A transmission arrives

The following transmission was received by Space Station technicians on July 23, 3027 on the frequency 2084.7. We are passing it along to you, silverphantomwolf, and we await your orders regarding it.

I don't have much time, so listen carefully. This is Prince Ramu of the planet Destrix. You are all in terrible danger.

You maybe have heard some rumors concerning my recent flight from Destrix. My father is under the impression that I am some sort of spy, recruited by the leaders of Oovos, my mother's home planet. This is a lie. I am neither traitor nor enemy - I want nothing more than to have peace between our two worlds. I believe my stepmother, Evinestra, beguiled my father and planted these thoughts in his head so as to turn him against me. She desires power. War. Revenge.

I was forced to flee my own planet. Now I travel abroad, accompanied by those still loyal to me. But with Evinestra and her puppet of a son ruling Destrix, none of us are safe. You see, Destrix provides fuel to all the planets in our sector. She will use this to influence our neighbors, hold them in an iron fist and force them to do her bidding.

So now I implore you, silverphantomwolf. Stand with me! Alert your people. We must stop this war before it begins, before she musters her full strength. Because when she does, she will be unstoppable.

I await your response.

Prince Ramu of Destrix

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The Exiled Prince

Basic Information

Name: Prince Ramu of Destrix

Nickname/Known As: Your Highness

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Kougra

Color: Spotted

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Orange

Weight: 150lbs

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches


Level: 15

Strength: 12

Defence: 14

Health: 16

Movement: 11

Intelligence: 17


Ramu is strong, noble, and brave - or at least he tries to be. Being a prince is stressful and often very confusing. Ramu, however, always puts on the face of a leader. He is obedient, especially to his father and to his three tutors. While he enjoys his position of power, he does not abuse it and always tries to keep everyone's best interests at heart. If anything, Ramu can be quiet at times. He tends to keep most of his emotions to himself, causing him to become easily overwhelmed. Occationally, his bottled up emotions may burst out all at once. Even so, he has a passive temper. He is very loyal to those who have proven to be friends, and he will do anything to protect them. He is best friend and mentor to his younger half-brother, Martoff.


  • Learning
  • Fixing things
  • Fencing
  • Piloting
  • Racing in his hovercraft
  • Dancing
  • Listening to transmissions
  • Stars
  • Martoff
  • Bending the rules
  • Sleeping
  • Cake
  • Queen Evinestra
  • Traitors
  • War
  • Being treated like a child
  • People who lie
  • Having nothing to do
  • Spyders
  • Spacesickness
  • Pretentious royals
  • Schedules
  • Being stuck indoors
  • Boring economic jargon
  • Brief History

    Ramu is a prince from the planet Destrix. He is next in line for the throne, and he spent his days studying to take on that duty. However, Queen Evinestra - Ramu's stepmother - had other ideas. She wanted to gain the throne for her son Martoff. Through Martoff, she planned to start a war amongst the cosmos. Ramu was the only thing standing in her way. Slowly, she began influencing King Nestorin, Ramu's father. She was able to convince him that Ramu had turned traitor and was planning to overthrow him. Nestorin, decieved by this, sent assassins to Ramu. With the help of his three tutors, Ramu as able to escape. Forced to flee, he gathered together a ship full of men still loyal to him. They departed Destrix in one piece, but Evinestra's plan was succeeding thusfar.

    Concerned for the safety of his father and his beloved planet, Ramu set off to find help and stop the war before it began.

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    Ramu's World

    Begin your journey

    Imagine for a moment that you're flying. You leave the ground behind and watch it fade. The air around you goes black, and suddenly you're drifting past the stars, brilliant specks of light that swirl and dance around you. You feel distant. Free. Beyond the boundaries of your imagination, there are other earths - countless earths, waiting out there in the vast reaches of space, ready to be explored.

    Welcome to Ramu's world.

    The Lavantian Sector

    Ramu's home planet of Destrix is located within the Lavantian Sector. A sector is a unit of space measurement equal to about 20 cubic light years. The typical sector contains six to ten star systems.

