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Hi, I'm Via. During my time on the HC, I've noticed a lot of things that aggravate people. From trolling to being just plain annoying, express your rantings by having your peeve on here! If you would like to have your peeve up here, shoot me a neomail or catch one of my boards on the HC.

My dear Friar, haven't we given Peeves all the chances he deserves? He gives us all a bad name and you know, he's not really even a ghost…

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1. Keep your peeve Neo-appropiate, please. I'd rather not get in trouble.
2. Don't keep neomailing me if you don't see your peeve on here. Either I don't have the time to put it on, it's not funny or whatever, or it's too common of a peeve.
3. Send your peeve ONLY once. Multiple times is just plain annoying.
4. Leave other user's names out of your peeve. It's rude.
5. You can send as many different peeves as you want, granted they're each different. I love collecting them c:
6. It's completely anonymous, whether you like it or not.
Please put your peeve in the form where I can put it on the image.
Incorrect: I want my peeve to be that people are weird.
Correct: My peeve is: People are weird.
Easy, right?

Time for the Peeves!

I hope you enjoy these peeves, and feel free to neomail me with your peeve here.


The HC

The Help Chat
Need Neopets help? If you've got a question, this is the place to get answers.
What Users say about the HC
Please neomail me to give your opinions on the HC c: Also, state whether or not you want your username included.

I really like the HC, it's my favorite! But some people are a little much... It's fine if you're actually being helpful but some people are rude. On purpose. It's really annoying because it's not like we all don't get enough rude people in rl either at work or school.~icklebugx

I like most people on the HC. Except for people that are report-happy, and act like mini-mods.~starrynessie

When people talk about the HC, most of them forget the millions of boards where the OP has a question answered quickly and accurately. Of dozens of awesome helpers, most people remember the one sarcastic person.~squirt5dad

The 90% of helpers are really patient. The 10% of spammers are bored.~notnobody

Note: All usernames that have been listed with permission.

Come back!

Hope you enjoy the peeves!


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I really did though.


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