You Look Like You Deserve a Little Indulgence!

Hello and Welcome to the official website of Deserved Indulgence. Please read all the information below to learn more about our guild. All new members and potential members should read our New/Potential Member Page to learn more about how to apply to be in D.I. (it is really easy, we promise) and what to do once you are accepted into our family.

Important Information

If there are any broken links or things look a little outdated, it is solely because Angel has been busy working towards her degree. Things will be changing and be updated now that she is on break. Thank you for understanding! (now go and read on about how to get some indulgence!)

Deserved Indulgence: A History

Deserved Indulgence was created for those 18+ neopians who spend most of their day worrying about everything under the sun except themselves. D.I. is a special place where all us over worked and sometimes unappreciated neopians can come to relax, have some fun, and of course indulge a little...or a lot!
D.I. was created by Angel and Dani on April 21st, 2011 after their current guild was becoming inactive and losing members. They vowed to create a guild that would hopefully maintain the family like atmosphere of their previous guild while adding the activeness component that it had started to lack. Thus, with a lot of planning and hardwork, D.I. was born. D.I. continues to strive to be active amongst its members' busy lives as well as striving to provide its members with fun activities and a welcoming, friendly environment.


Deserved Indulgence will strive to be an active guild with active members and an involved council. We will work on spreading compassion and creating bonds with one another that will hopefully last for one's time spent on neopets. We will form not only a network of neopian support, but a network of individuals who are in a guild to have fun, make friends, and indulge in life a little more than usual.


They aren't so fun, but they are necessary
1) We are a semi-literate guild.
This means that numbers and symbols should not take place of letters (D0n't typ3 lyke thii$ plz). Please keep chatspeak to the 'basics' (lol, rofl, brb).
Also, try to maintain proper grammar. I believe we are all old enough to know and understand basic English skills, unless English is not your first language, which in that case, please inform a council member and exceptions will be made.
Sentences are lovely, but capital letters are not always needed.
Smilies always enhance what you type, so use them as much as you want!
2) Please try to keep posting one line posts to a minimum.
We know it is hard, so don't worry if it happens a few times. Even the council does it sometimes!
3) Please do not post more than three times in a row.
It clogs up the boards and makes it hard for everyone to catch up on all the fabulous posts! Council members are allowed to break this rule to post important guild-related information.
4) When posting a reply on the guild boards, try your best to call the person by their name in their font or on their look-up instead of copying and pasting what they said.
It makes the boards a little easier to read and then people can focus on what you said, instead of what the other person said.
5) You must be 18+, but depending on your age, this can be negotiated by Angel and Dani and Angel and Dani alone. If you feel as if a neopian's application was unfairly rejected, please neomail both Angel and Dani in a respectful manner.
6) You must abide by all rules dictated by TNT.
This rule will be strictly enforced. Not only can you put yourself at risk, but the entire guild, including Angel, as well.
7) Be active!
Active members are the heart and soul of a guild. Post on the board, make friends, participate in activities...that is why you joined a guild in the first place!
If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, please neomail someone in the council to avoid being removed in an inactive member sweep which occurs every two months.
8) Have fun and always over-indulge!


Over Worked: The default rank. You definitely need some indulgence!
Content: 250 posts. You are rising up in the ranks and life is getting a little more relaxing for you. You can now participate in avatar lending and pet adoption/trading.
Upbeat: 500 posts. Life is definitely looking a lot better and you are definitely indulging more than you used to! You can apply for administrative jobs.
Revitalized: 900 posts. Life feels great! You have never felt better.
Blissful: 1500 posts. You feel like you are the best of the best...because you are! You are over indulging and it feels great! Congratulations!

Contact the Council


Directories We Are In

Layout inspired by Caffeine!, an equally amazing 18+ guild.

Images and coding were edited/created by Angel

Petpage Coding

Use of the following coding is for Deserved Indulgence Approved Petpages ONLY. Please do not steal, because that it not very nice.
Members- In the coding you will see a paragraph where all the words go. Please read it and follow the rules that are in it.
By agreeing to host a petpage, you agree to make sure it is constantly up to date, meaning that if the council changes or if any links change, you will update it asap.

Please copy all the text in the below box and paste it in the petpage edit box.
Good luck!



Interested in joining our family, loveangelmscbby09?

You have come to the right page!
All interested neopians should read the rules on the main page and then read the information below to learn how to apply.
All new members should scroll down and read a list of what to do now that you are an official member of D.I.!


Here at Deserved Indulgence, we do require an application to be sent in before an invitation can be sent. This ensures that we are inviting dedicated individuals who will be a positive addition to our guild.
Please neomail Angel your completed application.