    The inhabitants of the Lavantian System trace their origins back to a small planet called Neopia. Neopia was once a peaceful world, but nearly seven-hundred years ago, it experienced an economic collapse followed by a series of natural disasters that threw the planet into chaos. With no clear ruler or union between its people, Neopia fell into a state of apocalypse. Looting and rioting ensured, driving many into hiding. Some clung to hope that the planet could be saved, but with its natural resources spent, there was little hope. Even the faeries, supernatural beings whose magic sustained Neopia for centuries, disappeared into the universe, abandoning the planet to its fate.

    Most of its inhabitants left. Great ships set out into the vast reaches of space, searching for a new home. After several years, the fleet happened upon the Lavantian System. Each ship settled on a different planet and named their world after the ship's captain.

    And so a new life began.

    There are many inhabited planets within the Lavantian Sector. A few in particular play crucial roles in Ramu's story.


    Destrix, the planet of Prince Ramu's upbringing, is a small world no larger than our moon. Its history has always been unstable. Not long after the population's initial settling, they separated into six tribes, each of whom claimed to be the world's ruler. The tribes warred amongst themselves for many years until one finally defeated the others, and its leader established the kingship that remains to this day.

    The climate of Destrix is arid desert. The planet is mostly land with small seas and lakes scattered throughout, although there is evidence more water existed earlier in its history. The majority of settlements are located along the shores of these bodies of water.

    The planet is a abundant in a mineral known as Eutonium. Eutonium can be harnessed into a fuel used to power all sorts of things - from household machines, to robots, to giant spacecraft. Because Eutonium is so versatile and necessary to society, all Destrix's neighbors quickly became dependent on Eutonium exports, making Destrix a very wealthy planet.


    Oovos is Destrix's closest neighbor. The two planets are similar in size and population, but Oovos's climate is more mild, similar to our home here.

    Many years ago, Oovos was unfortunate enough to have a corrupted leader. This leader was jealous of power Destrix held because of its natural resources. They found an excuse to wage war against Destrix, and although they were defeated and the leader stripped of power, Oovos's relationship with Destrix has been shaky ever since.

    The planets in the Lavantian Sector are few and far between. Although they maintain close communication with some of the nearby sectors, there is no overall government or council between them. As a whole, it is every planet for itself. The smaller planets must band together and make treaties or risk being conquered by their larger, power-hungry neighbors.

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    Meet the Characters

    Ramu's Family, Friends, and Foes

    As a prince, Ramu meets a wide variety of people who have influenced his life in one way or another. Read on to learn more about them.

    King Nestorin

    Nestorin is Ramu's father and King of Destrix. He was forced to grow up very quickly, for at the time, the relationship between Destrix and its neighboring planet Oovos was shaky. Many feared a war might come between them, which would devastate both worlds. But Nestorin's father had a plan. In order to create a truce, he arranged a marriage between Nestorin and Princess Mayla of Oovos. The two were wed, bringing the two planets together for the first time in decades.

    Queen Mayla

    Mayla was the princess of Oovos until she was arranged to marry Nestorin as part of a truce. Although she was far from happy about the arrangement, she accepted it as duty to her people and went along with it without question. Overtime, however, she came to see how kind and caring Nestorin was. She even grew to enjoy her time on Destrix, although the environment was so different from her beautiful Oovos. She and Nestorin had a son - Ramu.

    Unfortunately, when Ramu was only three years old, Mayla fell ill. And although her physicians did all they could, they were unable to save her. She died, leaving Ramu without a mother - and Destrix without its truce.

    Queen Evinestra

    After Queen Mayla's death, King Nestorin was forced to come with another way to keep the treaty between Destrix and Oovos alive. He ended up remarrying Evinestra, a Lady and another member of the Oovos royal family. Their son Martoff, Ramu's stepbrother, is four years younger than Ramu.

    Although Evinestra acts sweet and lovely on the outside, she has a troubled past and a twisted heart. Sources tell me that Evinestra is descended from a leader who tried to attack and conquer Destrix many years prior. Had he succeeded, she may not have been a second-choice suitor. She may have already been Queen on Destrix. She holds this knowledge begrudgingly - and she longs for her own son to become king so that she might control the throne herself.

