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After sending in your characters, please look over the Cat Records page and send in any relevant information.

There is no character limit. However, if you have characters you never play you will be asked to reduce your number of characters.

If you are ready to send in a SnowClan character, please fill out the form to the right and send it in using the "submit" link. You can send in the characters before they are finished as long as you finish them within a couple weeks.

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Important! Everyone is required to have a petpage containing the information about their characters. It must have at least the same information as shown on this page, though it is highly recommended that you provide more detail. You can format the information on your petpage however you'd like. Premade Petpage Sites: That One Page and Colorblock.

Name // Clan cat names consist of two parts. The first part of the name is given to them at birth, and stays with them throughout their lives. The second part changes with rank. Kits end it "kit", Apprentices end in "paw", Warriors and Elders end in another word that describes them, and the Leader ends in "star". There is a naming guide at the bottom of the Guide page that gives prefix, suffix name suggestions, as well as shows which are already being used.

Gender // Tom or She-cat.

Rank // The character ranks are listed farther down the page. Please note that, as there is only one of each, Leader, Deputy, Lead Warrior, Medicine Cat and Medicine Cat Apprentice are council ranks.

Kits/Mentors // If you have a Queen, please list any kits. For Warriors and Apprentices, please include it here if you wish to request a specific mentor or apprentice. Otherwise it will simply be assigned.

Description // The description should be at least one solid paragraph about the character's appearance, personality, history etc. Please keep it under three paragraphs. We want enough to give an overview without taking up the entire guild character page with one cat.

Petpage // Please give the link to your individual petpage.

Image // This can be on the petpage.

Played By // This is simply your username and nickname.

Character Ranks

Leader // The leader is in charge of the entire Clan, and are responsible for maintaining discipline, order, and safety. Leaders are the only cats with nine lives, and their name always ends in "star". They have a connection with StarClan and may share dreams with them.

Deputy // The deputy is second-in-command and in line to become the next leader. They act in place of the leader when needed, act as the Leader's advisor, and organize patrols. A cat must have had at least one apprentice to become the deputy.

Lead Warrior // The lead warrior is the most experienced warrior in the Clan, and are someone that the other warriors may come to for help or advice. The leader generally values their opinion.

Medicine Cat // The medicine cat is the healer and spiritual leader of the Clan. They treat the sick and injured cats, as well as interpret the signs from StarClan. They may not have a mate or kits.

Medicine Cat Apprentice // The medicine cat apprentice is the cat being trained by the medicine cat. Unlike a normal apprentice, even after they are given their full name, they continue to serve as an apprentice as long as their mentor is practicing.

Elder // Elders are retired clan cats, no longer able to continue their duties due to age or health conditions. They are respected by the clan for their service, and may be called on to advise the Clan leader. At least one elder must be preset at the burial of another member of the Clan.

Queen // Queens are she-cats expecting, nursing kits, or caring for kits. As a general rule most are warriors when not in the nursery. On occasion a she-cat may decide to stay in the nursery to aid the other queens even when she does not have kits of her own, feeling it is how she can best serve the clan.

Senior Warrior // Senior warriors are the older and more experienced warriors, at least forty-eight moons old. Trained to hunt and fight, they are responsible for protecting and providing food for the Clan, as well as advising the clan leader. Warriors may also be given an apprentice to train.

Warrior // Warriors make up most of the Clan. Trained to hunt and fight, they are responsible for protecting and providing food for the Clan. Warriors may also be given an apprentice to train.

Apprentice // Apprentices are cats who have reached six moons in age and are in training to become warriors. In addition to training, apprentices are responsible for hunting for the elders. All apprentices have names that end in "paw".

Kit // Kits are cats not yet old enough to begin training. They stay in the nursery under the care of the queens, and have names that end in "kit". Kits are not allowed out of the camp alone.


18 Toms // 18 She-cats
4 Ranking // 2 Elders // 3 Queens // 2 Senior Warriors // 14 Warriors // 7 Apprentices // 4 Kits

Leader Sparrowstar

Named for the colors of her fur, Sparrowstar is a brown bengal she-cat with brown rosette spots, and a coat streaked through with gold. Her steel blue eyes are wide and rounded. She has a slim and athletic build, and hind legs that are slightly longer than the front.

She is an agile cat, moving with silence and ease. Combining her agility with her observant nature, and she quickly became an exceptional hunter. Though confident in areas she is experienced in, she can be hesitant at times, especially when adjusting to new responsibilities and dealing with the unfamiliar. Though Sparrowstar does think things through, once her mind is made up she can be quite stubborn.

