

6th March 2009

Nurse Gelert Hat
Nurse Gelert Dress
Nurse Gelert Shoes
Nurse Gelert Bag
Nurse Gelert Stethescope
Gelert Spy Hat
Gelert Spy Shirt
Gelert Spy Jacket
Gelert Spy Gloves
Gelert Spy Glasses
Gelert Spy Trousers
Gelert Spy Shoes

6th/7th March 2010

Gelert Race Cart Driver Helmet and Wig
Gelert Race Cart Driver Jacket
Gelert Race Cart Driver Shoes
Gelert Race Cart Driver Scarf
Gelert Race Cart Driver Skirt
Gelert Ranger Hat
Gelert Ranger Bow
Gelert Ranger Jacket
Gelert Ranger Gloves
Gelert Ranger Arrows
Gelert Ranger Trousers
Gelert Ranger Boots

5th/6th March 2011

Quaint Gelert Hat
Quaint Gelert Dress
Quaint Gelert Shoes
Quaint Gelert Gloves
Quaint Gelert Bag
Quaint Gelert Glasses
Highland Gelert Sword
Highland Gelert Kilt
Highland Gelert Jacket
Highland Gelert Bracers
Highland Gelert Boots

6th March 2012

Fashionable Gelert Hat and Wig
Fashionable Gelert Shoes
Fashionable Gelert Shirt and Jacket
Fashionable Gelert Purse
Fashionable Gelert Skirt
Slick Gelert Sunglasses
Slick Gelert Shirt and Vest
Slick Gelert Jacket
Slick Gelert Trousers
Slick Gelert Shoes

6th March 2013

Tough Girl Gelert Wig
Tough Girl Gelert Sunglasses
Tough Girl Gelert Shirt
Tough Girl Gelert Trousers
Tough Girl Gelert Boots
Ornate Leather Gelert Jacket
Ornate Leather Gelert Trousers
Ornate Leather Gelert Bracers
Ornate Leather Gelert Boots

6th March 2014

Moltara Citizen Gelert Hat
Moltara Citizen Gelert Jacket
Moltara Citizen Gelert Trousers
Moltara Citizen Gelert Boots
Casual Gelert Wig
Casual Gelert Scarf
Casual Gelert Trousers
Casual Gelert Jacket
Casual Gelert Boots

11th August 2015

Gelert Farmer Hat and Wig
Gelert Farmer Freckles
Gelert Farmer Overalls
Gelert Farmer Boots

8th March 2016

Emo Gelert Wig
Emo Gelert Shirt
Emo Gelert Trousers
Emo Gelert Wristband
Emo Gelert Shoes
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Pet Day: 6th January.

5th/6th January 2008

Wooly Gnorbu Purse
Gnorbu Wool Boots
Gnorbu Wool Jacket
Wool Gnorbu Cardigan
Plaid Gnorbu Trousers
Gnorbu Spectacles

7th January 2009

Pretty Gnorbu Wig With Braids
Pink Gnorbu Blouse
Pink Gnorbu Skirt
Gnorbu Zoot Suit Hat
Gnorbu Zoot Suit Trousers
Gnorbu Zoot Suit Jacket

7th January 2010

Gnorbu Snow Earmuffs
Gnorbu Snow Scarf
Gnorbu Snow Coat
Gnorbu Snow Trousers
Gnorbu Snow Boots
Gnorbu Ring Master Hat
Gnorbu Ring Master Trousers
Gnorbu Ring Master Coat
Gnorbu Ring Master Boots
Gnorbu Ring Master Megaphone

6th January 2011

Lovely Gnorbu Hat
Lovely Gnorbu Gown
Lovely Gnorbu Gloves
Lovely Gnorbu Boots
Lovely Gnorbu Beauty Mark
Gnorbu Sheriff Hat
Gnorbu Sheriff Shirt and Vest
Gnorbu Sheriff Coat
Gnorbu Sheriff Trousers
Gnorbu Sheriff Boots

6th January 2012

Lacy Gnorbu Headband
Lacy Gnorbu Dress
Lacy Gnorbu Shoes
Lacy Gnorbu Bracelets
Lacy Gnorbu Basket
Dark Gnorbu Sword
Dark Gnorbu Shirt
Dark Gnorbu Jacket
Dark Gnorbu Trousers
Dark Gnorbu Shades
Dark Gnorbu Boots

8th January 2013

Gnorbu Pyjama Cap
Gnorbu Pyjama Top
Gnorbu Pyjama Bottoms
Gnorbu Pyjama Slippers
Good Night Babaa Plushie
Gnorbu Gentleman Hat
Gnorbu Gentleman Moustache and Monocle
Gnorbu Gentleman Jacket
Gnorbu Gentleman Shirt and Waistcoat
Gnorbu Gentleman Trousers
Gnorbu Gentleman Shoes

7th January 2014

Gnorbu Aristocrat Wig
Gnorbu Aristocrat Shirt and Waistcoat
Gnorbu Aristocrat Jacket
Gnorbu Aristocrat Trousers
Gnorbu Aristocrat Shoes
Gnorbu Aristocrat Scroll
Gnorbu Warrior Wig
Gnorbu Warrior Tunic
Gnorbu Warrior Trousers
Gnorbu Warrior Bracers
Gnorbu Warrior Shoes

7th January 2015

Adorable Gnorbu Wig
Adorable Gnorbu Shirt
Adorable Gnorbu Skirt
Adorable Gnorbu Sunglasses
Adorable Gnorbu Shoes

7th January 2016

Gnorbu Cowboy Hat
Gnorbu Cowboy Shirt
Gnorbu Cowboy Trousers
Gnorbu Cowboy Scarf
Gnorbu Cowboy Holster
Gnorbu Cowboy Vest
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Pet Day: 4th October.

4th October 2007

Grarrl Sleuth Galoshes
Grarrl Sleuth Hat
Grarrl Sleuth Spyglass
Grarrl Sleuth Trench Coat
Grarrl Warrior Hauberk
Grarrl Warrior Sandals
Grarrl Warrior Skirt
Pretty Pink Grarrl Slippers

4th/5th October 2008

Charming Pink Grarrl Bonnet
Wooden Grarrl Crook
Pink Ruffled Grarrl Skirt
Grarrl Waiters Jacket
Simple White Grarrl Waiters Towel
Grarrl Restaurant Menu

6th October 2009

Grarrl Dancing Veil
Grarrl Dancing Skirt
Grarrl Dancing Shirt
Grarrl Bowling Shoes
Grarrl Bowling Shirt
Grarrl Bowling Trousers

5th October 2010

Grarrl Rainy Day Hat
Grarrl Rainy Day Jacket
Grarrl Rainy Day Trousers
Grarrl Rainy Day Boots
Grarrl Ocean Warrior Helm
Grarrl Ocean Warrior Shirt
Grarrl Ocean Warrior Skirt
Grarrl Ocean Warrior Spear

4th October 2011

Outrageous Grarrl Wig
Outrageous Grarrl Shirt
Outrageous Grarrl Belt
Outrageous Grarrl Trousers
Outrageous Grarrl Makeup
Outrageous Grarrl Shoes
Outrageous Grarrl Gloves
Outrageous Grarrl Tie
Fancy Grarrl Wig
Fancy Grarrl Makeup
Fancy Grarrl Necklace
Fancy Grarrl Dress
Fancy Grarrl Shoes

4th October 2012

Neovian Gentleman Grarrl Hat
Neovian Gentleman Grarrl Shirt and Jacket
Neovian Gentleman Grarrl Cane
Neovian Gentleman Grarrl Trousers
Neovian Gentleman Grarrl Boots
Neovian Lady Grarrl Hat and Wig
Neovian Lady Grarrl Necklace
Neovian Lady Grarrl Dress
Neovian Lady Grarrl Parasol
Neovian Lady Grarrl Boots

4th October 2013

Grarrl Blacksmith Chainmail
Grarrl Blacksmith Trousers
Grarrl Blacksmith Apron
Grarrl Blacksmith Tail Guard
Grarrl Blacksmith Boots
Grarrl Blacksmith Hammer
Grarrl Enchantress Wig
Grarrl Enchantress Dress
Grarrl Enchantress Jewellery
Grarrl Enchantress Sandals
Grarrl Enchantress Staff

4th/5th October 2014

Trendy Grarrl Hat
Trendy Grarrl Jacket
Trendy Grarrl Shirt
Trendy Grarrl Shorts
Trendy Grarrl Shoes

3rd/4th October 2015

Grarrl Workout Sweatband and Wig
Grarrl Workout Top
Grarrl Workout Pants
Grarrl Workout Shoes

5th October 2016

Devil Grarrl Dress
Devil Grarrl Cape
Devil Grarrl Horn
Devil Grarrl Trident
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Pet Day: 24th August.

24th August 2007

I Club Sloth Grundo T-Shirt
Grundo Sloth Sock Puppet
Grundo Antennae Straps
Grundo Space Shoes
Grundo Space Goggles
Grundo Space Belt
Grundo Space Jacket

23rd/24th August 2008

Green Grundo Hoodie
Green Grundo Flip Flops
Pink Grundo Jogging Suit
Pink Grundo Antennae Warmers

25th August 2009

Grundo Miner Helmet
Grundo Miner Overalls
Grundo Miner Shoes
Grundo Miner Pick
Grundo Lunch Lady Hairnet
Grundo Lunch Lady Dress
Grundo Lunch Lady Shoes
Grundo Lunch Lady Spoon

24th August 2010

Sailor Grundo Hat
Sailor Grundo Trousers
Sailor Grundo Shirt
Sailor Grundo Shoes
Space Grundo Wig
Space Grundo Shirt
Space Grundo Shoes
Space Grundo Toy Gun

24th August 2011

Grundo Gentleman Hat
Grundo Gentleman Monocle and Moustache
Grundo Gentleman Shirt and Jacket
Grundo Gentleman Trousers and Shoes
Grundo Gentleman Cane
Grundo Engineer Wig
Grundo Engineer Jumpsuit
Grundo Engineer Belt
Grundo Engineer Boots
Grundo Engineer Wrench

24th/25th/26th August 2012

Grundo Programmer Wig
Grundo Programmer Glasses
Grundo Programmer Shirt
Grundo Programmer Trousers
Grundo Programmer Belt
Grundo Programmer Mug
Grundo Programmer Shoes
Geared Up Grundo Goggles
Geared Up Grundo Shirt
Geared Up Grundo Belt
Geared Up Grundo Vest
Geared Up Grundo Armour
Geared Up Grundo Trousers
Geared Up Grundo Shoes

22nd August 2013

Grundo Chef Hat
Grundo Chef Shirt
Grundo Chef Apron
Grundo Chef Trousers
Grundo Chef Shoes
Grundo Chef Spoon
Grundo Resistance Headset and Wig
Grundo Resistance Shirt
Grundo Resistance Blaster
Grundo Resistance Jet Pack
Grundo Resistance Trousers
Grundo Resistance Boots

23rd/24th August 2014

Casual Grundo Jumper
Casual Grundo Trousers
Casual Grundo Jacket
Casual Grundo Scarf

25th August 2015

Grundo Beach Hat
Grundo Beach Shirt
Grundo Beach Shorts
Grundo Beach Wayfarers
Grundo Beach Shoes

24th August 2016

Bright Red Grundo Hat
Bright Red Grundo Glasses
Bright Red Grundo Dress
Bright Red Grundo Shoes
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 4th May.

4th May 2007

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Hat
Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Chest Covering
Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Tail Covering
Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Gloves
Hissi Thief Hood
Hissi Thief Mask
Hissi Thief Gloves
Hissi Thief Shirt
Hissi Thief Belt
Hissi Thief Rope

6th May 2008

Hissi Knight Helmet
Hissi Knight Chestplate
Hissi Knight Gauntlets
Yellow Hissi Bonnet
Hissi Herder Staff
Yellow Hissi Sundress
Purple Hissi Turtleneck

5th May 2009

Pretty Pink and Black Hissi Dress
Pretty Pink Hissi Wig
Black Hissi Choker
Pretty Pink Hissi Purse
Cobrall Charming Hissi Flute
Cobrall Charming Hissi Wrap
Cobrall Charming Hissi Turban
Cobrall Charming Hissi Shirt
Cobrall Charming Hissi Necklace

4th May 2010

Hissi Pop Star Wig
Hissi Pop Star Dress
Hissi Pop Star Gloves
Hissi Pop Star Microphone
Hissi Swordsman Hat
Hissi Swordsman Coat
Hissi Swordsman Trousers
Hissi Swordsman Toy Sword

4th May 2011

Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Hat
Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Rose
Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Costume
Colourful Male Hissi Dancer Boots
Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Wig
Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Fan
Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Dress
Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Shoes

4th May 2012

Hissi Gentleman Hat
Hissi Gentleman Shirt and Waistcoat
Hissi Gentleman Trousers
Hissi Gentleman Shoes
Hissi Gentleman Jacket
Purple Hissi Wig
Purple Hissi Gloves
Purple Hissi Dress
Purple Hissi Anklet

4th/5th May 2013

Traditional Hissi Hat
Traditional Hissi Shirt
Traditional Hissi Trousers
Traditional Hissi Jacket
Decorative Hissi Wig and Hat
Decorative Hissi Dress
Decorative Hissi Necklace

6th May 2014

Hissi Ocean Warrior Helmet
Hissi Ocean Warrior Shirt
Hissi Ocean Warrior Trousers
Hissi Ocean Warrior Axe

5th May 2015

No new clothing released for Hissi in 2015!

5th May 2016

Hissi Ao Dai Hat
Hissi Ao Dai Top
Hissi Ao Dai Skirt
Hissi Ao Dai Necklace
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Pet Day: 11th July.