    Prince Martoff

    Martoff is Ramu's stepbrother and Evinestra's son. He is four years younger than Ramu, but he is just as smart and intuitive. Despite his mother's influence, he is actually quite mild and laid back. If anything, he can be lazy sometimes and will do anything to get out of his studies. He's mischievous and somewhat of a rule-breaker, but his heart is in the right place. He and Ramu are truely best friends. He is completely ignorant of Evinestra's plot against Ramu and simply wants the best for Destrix, his home. But before the end, he will need to learn to see right from wrong and make responsible decisions on his own.

    The Three Tutors

    As prince, Ramu is expected to be highly educated. This is why his father hired three tutors - Tutor Scholar, Tutor Mechanic, and Tutor Weaponmaster. These three tutors teach Ramu all about the world and its trades so he will be prepared for what's out there. He is very close to all three of them. Ramu's three tutors play an integral part in his story, for they are fiercely loyal and feel it is their job to protect him from harm.


    Kovick is Ramu's pet, a Gruskepru. Gruskeprus resemble both Gruslens and Keprus. They are an alien species found on Destrix. Domesticated as pets, they are loyal companions of Destrix's inhabitants. Kovick in particular is Ramu's dear companion. He is brave and will defend Ramu in times of trouble (and lick his face when all is well). Ramu gave him an antigravity collar, allowing him to float as well as run on foot.

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    The Exiled Prince

    The Story of Prince Ramu

    I know what you've been wondering. Just who is this Prince Ramu? Well, read on to learn his tale.

    The Heir

    Ramu sat still, his eyes pouring over lines of text on the reader in front of him. The light from the screen washed over his face, giving him a slight headache. Although he tried to concentrate on the lesson, the task was proving difficult.

    Eutonium's value as an export is integral to the social and econimic balance of Destrix. Its use as a fuel source and its ability to be safely and quickly transported are just two examples of its key role within the Lavantian Sector. As of star-date 5704, the nearby sectors of Galvantian and Tumentian approved its use within their star systems allowing for its exportation...

    Ramu tapped a button, and the screen went blank. With a sigh, he leaned back against his chair. Why must Tutor Scholar insist he learn all this economic jargon? He would rather be out with Tutor Weaponmaster, practicing his marksmanship. Or with Tutor Mechanic, learning to repair a land speeder. Those were real skills that he could use. But no, he was stuck inside on a perfectly fine day, studying.

    But Martoff is a prince too, he reminded himself. Why isn't he here, reading pointless facts too? Unlike Ramu, his half-brother Martoff seemed to get away with everything.

    Because you're the heir. Ramu's father's voice drifted to mind. It's your duty to take my place someday. You must be prepared. Good kings are educated, and I'll expect nothing less from you. That's why I've hired your Tutors. Mechanic, Scholar, and Weaponsmaster will be in charge of your schooling. You must do everything they say, understand?

    No, Ramu didn't understand. But he did it anyway because his father asked him to. And he knew it was what his mother would have wanted, if she was still alive. Ramu barely remembered her. Her soft blue eyes, her warm smile, her gentle yet strong arms. All visions, faint and fleeting, images called up whenever her name was mentioned. Then they would fade into the face of his stepmother Evinestra. She looked much like his real mother had. But something about her was different. Her eyes were grey. Cold. She always looked at him as if he were second best. A crumb on the table that someone had forgotten to sweep up.

    And lately, he had begun to wonder whether his father too was drifting away. His face had become sullen and and quiet as if he had aged twenty years. Perhaps the strain of the kingship was finally taking its toll on him. Ramu wondered what he thought about in the late hours of the night - and whether there was anything he could do to ease his silent torment.

    Ramu sighed. Sometimes, being Prince of Destrix was such a drag.