She-cat || Mentor to Foxpaw || Played by Pyro
Deputy Lionwhisker

Lionwhisker is a cream tomcat with deep, green eyes. He has a fairly strong build. Lionwhisker is smart, brave and has a great sense of smell. He's also got a way with the she-cats and isn't afraid to show his emotions. One day he'll settle down and have a family of his own, but for now he's focused on his warrior duties.

Tom || Played by Willow
Lead Warrior Poppyheart

Furry and large, Poppyheart is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, but isn't very good at hunting because of her bulky form, she has a hard time stalking her prey. This she cat has a large heart and will do anything for anyone, but within reason and as long as it doesn't go against the warrior code. Abandoned as a kit by a non-clan cat, Poppyheart wasn't born in the clan like most of her clan mates; however, she is extremely loyal and will do anything for her clan.

She-cat || Played by Alisha
Medicine Cat Grayclaw

A large long-furred gray tom with mottled brown stripes and yellow eyes, Grayclaw was a warrior before being called to the path of a Medicine Cat, a call he answered with reluctance. Poorly trained due to his own frustration, Grayclaw is now solely responsible for his clan's well-being. Though he has dedicated himself to the service of his clan, Grayclaw still mourns the path he lost. The thick-furred tom struggles to maintain calm as he tends to his clan, scrounging at half-remembered lessons for guidance.

Tom || Played by Nova Belle

Elder Whitecloud

Mostly long haired white tom with a greyish/brownish muzzle as well as a few random cloud like spots on his fur. He also has bright blue eyes and a large build. Whitecloud is patient, kind and caring. He has a lot of experience from his time as a warrior in SnowClan. He is very wise and has loads of fascinating stories from the old days that are quite entertaining.

Tom || Played by Willow
Elder Barknose

Barknose is a long furred stubborn tabby tom. He is nosey and likes to spread rumors and gossip throughout the clan. He is hard to get to shut up once he gets going. He has even followed warriors out of camp just to finish his stories. He is a goofball, memory fading, and clumsy on his feet. No matter how much grief he may feel, he is always trying to get his clan mates to laugh. He enjoys telling tales and playfully frightening kits.

Tom || Played by Steph

Queen Sunstorm

Sunstorm is a small bengal cat with golden eyes, brown fur with large dark spots and stripes thickly covering her pelt. Her small form is better adapted for multiple swift strikes than heavy blows, and she uses this to her advantage.

Sunstorm is a fierce, aggressive she-cat. She almost always will choose to fight rather than talk, and is the instigator of many brawls, even with her clan mates. Sunstorm tends toward the extreme - extremely aggressive, extremely protective, and extremely loyal. She believes in the warrior code with all her being, never giving doubts a second though, and will actively fight those who show signs of disloyalty. She is constantly vigilant, taking her duties as a warrior seriously, and ever watchful for signs of disloyalty and danger.

She-cat || Mother of Cheetahkit and Leopardkit || Played by Nova Belle
Queen Spottedflower

A pretty spotted she-cat with friendly golden eyes. She was named for the dark spots lining her rear. She is known to be gentle in nature, but strong willed and able to stand her own when needed. She has always felt a strong urge to help her clan in any way possible. Spottedflower is often seen helping elders, other queens or apprentices to learn. She's even dabbled a bit with herbs. She is smart and precise, always planning ahead in the future. Learning from stories, and her own mistakes and past she does her best to continue to serve the clan.

Spottedflower is a fierce new queen. She loves her family dearly, even her distant family. Those that are close to her she would consider family. If hurt or threatened, she will not forgive or forget you for it. She tries to make the best judgement but is not afraid to lean on others for support. Secrets are one those close to her can trust.

She-cat || Mother of Thornkit and Bristlekit || Played by Steph
Queen Mothstone

Mothstone is a small, physically weak white she-cat with odd blue and green eyes. She is deaf of the blue-eyed side and has a short stub for a tail. Mothstone's physical frailty leaves her resentful of the rest of her strong-bodied kin. Born sick and weak, Mothkit barely survived and never truly recovered her strength. Through pure stubbornness Mothstone completed her warrior training moons after her denmates had already moved on, but she is more prone to sickness than other cats, and so on Grayclaw's orders is confined to camp.

