With the snow comes silence and sweet reprieve. Its glowing purity hides away the horrid ash and dust, only to later become stained with the evil itself. Relief is only temporary and the wicked of the world do not rest. What horrid planet is this that crumbles into irreparable ruin and prepares to die? When will I be delivered from this nightmare? Is there no savior for us all?

Am I condemned to a doomed existence?


She awoke slowly as though half-trapped in a dream. Lights blossomed in bursts as the murk of artificial sleep faded away, muted at first but then becoming blindingly bright against her frost-coated lids. She inhaled deeply, reveling in the newly-available oxygen, only to find that her lungs stung with the intake of the chilling air. Her body ached with the cold and with sourceless fatigue; she was numb, lethargic, and useless. Her fur was damp, and in places it was matted with crystals of ice.

She was entirely unprepared when a wave of warm liquid washed over her unresponsive muscles and lapped at her face. It melted away the frost and ice and soothed her sore and frozen body as it heated her flesh and reached down to her bones. This was her rebirth.

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Lalala part ia


Azurite treatment



Full Name: King Juventas
Alias: Rex Juventatis
Status: CEO, President of Juventas Corp. (Dictator)
Birthdate: ??? (Age ??? 47)
Hair/Mane: Silver-white
Eyes: Blue-gray

Juventas Corporation
Type: Private turned public
Products: Thanatos blades; Striker pack
Projects (Classified):
Juventas SIN --- continuous
Cloning --- terminated (years?)
Biological azurite research --- terminated
Azurite excavation ---
Space colonization ---

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The Checklist


Large Images with Backgrounds - (12-15 hours each)
[o] Image I --- "Seven Sins," facing us, stretching
[o] Image II --- "Reservoir," floating in azurite
[_] Lookup Image --- looking up at the sky, snow?
[_] Layout Image --- looking over city?

Large Images w/o Backgrounds - (6-12 hours each)
[o] Image III --- "Pride," walking, "haters gonna hate
[_] Image IV --- sitting (what angle?), showing blades

Small, Speedpaints, Flatcolors, Headshots - (3-6 hours each)
[x] Image V --- 3/4 sitting, haughty face, wings folded
[x] Image VI --- emotionless sitting flatcolor
[x] Reference Image --- change text on collar!
[_] Headshot I --- profile view
[_] Headshot II --- frontal???
[x] Speedpaint I --- Pourtiah in the snow

Information Images - (1-2 hours each)
[_] Timeline Image (????? How?)
[_] Azurite Forms: vapor, liquid, "supercooled liquid," crystals + Verdite
[_] Map of Azurite Drilling, locations color-coded (by company?, untouched locations)
[_] Map of entire Planet (cities, regions... what about landmarks/geography?)
[_] Images of the Main Cities, Regions, Landmarks; painted (total: 9?)
[_] Images of the Original SINs, painted (total: 7? or single image?)
[_] Images of SIN Weaponry (total: 4)
[_] Image of SIN Production/Research Facility/etc. (test tube baby place); large paint
[_] Image of King Juventas (President), painted... frame? wall in mansion?
[_] Images of Juventas Company Headquarters, painted (total: 5?)
[_] Map of the Moon Locations
[_] Images of the Moon Locations (lunar city, hangars, research facility, fortress, Juventas mansion... total: 5?)
[_] Image of Planet Surroundings & Orbital Paths (satellites, moon, asteroid belt, space colonies, etc.), single LARGE paint... stars?
[_] Image Series of Space Things (asteroid belt, space colonies -- agricultural, SIN base, SIN research facility, satellites?... total: 5?)

Story Text
[_] Prologue
[_] Part I -- Youth (Juventas)
[_] Part II -- SIN Mobilization (longest)
[_] Part III -- World's End
[_] Epilogue?