1. Name you go by on neopets:
2. Age:
3. Have you previously been in guilds? If so, why did you leave?:
4. How active of a neopian are you?:
5. Did you read the rules? Do you believe they are fair? Do you promise to abide by them?
6. Why do you want to join Deserved Indulgence?

The answers do not have to be long or complex. Just answer to the best of your ability!
Failure to answer a question because you feel uncomfortable to do so does not mean an automatic rejection will happen. We understand that some people like to keep things private.

Disclaimer: Deserved Indulgence reserves the right to reject applications based on age and/or personality (i.e. If you are mean individual)

New Members

Congratulations on being accepted and welcome to the family!
Below is a checklist of some things that you can do to better your experience at DI.

1) Go introduce yourself on the message boards! Share your name, what goals you have, what interests you have, and anything else you want. We all strive to be as friendly as possible here.
2) Go participate in some activities whether guild sponsored or member sponsored.
3) Go get all your friends to join!
4) Visit our member bio page, wishlist page, and Museum. Sign up for the various pages if you are interested. Also, read the latest edition of The Weekly Indulgence.
5) Neofriend the official guild account so you can participate in auctions and trades.
6) Enable guild mailings by checking the box.
7) Over indulge in something nice!


Feel free to participate in as many activities as you want!
Remember, for 1np auctions, please only bid in 1 np increments to make it more fair and keep up with the 1 np auction tradition. If you fail to follow this rule, you will be banned from auctions. For trades, offer 1/3 of an omelete for your first choice, 2/3 for your second choice, and a whole omelete for your third choice. You may apply this to jellies as well offering 1/2 of a jelly for your first choice. If you do not care, offer any junk item as you wish.
If you would like to sponsor your own activities, please neomail Angel the link to your activity page.

D.I. Sponsored Activities-Dailies

Monday: Caffeinated Start. Head on over to D.I.s trades to grab some complimentary coffee to help get you through the day.
Tuesday: Book Club. Send one book over to D.I.s account and at the end of the day, a different book will be sent your way so you can indulge in some reading.
Wednesday: 1 np auctions. Head on over to D.I.s auctions.
Thursday: Rummage Sale. Set up a trade with unwanted items and go explore everyone else's trades to see if you see something you like!
Friday: Gotta Get Down Food Fight! Put on your raincoats or ponchos because it is going to get messy!
Saturday: Deserved Indulgence Day. Head on over to D.I.s trades and grab a treat to indulge in. Be sure to check out the new edition of The Weekly Indulgence. Members who have posted enough and been in the guild long enough will also have their rank updated. Everyone should promote the guild today on the boards so we can have as many new members as possible.
Sunday: Relax and Rejuvenate. Indulge yourself in whatever you want whether it is on neopets or off. Take a break and get ready for the week ahead.

Dani Sponsored Activities

Altador Cup Tournament
Keyquest Tournament

Rachy Sponsored Activities

Message Board Games

Welcome to Deserved Indulgence's Museum

Please do not touch the items on display...they are all very fragile.
If you would like your gallery to be included, please neomail Angel.

Item Themed Galleries

Sarah's Baby Gallery.

Mariah's Cupcake and Muffin Gallery.

Rachy's Paint Brush Gallery.

Limsia's Plushie Gallery.

Leona's Stars and Hearts Gallery.

Neopet Themed Galleries

Dani's Gelert Gallery

Angel's Wocky Gallery

Petpet Themed Galleries

Joker's Petpet Gallery

Faerie Themed Galleries

Dru's Faerie Gallery.

Baby Vamp's Tooth Faerie Gallery.

Job Openings

Layout Designer Council Position- Tasks include creating a monthly/bi-monthly guild layout and graphics for the guild. One must be well adapt to DI and know and follow the rules. Send all applications to Angel include graphic samples.

Board Moderator Sub Council Position- Monitor boards to ensure rules dictated by both TNT and DI are being followed. Send application via neomail to Angel. Individuals must be in good standing and have shown that they can follow the rules themselves.

Font Maker- Make fonts so guild members can use them. Must be able to make multiple fonts and understand how to code said fonts. Send application via neomail to Angel.

Guild Cheerleader- Make sure everyone in the guild is excited about DI. Be extremely friendly to new members and make everyone feel welcome. Must be very knowledgeable of DI facts and rules.

Newspaper Assorted Positions- Once the newspaper is up and running again, it will need people to write articles, stories, make comics and more.

Filled Positions


Co-Owners/Founders: Angel and Dani
Member Service: Rachy
Advertiser/Promoter: Megan

Sub Council


Guild Enhancers


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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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