She-cat || Expecting kits || Played by Nova Belle

Senior Warrior Wrentooth

Observant, impatient, and self-sufficient as he may be, Wrentooth is an incredibly loyal warrior. This tom likes to make things happen, as he is quick to get impatient. Through out his life, he has always been highly cautious, and keen to forward thinking. He will always be prepared to make decisions that others may find difficult no matter the given situation. Never be afraid to approach him, as he is always willing to help.

He has a medium length, brown and grey tabby coat with sage green eyes. His build is stacked, born to be a fighter with long limbs, and broad shoulders teeming with lean muscle.

Tom || Mentor to Rosepaw || Played by Fizz
Senior Warrior Moonspots

Moonspots is a long haired tom with a grey pelt with darker spots and a white chest. He has ocean blue eyes and a strong build. Moonspots has always been very decisive when it comes to making decisions. He's a quick thinker and pretty smart too. This tom is very caring and affectionate. He loves his family more than anything and will do what he can to help them. Moonspots is very dependable but sometimes he can be a bit of a pushover and finds it hard saying no. He's also very apologetic and will apologize even if it wasn't his fault. Sometimes Moonspots can be pretty funny. He realizes clan life doesn't always have to be serious and he knows how to have fun. He's a pretty average cat when it comes to hunting and fighting. He's not the best but he's also not the worst. You win some and you lose some!

Tom || Played by Willow

Warrior Palemist

A quiet and observant she-cat, with the desire to support and organize. She is geared toward introverted tendencies, but can successfully carry out her duties with a highly professional demeanor. Her core mindset is ruled by the pursuit of perfection, and as soft-spoken as she may be, she has no problems insisting that given tasks be done correctly. Sometimes big picture situations suffer on account of her intense focus when it comes to the finer details.

She's short haired, but her pale yellow fur is densely packed, protecting her from the chills of the mountain. Her face is adorned with emerald green eyes, and her body lean and lanky. Her streamline build makes speed her biggest ally, and she uses it to her advantage in day to day scenarios.

She-cat || Played by Fizz
Warrior Flintfang

Brash and bombastic, this tom is just loud in general. He doesn't bother with social graces, as they tend to just waste his is time. Very few understand his sense of humor, while most think him as plain rude. Though his bravery knows no bounds, and his focus goes unrivaled, his redeeming qualities are far and few between. Nonetheless, he is still a warrior at heart, and will always take his responsibilities seriously. His can always be counted on when it matters the most.

He has medium length, charcoal colored fur with piercing yellow eyes. He is stacked with toned limbs and solid shoulders. He is a jack of all trades, proficient in all, master of none.

Tom || Played by Fizz
Warrior Dovepetal

This objective she-cat does her best to go with the grain of clan life. She's easy to get along with, but difficult to relate to. Emotionally, she keeps herself at a distance. Long ago, she decided it was easier to navigate her life without her head being clouded with ideals and feelings. Dovepetal prides herself in working well in high stress situations, and remaining unbiased during difficult decisions. The few things that she does care about, she takes very seriously.

Her white coat is slightly longer than short, but not quite medium in length. She has torbie markings around her face, tail, and all four legs. She's a stockier she-cat, but pretty nonetheless. She makes an excellent tracker in her element.

She-cat || Played by Fizz
Warrior Falcontail

Falcontail is a stocky brown tabby tom with bright blue eyes. His strong hind legs make him excellent at leaping and climbing. Though a courageous cat, Falcontail can be reckless with his bravery, jumping to conclusions or into unnecessary conflicts. Though he may seem coarse to many, Falcontail seeks to be an inspiration to his clan mates, helping his sister lead her cats with decisive actions and determination.

Tom || Played by Nova Belle
Warrior Cinderstorm

Cinderstorm is a small and petite light grey she-cat. Her eyes are a pretty dark blue. While she's got a very light pelt, her face is slightly darker than the rest of her fur. Cinderstorm is a fierce she-cat with a temperamental attitude. One minute she's fine and the next she'll want to rip your fur out. However her mood swings don't happen too often. She's also very agile when it comes to fighting. Though she may act grumpy on occasion, she will always remain loyal to those she can trust.

She-cat || Played by Willow
Warrior Willowheart

Willowheart is a silver and grey she-cat. She has luscious green eyes and darker markings on her forehead and muzzle. She is very passionate and understanding of her friends and family. She enjoys helping others. She has loads of energy and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

She-cat || Mentor to Acornpaw || Played by Willow
Warrior Fawnfur

Fawnfur is a pale tabby tom with yellow eyes. A bright-eyed, fresh warrior who looks at the world through rose colored glasses. He has no particular talents, but works to hone his knowledge and abilities at anything in order to be able to pass it on to apprentices in the future. His knowledge of the warrior code is top notch and he frowns upon any cat that knowingly breaks it.

