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Hi there and welcome to Perfect Petpet! My name is Priper, and I have a passion for matching peophin with their best friend.

I already have a best friend in Wrill, and I want to help every other Neopet experience the same joy I do with their own perfect petpet.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my matches, and feel free to inquire for a match of your own!

To ask us to pick a perfect match for your petpet, click the link on the right to be directed to the best way to contact me.

But, first, please read the page "How To" so that you have the proper form to do so!

Latest Match: Teshari the Robot Ixi

About Priper

Name: Priper Peter Pickled
Nickname: Pri
Feathers: Snowy white
Eyes: Stunning teal
Profession: Petpet Matcher
Companion: Wrill the Christmas Hasee

Priper was found as an egg by me, and he was raised by me. He's always felt like something was missing, and when he finally found his birth family, he learned they had a petpet farm. He decided to help fellow Neopians find their perfect petpet as an homage to his birth family, and visits them often to tell them stories of his successes.

- Petpets- Loneliness
- Patience- Flying
- Winter- Stubbornness
- Helping- Clouds

His Best Friend
When Priper reunited with his birth family, he occasionally visited them to help out on the farm. Normally there were never any uniquely colored petpets, but for some reason there were many brightly colored Hasee. His mother explained that someone had abandoned a Hasee gallery, and these guys were the unlucky victims. Pri was horrified by such negligence, and he cared for all of the Hasee until every single one was adopted, except the smallest one that was a little guy that seemed to be made of snow.. Priper wasn't sure why everyone had passed this little guy up. He was so kind, gentle, and never yelled or shouted. He figured he was as good of an owner as any to take him home, and now he and Wrill are inseparable friends.

How To

In the simplest form, there are three different ways to match a petpet. You can match them by perfect matches, theme matching, and color matching. Each one has their own merits, and each one should be considered when making the decision of picking a petpet. Below are the details of each form of matching, so you can understand what you're getting into

Perfect Matching
This is the form of matching that very few get the chance to take advantage of. These petpets were basically made to belong to a certain pet, and they are few and far between. Below are my favorite examples of this phenomenon.

The keys to this form of matching is a combination of the following two forms. Pets and petpets in this category must resemble each other in theme as well as in color. Generally they share the same paint brush coloring, as well as similar features.

Theme Matching
This is the form of matching that is often overlooked when people go to match a petpet. These petpets often don't exactly match on first glance, however after you look at them for a little bit you pick up on the subtlety and art of their harmony.

The key to this form of matching is finding a petpet that matches with the theme of the pet, and not by paint brush color. These are the ones where you get creative, as you can not only match by the pet, but by their character. Often you can create more of a harmony with the color of the pet and petpet by adding a synchronizing petpetpet.

Color Matching
The easiest, time-tested, and Neopian approved form of matching. Generally this is how Petpets are matched by the average Neopian, but that doesn't make this type of matching any worse than the other two!

The key to this form of matching is color coordination. Generally these pets and pets have the same paint brush color, however there are many basic colors, like red, pink, and blue, that can match with more complex colors, like baby, faerie, and plushie. These pairs are usually just one step to being a perfect match, such as in species similarity with the Faerie Xweetok and Faerie Wilbreth, or color similarity like the Maraquan Meerca and Maraquan Hasee. While this form is the easiest, it's still aesthetically pleasing and cannot be overlooked!

Okay, so now that you're a master on what it takes to match petpets, and you have some expectations, you may neomail me with the below form filled out, and I will give you at least 4 possible petpets your Neopet matches with! Requests are currently CLOSED. Please note that from now on you may only submit one of your pets at a time, and then you can submit another one once the first is finished. Click the envelope to go to my lookup and neomail me with the form below!
***Please make the subject "Petpet Match PETNAME".***

(hit control+a/command+a with your cursor in the box to select all the text. then control+c/command+c to copy it)

Waiting List

New Matches

Last Updated: 3/8/17

Teshari the Robot Ixi

Petpets: Robot Wain, Faerie Ukali, Faerie Pofew, Pink Cuttlebot
Petpetpets: Moach, Strale, Dragonfly Nymph, Glyme