    As the weeks passed, Ramu went about his life as usual - studying with Tutor Scholar, learning to build and repair machines with Tutor Mechanic, and learning to fight with Tutor Weaponmaster. But things were far from normal. Ramu began to experience increased levels of coldness from his father. Even Martoff, who was usually smart about these kinds of things, didn't understand what was going on. One evening, Ramu finally decided to talk to his father and settle the matter once and for all.

    The Confrontation

    Ramu stood outside the door, listening to the voices emanating softly from inside. He took a breath, his heart beating fast in anticipation of the moment - a moment he had been awaiting with both excitement and dread. Maybe in just a few minutes, all would be well between him and his father.

    But then again, maybe not.

    Martoff looked at him and gave him an encouraging clap on the back. You'll be fine, don't worry.

    Ramu nodded and managed to return his half-brother's smile. Then he pushed the door open and slipped inside.

    The throne room was huge. Lined with enormous pillars and tapestries, light filtered in through the glass roof above. On a dais at the other end of the room was a throne. And sitting on that throne was King Nestorin, Queen Evinestra at his side. Both were silent as Ramu approached.

    The prince came to a stop at the bottom of the dais. Father, I-

    It is respectful to kneel before your king, said Evinestra. Her voice was cold.

    Ramu stared. But I'm... He shook his head and dropped to one knee. I mean you no disrespect, Father. So please tell me, what have I done to wrong you, and what must I do to make up for it? It was a rehearsed speech, but Ramu hoped his father would react.

    Instead, it was Evinestra who spoke first - and not to him. See, Nestor dear, she said quietly to the king. I told you he would come. He wants to tell you how good a son he's been.

    Ramu watched, baffled, as his father rose from his throne and stared down at him with bright, fiery eyes. Have you, then?

    Yes, of course.

    Then why have you disobeyed my wishes?

    Ramu blinked. What?

    Don't think I haven't noticed, growled the king. You have been slacking off in your studies with Tutor Scholar. You spend less and less time with him each week. And instead, I find you outside practicing extra hard with Tutor Weaponmaster.

    That's not true! Ramu shook his head. I've been studying just as hard as I always have.

    Silence, growled Evinestra. Don't lie to your father, Ramu. I've seen you too. And frankly, I find your apparent fascination with weaponry and violence disturbing. She folded her arms. I'm glad your father has decided to do something about it.

    Do what? Ramu's glance flickered between the king and Evinestra. He couldn't understand why they were acting this way.

    I have decided your studies with Tutor Mechanic and Tutor Weaponmaster are no longer necessary, said Nestorin. I have fired them.

    Ramu's jaw dropped. You've what??

    You are not to see or talk to them again. Your studies with Tutor Scholar will commence as normal.

    But father -

    No objections! You will do as I say.

    Ramu balled his hand into a fist. Father, I'm not a child anymore! I can make decisions on my own!

    That was the wrong thing to say. Nestorin's face contorted with rage. I am your king! he thundered. You will obey!

    Ramu flinched. He had never heard his father this angry before. He wanted to yell back, scream out the injustice of the situation. But his voice came out as a whisper. Yes father.

    You may leave, said Evinestra. And Ramu obeyed, too stunned to resist.

    But as he was leaving, he could hear Evinestra whisper to Nestor, See? I told you he has turned against you. We may have to act sooner than planned...

    Martoff was waiting for him when Ramu opened the door. How'd it go?

    Ramu could only stare at him, a shudder rippling up his spine. Turned against his father? What was Evinestra talking about?

    Without giving Martoff an answer, he turned away mind spinning with a thousand questions.

    Ramu stumbled back into his room feeling distressed and confused. He didn't understand why Evinestra was calling him a traitor - nor why his father seemed to believe it. He didn't know who to talk to. Nestorin had just forbidden him to speak to Tutors Mechanic and Weaponmaster. And he certainly couldn't talk to Martoff.

    That left Tutor Scholar. Ramu sought out his teacher and confessed what had happened. The stoic, logical aisha was perplexed, but he encouraged Ramu not to worry and assured him all would be well.

    Ramu followed his tutor's advice. He attempted to go about the day as if nothing had happened, but neither Evinestra nor the king were present at dinner that evening. Ramu returned to his room and, after much tossing and turning, eventually managed to fall asleep.