Information Text
[_] Azurite: what it is, what it does, Verdite
[_] King Juventas & His Corporation (Company Profile & Structure?)
[_] SINs: who they are, why they do what they do
[_] Timeline of Aeternitas: split into boxes horizontally, accompanies image
[_] Planet/Continent: Landmarks & Cities (information/summaries)
[_] The Moon: what's there and why
[_] Outside the Planet: Satellites & Orbits, Moon, Asteroid Belt, Space Colonies (summaries: purposes, names, ages, etc.)

female Juventas (Pourtiah)
1. mobilized with all the other "regular" five SINs, sent along with them... "regular" SIN storyline
2. organization begins, gets weapons, training...
3. sent out to battle, but NOT the first SIN to be sent out... battles take place against the "rebels"
4. attacks Pride? yes or no? fights against Juventas, doesn't fight rebels, but gets attacked by rebels? yes or no?
5. organization of "rebels," or lone wolf?
6. some catastrophic event... present or not present at Pride x Juventas confrontation? The world "ends," but not really
7. Gets trapped in the azurite reservoir? Is preserved, yes or no? Forgot; find outline...
8. Is "frozen" along with the azurite...? The world seems to "die"...
9. ...But then it reawakens...? Fix this.

Story Options...
1. Snapshots, future to past?
2. Snapshots, past to future?
3. Linear, start to end... boring?
4. Snapshots, present (missing info?)
5. Linear, present... snapshots...?
6. Dreams interspersed with reality... Plus psychosis & imagination...

Neater List

1. Timeline until introduction of SINs
2. Image of planet & surroundings (satellites & orbits, moon, asteroid belt, space colonies)
3. Map of the planet/continent, with images of landmarks of main cities????
4. Information on azurite, with map of drilling locations 5. Juventas company profile & structure, with images of company bases & president
6. Information on SIN, with images
7. Moon map/images with locations
8. Images of & notes on space things

Locations (NTS)

1 . . . Moon = Lunar City 1 (Juventas mansion), Lunar City 2, Lunar Hangar 1, Lunar Hangar 2, Lunar Research Facility, Lunar Fortress (SIN training grounds/base, SIN armory)
2 . . . Space Colonies = SIN base 1 & research facility, Agricultural Colony (lagrange point, non-orbiting), Armory?; UNSURE
3 . . . Planet/Continent = 3 major cities, Juventas base/HQ (in city, or not?), Juventas Research Facilities 1,2,3, Felsschlucht & other regions... topographical map

World Rundown, in Brief

Or not so brief. What was name of word document??? Think JuventasSIN59; search desktop computer

[x] Image I --- back to us, sitting
[o] Image II --- facing us, sitting, WIP
[_] Image III --- running, wings folded
[_] Image IV --- standing, wings spread down
[_] Image V --- flying/soaring
[_] Image VI --- lying down, wings however
[_] Image VII --- floating? leaping? jumping?
[_] Lookup Image --- ???
[_] Layout Image --- ???
[_] Headshot I --- profile view
[_] Headshot II --- frontal???
[_] Reference Image --- side, front, back, wings in&out, weapons, palette
[_] Likes & Dislikes --- two small bust-shots... think of something creative
[_] Petpet --- ??? don'pt do???
[_] Story Images --- LOTS!!!

Chandra, Icarus, Artemis, Selene, Phoebe, Endymion, Hyperion, Leto, Sol, Helios, Aditya (Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Bhaga, Ansa/Aṃsa, Dhatr/Dakṣa, Indra), Surya, Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo, Ptolemy/Ptolemeus, Hohenheim/Paracelsus, Aurora

Bastion of Endymion (Fortress), Chandra's Gate (Hangar), Selene's Gate (Hangar), Selene's City