11th July 2007

Ixi Blue Bandana
Ixi Deluxe Gold Collar
Ixi Forest Hood
Ixi Forest Cape
Ixi Bandit Belt (not shown)
Ixi Bandit Leg Wrappings
Ixi Bandit Feathered Headband
Ixi Bandit Leather Pouch

11th July 2008

Purple Ixi Rain Hat
Purple Ixi Rain Coat
Green Ixi Pyjama Top
Green Ixi Pyjama Bottoms

11th/12th July 2009

Flowery Ixi Wig
Flowery Ixi Dress
Flowery Ixi Shoes
Ixi Aviator Sunglasses
Ixi Aviator Scarf
Ixi Aviator Shirt
Ixi Aviator Jacket
Ixi Aviator Trousers
Ixi Aviator Boots

10th/11th July 2010

Ixi Ranger Hat and Wig
Ixi Ranger Vest
Ixi Ranger Trousers
Ixi Ranger Shoes
Ixi Spacesuit
Ixi Space Helmet

12th July 2011

Adventurous Ixi Wig
Adventurous Ixi Tunic
Adventurous Ixi Trousers
Adventurous Ixi Belt and Sword
Adventurous Ixi Boots
Casual Ixi Hat
Casual Ixi Scarf
Casual Ixi Jacket
Casual Ixi Trousers

11th July 2012

Stunning Ixi Wig
Stunning Ixi Robe
Stunning Ixi Cloak
Stunning Ixi Gloves
Stunning Ixi Makeup
Fantastic Ixi Wig
Fantastic Ixi Robe
Fantastic Ixi Cloak
Fantastic Ixi Gloves

11th July 2013

Ixi Gentleman Hat
Ixi Gentleman Shirt and Waistcoat
Ixi Gentleman Trousers and Shoes
Ixi Gentleman Belt
Ixi Archer Wig
Ixi Archer Dress
Ixi Archer Boots
Ixi Archer Bow

11th July 2014

Debonair Ixi Wig
Debonair Ixi Shirt
Debonair Ixi Trousers
Debonair Ixi Jacket

14th/15th November 2015

Ixi Palm Sunglasses
Loud Flowery Ixi Shirt
Ixi Lei

12th July 2016

Folk Ixi Headband
Folk Ixi Dress
Folk Ixi Jacket
Folk Ixi Neckpiece
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 16th October.

16th October 2007

Jetsam Sea Captain Rain Slicker
Jetsam Sea Captain Rain Hat
Jetsam Pretty Bonnet
Jetsam Head Laser

16th October 2008

Jetsam Sushi Chef Hat
Jetsam Sushi Chef Toy Knife
Jetsam Sushi Chef Apron
Jetsam Concertina
Jetsam Muumuu

16th October 2009

Waterskiing Jetsam Trousers
Waterskiing Jetsam Skis
Waterskiing Jetsam Vest
Waterskiing Jetsam Shirt
Waterskiing Jetsam Rope
Cool Jetsam Trousers
Cool Jetsam Wig
Cool Jetsam Jacket
Cool Jetsam Shirt
Cool Jetsam Shoes

19th October 2010

Jetsam Witch Doctor Mask
Jetsam Witch Doctor Cloak
Jetsam Witch Doctor Trousers
Jetsam Witch Doctor Staff
Jetsam Witch Doctor Bracers
Jetsam Lunch Lady Wig
Jetsam Lunch Lady Gloves
Jetsam Lunch Lady Shoes
Jetsam Lunch Lady Apron
Jetsam Lunch Lady Spoon

18th October 2011

Sneaky Card Jetsam Hat
Sneaky Card Jetsam Cards
Sneaky Card Jetsam Shirt Vest and Tie
Sneaky Card Jetsam Jacket
Sneaky Card Jetsam Trousers
Sneaky Card Jetsam Shoes
Super Tough Jetsam Trousers
Super Tough Jetsam Shirt
Super Tough Jetsam Gloves
Super Tough Jetsam Wig
Super Tough Jetsam Glasses
Super Tough Jetsam Belt
Super Tough Jetsam Boots

16th October 2012

Jetsam Barbarian Shirt
Jetsam Barbarian Boots
Jetsam Barbarian Wig
Jetsam Barbarian Jacket
Jetsam Barbarian Trousers
Jetsam Wanderer Belt
Jetsam Wanderer Boots
Jetsam Wanderer Dress
Jetsam Wanderer Wig

16th October 2013

Jetsam Aviator Goggles
Jetsam Aviator Boots
Jetsam Aviator Gloves
Jetsam Aviator Jacket
Jetsam Aviator Trousers
Jetsam Warrior Wig
Jetsam Warrior Top
Jetsam Warrior Skirt
Jetsam Warrior Bracers

17th October 2014

Jetsam Maractite Armoured Helmet
Jetsam Maractite Armoured Top
Jetsam Maractite Armoured Trousers
Jetsam Maractite Armoured Tail Guard
Jetsam Maractite Armoured Gloves
Jetsam Maractite Armoured Boots

17th/18th October 2015

Jetsam Knight Tunic
Jetsam Knight Sword
Jetsam Knight Shield
Jetsam Knight Sandals
Jetsam Knight Helmet (not worn)

18th October 2016

Boho Jetsam Headband
Boho Jetsam Glasses
Boho Jetsam Top
Boho Jetsam Slacks
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Pet Day: 6th June.

6th June 2007

Red JubJub Hoodie
JubJub Rainbow Socks
JubJub Hard Hat
JubJub Coconut Watch

6th June 2008

Striped JubJub Beanie
Blue JubJub Sandals
Yellow JubJub Bow
Cloud JubJub Socks

6th/7th June 2009

JubJub Scrub Top
JubJub Scrub Trousers
JubJub Lab Coat
JubJub Reflector
JubJub Stethoscope
JubJub Sailor Hat
JubJub Sailor Dress

5th/6th June 2010

JubJub Clown Hat
JubJub Clown Overalls
JubJub Clown Shoes
JubJub Clown Facepaint
JubJub Tulip Maiden Wig
JubJub Tulip Maiden Dress
JubJub Tulip Maiden Clogs
JubJub Tulip Maiden Breadbasket

7th June 2011

JubJub Scientist Wig and Goggles
JubJub Scientist Coat
JubJub Scientist Gloves
JubJub Scientist Test Tube
Elegant JubJub Tiara
Elegant JubJub Dress
Elegant JubJub Earrings
Elegant JubJub Shoes

6th June 2012

JubJub Detective Hat
JubJub Detective Trench Coat
JubJub Detective Shirt and Tie
JubJub Detective Magnifying Glass
Trendy JubJub Hat and Wig
Trendy JubJub Dress
Trendy JubJub Jacket
Trendy JubJub Boots

6th June 2013

JubJub Moltara Inventor Hat and Wig
JubJub Moltara Inventor Moustache
JubJub Moltara Inventor Jacket
JubJub Moltara Inventor Shoes
JubJub Moltara Inventor Cane
JubJub Fashionable Hat and Wig
JubJub Fashionable Dress
JubJub Fashionable Gloves
JubJub Fashionable Purse

6th June 2014

Casual JubJub Cap
Casual JubJub Jumper
Casual JubJub Cape
Casual JubJub Shoes

12th August 2015

Florist JubJub Hat
Jubjub Goggles with Flowers
Flower Patchwork JubJub Coat
Floral JubJub Boots

7th June 2016

Jubjub Warrior Wig
Jubjub Warrior Dress
Jubjub Warrior Cape
Jubjub Warrior Sword
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Pet Day: 29th January.

29th January 2008

Clown Kacheek Wig
Clown Kacheek Shirt
Clown Kacheek Shoes
Clown Kacheek Trousers
Pink Kacheek Bathing Suit
30 proof Kacheek Sun Screen
Pink Kacheek Bathing Cap
Kacheek Shell Goggles

29th January 2009

Kacheek Farm Girl Wig
Kacheek Farm Girl Shirt
Kacheek Farm Girl Skirt
Kacheek Farm Girl Shoes
Kacheek Tourist Visor
Kacheek Tourist Glasses
Kacheek Tourist Shirt
Kacheek Tourist Shorts
Kacheek Tourist Belt
Kacheek Tourist Shoes

29th January 2010

Kacheek Pyjama Cap
Kacheek Pyjama Gown
Kacheek Pyjama Slippers
Kacheek Pyjama Doll
Kacheek Mail Carrier Cap
Kacheek Mail Carrier Jacket
Kacheek Mail Carrier Trousers
Kacheek Mail Carrier Shoes
Kacheek Mail Carrier Bag
Kacheek Mail Carrier Package

29th/30th January 2011

Elegant Kacheek Warrior Wig
Elegant Kacheek Warrior Dress
Elegant Kacheek Warrior Cape
Elegant Kacheek Warrior Hand Wrap
Elegant Kacheek Warrior Boots
Fancy Kacheek Uniform Jacket
Fancy Kacheek Uniform Trousers
Fancy Kacheek Uniform Gloves
Fancy Kacheek Uniform Shoes
Fancy Kacheek Uniform Sword

28th/29th January 2012

Lovely Kacheek Wig
Lovely Kacheek Dress
Lovely Kacheek Tail Cover
Lovely Kacheek Shoes
Lovely Kacheek Staff
Kacheek Mage Wig and Crown
Kacheek Mage Robes
Kacheek Mage Cape
Kacheek Mage Shoes
Kacheek Mage Staff

29th January 2013

Proper Lady Kacheek Hat and Wig
Proper Lady Kacheek Jacket
Proper Lady Kacheek Skirt
Proper Lady Kacheek Gloves
Kacheek Minstrel Hat and Wig
Kacheek Minstrel Tunic
Kacheek Minstrel Tights and Shoes
Kacheek Minstrel Flute

29th January 2014

Rugged Kacheek Beard and Wig
Rugged Kacheek Shirt and Waistcoat
Rugged Kacheek Trousers
Rugged Kacheek Boots
Rugged Kacheek Keys
Nature Kacheek Wig
Nature Kacheek Dress
Nature Kacheek Sprig
Nature Kacheek Necklace

29th January 2015

Pleasant Kacheek Wig
Pleasant Kacheek Jumper
Pleasant Kacheek Skirt
Pleasant Kacheek Tights and Shoes

30th/31st January 2016

Kacheek Fishing Hat
Kacheek Fishing Top
Kacheek Fishing Trousers
Kacheek Fishing Shoes
Kacheek Fishing Rod
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Pet Day: 19th June.

19th June 2007

Kauboy Hat
Kauboy Badge
Kauboy Vest
Kauboy Trousers
Kauboy Boots

19th June 2008

Milk Maid Kau Bandana
Milk Maid Kau Blouse
Milk Maid Kau Skirt
Milk Maid Kau Shoes
Milk Maid Kau Milk Jug
Milkman Kau Hat
Milkman Kau Coat
Milkman Kau Trousers
Milkman Kau Shoes
Milkman Kau Milk

19th June 2009

Pretty Kau Cloud Dress
Pretty Brown Kau Wig
Pretty Kau Cloud Shoes
Kau Sun Earrings
Space Kau Helmet
Space Kau Jacket
Space Kau Trousers
Space Kau Boots
Space Kau Belt

19th/20th June 2010

Elegant Kau Collar
Elegant Kau Gown
Elegant Kau Pearls
Elegant Kau Fan
Dashing Kau Hat
Dashing Kau Jacket
Dashing Kau Trousers
Dashing Kau Shoes
Dashing Kau Cape

21st June 2011

Cozy Kau Hat
Cozy Kau Dress
Cozy Kau Shoes
Cozy Kau Sunglasses
Kau Sheriff Hat
Kau Sheriff Shirt
Kau Sheriff Trousers
Kau Sheriff Shoes

19th June 2012

Country Kau Wig
Country Kau Dress
Country Kau Shoes
Country Kau Flower Basket
Kau Farmer Hat and Wig
Kau Farmer Shirt
Kau Farmer Overalls
Kau Farmer Boots
Kau Farmer Bucket of Corn

19th June 2013

Kau Sorceress Wig
Kau Sorceress Dress
Kau Sorceress Gloves
Kau Sorceress Sandals
Kau Sorceress Necklace
Moltaran Inventor Kau Hat
Moltaran Inventor Kau Goggles
Moltaran Inventor Kau Jacket
Moltaran Inventor Kau Trousers
Moltaran Inventor Kau Boots

19th June 2014

Tough Kau Wig
Tough Kau Shirt
Tough Kau Trousers and Shoes
Tough Kau Gloves

19th June 2015

Metallic Kau Scarf
Metallic Kau Onesie_ (without the underscore)
Metallic Kau Boots.

18/19th June 2016

Matador Kau Hat
Matador Kau Top
Matador Kau Pants
Matador Kau Shoes
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 17th July.