His parents were loners who decided that their kit would stand a better chance at survival in the cold wilderness with a clan rather than growing up with them. His fur is thinner than the rest of the clan and he tends to get cold and sick more often than others because of it.

Tom || Mentor to Hazelpaw || Played by April
Warrior Pinewhisker

Pinewhisker is a longhaired, red colored tom with a very stern nature. His clan takes priority over relationships. He has been a warrior for several seasons and has seen his fair share of battle and loss of friends. He has the firm belief that his clan is his family and he has the job to protect them. He does have a soft side that is not often seen, usually when he is off reflecting on his life or watching the snow flowers. Pinewhisker has a nasty habit of going off by himself and not returning for several days, but it's been happening for so much time that most the older cats have resigned themselves to the fact that it won't stop anytime soon and isn't causing any major problems.

Tom || Played by April
Warrior Ashstorm

Ashstorm, likely named, has a fluffy, ashen pelt and a white underbelly with brown tints here and there on her legs and face. Though long, her fur is light and is not much of an insulator. Her eyes are a striking bright blue. Underneath her fur, Ashstorm is on the plumper side, though she is muscular and is not to be underestimated.

Named for her stormy nature, Ashstorm is rather moody. She usually a bit grumpy and her mood changes unpredictably. She is stubborn to the core, yet fiercely loyal and brave, almost on the verge of reckless.

She-cat || Played by Kass
Warrior Owlcall

Owlcall is a light brown tabby with darker stripes across his body and tail. His pelt is a medium length and offers an average amount of protection from the chilling temperatures of the SnowClan territory. His olive eyes stand out against his light colored fur. Lean and light on his feet, Owlcall is a talented and experienced warrior and hunter. He is a patient and soft-spoken cat, yet very hard working. He pushes himself to be a better warrior but he can often push himself too far.

Tom || Mentor to Pikapaw || Played by Kass
Warrior Ravenbrook

Sleek, black fur covers the little, beautiful body of Ravenbrook; contrasting her vivid yellow eyes. She is gifted with excellent balance and flexibility on land and in the water. A southern belle in an unusual place, Ravenbrook is prim and proper and seemingly kind. However under that outer perfect shell is an intense desire to accomplish her own goals equipped with a sharp wit and stealthy trickery.

She-cat || Played by Kyle
Warrior Jetfrost

Jetfrost is average sized, for a she-cat. He, however, is a tom. Envy consumes him daily for the larger fuller toms. Though he would never admit it. His body is slender, and he is short. His fur fluffs out from time to time when made anxious. His pelt is a smooth black all around, he has piercing blue eyes. He constantly is keeping his fur clean, and won't hesitate a snicker if you aren't looking your best. Jetfrost also has a cut in his left ear.

He is bitter, quick to annoy and all around uncaring. He is often late to meetings, or patrols. His character is rather prude in the meanest sort of way. He wouldn't say he has many friends, but that's okay because trust is something that seems unobtainable with Jetfrost. He is inwardly a coward and will latch on to anything or anyone that seems strong. He acts very narcissistic and tough in his day to day duties.

Tom || Mentor to Robinpaw || Played by Steph
Warrior Ducktail

Ducktail is a small brown and black tabby tom with hazel green eyes. Name previously Nosepaw, he was prone to be bullied. He is quiet and abnormal, generally referred to as a 'mousebrain'. He is slow to understand and lacks imagination. He is guided by his heart in doing what he believes is right.

Tom || Played by Steph
Warrior Swiftwing

A slim black and white tom with yellow-green eyes. Swiftwing is a very enthusiastic warrior. He has a bit of a temper, although he's able to cover it up most of the time, and he can sometimes worry too much. He tries to keep his spirits up, and feels the need to do the same for his clan mates.

Tom || Mentor to Honeypaw || Played by Cass

Apprentice Hazelpaw

Hazelpaw is a dark grey and white tabby with darker stripes covering her pelt and soft, green eyes. You really don't want to be friends with Hazelpaw. She will use you to her advantage as most of the time she'll need something from you. She's also very bossy and likes to take control of things. She hopes to one day be leader, though she can be quite conceited. This she-cat is also very emotionally aloof, so don't bother crushing on this young she-cat!