Colonists from another planet find the planet and make settlements, but their mother planet "forgets" about them. Civilization develops; at first, settlements are isolated (including the Konigtum, in the region of Felsschlucht, who first discover azurite), but technological advancements bring communities together and cities form. Corporations arise, including Juventas, and around the same time, knowledge of azurite spreads and research takes place. Companies begin drilling into the planet to obtain azurite, but Juventas comes out on top (there are no monopoly-busting laws) and takes over. The drilling continues until the planet cannot seem to take it anymore; earquakes and volcanic explosions occur, bringing a "volcanic winter" with massive global cooling. There was a massive angry outcry from the public when selected reports from Juventas are leaked -- the board of directors was aware of the damage they were causing to the planet (a result of azurite mining) and had taken precautions to protect themselves while millions on the planet died off. The board of directors, in retaliation to attacks and revolts by the public, had established "SIN" and had kept the azurite-injected clones and test-tube-babies of the Konigtum in a state of suspended animation in a satellite orbiting the planet/on the moon/a space colony with artificial gravity. The SINs had been awakened and were called in to terminate the revolts and rebels.

Ancient Era ---------- AE
Timelessness (~300 years) ---------- T
Isolation Era (001 IE - 347 IE) ---------- IE
Expansion Er ---------- EE
Restoration Era ---------- RE
Second Timelessness ---------- T2
Space/Stellar Era ---------- SE

The planet was simply known as "the Planet" during the period of Timelessness, a stretch of unmarked and unrecorded time that lasted approximately 300 years. Prior to the Timelessness, however, in a period now vaguely referred to as the Ancient Era (AE) the planet was known as _Aeternitas_. In the days of the Ancient Era, physicists and astronomers from a world now known only as "the mother planet" spearheaded a movement to establish a colony on __________. The initial planetary flybys returned with reports of water and apparent plant life. Rovers later confirmed that __________'s environment was similar in composition to that of the mother planet's and, thus, __________ was determined to be habitable. Soil and rock samples retrieved from the planet's surface were, once more, found to be oddly similar to those of the mother planet. For a short time, __________ became known as the mother planet's "twin." As a result, the campaign for the formation of a planetary colony was surprisingly successful.

However, the campaign was met with doubt from the public. Interplanetary missions within the mother planet's respective solar system had largely been successful, but a flight to __________ was estimated to last approximately three decades. Though terraforming the planet would be unnecessary, the prospect of a planetary colony so far away dredged up many other complexities for scientists to solve. How could a spacecraft carry enough resources and enough fuel to last 30 years, let alone enough colonists to settle the planet and maintain genetic diversity after the colony's establishment? Any potential settler intending to embark upon this voyage would lose a third of his or her life to space travel, and given that, would it be just to send any being on a massively expensive flight that could potentially end in failure? Ethical concerns arose, critics attacked the economic absurdity and frivolity of the campaign, and civilians protested. Nevertheless, in the name of scientific progress, the campaign continued; technological advancements would permit the spacecraft to recycle its water and produce its own food, solar sails would be equipped to the spacecraft to vastly reduce the need for fuel, and an adequate number of intelligent, healthy volunteers were eager to partake in an adventure in the final frontier.

Years passed, four spacecrafts launched on parallel trajectories, and for the most part, even the flight to __________ was (miraculously) smooth -- all the occupants remained live and healthy, and there was no shortage of food or water on any of the ships. The true problems revealed themselves when each of the spacecrafts attempted atmospheric entry. Each spacecraft had been identically built, down to their identically defective cooling systems intended for atmospheric entry and re-entry. The experimental heat-dispersing gel -- released from sockets in the spacecraft to cover the ship's plates with the intention of reducing thermal stress -- failed. As the four crafts plummeted to the planet's surface, dragged down by the pull of gravity, the ships' surface plates flew off, unable to tolerate the pressure. The crews panicked and the signals jammed; radio transmissions stopped. Back on the mother planet, the closely-following world was thrown into a frenzy, having last heard transmissions of fear and horror with the coming of the apparent end and failure. It seemed that each spacecraft would disintegrate in the atmosphere, taking its inhabitants with it and resulting in a tragedy.