17th July 2007

Kiko Space Exploration Suit
Kiko Space Exploration Helmet
Kiko Space Exploration Gloves
Kiko Toy Communicator
Kiko Drummer Headband
Kiko Drummer Sun Glasses
Kiko Drummer Drumsticks

17th July 2008

Lime Green Kiko Plaster
Black Kiko Plaster (not shown)
Rainbow Kiko Plaster(not shown)
Starry Kiko Plaster(not shown)
Fancy Pink Kiko Dress Kiko Diving Suit

17th July 2009

Kiko Towel
Kiko Scrub Brush
Kiko Shower Cap
Kiko Explorer Hat
Kiko Explorer Map
Kiko Explorer Rope

17th /18th July 2010

Kiko Altador Heroine Wig
Kiko Altador Heroine Dress
Kiko Altador Heroine Bracelet
Kiko Altador Heroine Sceptre
Kiko Wizard Hat
Kiko Wizard Robe
Kiko Wizard Gloves
Kiko Wizard Staff

19th July 2011

Colourful Female Kiko Dancer Wig
Colourful Female Kiko Dancer Dress
Colourful Female Kiko Dancer Fan
Colourful Female Kiko Dancer Tambourine
Kiko Pilot Hat
Kiko Pilot Suit
Kiko Pilot Suitcase
Kiko Pilot Sunglasses

17th July 2012

Simple Cotton Kiko Hat
Simple Cotton Kiko Dress
Simple Cotton Kiko Sweater
Simple Cotton Kiko Gloves
Casual Kiko Wig
Casual Kiko Jacket
Casual Kiko Shirt
Casual Kiko Scarf
Casual Kiko Satchel

17th July 2013

Bronze Kiko Helmet
Bronze Kiko Armour
Bronze Kiko Shield
Bronze Kiko Spear
Feepit Kiko Hat
Feepit Kiko Costume Top
Feepit Kiko Gloves
Feepit Kiko Costume Tail

17th July 2014

Super Hip Kiko Hat
Super Hip Kiko Shirt
Super Hip Kiko Trousers
Super Hip Kiko Glasses

10th November 2015

Cowboy Kiko Hat
Cowboy Kiko Scarf
Cowboy Kiko Shirt and Vest

16th/17th July 2016

Summer Festival Kiko Hat
Summer Festival Kiko Wig
Summer Festival Kiko Dress
Summer Festival Kiko Bouquet
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 25th May.

25th May 2007

Koi Shell Tiara
Koi Shell Lei
Koi Life Preserver

24th/25th May 2008

Golden Koi Bracelet
Yellow Polka Dot Koi Dress
Koi Spelunker Jumper
Koi Spelunker Helmet
Koi Spelunker Backpack
Koi Spelunker Rope

23rd/24th May 2009

Groovy Koi Wristband
Groovy Koi Sweatband
Groovy Koi Workout Trousers
Groovy Koi Workout Shirt
Groovy Koi Dumbells
Maractite Koi Trousers
Maractite Koi Helmet
Maractite Koi Gloves
Lustrous Pearl Koi Staff

25th May 2010

Koi Ocean Lord Crown
Koi Ocean Lord Toga
Koi Ocean Lord Trident
Koi Fisherman Hat
Koi Fisherman Shirt
Koi Fisherman Waders
Koi Fisherman Pole

25th May 2011

Female Gypsy Koi Skirt
Female Gypsy Koi Hat
Female Gypsy Koi Jacket
Female Gypsy Koi Coat
Female Gypsy Koi Crystal Ball
Male Gypsy Koi Headband
Male Gypsy Koi Necklace
Male Gypsy Koi Shirt
Male Gypsy Koi Trousers
Male Gypsy Koi Belt
Male Gypsy Koi

25th May 2012

Fashionable Koi Wig and Hat
Fashionable Koi Necklace
Fashionable Koi Dress
Fashionable Koi Shoes
Fashionable Koi Purse
Koi Concert Violinist Wig
Koi Concert Violinist Shirt and Jacket
Koi Concert Violinist Trousers
Koi Concert Violinist Shoes
Koi Concert Violinist Violin

25th/26th/27th May 2012

Ocean Koi Wig
Ocean Koi Bracelet
Ocean Koi Top
Ocean Koi Skirt
Koi Captain Hat
Koi Captain Jacket
Koi Captain Trousers and Shoes
Koi Captain Telescope

23rd/24th/25th/26th May 2014

Koi Scientist Wig
Koi Scientist Glasses
Koi Scientist Coat
Koi Scientist Trousers and Shoes
Koi Scientist Flasks

22nd/23rd/24th/25th May 2015

No new clothing released for Koi in 2015!

25th May 2016

Koi Rag Doll Wig
Koi Rag Doll Dress
Koi Rag Doll Apron
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Pet Day: 26th October.

26th October 2007

Gothic Korbat Wig
Gothic Korbat Skirt
Gothic Korbat Shirt
Gothic Korbat Nail Varnish
Korbat Aviator Shirt
Korbat Aviator Scarf
Korbat Aviator Trousers
Korbat Aviator Jacket
Korbat Aviator Helmet

25th/26th October 2008

Flowery Korbat Dress Korbat Miner Headtorch
Korbat Miner Coveralls
Korbat Miner Gloves
Korbat Miner Shoes
Korbat Miner Tail Cover

27th October 2009

Korbat Scientist Beaker
Korbat Scientist Glasses
Korbat Scientist Gloves
Korbat Scientist Gown
Korbat Scientist Shoes
Korbat Scientist Wig
Korbat Jockey Gloves
Korbat Jockey Hat
Korbat Jockey Jacket
Korbat Jockey Trousers
Korbat Jockey Shoes

26th October 2010

Dark Korbat Hero Body Armour
Dark Korbat Hero Tail Armour
Dark Korbat Hero Wing Armour
Dark Korbat Hero Gloves
Dark Korbat Hero Mask
Simple Korbat Peasant Hat
Simple Korbat Peasant Gloves
Simple Korbat Peasant Apron
Simple Korbat Peasant Shoes
Simple Korbat Peasant Dress

26th October 2011

YEAAAAAH Awesome Korbat Sunglasses
YEAAAAAH Awesome Korbat Jacket
YEAAAAAH Awesome Korbat Trousers
YEAAAAAH Awesome Korbat Wig
YEAAAAAH Awesome Korbat Shoes
YEAAAAAH Awesome Korbat Magnifying Glass
Trendy Korbat Wig and Hat
Trendy Korbat Skirt
Trendy Korbat Shirt
Trendy Korbat Boots
Trendy Korbat Gloves

26th October 2012

Winter Korbat Warrior Hood
Winter Korbat Warrior Gloves
Winter Korbat Warrior Tunic
Winter Korbat Warrior Boots
Winter Korbat Warrior Belt and Swords
Beautiful Floral Korbat Wig
Beautiful Floral Korbat Dress
Beautiful Floral Korbat Sash
Beautiful Floral Korbat Sandals
Beautiful Floral Korbat Necklace

26th/27th October 2013

Neovian Gentleman Korbat Wig and Hat
Neovian Gentleman Korbat Monocle
Neovian Gentleman Korbat Top and Cape
Neovian Gentleman Korbat Trousers
Neovian Gentleman Korbat Shoes
Neovian Gentleman Korbat Cane
Shining Korbat Wig
Shining Korbat Dress
Shining Korbat Staff
Shining Korbat Tiara

25th/26th October 2014

Daring Korbat Headband
Daring Korbat Shirt
Daring Korbat Trousers
Daring Korbat Belt
Daring Korbat Cape
Daring Korbat Shoes

27th October 2015

Korbat Forest Ranger Hat
Korbat Forest Ranger Shirt
Korbat Forest Ranger Pants
Korbat Forest Ranger Boots
Korbat Forest Ranger Binoculars

27th October 2016

Frillkin Korbat Wig
Frillkin Korbat Hat
Frillkin Korbat Dress
Frillkin Korbat Gloves
Frillkin Korbat Shoes
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Pet Day: 22nd April.

21st/22nd April 2007

Kougra Adventurer Boots
Kougra Adventurer Hat
Kougra Adventurer Shirt
Kougra Adventurer Shorts

22nd April 2008

Kougra Sailor Top
Kougra Sailor Hat
Kougra Sailor Trousers
Kougra Buzzer Headband
Kougra Buzzer Costume Slacks
Kougra Buzzer Costume Shirt
Kougra Buzzer Costume Wings

22nd April 2009

Kougra Space Suit
Kougra Space Boots
Kougra Space Helmet
Pink Flowered Kougra Dress
Kougra Island Flower
Kougra Flower Lei

22nd April 2010

Kougra Warrior Princess Toy Weapons
Kougra Warrior Princess Trousers
Kougra Warrior Princess Dress
Kougra Warrior Princess Helm
Kougra Noil Tamer Hat
Kougra Noil Tamer Jacket
Kougra Noil Tamer Moustache
Kougra Noil Tamer Trousers

22nd April 2011

Winter Ranger Kougra Bracers
Winter Ranger Kougra Eyepatch
Winter Ranger Kougra Jacket
Winter Ranger Kougra Sword
Winter Ranger Kougra Trousers
Winter Ranger Kougra Shoes
Kougra Altador Heroine Wig
Kougra Altador Heroine Necklace
Kougra Altador Heroine Dress
Kougra Altador Heroine Shoes

24th April 2012

Gothic Kougra Mask
Gothic Kougra Wig
Gothic Kougra Jacket
Gothic Kougra Trousers
Gothic Kougra Shoes
Green Kougra Wig
Green Kougra Skirt
Green Kougra Bracelet
Green Kougra Shirt
Green Kougra Shoes

23rd April 2013

Evening Kougra Dress
Evening Kougra Wig
Evening Kougra Earrings
Evening Kougra Bangles
Evening Kougra Necklace
Evening Kougra Shoes
Bold Kougra Cape
Bold Kougra Wig
Bold Kougra Shirt
Bold Kougra Trousers
Bold Kougra Boots

22nd April 2014

Summertime Kougra Shirt
Summertime Kougra Jacket
Summertime Kougra Dress
Summertime Kougra Trousers

22nd April 2015

No new clothing released for Kougras in 2015!

23rd/24th April 2016

Shenkuu Kougra Warrior Helmet
Shenkuu Kougra Warrior Top
Shenkuu Kougra Warrior Trousers
Shenkuu Kougra Warrior Sword
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Pet Day: 16th April.

17th April 2007

Sinister Krawk Neovian Jacket
Sinister Krawk Neovian Shirt
Sinister Krawk Neovian Trousers
Sinister Krawk Neovian Shoes
Sinister Krawk Neovian Top Hat

16th April 2008

Purple Krawk Cloak
Pink Krawk Hair
Jagged Purple Krawk Trousers
Purple Krawk Top
Pink and Purple Krawk Shoes
Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Arm Bands
Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Toy Axe
Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Hood
Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Trousers

16th April 2009

Rock Krawk Protective Helmet
Warm Krawk Utility Jacket
Krawk Rock Pick
Krawk Climbing Rope
Krawk Hiking Trousers and Boots
Krawk Blue Bath Robe
Tacky Krawk Shower Cap
Yellow and Blue Krawk Slippers

16th April 2010

Krawk Flapper Dress
Krawk Flapper Headband
Krawk Flapper Necklace
Krawk Flapper Shoes
Krawk Sleuth Jacket
Krawk Sleuth Magnifying Glass
Krawk Sleuth Shoes
Krawk Sleuth Trousers
Krawk Sleuth Hat

16th/17th April 2011

Spring Time Male Krawk Hat
Spring Time Male Krawk Shirt
Spring Time Male Krawk Trousers
Spring Time Male Krawk Shoes
Spring Time Female Krawk Bouquet
Spring Time Female Krawk Dress
Spring Time Female Krawk Shoes
Spring Time Female Krawk Bonnet

17th April 2012

Krawk Wizard Hood
Krawk Wizard Cloak
Krawk Wizard Shoes
Krawk Wizard Staff
Krawk Wizard Beard
Little Red Riding Hood Krawk Basket
Little Red Riding Hood Krawk Dress
Little Red Riding Hood Krawk Cloak
Little Red Riding Hood Krawk Shoes

16th April 2013

Krawk Foreman Hat
Krawk Foreman Shirt
Krawk Foreman Jacket
Krawk Foreman Trousers
Krawk Foreman Shoes
Krawk Foreman Cane
Extravagant Krawk Hat
Extravagant Krawk Dress
Extravagant Krawk Choker
Extravagant Krawk Gloves
Extravagant Krawk Shoes

16th April 2014

Fashionable Krawk Wig
Fashionable Krawk Shrug
Fashionable Krawk Trousers
Fashionable Krawk Boots

16th April 2015

No new clothing released for Krawks in 2015!

16th/17th April 2016

Krawk Mariachi Hat
Krawk Mariachi Shirt and Jacket
Krawk Mariachi Trousers
Krawk Mariachi Shoes
Krawk Mariachi Guitar
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Pet Day: 29th August.

29th August 2007

Kyrii Mage Robe
Kyrii Mage Cape
Kyrii Mage Bracers
Kyrii Mage Circlet
Kyrii Mage Sandals
Kyrii I Hate Apples Sign
Kyrii Playing Cards
Kyrii Shooting Star Barrette

29th August 2008

Red Plaid Kyrii Dress Kyrii Guru Hat
Kyrii Guru Jacket
Kyrii Guru Trousers
Kyrii Guru Ring

1st September 2009

Kyrii Hostess Necklace
Kyrii Hostess Dress
Kyrii Hostess Dress Shoes
Kyrii Hostess Gloves
Kyrii Hostess Bracelets
Kyrii Host Microphone
Kyrii Host Jacket
Kyrii Host Trousers
Kyrii Host Shoes
Kyrii Host Belt

28th/29th August 2010

Kyrii Peasant Wig and Bonnet
Kyrii Peasant Bodice and Top
Kyrii Peasant Skirt and Apron
Kyrii Peasant Slippers
Kyrii Peasant Spoon
Kyrii Swordsman Hat
Kyrii Swordsman Shirt and Tunic
Kyrii Swordsman Boots and Trousers
Kyrii Swordsman Gloves
Kyrii Swordsman Sword

30th August 2011

Pretty Kyrii Dress
Pretty Kyrii Leggings
Pretty Kyrii Boots
Pretty Kyrii Purse
Rugged Kyrii Stubble
Rugged Kyrii Jacket
Rugged Kyrii Trousers
Rugged Kyrii Sweater
Rugged Kyrii Boots

29th August 2012

Kyrii Fashionista Wig
Kyrii Fashionista Shirt
Kyrii Fashionista Belt and Trousers
Kyrii Fashionista Shoes
Kyrii Fashionista Bag
Kyrii Fashionista Accessories
Kyrii Busker Hat and Wig
Kyrii Busker Shirt and Waistcoat
Kyrii Busker Trousers
Kyrii Busker Shoes
Kyrii Busker Guitar

29th August 2013

Kyrii Warrior Helmet
Kyrii Warrior Armour
Kyrii Warrior Shield
Kyrii Warrior Gloves
Kyrii Warrior Boots
Dangerous Kyrii Wig
Dangerous Kyrii Dress
Dangerous Kyrii Gloves
Dangerous Kyrii Shoes
Dangerous Kyrii Sword
Dangerous Kyrii Dagger
Dangerous Kyrii Book

29th/30th August 2015

No new clothing released for Kyrii in 2015!

