Hello, again and welcome to page 2! In my opinion, this page is funnier than page 1, but that's just me. Anyway, I won't keep from your fun any longer. Here they are:

*attempts to approach the yurble with toenail clippers, but gets scared by the freaky toenails*

I think Tombola needs to look at what he's handing out BEFORE he gives it to me with a smug grin.

Oh, wait, wait, I get it. "Scumptious." It's got the word "scum" in it. The apple core is scum. Now I get it.

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If it saves one gullible newbie, it's worth any cost.

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Wouldn't he get a slave or an underling to do it for him?

I'm not allowed to glare at Eyrieki. Why is Eyrieki allowed to glare at me?

Bobo called this my "stupid screenie." I can't figure out why...

And maybe the fact that this is a plot has something to do with it, but I doubt it.

Pee Wee Herman's had a bad influence on me...

I tend to get distracted when I'm playing Hassee Bounce.

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Is it even possible for a hippo to catch pneumonia? This, I must find out...

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Yeah, yeah, I know you can see from the toolbar that my computer is a hunk of junk. It still works, though...mostly...

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Except Nigel is a better name than Donald.

He and I are related. We're scheduled to be reunited on the Jerry Springer Show.

Wonder what happens when they go to the Lost Desert...

Didn't work, stupid TNT...

And nows it magically finding its way out. *chucks into shop*

Who cares where we find it?

I bought a wooden spork just for the occasion!

*sprays with disinfectant before hurling into safety deposit box* You never know what diseases dead things have.

*attempts to whistle the Lost opening music*

Can you give me lab map pieces now, zombie? Zombie?!

And the "hot" has two t's in it. I didn't notice that until I actually posted this.

After all, how can live with not having my daily nothing?

Stupid eyes...*pokes them with a raspberry*

Hmph. Serves him right for begging.

The following are screenshots of a wonderful place called MARSHMALLOW WORLD!

And don't bother telling me its an easy avatar - I've managed to get 1000 every day since then while I ate a mushroom.

Take me with you!

You traitor...

I lost to Bigfoot *sniffles*


Look, I'm sorry I fed the plushie model of you to my skeith, but his new owner wouldn't take him if he wasn't fed!

Fly, fly, fly, my minion! Fly-ha-ha-ha-hy!

That's it! You're being zapped just for confusing me.

TNT is better off stealing words.

Doesn't this just annoy YOU? I think it's designed to annoy YOU and only YOU.

He stalks me...


Oh, my, my life is predictable.


Stop lying!

Who goes into a bank smiling like that? Seriously, who?

Oh course, it's a fickle code and only works about an...oh....000000000001% of the time. But there's still that tiny chance...

Not to mention that people complain they only have 1050 neopoints. They won't come begging to me for some.

Why does the clock have funny numbers?

Give them back, right now. *fires up bazooka*

Who cares? I'll whack him anyway!

I don't take particularly good care of my pets. Have you noticed?

Then how did I look it up? HMMMMM?!

Now let's see if you can find Jelly Blobs of Doom.


She stocked neither petpets nor maps, which made me mad, enraged, irritated, homicidal etc...

Greedy grundo has no need for money on Kreludor!

Not that I actually wanted any of it. No, I wanted a nerkmid...

*clears throat and calms down* I'm sorry. I really am. I just thought this was funny.

Anyone care to explain?

Did the evil pet shooted strike again, I wonder?

Stupid Illusen, not knowing where her home is...

Or maybe this is how they really look...


Aren't I a sweet sister? Well, come on. Praise me!

Its got its own line for a reason.

Blarg! Chia vomit!

Can you tell I'm not particularly good at drawing faces?

Two words: Learn. To. Spell.

I'm good at stealing from my sister. *snatches her sweaters, her pants, her snorkle snout (which was for me anyway) and her stuffed dog which she carries around with her everywhere and calls Woofy*

Maybe he's like a dwarf and can unhinge his tongue.

Gloating? Me? How durst thee think that! *sulks because she can't gloat*

And I didn't even mention the fact that she misspelled "our" twice. OR that I think she's schizophrenic.

Marieke says it looks like a smilie. I'll let you be the judge.

Nice neggs and an avatar. That's all I want. Oh, and a plushie. Maybe a petpet. You know what, now that I think about it, I will never be happy with Snowager.

And now the soot is on an abandoned pet. Joys.

I hate sponsor games. They do not deserve the title of "game.

Why are there two Matts?!

Mmmmm...I would sacrifice my vegetarianism for one of those...if they were real. Which they aren't. I hope.

Who is this three_blind_mice92 and why does she have my name?

No wonder poogles are in such high demand!

*refers TNT to an English class*

Why, WHY, must it be purple?!

*forces feeds Turmaculus the stego*

Drat! I hate school, but if the Lawyerbot says it, so it shall be. *trudges off to the bus stop*

Ich spreken Deutch! Sort of...

Not to mention those sheets...

It made him drunk!

Spelling error! Spelling error! Red Alert! Red Alert!

Poor stupid Gideon, having to solve the mysteries of the world...

I want the Sloth avatar, the Tooth Faerie avatar, random events that give me expensive stuff, etc.

Mommy, it's gone!

Da da, da da, da da, I've got you, babe...

*massively huge grin*

They need a sign. "Beware of the Office Assistants!

I never would have guessed that...

Look, I'll even poll the darn thing if you promise to eat it!


I hate that game.

Run before they get their laser guns!

*drools slightly* Yes, petpet...

My birthday is February 26, if you wanted to buy me a present.

We have track practice if it's over forty degrees. If there's snow, and I have practice, the snow is obviously FAKE!

I don't much like the way this is a retired petpet...*grabs her trusty bazooka and goes in search of the fat cat*

I never got to find out, either. Vytepopa was back to a ghost hissi by the time I abandoned him.

Aaah! Dark! *shields eyes*

It's simple. Vy-te-po-ohnevermind.

Bleh! Lime!

You learn grammar: me buy more books.

Coltzan's going blind! *sneaks around to find the million neopoints*

Honestly, why? Why could the peach kill the snake?

If it thinks, it will realize it's not getting much out of existence and will rebel.

I guess I'm better at coding than I thought.

Sure, other people won't notice. But I am considered an expert in Meso and South America. Naturally, I notice these things.

I never feel lucky.

Me eat pasties too!

Down with the demented frogs!

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world out there. Best stick to my computer. I might run into her in real life.

Hmmm, a diet maybe?

Stop watching me!

*whacks Turmaculus with her new sword*

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