All contact with the mother planet was broken. The mother planet never managed to re-establish contact with the crafts and never learned that three of the four ships landed safely, escaping obliteration. No more expeditions to __________ were sent in the aftermath of what the mother planet perceived to be the failure of the first mission. Far away from the eyes of its home, the colony survived and grew. Faced with a lack of technology, the settlers reverted to primitive ways of life in an attempt to survive, left with no choice after essentially being abandoned by their parent planet. Years passed. New generations of colonists replaced the old and spread across the world. The planet's name was forgotten, quickly becoming colloquially known as "the Planet." Knowledge of the "homeland," the mother planet, faded away, and the Ancient Era faded into Timelessness.

Approximately three centuries after the landing of the colonists, a formal, though weak, government was established and the planet was renamed Aeternitas/Libertas. This marked the start of the Isolation Era (IE), a time when many isolated settlements were scattered across the main landmass, known then as "the Continent," and began the use of a new, universal calendar system. As a whole, the Isolation Era was unremarkable. While the world's population thrived, little technological progress had occurred during the Timelessness, leaving the world's inhabitants without large-scale, reliable, or efficient transportation systems; travel between almost all cities and towns was done by foot. Moreover, the Continent's infrastructure was poor, where it even existed in the first place, having resulted from the lack of an organized government that would have allocated resources and maintained the bridges and roads once built. Progress was slow, impeded by a lack of communication and dozens of small governmental collapses, followed by rebirths; the Continent's government only achieved stability a good three centuries into the era. During the span of the Isolation Era, the newly-formed and constantly-changing government sought to establish order, foster technological advancement, create standards to be used globally, and unite all the cities, towns, and villages of the Continent. The Isolation Era officially ended at the close of IE 347, a year in which there occurred a sudden, massive boom in technological improvements, allowing for faster travel and communication. Individuals began spreading farther and farther out, allowing different settlements to connect and form networks amongst themselves. The setting of IE 347 -- and the dawning of IE 348 -- was the dawning of a new era that became known as the Expansion Era (EE).

The beginning of the Great Expansion marked the start of the Expansion Era. The Great Expansion brought with it new inventions, innovative discoveries, and a thirst for knowledge and resources that was, in many, backed by greed. Named for both the improvements in transportation and the settlement of previously uncharted or isolated territories, the Great Expansion came about with the unveiling of the first transcontinental railroad. Shortly after, the first electrical networks and power lines were put into use, and the economy thrived as businesses formed and grew. Modern science and technology became the Continent's focus, drawing up most of its money and resources for scientific research in countless fields. As a result, cities flourished and spread to the corners of the Continent while living standards increased nationwide. The government gained power and influence, becoming stronger as it became more centralized.

The Continent: The main landmass in the world.

Azurite: a beautiful blue element (I know I'm breaking some laws of science here, but "minerals" must be solids, so... azurite can't exactly be an element if it has vapor and liquid forms), liquid at room temperature (?). It has unique properties and is highly sought after.

Great Expansion: similar to our Industrial Revolution, but not quite. A boom in technology/scientific resources that allowed the population of the Continent to increase and spread out.

Great Calamity: TBE

Juventas: a megacorporation that flourished by claiming and allocating most of the azurite resources in the world.

Felsschlucht: a Northeastern region of the continent, large and characterized by a long, deep valley. Until the Great Expansion, it was isolated and almost entirely populated by beautiful felines (Kougras).

Königtum: a subfamily of the inhabitants of Felsschlucht. This was the only subfamily to utilize the azurite reservoir in the area.

Once upon a time, many years ago, long before the Great Expansion and even longer before the Great Calamity, an immense clan of felines (Kougras) dominated the northeastern reaches of the Continent. A region known as Felsschlucht, it was a rich source of minerals and other natural resources, including elements in their purest form. The most prominent -- though also the rarest -- of these resources was a liquid substance called azurite, then found almost nowehre else in the world. Glittering and beautiful, it was the purest shade of blue. For a long time, it's only possible purpose/use was thought to be aesthetic appeal.