    That was when his life changed forever.

    The Escape

    Ramu's eyes flashed open. All around him, his familiar room was shrouded in darkness. His bedside clock read 2:30. Awfully early in the morning. So what had woken him?

    He lay still, letting his breathing ease. All was quiet, save for the mechanic hum of the turbowatch he always wore around his wrist. He closed his eyes, listening.

    The tiniest sound. A whisper of breath. The brush of fabric against his bedpost.

    Ramu reacted instantly, his lessons with Tutor Weaponmaster fueling his sharpened reflexes. He threw himself from his bed just as he heard the knife swish past his ear. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw it embed itself in his pillow. Heart racing, he staggered to his feet and whirled around, searching for his assailant. There they were, standing in the corner of his room. Clad from head to toe in black, their form was hard to distinguish from the darkness. Ramu watched as they reached down to pull a blaster from their belt.

    Ramu reached desperately for his own weapon, but it was missing from its usual place on his belt. With dismay, he spotted it lying on his dresser across the room. By the time he made a dash for it, the assassin had already taken aim.

    Bang! A flash of red light sent a cupboard exploding behind him. Shards of wood pelted Ramu, who winced in pain. He staggered as the assailant took aim again.

    Bang! A second blast came from the doorway, striking the assassin in the chest. The attacker crumpled to the floor. Kovick, Ramu's Gruskepru, bounded into the room and stood by his master's side, growling. But Ramu was staring in wonder at the tall, muscular form of Tutor Weaponmaster, standing silhouetted in the doorway. The kyrii kept his blaster pointed at the fallen assassin, but his eyes flicked to Ramu. It's time to go, young prince.

    Relief flooded Ramu's senses. Grabbing his own blaster, he hurried over and slipped out the door after his tutor, Kovick bounding along at his heels.

    They stole down the hallway, blasters in hand. Stay close, said Weaponmaster. There may be more of them.

    Ramu could feel his arms shaking. Master, what's going on?

    I'll explain everything later. But first we have to get you to safety.

    As they bounded down a flight of stairs, two more blasts exploded around them. Ramu was knocked off his feet, but Tutor Weaponmaster caught his arm. The kyrii fired back at the two other assassins who had appeared. He shoved Ramu forward. Run, my prince! To the courtyard!

    Ramu obeyed. As he fled down the rest of the stairs and through the hall beyond, he could hear his tutor doing battle with the two assailants behind him. Kovick sped past him, barking. Passing through the throne room, he pushed open the doors and raced into the courtyard beyond.

    A trio of assassins materialized in front of him and fired three consecutive blasts. Grabbing Kovick, Ramu ducked back behind the door and felt the explosions shake the ground around him. Taking a deep breath, he peered around the doorway and fired. He ducked back as a blast of red light soared past him and collided with the far wall.

    The ground shuddered and a deeper boom echoed in Ramu's ears. When the volley of sinister blasts ceased, he poked his head around the corner again. A fighter craft hovered in the middle of the courtyard, its turbines whipping up a whirlwind of air. The ship's guns were pointed at the assassins. Behind the pilot's window, Ramu could see a draik at the controls. Tutor Mechanic!

    From the loading bay, Tutor Scholar held out his hand. Come on, Ramu!

    Ramu ran, Kovick still in his arms. The assassins fired more blasts, but the ship positioned itself between them. The explosions rebounded harmlessly off its hard, metal armor. Ramu reached the ship and allowed Tutor Scholar to pull him aboard.

    Tutor Weaponmaster came sprinting out of the palace, pursued by the two assassins. Ramu fired a blast past him, knocking the nearest assailant off their feet. As Tutor Weaponmaster dashed on board, the loading door closed, sealing them all in darkness. Ramu felt the ship lift away, the explosions below fading to nothing.

    Ramu slumped to the ground, letting his weapon slip from his fingers. Kovick whined and nuzzled his hand. Ramu patted the Gruskepru, finally allowed himself to breathe again. Resting his head in his hands, he tried to wrap his mind around what had just happened.