29th August 2014

Kyrii Rogue Shirt
Kyrii Rogue Trousers
Kyrii Rogue Cloak
Kyrii Rogue Gloves

30th August 2016

White Twirly Kyrii Scarf
White Twirly Kyrii Dress
White Twirly Kyrii Belt
White Twirly Kyrii Necklace
White Twirly Kyrii Bracelet
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Pet Day: 12th February.

12th February 2008

Lenny Wizard Magic Wand
Lenny Wizard Hat
Wooden Lenny Clogs
Fake White Lenny Beard
Blue Lenny Kimono
Lenny Wizard Robe (not shown)

12th February 2009

Sweet Purple Lenny Wig
Feminine Striped Lenny Top
Silly Pink and Purple Lenny Trousers
Fun Green Lenny Shoes
Orange Plaid Lenny Newsboy Hat
Red Lenny Vest and Shirt
Green Stripe Lenny Trousers
Simple Brown Lenny Shoes

12th February 2010

Lenny Librarian Hair
Lenny Librarian Glasses
Lenny Librarian Sweater
Lenny Librarian Skirt
Lenny Librarian Book
Lenny Librarian Shoes
Lenny Farmer Hat
Lenny Farmer Shirt
Lenny Farmer Trousers
Lenny Farmer Pitchfork

12th/13th February 2011

Fancy Lenny Hat
Fancy Lenny Fan
Fancy Lenny Necklace
Fancy Lenny Dress
Fancy Lenny Shoes
Lenny Archer Hat
Lenny Archer Jacket
Lenny Archer Tights
Lenny Archer Boots
Lenny Archer Horn

11th/12th February 2012

Lenny Time Traveller Hat and Wig
Lenny Time Traveller Shirt and Vest
Lenny Time Traveller Skirt
Lenny Time Traveller Boots
Lenny Time Traveller Watch
Neovian Lenny Gentleman Wig
Neovian Lenny Gentleman Jacket
Neovian Lenny Gentleman Shirt and Waistcoat
Neovian Lenny Gentleman Boots
Neovian Lenny Gentleman Trousers
Neovian Lenny Gentleman Cane

12th February 2013

Daring Adventurer Lenny Wig and Cloak
Daring Adventurer Lenny Shirt and Waistcoat
Daring Adventurer Lenny Trousers
Daring Adventurer Lenny Boots
Lenny Plague Doctor Hat
Lenny Plague Doctor Mask
Lenny Plague Doctor Robe
Lenny Plague Doctor Gloves
Lenny Plague Doctor Book
Lenny Plague Doctor Staff

12th February 2014

Lenny Gentleman Hat and Wig
Lenny Gentleman Jacket
Lenny Gentleman Shirt and Waistcoat
Lenny Gentleman Trousers
Lenny Gentleman Gloves
Lenny Gentleman Shoes
Lenny Gentleman Spectacles
Lady Lenny Wig
Lady Lenny Dress
Lady Lenny Sash
Lady Lenny Gloves
Lady Lenny Shoes

12th February 2015

Lenny Pop Star Wig
Lenny Pop Star Jacket
Lenny Pop Star Shirt
Lenny Pop Star Trousers
Lenny Pop Star Shoes

18th February 2016

Lenny Ballerina Wig
Lenny Ballerina Top
Lenny Ballerina Tutu
Lenny Ballerina Shoes
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Pet Day: 2nd May.

2nd May 2007

Lupe Chia Costume Lupe Hero Cape
Lupe Hero Suit
Lupe Hero Mask
Lupe Hero Wrist Guards

2nd May 2008

Chia Fruit Lupe Hat
Lupe Dance Show Makeup
Multi-coloured Lupe Ruffle Dress
Red Lupe Scarf
Simple Blue Lupe Hat
Ruffled Lupe Shirt
Blue and White Striped Lupe Trousers
Spiffy Lupe Moustache

2nd/3rd May 2009

Purple Lupe Pyjamas
Purple Lupe Pyjamas Hat
Lupe Patchwork Chia Doll
Lupe Fishing Hat
Lupe Fishing Shirt
Lupe Fishing Pole

1st/2nd May 2010

Lupe Grandma Blouse
Lupe Grandma Skirt
Lupe Grandma Spectacles
Lupe Grandma Curlers
Lupe Grandma Slippers
Lupe Hunter Cap
Lupe Hunter Scarf
Lupe Hunter Jacket
Lupe Hunter Trousers
Lupe Hunter Boots

3rd May 2011

Warrior Lupe Maiden Wig and Helmet
Warrior Lupe Maiden Armour
Warrior Lupe Maiden Necklace
Warrior Lupe Maiden Bracers
Warrior Lupe Maiden Shoes
Warrior Lupe Maiden Sword
Lupe Knight Helm
Lupe Knight Top Armour
Lupe Knight Bottom Armour
Lupe Knight Tail Armour
Lupe Knight Foot Armour
Lupe Knight Sword

2nd May 2012

Charming Lupe Hat and Wig
Charming Lupe Glasses
Charming Lupe Dress
Charming Lupe Tights and Shoes
Charming Lupe Scarf
Lupe Vagabond Wig
Lupe Vagabond Jacket
Lupe Vagabond Trousers
Lupe Vagabond Gauntlets
Lupe Vagabond Boots
Lupe Vagabond Sword

2nd May 2013

On the Go Lupe Wig
On the Go Lupe Jacket
On the Go Lupe Skirt
On the Go Lupe Shoes
On the Go Lupe Luggage
Chef Lupe Hat and Wig
Chef Lupe Jacket
Chef Lupe Trousers
Chef Lupe Moustache
Chef Lupe Shoes
Chef Lupe Cutting Board

2nd May 2014

Elegant Lupe Wig
Elegant Lupe Dress
Elegant Lupe Jacket
Elegant Lupe Glasses

2nd/3rd May 2015

No new clothing released for Lupes in 2015!

3rd May 2016

Tribal Lupe Wig
Tribal Lupe Top
Tribal Lupe Trousers
Tribal Lupe Spear
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 19th April.

19th/20th April 2008

Simple Starfish Lutari Necklace(not shown)
Fancy Orange Lutari Hat
Fancy Orange Lutari Dress
Futuristic Lutari Diving Pack
Futuristic Lutari Diving Shorts
Futuristic Lutari Diving Boots
Futuristic Lutari Diving Shirt
Futuristic Lutari Diving Helmet
Futuristic Lutari Diving Gloves(not shown)

18th/19th April 2009

Purple Lutari Cloche
Pretty Purple Lutari Dress
Purple Lutari Shoes
Lutari Band Leader Hat
Lutari Band Leader Baton
Lutari Band Leader Jacket
Lutari Band Leader Trousers and shoes
Lutari Band Leader Gloves

20th April 2010

Lutari Sweet Little Sailor Shoes
Lutari Sweet Little Sailor Wig
Lutari Sweet Little Sailor Dress
Lutari Sweet Little Sailor Lolly
Lutari Aviator Tail Belt
Lutari Aviator Cap
Lutari Aviator Jacket
Lutari Aviator Trousers
Lutari Aviator Belt

19th April 2011

Lutari Rollerskate Waitress Wig
Lutari Rollerskate Waitress Dress
Lutari Rollerskate Waitress Skates
Lutari Rollerskate Waitress Tray
Lutari Aristocrat Wig
Lutari Aristocrat Jacket
Lutari Aristocrat Cane
Lutari Aristocrat Shoes

19th April 2012

Elegant Lutari Wig
Elegant Lutari Dress
Elegant Lutari Necklace
Elegant Lutari Gloves
Elegant Lutari Shoes
Lutari Gentleman Hat
Lutari Gentleman Jacket
Lutari Gentleman Monocle
Lutari Gentleman Trousers
Lutari Gentleman Shoes

19th April 2013

Lutari Baker Wig
Lutari Baker Dress
Lutari Baker Necklace
Lutari Baker Bread Basket
Lutari Baker Shoes
Lutari Rogue Hood
Lutari Rogue Armour
Lutari Rogue Bracers
Lutari Rogue Cape
Lutari Rogue Trousers and Shoes

19/20th April 2014

Lutari Archaeologist Shirt and Waistcoat
Lutari Archaeologist Skirt
Lutari Archaeologist Boots

23rd April 2015

No new clothing released for Lutari in 2015!

20th April 2016

Lutari Knight Helmet
Lutari Knight Tunic
Lutari Knight Cape
Lutari Knight Gloves
Lutari Knight Shoes
Lutari Knight Sword
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Clothes for Maraquan Pets:

21st May 2013

NB: These items cannot be worn by maraquan species released after 21.05.13 (ie. Wocky, Yurble, Xweetok).
Golden Maraquan Trident
Maraquan Fin Wings
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Pet Day: 18th August.

18th/19th August 2007

(Left) Pink Meerca Tail Bows
Ferocious Negg Suit
Meerca Negg Sneakers
(Right) Meerca Thieving Beanie
Meerca Thieving Garb

16th/17th August 2008

Fish Negg
Meerca Costume
Pretty Green Meerca Dress

18th August 2009

Meerca Bellhop Hat
Meerca Bellhop Jacket
Meerca Bellhop Trousers
Meerca Bellhop Shoes
Meerca Bellhop Trolley
Meerca Maid Wig
Meerca Maid Dress
Meerca Maid Bloomers
Meerca Maid Shoes
Meerca Maid Tray

18th August 2010

Meerca Magician Hat
Meerca Magician Jacket
Meerca Magician Trousers
Meerca Magician Shoes
Meerca Magician Moustache
Meerca Magician Wand
Morning Meerca Cap
Morning Meerca Gown
Morning Meerca Slippers
Morning Meerca Mug

18th August 2011

Meerca Worker Hat
Meerca Worker Shirt
Meerca Worker Boots
Meerca Worker Belt
Meerca Worker Hammer
Dusty Meerca Wig
Dusty Meerca Shirt
Dusty Meerca Trousers
Dusty Meerca Belt
Dusty Meerca Shoes

17th August 2012

Meerca Wig and Goggles
Meerca Jacket
Meerca Trousers
Meerca Boots
Meerca Belt
Meerca Gloves
Professor Meerca Jacket
Professor Meerca Wig
Professor Meerca Trousers
Professor Meerca Shoes
Professor Meerca Glasses

17th/18th August 2013

Punk Meerca Wig
Punk Meerca Jacket
Punk Meerca Trousers
Punk Meerca Shoes
Punk Meerca Makeup
Punk Meerca Gloves
Retro Meerca Shirt and Jacket
Retro Meerca Wig
Retro Meerca Skirt
Retro Meerca Shoes
Retro Meerca Handbag
Retro Meerca Jewellery

16th/17th August 2014

Meerca Nominee Wig
Meerca Nominee Dress
Meerca Nominee Shoes
Meerca Nominee Trophy

19th August 2015

Meerca Wizard Hat
Meerca Wizard Robe
Meerca Wizard Shoes
Meerca Wizard Wand

18th August 2016

Geometric Meerca Hat
Geometric Meerca Bag
Geometric Meerca Dress
Geometric Meerca Shoes
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Pet Day: 14th May.

15th May 2007

Moehog Sweatband
Moehog Sweat Towel
Moehog Sneakers
Moehog Workout Bag
Moehog Ankle Sweatbands

14th May 2008

Moehog Poet Shirt
Moehog Poet Trousers
Moehog Poet Hat
Black Sparkle Moehog Dress
Adorable Black Moehog Shoes
White Moehog Boa

14th May 2009

Punk Moehog Piercings
Punk Moehog Trousers
Punk Moehog Jacket
Checkered Moehog Dress
Checkered Moehog Bow
Red Moehog Shoes

14th May 2010

Scary Moehog Hat
Scary Moehog Trousers
Scary Moehog Shirt
Scary Moehog Shoes
Moehog Flapper Dress
Moehog Flapper Gloves
Moehog Flapper Headband
Moehog Flapper Necklace
Moehog Flapper Shoes

13th May 2011

Moehog Bowling Equipment
Moehog Bowling Shorts
Moehog Bowling Shirt
Moehog Bowling Shoes
Glamorous Moehog Dress
Glamorous Moehog Gloves
Glamorous Moehog Hat
Glamorous Moehog Shoes

15th May 2012

Super Tough Moehog Hat
Super Tough Moehog Jacket
Super Tough Moehog Trousers
Super Tough Moehog Shoes
Purple Moehog Earring Right
Purple Moehog Earring Left
Purple Moehog Necklace
Purple Moehog Top
Purple Moehog Skirt
Purple Moehog Hat
Purple Moehog Shoes

14th May 2013

Moehog Warrior Body Armour
Moehog Warrior Trousers
Moehog Warrior Gloves
Moehog Warrior Boots
Stylish Moehog Hat and Wig
Stylish Moehog Dress
Stylish Moehog Purse
Stylish Moehog Shoes

14th May 2014

Moehog Archer Mask and Cloak
Moehog Archer Shirt
Moehog Archer Skirt
Moehog Archer Bow and Quiver

14th May 2015

No new clothing released for Moehogs in 2015!

14th/15th May 2016

Moehog Card King Crown
Moehog Card King Moustache
Moehog Card King Outfit
Moehog Card King Shoes
Moehog Card King Sword
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Clothes for Mutant Pets:

Mutant Day: 25th August.