The felines who lived in Felsschlucht were only loosely governed by the Continent's leadership system, being so isolated from the big cities and so difficult to reach. As a result, they formed their own hierarchy, and in their own vanity and elitism, this hierarchy was based on an individual's perceived beauty. This hierarchy was exaggerated to extreme and even monstrous proportions; children lacking in "beauty" were often abandoned, and a subclan/subfamily that did not produce enough "sufficiently" beautiful offspring would be disowned and driven out of the region.

In the very heart of Felsschlucht lived a very small subfamily of felines, living in almost complete isolation from the other subfamilies. Known as the Königtum, they had lived and survived in Felsschlucht for centuries, but their beauty did not match their name. Nearing the time of the Great Expansion, the Königtum were on the verge of exile from the valley.

However, the Königtum lived in the region of Felsschlucht where the greatest concentration of subterranean azurite existed. One day, an earthquake rippled through the region and resulted in the exposure of a reservoir of azurite to the open air. After this event, sometimes referred to as the Azurite Phenomenon, the Königtum lived in extremely close proximity to the beautiful liquid element for decades. Over the years, the subfamily noticed odd but welcomed occurrences in their births -- unique and beautiful patterns, genetic anomalies, appeared on the bodies of their offspring. Eventually, the Königtum realized that the cause of these physical changes was the azurite that surrounded them -- particularly, the vapor form and the liquid that seeped into their drinking water.

The new generations of beautiful offspring brought the Königtum away from the verge of ostracism and disownment. The Königtum began ingesting azurite, discovering that high bodily concentrations of the element would result in extraordinarily beautiful coat colors and patterns being expressed in future generations. They rapidly ascended in the ranks of the clan, much to the alarm and revulsion of many other subfamilies.

When the Great Expansion occurred, three+ generations of the Königtum had passed/lived since the Azurite Phenomenon. Modern science and technology became the Continent's focus, drawing up most of its money and resources for scientific research in countless fields. As a result, cities flourished and spread to the corners of the Continent, while the living standards rose. Eventually, the government of the Continent discovered the mother lode of azurite in Felsschlucht. Intrigued, state scientists took samples of azurite from the area and began their research. The results were astounding.

Azurite was far from being nothing but a pretty, blue/iridescent liquid. It was an extremely potent and efficient energy source; trace amounts could power complex, energy-guzzling machinery of immense proportions. When combined with other elements, azurite could be solidified and made into a superconductor. Above all, diluted azurite, when found in the bloodstream, could multiply an individual's physical prowess tenfold.

Corporations sprung up, thriving on the scientists' reports, and, like vultures, preyed on every source of azurite they could. One corporation, known as the Juventas Company, was particularly strong and resilient. Given permission by the then-government of the Continent, Juventas was allowed to raid Felsschlucht and mine for/extract its azurite. The clan of felines living in Felsschlucht fought back violently, enraged at the destruction and invasion of their home. Many fell in battle or were hunted down. However, only the Königtum subfamily knew the secret of the azurite in Felsschlucht. Members of the subfamily took what little azurite they could and scattered, fleeing from the heart of Felsschlucht and seeking refuge in small regions that Juventas could not reach.

The remainders of the clan -- and of the Königtum subfamily -- lived in the remote areas of Felsschlucht for another 1-3 generations. However, they could no longer escape from Juventas. Officers from the government and of the corporation captured the almost all of the remaining live inhabitants in an attempt to remove them from the area. However, the scientific division of Juventas insisted on examining the inhabitants, eager to find out if azurite had affected the individuals in some way. The scientists got what they wanted, and were extremely pleased to find out that azurite had one more unique property -- it acted as a weak, restrained form of telomerase. It slowed down/decreased the effects of age without causing tumors or cancerous growths.