She-cat || Played by Willow
Apprentice Foxpaw

Foxpaw is a ginger tom and even darker ginger stripes covering his body. His chest is white as well as one white paw. He's got dark, amber eyes. He has a large build, fluffy tail and pointy ears. Foxpaw has a very forgiving nature. He doesn't hold grudges and is a friend to many. This tom is very alert of his surroundings, even in camp. Some say he's a bit jumpy at times but he denies this. Foxpaw also likes to be heard and voices his opinion. He'll always tell the truth and says what's on his mind, there's no holding back with this one!

Tom || Played by Willow
Apprentice Rosepaw

Rosepaw is a short-haired orange tabby cat with yellow-green eyes. Her figure is lithe but she's fast and cunning. Rosepaw has loads of energy and doesn't wear out easily. She's resilient and loves learning new things, especially when it comes to fighting. This young apprentice is also very helpful towards her clan mates. Occasionally she'll even help Grayclaw though he has an apprentice of his own. However she remains eager to become a warrior and will stop at nothing to reach her goal!

She-cat || Played by Willow
Apprentice Pikapaw

Pikapaw is an off-white she-cat with deep blue-green eyes and a rounded face. She is a small cat, looking more like a kit than a half-grown apprentice.

Because of her small size, Pikapaw feels she must be more determined than her fellow apprentices. She is resolute in her beliefs, and has been known to overcompensate for her small size with grand displays of bravery and heroics. Despite her belief that her size is a weakness, her lighter weight does give some advantages, including the ability to walk lightly over snow where other cats fall.

She-cat || Played by Nova Belle
Apprentice Acornpaw

A plump, mostly white calico she-cat with long fur and whiskers, as well as pale green eyes. She's a kind and gentle soul, often finding herself caring for younger cats without realizing it. She's soft-spoken, and doesn't open up to others much, but cares for her clan mates very much. She was always excited to be an apprentice, but lately she's worried that she isn't cut out for the life of a warrior, due to her soft nature.

She-cat || Played by Cass
Apprentice Honeypaw

A small white and gold she-cat with a sassy attitude. She thinks she can get away with anything, and is bound to break the rules. Adopted into the clan at five moons she is still loyal to them but has a strange urge to explore.

She-cat || Played by Steph
Apprentice Robinpaw

At his very core, Robinpaw is a thinker. Lost in his own thoughts, he can sometimes appear to be a bit of a day dreamer. Though, in his defense, he is an introvert. He doesn't waste time with small talk or formalities. He is very straight to the point, not caring what his actions or words may be perceived as. And to be somewhat satisfied with his life, he has the desire to make things different every day. As one of his ultimate fears are bland routines.

He is just a standard tabby with pale yellow-green eyes. He's big for an apprentice of his age, larger than some of the warriors. He's still pretty clumsy for hunting, but does well in combat training. Sure enough, he has potential to make a fine warrior.

Tom || Played by Fizz

Kit Thornkit

A large, medium-haired tabby tom with yellow eyes. Thornkit is a determined but clumsy, soon to be apprentice with big dreams. He aspires to be a legend in the eyes of his clanmates, and in the eyes of StarClan. He aspires to have the same connection to StarClan as his aunt, Sparrowstar. He is quite determined and is unfazed by failure, which is good, since his clumsy nature tends to lead to accidents and trouble for him and any kit with him.

Tom || Played by April
Kit Bristlekit

Bristlekit has glowing orange eyes, and pitch black fur. His fur is usually spiky and tangled due to the fact that grooming himself often slips his mind. He is an average sized, lean kit with energy to spare. He is overly prideful and rather snarky for such a small kit, and sees himself outside the rules. Beneath all that, he is actually quite an intelligent kit and has potential to be an esteemed member of the clan.

Tom || Played by Kass
Kit Cheetahkit

A gorgeous bengal pelt, yellow eyes, and a lean build, Cheetahkit is a great hunter and will be a swift-pawed warrior and cunning in battle. Cheetahkit is very loyal to her sibling, mother, and clan, and will do anything for them. She is very outgoing and isn't afraid to speak her mind, particularly if someone is disloyal to a clan mate - like bad mouthing or backstabbing.

She-cat || Played by Alisha
Kit Leopardkit

A gorgeous bengal pelt, yellow eyes, and a muscular build, Leopardkit is a great fighter and will be a strong warrior and a force to be reckoned with in battle. Leopardkit can be shy and quiet, but isn't afraid to show her outgoing side with those she knows and is comfortable with. Also a bit quick tempered, Leopardkit can sometimes be a little mouthy, but she's working on controlling her anger.

She-cat || Played by Alisha


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