21st June 2013

NB: Mutant pet species released after 2012 (ie. Mutant Poogle) may not be able to wear these items.
Mutant Staff of Foulness
Mutant Staff of Darkness

23rd August 2013

NB: Mutant pet species released after 2012 (ie. Mutant Poogle) may not be able to wear this item.
Mutant Tentacle Wig

14th December 2013

Mutant Stylish Wig

26th August 2014

Dark Mutant Lantern
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Pet Day: 22nd February.

22nd February 2008

Banana Mynci Shorts
Banana Mynci Shirt
Banana Mynci Slippers
Mynci Riding Boots
Mynci Riding Gloves
Mynci Riding Hat
Mynci Riding Trousers
Mynci Riding Shirt

21st/22nd February 2009

Cute Mynci Dress
Cute Mynci Jewels
Cute Mynci Necklace
Cute Mynci Shoes
Musical Mynci Shoes
Musical Mynci Scarf
Musical Mynci Hat
Musical Mynci Trousers
Musical Mynci Shirt

24th February 2010

Mynci Spa Robe
Mynci Spa Towel
Mynci Spa Slippers
Mynci Explorer Boots
Mynci Explorer Satchel
Mynci Explorer Hat
Mynci Explorer Trousers
Mynci Explorer Jacket

23rd February 2011

Mynci Zoot Suit Hat
Mynci Zoot Suit Jacket
Mynci Zoot Suit Belt
Mynci Zoot Suit Trousers
Mynci Zoot Suit Shoes
Ostentatious Mynci Dress
Ostentatious Mynci Tights and Shoes
Ostentatious Mynci Hat
Ostentatious Mynci Bracelet
Ostentatious Mynci Necklace

23rd February 2012

Desert Vendor Mynci Hat
Desert Vendor Mynci Vest
Desert Vendor Mynci Shirt
Desert Vendor Mynci Trousers
Desert Vendor Mynci Shoes
Mynci Ranger Armour
Mynci Ranger Cape
Mynci Ranger Helm
Mynci Ranger Boots
Mynci Ranger Sword

22nd February 2013

Administrative Assistant Mynci Wig
Administrative Assistant Mynci Dress
Administrative Assistant Mynci Glasses
Administrative Assistant Mynci Shoes
Administrative Assistant Mynci Paperwork
Administrative Assistant Mynci Quill Pen
Mynci Warrior Helmet
Mynci Warrior Mail Shirt
Mynci Warrior Shoulder Armour
Mynci Warrior Leather Jacket
Mynci Warrior Trousers
Mynci Warrior Armoured Boots

22nd/23rd February 2014

Gentleman Mynci Hat and Wig
Gentleman Mynci Jacket
Gentleman Mynci Trousers
Gentleman Mynci Cane
Gentleman Mynci Shoes
Mynci Archer Wig
Mynci Archer Shirt
Mynci Archer Trousers
Mynci Archer Shoes
Mynci Archer Bow and Arrow

24th February 2015

Mynci Postman Hat
Mynci Postman Jacket
Mynci Postman Trousers
Mynci Postman Satchel
Mynci Postman Post
Mynci Postman Shoes

24th February 2016

Mynci Mime Artist Hat
Mynci Mime Artist Top
Mynci Mime Artist Bottom
Mynci Mime Artist Face Paint
Mynci Mime Artist Gloves
Mynci Mime Artist Shoes
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Pet Day: 15th June.

15th June 2007

Nimmo Lily Pad Pyjamas Ninja Nimmo Costume
Nimmo Ninja Hood
Nimmo Shenkuu Headband

14th/15th June 2008

Gothic Nimmo Make-up
Gothic Nimmo Shoes
Gothic Nimmo Bracelet
Gothic Nimmo Trousers
Gothic Nimmo Shirt
Nimmo Adventurer Hat
Nimmo Adventurer Jacket
Nimmo Adventurer Trousers
Nimmo Adventurer Shoes
Nimmo Adventurer Torch

16th June 2009

Shiny Gold Nimmo Sunglasses
Snazzy Nimmo Suit Jacket
Snazzy Nimmo Suit Trousers
Snazzy Nimmo Shirt with Caravat
Blonde Nimmo Pigtail Wig
Patched Nimmo Overalls
Lavender Gingham Nimmo Shirt
Muddy Nimmo Wellington Boots and Tights

15th June 2010

Nimmo Shenkuu Dress
Nimmo Shenkuu Fan
Nimmo Shenkuu Cuff
Nimmo Shenkuu Sandals
Nimmo Shenkuu Wig
Nimmo Farmer Wheat
Nimmo Farmer Hat
Nimmo Farmer Overalls
Nimmo Farmer Shirt
Nimmo Farmer Pitchfork
Nimmo Farmer Boots

16th June 2011

Stylish Nimmo Hat
Stylish Nimmo Shirt
Stylish Nimmo Trousers
Stylish Nimmo Shoes
Lovely Nimmo Wig
Lovely Nimmo Shirt
Lovely Nimmo Trousers
Lovely Nimmo Sandals

15th June 2012

Laid Back Nimmo Wig
Laid Back Nimmo Jacket
Laid Back Nimmo Trousers
Laid Back Nimmo Shoes
Dark Nimmo Wig
Dark Nimmo Gloves
Dark Nimmo Dress
Dark Nimmo Boots

15th/16th June 2013

Regal Nimmo Hat and Wig
Regal Nimmo Shirt and Jacket
Regal Nimmo Gloves
Regal Nimmo Trousers
Regal Nimmo Boots
Stately Nimmo Hat and Wig
Stately Nimmo Dress
Stately Nimmo Necklace
Stately Nimmo Gloves
Stately Nimmo Slippers
Stately Nimmo Clutch

17th June 2014

Nimmo Zen Warrior Wig
Nimmo Zen Warrior Tunic
Nimmo Zen Warrior Trousers
Nimmo Zen Warrior Sandals
Nimmo Zen Warrior Spear

12th November 2015

Spotted Bowler Hat
Spotted Dungarees
Spotted Sandals

15th June 2016

Nimmo Lost Desert Urchin Cap
Nimmo Lost Desert Urchin Top
Nimmo Lost Desert Urchin Pants
Nimmo Lost Desert Urchin Shoes
Nimmo Lost Desert Urchin Sword
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Pet Day: 28th December.

28th December 2007

Pink Ogrin Slippers
Striped Ogrin Pyjamas
Striped Ogrin Sleeping Cap
Ogrin Galoshes
Ogrin Rain Hat
Ogrin Rain Slicker

30th December 2008

Blue Ogrin Jacket
Blue Ogrin Trousers
Ogrin Bowtie
Purple Ogrin Dress
Purple Ogrin Choker

29th December 2009

Ogrin Maid Wig
Ogrin Maid Blouse
Ogrin Maid Shoes
Ogrin Maid Skirt
Amusing Ogrin Facial Hair
Amusing Ogrin Hat
Amusing Ogrin Jacket
Amusing Ogrin Trousers
Amusing Ogrin Shoes

23rd December 2010

Lab Assistant Ogrin Glasses
Lab Assistant Ogrin Gloves
Lab Assistant Ogrin Coat
Lab Assistant Ogrin Shirt
Lab Assistant Ogrin Trousers
Lab Assistant Ogrin Shoes
Punk Ogrin Nose Ring
Punk Ogrin Jacket
Punk Ogrin Shirt
Punk Ogrin Trousers
Punk Ogrin Shoes
Punk Ogrin Wrist Bands

22nd December 2011

Gentleman Ogrin Trousers
Gentleman Ogrin Scarf
Gentleman Ogrin Boots
Gentleman Ogrin Shirt
Gentleman Ogrin Jacket
Proper Lady Ogrin Dress
Proper Lady Ogrin Gloves
Proper Lady Ogrin Hat
Proper Lady Ogrin Scarf
Proper Lady Ogrin Shoes

21st December 2012

Casual Ogrin Hat and Wig
Casual Ogrin Scarf
Casual Ogrin Sweater
Casual Ogrin Boots
Rebellious Ogrin Wig
Rebellious Ogrin Shirt
Rebellious Ogrin Jacket
Rebellious Ogrin Trousers
Rebellious Ogrin Gloves
Rebellious Ogrin Shoes

20th December 2013

Ogrin Poet Hat
Ogrin Poet Beard
Ogrin Poet Shirt
Ogrin Poet Trousers
Ogrin Poet Shoes
Ogrin Poet Quill and Parchment
Wintery Ogrin Hat
Wintery Ogrin Scarf
Wintery Ogrin Coat
Wintery Ogrin Gloves
Wintery Ogrin Boots

19th December 2014

Fabulous Ogrin Wig
Fabulous Ogrin Glasses
Fabulous Ogrin Shirt
Fabulous Ogrin Leggings
Fabulous Ogrin Earrings

29th December 2015

Ogrin Jester Hat
Ogrin Jester Top
Ogrin Jester Trousers
Ogrin Jester Sceptre (not worn)
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For Pea Chias only:

29th September 2012

Super Pea Chia Cape
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Pet Day: 26th July.

26th July 2007

Peophin Blue Exercise Shirt
Peophin Exercise Headband
Peophin Exercise Tailwarmer
Peophin Desperado Jacket
Peophin Desperado Hat
Peophin Desperado Scarf
Peophin Desperado Mask

25th/26th/27th July 2008

Peophin Wildlife Shirt
Rugged Peophin Hat (not shown)
Plaid Peophin Dress
Plaid Peophin Bow

25th/26th July 2009

Peophin Spy Wig
Peophin Spy Glasses
Peophin Spy Suit
Carousel Peophin Collar
Carousel Peophin Saddle
Carousel Peophin Hat

24th/25th July 2010

Maraquan Warrior Peophin Trident
Maraquan Warrior Peophin Bracers
Maraquan Warrior Peophin Tail Armour
Maraquan Warrior Peophin Chest Armour
Shimmering Blue Peophin Necklace
Shimmering Blue Peophin Crown
Shimmering Blue Peophin Dress
Shimmering Blue Peophin Bracers

26th July 2011

Time Traveller Peophin Hat
Time Traveller Peophin Suit
Time Traveller Peophin Jacket
Time Traveller Peophin Watch
Time Traveller Peophin Boots
Proper Peophin Lady Wig
Proper Peophin Lady Necklace
Proper Peophin Lady Dress
Proper Peophin Lady Rose

26th July 2012

Sturdy Peophin Wig
Sturdy Peophin Armour
Sturdy Peophin Boots
Sturdy Peophin Sword
Sturdy Peophin Shield
Flowing Peophin Wig
Flowing Peophin Dress
Flowing Peophin Bracelet
Flowing Peophin Armband
Flowing Peophin Necklace

26th July 2013

Extravagant Peophin Wig
Extravagant Peophin Shirt
Extravagant Peophin Jacket
Extravagant Peophin Trousers
Extravagant Peophin Boots
Fancy Peophin Wig
Fancy Peophin Dress
Fancy Peophin Bracelets
Fancy Peophin Necklace

26th/27th July 2014

Travelling Peophin Wig
Travelling Peophin Dress
Travelling Peophin Trousers
Travelling Peophin Scarf

14th/15th November 2015

Red Flower and Black Hair Peophin Wig
Red Flamenco Peophin Dress
Peophin Dance Fan
Flamenco Peophin Shoes

26th July 2016

Beaded Peophin Earpiece
Beaded Peophin Necklace
Beaded Peophin Dress
Beaded Peophin Anklets
Beaded Peophin Shoes
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 19th September.

19th September 2007

Poogle Running Shoes
Poogle Running Suit
Poogle Sweatband
Blue Poogle Slippers
Lacy Poogle Sleeping Cap
Lacy Poogle Sleeping Gown
Poogle Wizard Hat
Lacy Poogle Sleeping Gown

19th September 2008

Green Knit Poogle Dress
Red Poogle Bows
Black Poogle Shoes
Green Knit Poogle Purse
Green Poogle Rag Doll (not shown)
Poogle Witch Doctor Armbands
Poogle Witch Doctor Necklace
Poogle Witch Doctor Headdress
Poogle Witch Doctor Skirt
Poogle Witch Doctor Mask

1st October 2009

Poogle Mohawk
Poogle Punk Jacket
Poogle Punk Collar
Poogle Ballet Shoes
Poogle Pink Tiara
Poogle Tutu

18th/19th September 2010

Poogle Firefighter Boots
Poogle Firefighter Helmet
Poogle Firefighter Jacket
Poogle Firefighter Trousers
Retro Poogle Shoes
Retro Poogle Scarf
Retro Poogle Shirt
Retro Poogle Poogle Skirt

20th September 2011

Dapper Poogle Hat
Dapper Poogle Monocle
Dapper Poogle Shirt and Waistcoat
Dapper Poogle Trousers
Dapper Poogle Spats
Delightful Poogle Hat
Delightful Poogle Necklace
Delightful Poogle Dress
Delightful Poogle Shoes

19th September 2012

Maractite Lined Poogle Bangles
Maractite Lined Poogle Trousers
Maractite Lined Poogle Shirt
Maractite Lined Poogle Shoes
Maractite Lined Poogle Wig
Winter Poogle Wig
Winter Poogle Jacket
Winter Poogle Skirt
Winter Poogle Boots
Winter Poogle Scarf

19th September 2013

Cool Poogle Wig
Cool Poogle Trousers
Cool Poogle Shirt and Jacket
Cool Poogle Sunglasses
Cool Poogle Shoes
Sweet Poogle Wig
Sweet Poogle Dress
Sweet Poogle Bracelets
Sweet Poogle Shoes

25th September 2014

Fashionable Poogle Wig
Fashionable Poogle Jacket
Fashionable Poogle Scarf
Fashionable Poogle Boots
Fashionable Poogle Bag

19th/20th September 2015

No new clothing released for Poogles in 2015!