Jinkki the Plushie Aisha

Petpets: Custard Slorg, Filamen, Black Spirkle, Disco Rock
Petpetpets: Cooty, Lady Blurg, Larnikin, Springabee


Sheldon the Halloween Uni

Petpets: Fire Alabriss, Robot Zomutt, Zombie Bartamus, Halloween Rock
Petpetpets: Skuffler, Scoach, Flankin, Aboogala


RJB the Transparent Aisha

Petpets: Pink Intesteen, Sklyde, Faerie Werhond, White Spyder
Petpetpets: Aboogala, Dragonfly Nymph, Skidget, Unidentified Petpetpet

Old Matches

Want to see if your match was already done? Use control+F or command+F to search for the color and/or species.

Matches that were chosen are marked with a (☑)

Revenge the Halloween Kacheek

Petpets: Maraquan Spyder, Ghost Baby Fireball, Mutant Bika, Halloween Snicklebeast
Petpetpets: Blechy, Abooglala, Greevix, Skuffler


Ruffie42 the UC Desert Aisha

Left: Mauket, Angelpuss, Blue Gathow
Right: Djuti, Blue Wadjet, Blugar


Dreamur the Eventide Draik

Petpets: Eventide Carmariller, Wain, Blue Gathow, Naleap(☑)
Petpetpets: Strale, Blumbuz, Flankin, Jermite


Bilatriks the Transparent Aisha

Petpets: Halloween Rock, Halloween Blugar, Darigan Quetzal, Black Gathow
Petpetpets: Skidget, Blechy, Skuffler, Aboogala


UC Faerie Yurble

Left: Faerie Spardel, Faerie Bowla, Blue Sauropod
Right: Faerie Drugal, Kazeriu, Kimbi


Stenia the Zombie Blumaroo

Petpets: Darigan Bowla, Halloween Kookith, Mutant Barlow, Zombie Spardel
Petpetpets: Unidentified Petpetpet, Aboogala, Moquot, Skidget


Yonnah the Alien Aisha

Left: Schnelly, Flerper, Tyrannian Gathow, Disco Ona
Right: Spring Babaa(☑), Flowper, Gathow, Yellow Weewoo


Maermaid the (future) Pastel Draik

Petpets: Maraquan Candychan, Maraquan Kadoatie, Goldy, Water Moltenore
Petpetpets: Squppit, Glyme, Mootix, Pinchit


Timno the Royalboy Draik

Petpets: Desert Spyder, Blue Selket, Blue Cyodrake, Maractite Gallion
Petpetpets: Moach, Lightmite, Skrtich, Bumbluz


Zhacs the Faerie Kyrii

Petpets: Pink Drugal, Christmas Cirrus, Pink Baby Fireball, Water Juma
Petpetpets: Flankin, Dragonfly Nymph(☑), Jiggybug, Strale


Nhaas the Transparent Lupe

Left: Mutant Gruslen, Stealthy Magtile, Darigan Drugal
Right: Mutant Fir, Halloween Navibot, Sklyde


Fluuffie the Baby Aisha

Left: Carmarillar, Snuffly
Right: White Mallard, Feepit(☑)


Cellebi the (Future) Eventide Usul

Left: Blue Carmarillar, White Faellie
Right: Woodland Mibblie, Red Weewoo


Ilvermorney the Biscuit Kacheek

Petpets: Weewoo, Woodland Gypmu, Brown Snowbunny, Island Carmarillar
Petpetpets: Skritch, Greevix, Glyme, Fleaf


BlackParade_1995 the Pirate Eyrie

Left: Zombie Farnswap, Ukali
Right: Crokabek, Droolik


Gustov the Royal Skeith

Left: Royal Ukali, Yellow Barlow, Magtile
Right: Yellow Weewoo, Barlow Alabriss


Gnuffles the Plushie Aisha

Left: Plushie Kookith, Plushie Warf
Right: Plushie Yullie, Plushie Pfish


Cirenny the Wraith Usul

Petpets: Yellow Flosset, Snorklin, Valentine Cirrus, Mutant Meepit
Petpetpets: Moquot, Dragonfly Nymph, Skidget, Ditrey