Juventas was far from an ethical, honest corporation. Its board of directors was uninterested in anything but its own agenda. They kept the individuals from Felsschlucht in captivity, experimenting on them, monitoring their vitals and bodily azurite concentrations for years. The scientists soon came to realize that exposure to azurite resulted in a few side effects, one being the extreme alteration of coat patterns and colors, a result of countless genetic mutations. Another was the change of an individual's eyes to bright gold. Eager to find the limits of this miraculous element, the scientific department of the corporation expanded, and soon it became dedicated to research on the biological effects of azurite alone. Cloning began. The Juventas Company also ordered the commencement of several in-vitro cases/projects. At the same time, the original inhabitants of Felsschlucht and the Königtum subfamily continued to internalize azurite.

The scientists soon found the limit. Just one step past the complete staining of the eyes -- the beautiful, distinct, unnatural golden coloration -- was azurite poisoning. All of the experimental specimens became comatose. Only 12% survived.


During this time, earthquakes and volcanic activity had increased exponentially. The cause was found to be the parasitic mining and extraction of azurite from beneath the surface of the planet. The tremors increased in frequency and magnitute and even reached places that had otherwise been known as being "safe" from tectonic activity.

Then came the Great Calamity.

The Great Calamity occurred on [date]. An earthquake of an impossible magnitude -- off the charts of the Richter scale, a 13.4! Never before recorded! -- shook the planet. Powerful aftershocks ravaged the continent. Volcanic eruptions were triggered and tsunamis drowned the shorelines. A world that once had a population of 8.2 billion dwindled down to just 4.7 billion survivors. Several hundred million continued to die after the catastrophe -- brought about by the earthquakes and volcanic explosions, [smog/vog/laze/haze/clouds] choked the planet. This resulted in rapid global cooling, and, in turn, millions died from the resulting famine or from aggravated breathing problems. There were not enough people remaining to move or bury the dead, and disease spread quickly.

The government of the Continent fell apart. Juventas Corporation, however, endured and recovered fairly quickly in comparison to the rest of the world, taking full power and control. Somehow, Juventas Corporation had been able to save and salvage the vast majority of its research and azurite sources, and its main laboratory had been lucky enough to escape damage. Three (four?) decades after its birth, it lead the world in global restoration. However, a new source of azurite was found deep in the planet, and the drilling and mining for azurite continued for another decade.

Many of the inhabitants of the Continent began to question the circumstances of Juventas Corporation's existence. How had Juventas Corporation survived? Why was the board of directors still so wealthy, and why was each member still alive after the catastrophic series of events? Taking advantage of Juventas' weakened security, a small group of individuals broke into one of the company's [information centers/bases/something]. When the information was released to the public, chaos broke out.

Juventas Corporation had foreseen the cataclysmic effects of their azurite mining years before the disasters began, and had secretly stored their research and azurite in an immense satellite that was launched into outer space. The satellite had entered a point of stable artificial gravity, where it was safe from impacts of celestial bodies, and was also found to be connected to a base that Juventas Corporation had built on the surface of the moon. There, the board of directors also stored their wealth and fled for safety.

In a matter of weeks, the information spread around the world, even depite radio interference and damaged technology and power lines. The citizens of the Continent soon rose up, forming into vigilante groups that were ready to fight back.

As a result, Juventas Corporation turned to the in-vitro cases they had began almost two decades before.

Safe in their satellite (moon colony?), Juventas had stored multiple experimental specimens in a state of suspended animation and suspended growth, enhanced [and empowered? altered? adjective here] by large quanities of injected azurite, descendants of the Königtum subfamily of felines that had once lived in Felsschlucht many years prior. Juventas took these specimens out of their suspended state and shipped them to the planet, intent on using them -- with their artificial strength, artificial speed, enhanced genes, high azurite blood concentrations, and natural fighter instincts -- to quell the uprisings and protect Juventas. This group of fighters became known as SIN.

And this is where our story truly begins.

Artwork of Pourtiah (and her opposite number)!

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Art by others -- find it; think it's located on desktop computer? Ahqua

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Artwork by Nix /// Artwork by Lu /// Artwork by Lauren /// Artwork by Lauren

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Artwork by Pirate /// Artwork by Aria

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