20th September 2016

Cheerleader Poogle Wig
Cheerleader Poogle Dress
Cheerleader Poogle Shoes
Cheerleader Poogle Pompoms
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Pet Day: 8th November.

8th November 2007

Pteri Cloud Pyjama Hat
Pteri Cloud Pyjamas
Pteri Pink Hoodie
Pteri Hood

8th/9th November 2008

Pteri Lemon Sundress Pteri Cellist Jacket
Pteri Cellist Trousers
Pteri Feather Cello

10th November 2009

Pteri Gnome Shoes
Pteri Gnome Beard
Pteri Gnome Hat
Pteri Gnome Shirt
Pteri Librarian Wig
Pteri Librarian Glasses
Pteri Librarian Shirt
Pteri Librarian Shoes

9th November 2010

Pteri Postman Satchel
Pteri Postman Hat
Pteri Postman Letter
Pteri Postman Jacket
Pteri Postman Shoes
Pteri Postman Trousers
Pteri Washerwoman Bucket
Pteri Washerwoman Mop
Pteri Washerwoman Outfit
Pteri Washerwoman Wig
Pteri Washerwoman Socks

8th November 2011

Stylish Pteri Hat
Stylish Pteri Jacket
Stylish Pteri Trousers
Stylish Pteri Shoes
Stylish Pteri Cane
Flying Pteri Helmet
Flying Pteri Jacket
Flying Pteri Trousers
Flying Pteri Boots
Flying Pteri Tan

8th November 2012

Pteri Adventurer Headscarf
Pteri Adventurer Shirt
Pteri Adventurer Jacket
Pteri Adventurer Trousers
Pteri Adventurer Gloves
Pteri Adventurer Shoes
Pteri Lunar Maiden Wig
Pteri Lunar Maiden Dress
Pteri Lunar Maiden Wand
Pteri Lunar Maiden Shoes

8th November 2013

Pteri Sage Beard
Pteri Sage Robe
Pteri Sage Glasses
Pteri Sage Shoes
Pteri Sage Staff
Dainty Pteri Wig
Dainty Pteri Dress
Dainty Pteri Necklace
Dainty Pteri Bracelet
Dainty Pteri Shoes

8th/9th November 2014

Suave Pteri Wig
Suave Pteri Shirt
Suave Pteri Trousers
Suave Pteri Jacket
Suave Pteri Shoes

10th November 2015

Pteri Schoolgirl Wig
Pteri Schoolgirl Shirt
Pteri Schoolgirl Skirt
Pteri Schoolgirl Backpack
Pteri Schoolgirl Shoes
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Pet Day: 13th June.

13th June 2007

Quiggle Ballet Leotard
Quiggle Ballet Slippers
Quiggle Ballet Tutu
Quiggle Swim Goggles
Quiggle Swim Trunks

13th June 2008

Quiggle Quiguki Flag
Quiggle Fly Pyjamas
Quiggle Fly Head Bobber
Quiggle Socks
Pink Quiggle Hoodie
Blue Heart Quiggle Shorts

13th/14th June 2009

Fancy Green Quiggle Gloves
Fancy Green Quiggle Gown
Black Quiggle Tuxedo Jacket
Black Quiggle Tuxedo Trousers

12th/13th June 2010

Quiggle Hostess Wig
Quiggle Hostess Dress
Quiggle Hostess Shoes
Quiggle Hostess Bottle
Quiggle Gentleman Staff
Quiggle Gentleman Coat
Quiggle Gentleman Hat
Quiggle Gentleman Moustache
Quiggle Gentleman Trousers
Quiggle Gentleman Shirt
Quiggle Gentleman Shoes

14th June 2011

Strange Quiggle Wig
Strange Quiggle Shirt
Strange Quiggle Trousers
Strange Quiggle Shoes
Quiggle Summer Dress
Quiggle Summer Hat
Quiggle Summer Tote
Quiggle Summer Sandals

13th June 2012

Quiggle Adventurer Wig
Quiggle Adventurer Jacket
Quiggle Adventurer Shirt
Quiggle Adventurer Trousers
Quiggle Adventurer Shoes
Quiggle Tea Party Makeup
Quiggle Tea Party Wig
Quiggle Tea Party Dress
Quiggle Tea Party Shoes
Quiggle Tea Party Teapot

13th June 2013

Quiggle Butler Wig
Quiggle Butler Jacket
Quiggle Butler Gloves
Quiggle Butler Trousers
Quiggle Butler Shoes
Rainy Day Quiggle Hat and Wig
Rainy Day Quiggle Dress
Rainy Day Quiggle Jacket
Rainy Day Quiggle Boots
Rainy Day Quiggle Umbrella

13th June 2014

Quiggle Official Hat
Quiggle Official Beard
Quiggle Official Jacket
Quiggle Official Trousers

13th June 2015

Glowy Quiggle shirt
Glowy Quiggle hat
Glowy Quiggle shorts
Glowy Quiggle boots.

14th June 2016

No new clothing released for Quiggles in 2016!
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Limited Edition!(since 15.11.14).
Pet Day: 29th July.

28th/29th July 2007

Ruki Construction Boots
Ruki Hard Hat
Ruki Safety Vest
Ruki Work Shirt
Ruki Work Trousers
Cosy Ruki Pyjamas
Fuzzy Pink Ruki Slippers

29th July 2008

Yellow Ruki Dress Ruki Scientist Hat
Ruki Scientist Jacket
Ruki Scientist Trousers
Ruki Scientist Vial

29th July 2009

Ruki Jester Hat
Ruki Jester Jacket
Ruki Jester Trousers
Ruki Jester Wand
Ruki Jester Gloves
Ruki Flower Vendor Apron
Ruki Flower Vendor Basket
Ruki Flower Vendor Dress
Ruki Flower Vendor Hat
Ruki Flower Vendor Bouquet

29th July 2010

Ruki Adventurer Hat
Ruki Adventurer Shirt
Ruki Adventurer Jacket
Ruki Adventurer Trousers
Ruki Adventurer Boots
Ruki Adventurer Torch
Gothic Ruki Wig
Gothic Ruki Eye Shadow
Gothic Ruki Shirt
Gothic Ruki Skirt
Gothic Ruki Leggings and Boots
Gothic Ruki Gloves

29th July 2011

Armoured Ruki Wig
Armoured Ruki Armour
Armoured Ruki Gloves
Armoured Ruki Shield
Armoured Ruki Boots
Lovely Ruki Wig
Lovely Ruki Arm Bracelet
Lovely Ruki Fan
Lovely Ruki Shoes
Lovely Ruki Dress

27th July 2012

Arid Ruki Belt
Arid Ruki Boots
Arid Ruki Gloves
Arid Ruki Hat
Arid Ruki Trousers
Arid Ruki Shirt
Demure Ruki Wig
Demure Ruki Dress
Demure Ruki Gloves
Demure Ruki Necklace
Demure Ruki Shoes

27th/28th July 2013

Noble Ruki Wig
Noble Ruki Shirt
Noble Ruki Jacket
Noble Ruki Trousers
Noble Ruki Shoes
Fancy Ruki Wig
Fancy Ruki Dress
Fancy Ruki Armwraps
Fancy Ruki Shoes
Fancy Ruki Purse

29th July 2014

Trendy Ruki Wig
Trendy Ruki Dress
Trendy Ruki Jacket
Trendy Ruki Scarf

12th November 2015

Ruki Feather Headband
Ruki Feather Boa
Tiered Fringe Ruki Dress
Ruki Strappy Pumps

29th July 2016

Trippy Ruki Hat
Trippy Ruki Dress
Trippy Ruki Bangle
Trippy Ruki Shoes
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Pet Day: 14th March.

14th March 2008

Red Bead Scorchio Necklace
Frilly Pink Scorchio Dress
Pink Scorchio Sun Glasses
Frilly White Scorchio Gloves
Red Scorchio Dress Shoes
Country Scorchio Shirt
Scorchio Work Gloves
Country Scorchio Hat
Scorchio Walking Stick
Brown Scorchio Trousers
Country Scorchio Work Shoes

14th/15th March 2009

Scorchio Peasant Girl Cap
Scorchio Peasant Girl Shirt
Scorchio Peasant Girl Skirt
Scorchio Scholar Glasses
Scorchio Scholar Trousers
Scorchio Scholar Shirt

13th/14th March 2010

Clown Scorchio Wig and Facepaint
Clown Scorchio Shirt
Clown Scorchio Trousers
Clown Scorchio Shoes
Scorchio Masquerade Wig
Scorchio Masquerade Mask
Scorchio Masquerade Dress
Scorchio Masquerade Shoes

12th/13th March 2011

Scorchio Poet Belt
Scorchio Poet Quill
Scorchio Poet Trousers
Scorchio Poet Shirt
Scorchio Folk Dancer Head Scarf
Scorchio Folk Dancer Tambourine
Scorchio Folk Dancer Necklace
Scorchio Folk Dancer Dress
Scorchio Folk Dancer Shoes

14th March 2012

Winter Scorchio Jacket
Winter Scorchio Hat
Winter Scorchio Beard
Winter Scorchio Trousers
Winter Scorchio Boots
Brown Scorchio Dress
Brown Scorchio Bracelet
Brown Scorchio Sandals
Brown Scorchio Wig

14th March 2013

Proper Lady Scorchio Wig and Hat
Proper Lady Scorchio Scarf
Proper Lady Scorchio Dress
Proper Lady Scorchio Shoes
Scorchio Knight Top Armour
Scorchio Knight Bottom Armour
Scorchio Knight Gloves
Scorchio Knight Shoe Armour
Scorchio Knight Sword

14th March 2014

Gentleman Scorchio Wig
Gentleman Scorchio Shirt
Gentleman Scorchio Trousers
Gentleman Scorchio Jacket
Gentleman Scorchio Boots
Springtime Scorchio Hat
Springtime Scorchio Dress
Springtime Scorchio Necklace
Springtime Scorchio Trousers
Springtime Scorchio Shoes
Springtime Scorchio Parasol

11th November 2015

Scorchio Forest Archer Wig
Scorchio Forest Archer Tunic
Scorchio Forest Archer Trousers and Boots
Scorchio Forest Archer Bow and Arrow

12th/13th March 2016

Casual Scorchio Shirt
Casual Scorchio Jacket
Casual Scorchio Trousers
Casual Scorchio Shoes
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Pet Day: 2nd April.

2nd April 2008

Rocket Shoyru Helmet
Rocket Shoyru Trousers
Rocket Shoyru Gloves
Rocket Shoyru Rocket Pack
Rocket Shoyru Shoes
Rocket Shoyru Pullover
Shoyru Aviator Helmet
Shoyru Pink Aviator Scarf
Shoyru Pink Aviator Trousers
Shoyru Pink Aviator Goggles
Shoyru Pink Aviator Jacket
Shoyru Aviator Gloves
Shoyru Blue Aviator Shirt
Shoyru Aviator Shoes

2nd April 2009

Shoyru Flower Hair Clip
Shoyru Yellow Flower Dress
Shoyru Blue Bow Slippers
Dapper Shoyru Shirt and Coat
Dapper Shoyru Trousers
Dapper Shoyru Shoes
Dapper Shoyru Monocle

2nd April 2010

Shoyru Rain Slicker
Shoyru Rain Boots
Shoyru Rain Trousers
Shoyru Rain Hat
Shoyru Rain Umbrella
Shoyru Artist Shirt
Shoyru Artist Trousers
Shoyru Artist Smock
Shoyru Artist Easel
Shoyru Artist Sneakers
Shoyru Artist Beret

2nd/3rd April 2011

Shoyru Knight Cape
Shoyru Knight Gloves
Shoyru Knight Tunic
Shoyru Knight Boots
Shoyru Knight Sword
Shoyru Pyjama Top
Shoyru Pyjama Bottom
Shoyru Pyjama Plushie

3rd April 2012

Shoyru Wizard Cloak
Shoyru Wizard Beard
Shoyru Wizard Staff
Shoyru Wizard Robe
Shoyru Wizard Shoes
Sinister Shoyru Neovian Wig
Sinister Shoyru Neovian Cloak
Sinister Shoyru Neovian Shirt
Sinister Shoyru Neovian Skirt
Sinister Shoyru Neovian Shoes

2nd April 2013

Blue Summer Shoyru Wig
Blue Summer Shoyru Dress
Blue Summer Shoyru Earrings
Blue Summer Shoyru Shoes
Shoyru Warrior Armour
Shoyru Warrior Cloak
Shoyru Warrior Leg Padding
Shoyru Warrior Sword
Shoyru Warrior Sabatons

2nd April 2014

Warm Shoyru Hat
Warm Shoyru Scarf
Warm Shoyru Coat
Warm Shoyru Trousers
Warm Shoyru Gloves
Warm Shoyru Shoes
Shining Shoyru Wig
Shining Shoyru Dress
Shining Shoyru Rose
Shining Shoyru Shoes

2nd April 2015

No new clothing released for Shoyru in 2015!

1st April 2016

Shoyru Gladiator Headband
Shoyru Gladiator Tunic
Shoyru Gladiator Bracers
Shoyru Gladiator Sword
Shoyru Gladiator Sandals
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Pet Day: 25th September.