Kaimanawa the Spotted Uni

Left: Yellow Ukali, White Gallion
Right: Island Gallion(☑), White Weewoo


Aitschy the Brown Uni

Left: Halloween Tenna, Island Feepit
Right: Brown Babaa, Desert Icklesaur


Ondurdis the Faerie Draik

Left: Faerie Bowla, Blue Flowper, Kimbi
Right: Faerie Ukali, Blue Wain, Arkmite


Leonardo15o the Maraquan Shoyru

Petpets: Maraquan Stego(☑), Blurtle, Black Symol, Glowing Sludgy
Petpetpets: Greevix(☑), Scriblet, Cooty, Aboogala


Efogo the UC Grey Kacheek

Left: Grey Feepit, Zombie Huggy
Right: Rainbow Carmarillar(☑), Faerie Niptor


Immature the Tyrannian Gnorbu

Petpets: Dung Cirrus, Brown Manjeer, Tyrannian Spardel, Dribblet
Petpetpets: Grumblebug, Blechy, Skidget, Itchi


8-Bit Scorchio(for Teddy)

Left: Chezzoom, Stopngo 400, Plushie Icklesaur
Right: Yellow Barlow, Plushie Peo, Plushie Feepit


Ahozizu the UC Grey Ixi

Left: Grey Cyodrake, Grey Raindorf, Black Alkenore
Right: Grey Vacana, Grey Faellie, Red Zebie


Atsuto the UC Darigan Hissi

Petpets: Darigan Quetzal, Darigan Trunkard, Black Splyke, Halloween Snicklebeast(☑)
Petpetpets: Blechy, Unidentified Petpetpet, Skuffler, Wormoeba(☑)


Co the Brown Draik

Left: Tyrannian Babaa, Island Ghostkerchief, Royal Gallion(☑)
Right: Fire Blurgah, Faerie Niptor, Pink Ettaphant


Elost the Mutant Draik

Left: Mutant Walein, Mutant Fir
Right: Mutant Gruslen, Mutant Flowper


Eli the White Shoyru

Left: Fire Alabriss, Yellow Ukali, Black Cyodrake
Right: Dragoyle, Hydruplit, White Gallion(☑)


Dariganisha the UC Darigan Aisha

Petpets: Darigan Angelpuss, Darigan Hasee, Snorlkin(☑), Black Delfin
Petpetpets: Skuffler, Unidentified Petpetpet, Moquot, Aboogala


Zerillia the Faerie Shoyru

Left: Halloween Blugar, Rainbow Hermiteese, Black Crystacat
Right: Mutant Zomutt, Grey Crokabeck, Black Gathow


Florina the White Uni

Left: Purple Carmarillar, Faerie Tyrowbee, Purple Xepru
Right: Faerie Tasu, Yellow Gangee, Island Tenna


Nightfleck the Faerie Lutari

Petpets: Black Morkou, Halloween Ona, Green Wain, Blue Selket
Petpetpets: Bumbluz, Moquot, Jiggybug, Moach


Ostarna the Chocolate Gnorbu

Petpets: White Weewoo, Faellie, Spotted Feepit, Birthday Alabriss(☑)
Petpetpets: Lady Blurg, Jermite, Moffit, Grumblebug


Gus the White Hissi

Left: Royal Ukali, Electric Ignalce(☑), Halloween Snicklebeast
Right: White Primella, Blue Sklyde, Faerie Selket


Rhemus the Stealthy Blumaroo

Left: Black Alabriss, Robot Naleep, Muyang
Right: Blue Sauropod, Black Gathow, Pofew


Jyndel the Chocolate Bori

Petpets: Vacana, Tyrannian Pandaphant, Sauropod, White Gallion
Petpetpets: Skidget, Moffit, Grumblebug, Jermite


Synesthesiah the Rainbow Aisha

Left: Green Kazeriu, Rainbow Carmarillar, Plushie Warf
Right: Water Juma, Grey Faellie, Plushie Mirgle


Neummoe the UC Plushie Yurble

Left: Plushie Feepit, Plushie Hopso, Purple Tasu(☑), Rainbow Carmariller,
Right: Plushie Shocket, Plushie Tanizard, Carmariller, Yellow Gathow


Shuye the Desert Lutari

Left: Green Beekadoodle, Green Mastyxi, Woodland Gypmu, Island Quadrapus
Right: Green Gangee, Brown Snowbunny, Island Carmarillar, Faerie Stahkee