    I can't go back, can I?

    He felt Tutor Weaponmaster's hand rest on his shoulder. I'm afraid not, my prince. I'm sorry. But we, your loyal tutors will always be here for you. We have promised to defend you with our lives, and we plan to uphold that promise.

    Ramu took a deep breath. He was safe. And he was not alone.

    The rest of Ramu's story is yet to be written! However, as there is a lot left to tell, I would like to summarize the rest for you.

    While on the ship, Ramu learns the truth behind the assassination attempt and the depth of Evinestra's plot.

    Evinestra is the descendent of a leader of the planet Oovos - the leader who attempted to conquer Destrix years ago. She is driven by some contorted belief that this is her destiny. She desires to conquer not only the planets of the Lavantian Sector but those in the nearby systems as well. Destrix is her key because the planets in the Lavantian Sector depend on it for fuel. By controlling the fuel supply, she would be able to force all the other planets to do her bidding.

    Evinestra had been plotting to gain the throne for her son, Martoff. Through Martoff, she planned to control Destrix. Ramu stood in her way, so she needed a reason be get rid of him. The only way to do this, she decided, would be through King Nestorin himself. Slowly, she had begun dropping hints to Nestorin, making him doubt his son's loyalty. Bit by bit, she began chipping away at his confidence until the king became paranoid. That is why he had chosen to fire Tutors Mechanic and Weaponmaster - so that Ramu would be confined to his books in a place where he wouldn't be a threat.

    The three tutors had been observing this change in attitude for a while, but it wasn't until recently that they learned of Evinestra's true intentions. The night that Ramu was attacked, Evinestra had also sent assassins to them for fear they had learned too much.

    Ramu learns all this from his tutors. Together, they decide that it is best to stay hidden for the moment. They land the ship out in a remote location. From listening to transmissions, they soon learn that Ramu has been declared an enemy of the state by his father, accused of conspiracy and attempting to usurp the king. There is an extensive search for him, and while staying hidden might work for a while, it is only a matter of time until they are found and captured.

    Ramu and his tutors decide the best plan of action would be to escape the planet completely. But in order to do that, they need a starship and a crew to fly it. Disguised, the four of them enter a nearby town. Tutor Scholar knows a friend there who is a pilot. After explaining the situation, the pilot helps Ramu round up a small group of soldiers who are still loyal to him. Together, they commandeer a small space vessel. After a small struggle, they manage to escape Destrix.

    Out in space, Ramu is safe for the moment. Still, he fears how Evinestra's influence might spread. He fears for his father and Martoff. He fears what would happen if war broke out among the cosmos.

    So Ramu decides to find help. He and his ship travel from one star system to the next, warning their leaders of Evinestra's plot and asking for help in defeating her.

    Ramu and Grey

    Grey lives on a planet called Quintel. Quintel's inhabitants trace their origins back to Neopia, just like those in the Lavantian Sector (including Ramu's people). However, those on Quintel have shut themselves away from the outside world. They destroyed all technology a long time ago and now believe they have always dwelt on the planet. They do not know about the existence of other civilizations. They live in a totalitarian Society that chooses each person's career when they turn sixteen.

    Grey becomes a Keykeeper. Keykeepers are in charge of watching over keys to all the doors in Quintel. They also look after prisoners and live in the dungeons. After many years as Keykeeper, Grey discovers a secret room in dungeons. Someone many years ago had hidden the truth about Quintel and the origins of those who live there. Grey learns that she and everyone on the planet have been living a lie.

    Within this secret room, there are also remaining pieces of technology. Here, Grey discovers a transmitter that allows her to communicate with those outside the planet. This is how she meets Ramu. She hears Ramu's transmissions and responds to him. The two start talking and exchanging information. They grow to become very close friends. Grey's comings and goings in the secret room are eventually exposed, putting herself in terrible danger from Quintel's controlling government - but Ramu saves her.

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    Portraits of the Prince

    Art by Silver

    Art by Others

    Thanks to everyone who drew Ramu for me!


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    Space kitties!

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    Prince Ramu


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