25th September 2007

Red Skeith Pen
Skeith Notebook
Green Skeith Pencil Case
Blue Skeith Backpack
Skeith Ice Cream Shorts
Skeith Bib
Skeith Sandals
Skeith Cutlery
Curly Blonde Skeith Wig

25th September 2008

Skeith Banana Purse
Skeith Pineapple Hat
Skeith Strawberry Hair Pin
Straw Skeith Hat
Skeith Pitchfork
Blue Skeith Overalls
Pile of Straw for a Skeith Farmer
Farmer Skeith Straw

26th/27th September 2009

Glamourous Skeith Wig
Glamourous Skeith Dress
Glamourous Skeith Shoes
Skeith Bouncer Glasses
Skeith Bouncer Jacket
Skeith Bouncer Trousers
Skeith Bouncer Shoes

25th/26th September 2010

Skeith Space Station Security Officer Gloves
Skeith Space Station Security Officer Boots
Skeith Space Station Security Officer Hat
Skeith Space Station Security Officer Trousers
Skeith Space Station Security Officer Shirt
Skeith Hair Stylist Wig
Skeith Hair Stylist Comb
Skeith Hair Stylist Scissors
Skeith Hair Stylist Shirt
Skeith Hair Stylist Trousers

27th September 2011

Skeith Tinkerer Goggles
Skeith Tinkerer Jacket
Skeith Tinkerer Shirt
Skeith Tinkerer Trousers
Skeith Tinkerer Shoes
Seasonal Autumn Skeith Wig
Seasonal Autumn Skeith Sweater
Seasonal Autumn Skeith Scarf
Seasonal Autumn Skeith Skirt
Seasonal Autumn Skeith Shoes

25th September 2012

Skeith Mountaineer Backpack
Skeith Mountaineer Ski Stocks
Skeith Mountaineer Hood
Skeith Mountaineer Trousers
Skeith Mountaineer Shirt
Skeith Mountaineer Jacket
Skeith Mountaineer Tail Coat
Skeith Mountaineer Boots
Kitchen Skeith Shirt
Kitchen Skeith Butter Bar
Kitchen Skeith Necklace
Kitchen Skeith Wig
Kitchen Skeith Shoes
Kitchen Skeith Mixer
Kitchen Skeith Skirt
Kitchen Skeith Top

25th September 2013

Skeith Weightlifter Tunic
Skeith Weightlifter Barbell
Skeith Weightlifter Cuffs
Skeith Weightlifter Moustache
Skeith Weightlifter Boots
Fluffy Skeith Wig
Fluffy Skeith Dress
Fluffy Skeith Purse
Fluffy Skeith Eyeshadow

25th September 2014

Skeith Sweeper Hat
Skeith Sweeper Jacket
Skeith Sweeper Shirt
Skeith Sweeper Trousers
Skeith Sweeper Shoes
Skeith Sweeper Scarf
Skeith Sweeper Gloves
Skeith Sweeper Broom

26th/27th September 2015

No new clothing released for Skeiths in 2015!

23rd/24th September 2016

Skeith Back to School Glasses
Skeith Back to School Shirt
Skeith Back to School Pant
Skeith Back to School Shoes
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Pet Day: 13th September.

13th September 2007

Shipwrecked Techo Hat
Shipwrecked Techo Kelp
Shipwrecked Techo Shorts
Shipwrecked Techo Sandals
Techo Fighting Robe Techo Fancy Dress

13th/14th September 2008

Techo Bandit Mask
Techo Bandit Belt
Techo Bandit Tunic
Techo Bandit Shoes
Techo Cheeseroller Tunic
Techo Cheeseroller Cheese
Techo Cheeseroller Hat
Techo Cheeseroller Stick

12th/13th September 2009

Shrouded Techo Shoes
Shrouded Techo Mask
Shrouded Techo Costume
Milk Maid Techo Shoes
Milk Maid Techo Wig
Milk Maid Techo Milk
Milk Maid Techo Shirt
Milk Maid Techo Skirt

14th September 2010

Techo Adventurer Hat
Techo Adventurer Torch
Techo Adventurer Shoes
Techo Adventurer Shirt
Techo Adventurer Trousers
Techo Adventurer Jacket
Exotic Techo Wig
Exotic Techo Necklaces
Exotic Techo Dress

13th September 2011

Chimney Sweep Techo Hat
Chimney Sweep Techo Shirt
Chimney Sweep Techo Jacket
Chimney Sweep Techo Trousers
Chimney Sweep Techo Shoes
Chimney Sweep Techo Scarf
Chimney Sweep Techo Broom
Cozy Techo Wig
Cozy Techo Shirt
Cozy Techo Dress
Cozy Techo Tights
Cozy Techo Shoes
Cozy Techo Purse

13th September 2012

Techo Wanderer Hat
Techo Wanderer Shirt
Techo Wanderer Jacket
Techo Wanderer Trousers
Techo Wanderer Shoes
Techo Wanderer Luggage
Casual Techo Bag
Casual Techo Wig
Casual Techo Sweater
Casual Techo Skirt
Casual Techo Shoes and Tights

12th September 2013

Punk Techo Mohawk
Punk Techo Jacket
Punk Techo Trousers
Punk Techo Gloves
Punk Techo Boots
Dressy Techo Wig
Dressy Techo Dress
Dressy Techo Bracelet
Dressy Techo Sandals

13th/14th September 2014

Techo Warrior Helm
Techo Warrior Body Armour
Techo Warrior Gloves
Techo Warrior Shoes and Trousers
Techo Warrior Sword

15th September 2015

No new clothing released for Techos in 2015!

13th September 2016

(Wig unknown)
Regal WarriorTecho Tiara
Regal Warrior Techo Dress
Regal Warrior Techo Shoulder Armor
Regal Warrior Techo Black roses
spelling errors/typos as shown!!
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Limited Edition!
Pet Day: 21st February.

21st February 2008

Fire Tonu Horn Decoration
Tonu Camouflage Head Scarf
Tonu Camouflage Shirt
Tonu Camouflage Shoes
Tonu Camouflage Trousers
Blue Tonu Tutu
Blue Tonu Ballet Slippers

20th February 2009

Blue Tonu Tuxedo Cane
Blue Tonu Tuxedo Hat
Blue Tonu Tuxedo Jacket
Blue Tonu Tuxedo Trousers
Yellow Tonu Bucket
Yellow Tonu Goggles
Yellow Tonu Sandals
Yellow Tonu Swimsuit

23rd February 2010

Tonu Chef Hat
Tonu Chef Jacket
Tonu Chef Trousers
Tonu Super Hero Pyjama Boots
Tonu Super Hero Pyjama Cape
Tonu Super Hero Pyjama Mask
Tonu Super Hero Pyjama Tights
Tonu Super Hero Pyjama Gloves
Tonu Super Hero Pyjama Shirt

19th/20th/21st February 2011

Glam Rocker Tonu Trousers
Glam Rocker Tonu Jacket
Glam Rocker Tonu Shoes
Glam Rocker Tonu Wig
Pink Tonu Gloves
Pink Tonu Dress
Pink Tonu Wig
Pink Tonu Earrings

19th/20th/21st February 2011

Tonu Knight Bottom Armour
Tonu Knight Top Armour
Tonu Knight Foot Armour
Tonu Knight Gauntlets
Tonu Knight Helm
Leaf-Sewn Tonu Top
Leaf-Sewn Tonu Belt
Leaf-Sewn Tonu Skirt
Leaf-Sewn Tonu Wig

21st February 2013

Gypsy Tonu Wig
Gypsy Tonu Shirt
Gypsy Tonu Skirt
Gypsy Tonu Shoes
Gypsy Tonu Necklace
Tonu Adventurer Wig
Tonu Adventurer Shirt
Tonu Adventurer Trousers
Tonu Adventurer Boots
Tonu Adventurer Satchel

21st February 2014

Tonu Warrior Helmet
Tonu Warrior Body Armour
Tonu Warrior Bottom Armour
Tonu Warrior Armoured Shoes
Warm Winter Tonu Gloves
Warm Winter Tonu Coat
Warm Winter Tonu Shoes
Warm Winter Tonu Bag

21st/22nd February 2015

Tonu Gardener Hat
Tonu Gardener Dress
Tonu Gardener Gloves
Tonu Gardener Basket
Tonu Gardener Boots

23rd February 2016

Tonu Hippie Wig
Tonu Hippie Top
Tonu Hippie Bottom
Tonu Hippie Necklace
Tonu Hippie Shades
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Pet Day: 12th July.

12th July 2007

Tuskaninny Wrestling Cape
Tuskaninny Wrestling Mask
Tuskaninny Wrestling Belt
Tuskaninny Parka
Purple Tuskaninny Scarf

12th/13th July 2008

Tuskaninny Pale Blue Top Hat
Tuskaninny Pale Blue Suit
Sunny Tuskaninny Sundress
Flowery Tuskaninny Headband

14th July 2009

Tuskaninny Tourist Dress
Tuskaninny Tourist Earring
Tuskaninny Tourist Hat
Tuskaninny Tourist Necklace
Tuskaninny Tourist Purse
Tuskaninny Tourist Guide
Punk Tuskaninny Jacket
Punk Tuskaninny Mohawk
Punk Tuskaninny Nose Ring
Punk Tuskaninny Trousers
Punk Tuskaninny Shirt

13th July 2010

Tuskaninny Rain Galoshes
Tuskaninny Rain Hat
Tuskaninny Rain Coat
Tuskaninny Ballet Shoes
Tuskaninny Ballet Top
Tuskaninny Ballet Headband
Tuskaninny Ballet Tutu

13th July 2011

Tuskaninny Boy Beach Hat
Tuskaninny Boy Beach Float Ring
Tuskaninny Boy Beach Shirt
Tuskaninny Boy Beach Trousers
Tuskaninny Girl Beach Hat
Tuskaninny Girl Beach Ball
Tuskaninny Girl Beach Top
Tuskaninny Girl Beach Skirt

12th July 2012

Green Suit Tuskaninny Shadow
Green Suit Tuskaninny Jacket
Green Suit Tuskaninny Trousers
Green Suit Tuskaninny Shirt
Green Suit Tuskaninny Wig
Wispy Tuskaninny Bracelet
Wispy Tuskaninny Necklace
Wispy Tuskaninny Skirt
Wispy Tuskaninny Top
Wispy Tuskaninny Wig

12th July 2013

Stylish Tuskaninny Wig
Stylish Tuskaninny Jacket
Stylish Tuskaninny Trousers
Stylish Tuskaninny Shoes
Stylish Tuskaninny Shades
Embellished Tuskaninny Wig
Embellished Tuskaninny Dress
Embellished Tuskaninny Earings
Embellished Tuskaninny Flowers

12th/13th July 2014

Casual Tuskaninny Scarf
Casual Tuskaninny Shirt
Casual Tuskaninny Trousers
Casual Tuskaninny Jacket

14th July 2015

No new clothing released for Tuskaninnies in 2015!

13th July 2016

Traditional Mountaineer Tuskaninny Hat
Traditional Mountaineer Tuskaninny Top
Traditional Mountaineer Tuskaninny Bottom
Traditional Mountaineer Tuskaninny Shoes
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Pet Day: 2nd March.

1st/2nd March 2008

Uni Garden Boots
Uni Garden Hat
Uni Garden Smock
Uni Parade Headdress
Uni Parade Harness

28th Feb./1st March 2009

Purple Uni Headband
Purple Uni Leg Warmers
Sporty Purple Uni Skirt
Blue Uni Sweater Vest and Shirt
Uni Sun Glasses
Uni Khaki Trousers

2nd March 2010

Uni Knight Helmet
Uni Knight Top Armour
Uni Knight Bottom Armour
Uni Knight Hoof Armour
Uni Tropical Head Garland
Uni Tropical Lei
Uni Tropical Top
Uni Tropical Skirt
Uni Tropical Sandals

2nd March 2011

Studded Leather Uni Helmet
Studded Leather Uni Top
Studded Leather Uni Trousers
Studded Leather Uni Shoes
Elegant Uni Hat
Elegant Uni Top
Elegant Uni Skirt
Elegant Uni Shoes

2nd March 2012

Dark Uni Cloak
Dark Uni Armoured Shirt
Dark Uni Armoured Shoes
Dark Uni Sword
Fancy Uni Wig
Fancy Uni Dress
Fancy Uni Bracelets
Fancy Uni Shoes

2nd/3rd March 2013

Pretty Spring Uni Wig
Pretty Spring Uni Dress
Pretty Spring Uni Shoes
Pretty Spring Uni Earrings
Pretty Spring Uni Gloves
Trendy Uni Hat and Wig
Trendy Uni Scarf
Trendy Uni Shirt
Trendy Uni Jacket
Trendy Uni Trousers
Trendy Uni Shoes
Trendy Uni Satchel

4th March 2014

Investigative Uni Hat
Investigative Uni Jacket
Investigative Uni Shirt and Waistcoat
Investigative Uni Trousers
Investigative Uni Shoes
Investigative Uni Bubble Pipe
Demure Uni Wig
Demure Uni Dress
Demure Uni Necklace
Demure Uni Jacket
Demure Uni Shoes

3rd March 2015

Brainy Uni Glasses
Brainy Uni Shirt
Brainy Uni Cardigan
Brainy Uni Trousers
Brainy Uni Shoes

19th/20th March 2016

Uni Psychedelic Wig
Uni Psychedelic Top
Uni Psychedelic Bottom
Uni Psychedelic Shoes
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Pet Day: 27th November.