Bytany the Snow Aisha

Left: Fire Antwerph, Baby Fireball, Brown Fir
Right: Red Bowla, Yellow Taweret, Pofew


Depsigh the Water Draik

Left: Water Juma(☑), Blue Quintilic, Ghost Baby Fireball
Right: Maractite Kazeriu, Robot Sandan, Ghost Beekadoodle


Ambition169 the UC Faerie Shoyru

Left: Faerie Doglefox(☑), Faerie Nuranna, Faerie Mimbi, Faerie Razumi
Right: Faerie Feepit, Faerie Spardel, Faerie Ghostkerchief, Faerie Polarchuck


Cerista the Alien Aisha

Left: Robot Ona, Red Buzzler
Right: Red Wain, Red Rotawheel


Mordym the Halloween Gelert

Left: Halloween Seti, Ghost Baby Fireball, Zombie Wherfy
Right: Halloween Blugar(☑), Ghost Snorkle, Darigan Quetzal


Ravynn the Stealthy Draik

Left: Green Baby Fireball, Halloween Symol, Tyrannian Puppyblew, Stealthy Gwalla
Right: Green Mibblie, Halloween Huggy, Green Puppyblew(☑), Stealthy Magtile


Chiruka the Grey Draik

Left: Yellow Ukai, Grey Vullard, Pink Beekadoodle, Orange Katiel
Right: Grey Anubis, Faerie Primella, Island Sauropod, Orange Seti


Aokio the Alien Aisha

Left: Rashpid, Flerper(☑), Gathow, Naleep
Right: Christmas Hasee, Tasu, Katiel, Skree


Dreadlocks the Uni

Left: Green Triffin, Plushie Baby Fireball, Tyrannian Slorg
Right: Plushie Tanizard, Plushie Vullard, Desert Abominable Snowball


Faedrick the MSP Poogle

Left: Pink Spyder, Black Splyke, Black Alabriss, Darigan Anglepuss
Right: Pink Drackonack, Drackonack, Yellow Zumagorn, Darigan Faellie


Ragentic the UC Grey Kougra

Petpets: Snoogy(☑), Grey Gwortz, Grey Catamara, Red Snoogy
Petpetpets: Skuffler, Itchi, Blechy, Squippit


Silver Draik (for Violet)

Left: Blue Wain, Robot Blobagus, Blue Pinceron
Right: Eventide Orbulon, Robot Naleep, Shocket


Female Royalboy Draik (for Violet)

Left: Maraquan Weewoo, Nuranna, Faerie Nuranna, Delfin
Right: Maraquan Pofew, Arkmite, Faerie Walein, Royal Delfin


Mysterious_Whirl UC Grey Korbat

Left: Grey Camelior(☑), Black Batterfly, Zombie Mauket
Right: Grey Symol, Black Barbat, Zombie Karren


Live the Checkered Aisha

Left: Checkered Pandaphant, Black Gathow, White Weewoo
Right: Biyako, Black Spirkle, Royal Seti


Kimutaku the Pea Chia

Left: Green Bloop, Bikiwan, Halloween Tenna(☑)
Right: Green Baby Fireball, Chezzoom, Plushie Slorg


(example of general matching)
comet_rider2000 the UC Faerie Peophin

Left: Pink Darpinch(☑), Faerie Baby Fireball, Faerie Peo, Walein
Right: Faerie Searex, Faerie Ghostkerchief, Octorna, Pink Bluna


(example of matching only unpainted petpets)
Astereid the Striped Grundo

Left: Meepit, Baby Space Fungus, Feepit
Right: Hopso, Triffin, Barlow


(example of matching with petpetpets)
Priper the Christmas Vandagyre

Petpets: Christmas Naleep, Christmas Babith, Snow Hasee(☑), Abominable Snowball
Petpetpets: Skritch, Zytch, Moach(☑), Larnikin


Thank you so much for visiting Perfect Petpet! Pri and I are very proud of this, and enjoy it more that anything, so feel free to recommend a pet any time requests are open! Please to tell your friends, and throw up a link back button if you've enjoyed our work. I hope you may find your perfect companions for your pets!

Savannah and Priper

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