All About me, Pintage!

I am one of Pan's oldest pets and obviously the best looking. I also used to be a very proud member of the ever venerable Sako's Oekaki! We miss you *sniffle*

Appearance: Glowing lime green radioactive ear stalks, a dark grey shadow over one eye and a green swirl over the other, pale moonstone eyes, and a lightning bolt patterned tail...

Temperament:A sometimes sweet, partially radioactive, but mostly weird aisha. XD

Customisation: Wow! I look so cool! Too bad I haven't actually won Customisation Spotlight... those Phillistines!

I am wearing: Earth Faerie Wings, Spilt Plant, Pretty Flower Mask, Sophies Hut Background.

Thank you so much for the Pretty Flower Mask, Saxon!! :D

Reference sheet: see a bigger version, click, hold, and drag to your browser address bar!


Vital Statistics

Name: Pintage
Owner: Pan (celestialsprite17)
Age: 149865 hours old
Gender: Female
Level: 35
ATK: 63
DEF: 63
HP: 64/64
IQ: 165

I have a petpet too--a Snowbunny named Habaeleais. Why did I pick a Snowbunny...? They were given away for free at the Advent Calendar. xD

Beauty Contest

No entries this week!

What can I say... I am a natural beauty! I have won the Beauty Contest (in Species) exactly once! I hope to enter more in the future! Please click on the trophies below to see my Beauty Contest entries!


Family and Friends

Name: KawaiiDaguiar
Species: Peophin
Petpet: Zebra Dorochet

He has a funny name. I don't know WHAT Pan was thinking when she named him. o_O

Don't look at the petpages yet! xD

I have a big extended family too, you know. This is pretty much everyone! Just click on their picture to go to their petpage and learn more about them. ;D

Cheshire Cat Awards


Hello, everyone! Applications are OPEN!


  • You must have at least some original artwork!
    Any artwork that is not your own must be credited and used with permission!

  • Your layout must be neat! No clashing colours, no GIF overloads, et c.

  • Overall, it must look like a considerable amount of effort was put into creating your page.

  • Oh, and this isn't a requirement, but I would certainly appreciate a link back to my page. ^^ (Of course, I would also link back to you on my side navigation!)

!!! I -do- sporadically check to see if my site is still linked from yours--if you remove either the trophy or the link, I will have to remove you as well.
!!! Please be patient if it takes a while for me to send a response--I'm not online everyday. ^^

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  • You shouldn't have to change the code at all, therefore forcing you to link me back! BWAHAHAH.

  • Do NOT alter, redistribute, or copy any of these sprites--do not claim them as your own, either!
To do list: Alien, camouflage, checkered, Darigan, grey, Halloween, ice, jelly, Maraquan, Royalboy / Royalgirl, silver, sketch, skunk, snot, snow, sponge, starry, Tyrannian, zombie.

Custom Adoptables

Trades: [OPEN]
Requests: [CLOSED]

Please read ALL of the following rules BEFORE making any requests...

I will delete any neo-mails that clearly did not read all of the rules. :(
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  • Please provide a very clear reference picture of your Aisha.

  • No chatspeak when neo-mailing me. :D Also, please remember to put something like, "Pintage - Customs" as the subject title.

  • Your Aisha should have a personalized petpage--it doesn't have to be anything fancy! I don't want people to ask for customs on a whim.

  • I won't do customs for a pet that doesn't belong to you.

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    Here are all of the completed customs!

    Current Count: 23

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[For a quick tutorial on how I made my adoptables, click HERE!]

Adoptables from Other Artists

Thanks everyone!

Pintage throughout the years...? XD

I thought it would be fun to post some drawings of Pintage I made when I first created her... back in 2002! So, here are some drawings that illustrate her changes in overall style and appearance. ^^

[From 3/09/02 - 3/31/04]

A short bedtime story before you leave...?

[Series start: 9/19/03]

This is a pink toothbrush... belonging to a happy aishathing... from a happy family.

....Though not really. Actually, it's just Pintage conjuring up Jucchuu by... burpage (read: burping). What?? :P

So anyway, this toothbrush that belonged to the happy aishachild.

It's now used to scrub off mildew from the claw-foot bathtub.... so sad!

I wonder what the aishachild thinks...

...why is Pintage pouring a borogrove from a teapotclock? Uhm...? :o

WHATSAFDSDFJ is wrong with you Pintage?!!@# o_o

What's wrong with that Skitty, & why is it so...

...uh, I can't even find the words to describe it. Go on & troll about in your saccharine blissss, I don't care anymore.

(this will continue on later... UNLESS IT DOESN'T!)

lalala la la la...

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