27th November 2007

Usul Beatnik Beret
Usul Beatnik Outfit
Usul Beatnik Glasses
Usul Beatnik Sandals
Usul Beatnik Poetry
Usul Ski Ear Warmers
Usul Ski Goggles
Usul Ski Suit
Usul Ski Poles
Usul Skis
Usul Ski Mittens

26th November 2008

Usul Sailor Jacket
Usul Sailor Trousers
Usul Sailor Hat
Usul Winter Mittens
Usul Red Winter Hat
Usul Red Winter Jacket

26th/27th November 2009

Usul Native Jacket
Usul Native Headband
Usul Native Shoes
Usul Native Face Paint
Usul Neo-Gloves
Usul Neo-Jacket
Usul Neo-Shoes
Usul Neo-Glasses
Usul Neo-Wig

25th/26th/27th/28th November 2010

Rustic Male Usul Warrior Wig
Rustic Male Usul Warrior Bracers
Rustic Male Usul Warrior Shirt
Rustic Male Usul Warrior Trousers
Rustic Male Usul Warrior Boots
Rustic Female Usul Warrior Wig
Rustic Female Usul Warrior Bracers
Rustic Female Usul Warrior Shirt
Rustic Female Usul Warrior Boots
Rustic Female Usul Warrior Tattoo

24th/25th/26th/27th November 2011

Rugged Usul Wig
Rugged Usul Glasses
Rugged Usul Shirt
Rugged Usul Trousers
Rugged Usul Boots
Demure Usul Wig
Demure Usul Handkerchief
Demure Usul Jacket
Demure Usul Skirt
Demure Usul Boots

27th November 2012

Usul Blacksmith Outfit
Usul Blacksmith Shoes
Usul Blacksmith Hammer
Usul Blacksmith Trousers
Usul Blacksmith Goggles
Doctor Usul Dress
Doctor Usul Glasses
Doctor Usul Gloves
Doctor Usul Jacket
Doctor Usul Bag
Doctor Usul Shoes
Doctor Usul Wig

27th November 2013

Astronomer Usul Hat
Astronomer Usul Beard
Astronomer Usul Outfit
Astronomer Usul Boots
Astronomer Usul Books
Astronomer Usul Telescope
Curious Usul Hood and Wig
Curious Usul Shirt
Curious Usul Skirt
Curious Usul Shoes
Curious Usul Mittens

26th November 2014

Woodsy Traveller Usul Wig
Woodsy Traveller Usul Tunic
Woodsy Traveller Usul Bow
Woodsy Traveller Usul Staff

22nd December 2015

Usul Beach Hat
Usul Beach Top
Usul Beach Shorts
Usul Beach Necklace
Usul Beach Footwear
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New Pet introduced 15.11.14!.
Pet Day: 12th November.

NB: These pets cannot wear any multi-species clothing items released before their introduction (apart from backgrounds, foregrounds and trinkets).

16th November 2014

Trendy Vandagyre Wig
Trendy Vandagyre Shirt
Trendy Vandagyre Trousers
Trendy Vandagyre Jacket
Trendy Vandagyre Scarf
Trendy Vandagyre Shoes
Sweet Vandagyre Wig
Sweet Vandagyre Dress
Sweet Vandagyre Caplet
Sweet Vandagyre Purse
Sweet Vandagyre Shoes

13th November 2015

Vandagyre Girl Folk Dancer Wig
Vandagyre Girl Folk Dancer Top
Vandagyre Girl Folk Dancer Skirt
Vandagyre Girl Folk Dancer Shoes
Vandagyre Boy Folk Dancer Wig
Vandagyre Boy Folk Dancer Shirt
Vandagyre Boy Folk Dancer Trousers
Vandagyre Boy Folk Dancer Shoes
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Pet Day: 12th December.

12th December 2007

Space Hero Wocky Vest
Space Hero Wocky Beard
Space Hero Wocky Trousers
Space Hero Wocky Boots
Pink Pyjama Wocky Top
Pink Sleeping Wocky Mask
Pink Spotted Wocky Pyjama Shorts
Pink Fluffy Wocky Slippers

12th December 2008

Blue Wocky Wig
Lacy Wocky Gloves
Lacy Blue Wocky Dress
Red Wocky Suit Trousers
Red Wocky Suit Jacket
Red Wocky Suit Shoes
Dressy Wocky Suit Shirt

12th/13th December 2009

Wocky Thief Mask
Wocky Thief Shirt
Wocky Thief Trousers
Wocky Thief Boots
Pretty Wocky Snow Tiara
Pretty Wocky Snow Face Paint
Pretty Wocky Snow Slippers
Pretty Wocky Snow Gown

14th December 2010

Gothic Wocky Coat
Gothic Wocky Wig
Gothic Wocky Shirt
Gothic Wocky Trousers
Gothic Wocky Shoes
Little Red Riding Hood Wocky Wig
Little Red Riding Hood Wocky Cape
Little Red Riding Hood Wocky Shirt
Little Red Riding Hood Wocky Skirt
Little Red Riding Hood Wocky Shoes

13th December 2011

Super Gothic Wocky Jacket
Super Gothic Wocky Glasses
Super Gothic Wocky Trousers
Super Gothic Wocky Sword
Super Gothic Wocky Wig
Lovely Wocky Wig
Lovely Wocky Dress
Lovely Wocky Gloves
Lovely Wocky Sash
Lovely Wocky Shoes

12th December 2012

Wocky Gadgeteer Shirt and Waistcoat
Wocky Gadgeteer Hat and Goggles
Wocky Gadgeteer Trousers
Wocky Gadgeteer Boots
Wocky Gadgeteer Bracers
Wocky Gadgeteer Air Balloon
Wocky Warrior Wig
Wocky Warrior Armour
Wocky Warrior Skirt
Wocky Warrior Armoured Shoes
Wocky Warrior Sword

12th December 2013

Undead Hunter Wocky Hat and Wig
Undead Hunter Wocky Glasses
Undead Hunter Wocky Poncho
Undead Hunter Wocky Shirt and Waistcoat
Undead Hunter Wocky Trousers
Undead Hunter Wocky Shoes
Undead Hunter Wocky Crossbow
Wocky Archer Cape and Wig
Wocky Archer Bracers
Wocky Archer Trousers
Wocky Archer Dress
Wocky Archer Boots
Wocky Archer Bow and Arrows

12th December 2014

Snug Wocky Jacket
Snug Wocky Trousers
Snug Wocky Scarf
Snug Wocky Boots

12th/13th December 2015

Wocky Detective Hat
Wocky Detective Coat
Wocky Detective Pipe
Wocky Detective Trousers
Wocky Detective Shoes
Wocky Detective Magnifying Glass
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Pet Day: 29th November.

29th November 2007

Xweetok Popstar Hat
Xweetok Popstar Microphone
Xweetok Popstar Earrings
Xweetok Popstar Dress
Xweetok Space Helmet
Xweetok Space Boots
Xweetok Space Flag
Xweetok Spacesuit

2nd December 2008

Xweetok Repairman Hat
Xweetok Repairman Shirt
Xweetok Repairman Slacks
Xweetok Repairman Tool
Snowy Xweetok Hat
Snowy Xweetok Collar
Snowy Xweetok Dress
Snowy Xweetok Wand

1st December 2009

Lotus Xweetok Dress
Lotus Xweetok Fan
Lotus Xweetok Gloves
Lotus Xweetok Wig
Xweetok Wizard Beard
Xweetok Wizard Cloak
Xweetok Wizard Hat
Xweetok Wizard Staff

30th November 2010

Space Pirate Xweetok Shirt
Space Pirate Xweetok Trousers
Space Pirate Xweetok Hat
Space Pirate Xweetok Flannel
Space Gypsy Xweetok Dress
Space Gypsy Xweetok Wig
Space Gypsy Xweetok Gloves

29th November 2011

Glitch: Shirt and Vest items are identical.
Laid Back Xweetok Hat
Laid Back Xweetok Jacket
Laid Back Xweetok Shirt
Laid Back Xweetok Vest
Laid Back Xweetok Trousers
Laid Back Xweetok Boots
Easygoing Xweetok Hairband
Easygoing Xweetok Wig
Easygoing Xweetok Scarf
Easygoing Xweetok Shirt
Easygoing Xweetok Skirt
Easygoing Xweetok Shoes

29th November 2012

Dapper Xweetok Hat
Dapper Xweetok Shirt and Waistcoat
Dapper Xweetok Trousers
Dapper Xweetok Shoes

28th, 29th, 30th November and 1st December 2013

Cool Xweetok Wig
Cool Xweetok Shades
Cool Xweetok Jacket
Cool Xweetok Trousers
Cool Xweetok Shoes
Punk Xweetok Hat
Punk Xweetok Necklace
Punk Xweetok Shirt
Punk Xweetok Skirt
Punk Xweetok Boots

27th/28th/29th/30th November 2014

Urban Xweetok Wig
Urban Xweetok Jacket
Urban Xweetok Trousers
Urban Xweetok Scarf
Urban Xweetok Shoes

30th/31st December 2015, 1st/2nd/3rd/4th January 2016

Xweetok Racer Helmet
Xweetok Racer Top
Xweetok Racer Skirt
Xweetok Racer Shoes
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Pet Day: 28th May.

26th/27th May 2007

Yurble Artist Smock
Yurble Artist Beret
Yurble Artist Palette
Yurble Artist Brush

29th May 2008

Yellow Yurble Sundress
Yurble Mop
Yurble Noil Tamer Hat
Yurble Noil Tamer Jacket
Yurble Noil Tamer Trousers
Yurble Noil Tamer Whip
Yurble Noil Tamer Shoes
Yurble Noil Tamer Stool

28th May 2009

Yurble Reporter Notepad
Yurble Reporter Hat
Yurble Reporter Pass
Ocean Yurble Top
Ocean Yurble Skirt
Ocean Yurble Tiara

28th May 2010

Yurble Librarian Blouse
Yurble Librarian Glasses
Yurble Librarian Skirt
Yurble Librarian Wig
Yurble Librarian Shoes
Yurble Librarian Book
Yurble Farmer Overalls
Yurble Farmer Hat
Yurble Farmer Pitchfork
Yurble Farmer Shirt
Yurble Farmer Shoes

28th/29th/30th May 2011

Admiral Yurble Hat and Wig
Admiral Yurble Jacket
Admiral Yurble Trousers
Admiral Yurble Shoes
Admiral Yurble Telescope
Regal Yurble Lady Hat
Regal Yurble Lady Dress
Regal Yurble Lady Shoes
Regal Yurble Lady Fan

30th May 2012

Worn Leather Yurble Wig
Worn Leather Yurble Vest
Worn Leather Yurble Shirt
Worn Leather Yurble Trousers
Worn Leather Yurble Belt
Worn Leather Yurble Bracers
Warm Yurble Hat and Wig
Warm Yurble Jacket
Warm Yurble Shirt
Warm Yurble Skirt
Warm Yurble Shoes
Warm Yurble Necklace

29th May 2013

Yurble Hermit Wig
Yurble Hermit Cloak
Yurble Hermit Sandals
Yurble Hermit Staff
Extravagant Yurble Wig
Extravagant Yurble Dress
Extravagant Yurble Shoes
Extravagant Yurble Parasol

28th May 2014

Yurble Lumberjack Wig
Yurble Lumberjack Shirt
Yurble Lumberjack Skirt
Yurble Lumberjack Axe

28th May 2015

No new clothing released for Yurbles in 2015!

27th/28th/29th/30th/31st May 2016

Yurble Chef Hat
Yurble Chef Shirt
Yurble Chef Trousers
Yurble Chef Shoes
Yurble Chef Spatula
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Pet Day: 3rd February.

2nd/3rd February 2008

Zafara Agent Hood
Zafara Agent Robe
Zafara Agent Gloves
Zafara Tourist Hat
Zafara Tourist Shirt
Zafara Tourist Camera

3rd February 2009

Berry Zafara Tail Sock
Berry Zafara Goggles
Berry Zafara Jacket
Berry Zafara Scarf
Berry Zafara Shoes
Berry Zafara Skirt
Berry Zafara Shirt
Winter Zafara Mittens
Winter Zafara Trousers
Winter Zafara Parka
Winter Zafara Snow Shoes
Winter Zafara Tail Sock

3rd February 2010

Zafara Altador Heroine Bracelet
Zafara Altador Heroine Dress
Zafara Altador Heroine Sandals
Zafara Altador Heroine Wig
Gypsy Zafara Head Scarf
Gypsy Zafara Dress
Gypsy Zafara Shoes
Gypsy Zafara Crystal Ball

4th February 2011

Warrior Zafara Foot Wraps
Warrior Zafara Trousers
Warrior Zafara Belt
Warrior Zafara Tank Top
Warrior Zafara Jacket
Fashionable Zafara Sandals
Fashionable Zafara Trousers
Fashionable Zafara Blouse
Fashionable Zafara Bracelets
Fashionable Zafara Wig

3rd February 2012

Neopian Times Zafara Hat
Neopian Times Zafara Handkerchief
Neopian Times Zafara Shirt and Vest
Neopian Times Zafara Trousers
Neopian Times Zafara Shoes
Simple Zafara Wig
Simple Zafara Necklace
Simple Zafara Top
Simple Zafara Trousers
Simple Zafara Shoes

2nd/3rd February 2013

Fancy Floral Zafara Wig
Fancy Floral Zafara Top
Fancy Floral Zafara Skirt
Fancy Floral Zafara Bouquet
Fancy Floral Zafara Purse
Opulent Zafara Wig
Opulent Zafara Shirt
Opulent Zafara Jacket
Opulent Zafara Trousers
Opulent Zafara Cloak
Opulent Zafara Boots

4th February 2014

Flower Merchant Zafara Wig
Flower Merchant Zafara Dress
Flower Merchant Zafara Flower
Flower Merchant Zafara Sandals
Flower Merchant Zafara Basket
Zafara Mercenary Wig
Zafara Mercenary Waistcoat
Zafara Mercenary Jacket
Zafara Mercenary Trousers
Zafara Mercenary Gloves
Zafara Mercenary Boots

3rd February 2015

Zafara Fisherman Hat
Zafara Fisherman Jacket
Zafara Fisherman Trousers
Zafara Fisherman Boots
Zafara Fisherman Beard
Zafara Fisherman Fish

4th February 2016

Colourful Zafara Wig
Colourful Zafara Dress
Colourful Zafara Bangles
Colourful Zafara Sandals
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