-invalid_words- ††FAQ on Danilee's lineart adoptees††

Q: What is a lineart adoptable?
A: A lineart adoptable is basically an blank image or outline of something, someplace, or something. All that is needed to do it for the blank image to be coloured and customize.

Q:How and where did you get the idea of makeables?
A:Well I would say that '_fluffy_chic' inspired me to do this, but not entirely. I kind'a made some before I knew about teh fluffy makables. then I just started to make them of all pets- wings, anthropoid forms, food, and various stuff.

Q:Why did you make makeables?
A:Sadly because I'm getting older and I am much more busy with life. Neo is a game I try to spend as much time as possible on, yet with school, and soon a job I dunno. People often ask me for art or adoptees, so I made these so you don't have to ask and/or annoy me. ;D Not that most of you guys do, you are all pretty nice.

Q:How do I customize a lineart I like?
A: Not hard. Just right click the selected image and there will be a tool bar that pops up (Hopefully). Next, you either click SAVE TARGET AS, which saves image onto the computer, or you can use COPY, and it just copies the image. If you just copy the image, you will need to PASTE it on an art program for you to customize.

Q: May I change the image a little to fit what I want it to do?
A: Sure! If your pet has two tails or five eyes no problem at all! Just NEVER ever remove my name, that's stealing. You don't want to steal do you?

Q: Can I remove your name? It's in my way.
A: NEVER- Now I am on your trail... See- not good at all. That is stealing my image. If you do, you will be, WILL BE frozen on neopets. However, if it is 'in the way' then I will allow you to move the name to the side or somewhere else, just NEVER get rid of it. the whole name must be visible.

Q:If I use a MISC line art, may I remove the name?
A: Only if it is a double named. For example, you use a lupe and add the angel wings. Those are double [c] danilee3240 sighs. You may remove ONE of the names, but a name must always be there.

Q:If I use a lineart Adoptee, do I have to link back anywhere?
A:Yes. x3 You must link back to THIS Petpage. The URL is http://petpages.neopets.com/~Piinattsu. Or, if ya just want the pet name it is Piinattsu, the Japanese word for peanut. Mwa ha ha. I'm Not going to go mad if you don't link back, but It would be nice to do so. :D

Q: The lineart I was is not here... Why?
A: I'm still working on some pets, and there are new ones coming out and re-vamped pets too! So, please wait. I'll try to have all the pet species up but I have no promises. ):

Q: You're weird.
A: I know.. *Giggles. But that is not a question.

Q: If I want a certain pet, may I request?
A: Sure, always welcome! Remember, you must neomail me for a requested pet species or pose. Also, it will be up for everyone, not just yourself.

Q: Do you only do neopet linearts?
A:No. On my website, adventureheart.4t.com, I also do video game characters, humans, and various animals and anime things. On neopets I only give out the neopet ones.

Q:Are the backgrounds Transparent?
A: Nyo, sorry. You'll have to do that yourself. Sorry, I did all of these on MS paint... Yup- I am really that lazy.

Q:What number am I?
A:Easy, you are number: I um.. Started this counter on September 24th 2005... Saterday I think. Bleche, not alot of people like maeables!! ADVERTISE!!

-invalid_words- ††Neopets Line Art tutorial††


††Neopets Line Art Adoptees††

: Acara

: Aisha

: Blumaroo

: Bori

: Bruce

: Buzz

: Chia

: Chomby

: Cybunny

: Draik

: Elephante

: Eerie

: Floatsam

: Gelert

: Gnorbu

: Grarrl

: Grundo

: Hissi

: Ixi

: Jetsam

: JubJub

: Kacheek

: Kau

: Kiko

: Koi

: Korbat

: Kougra

: Krawk

: Kyrii

: Lenny

: Lupe

: Lutari

: Meerca

: Moehog

: Mynci

: Nimmo

: Ogrin

: Peophin

: Poogle

: Pteri

: Quiggle

: Ruki

: Scorchio

: Shoyru

: Skeith

: Techo

: Tonu

: Tuskaninni

: Uni

: Usul

: Wocky

: Xweetok

: Yurble

: Zafara


: Male

: Female


: Wings

: food / drink

: Jewels / ribbons

: symbols

-invalid_words- ††You totally wanna link back††

Do you not know HTML aand not how to link back? Well, here you got with a cool image to go along. :D Ooorrrr... You could replace the image here with your own MYO ADOPTEE URL so that it links back! If you have any questions please, do feel feel free to neomail Danilee [but no 'for fun stuff' she is very busy and doesn't appreciate worthless mail, pardon that last phrase.]

††Danilee's Custom adoptees††

Hehehe.. sometimes I have my customs open if you are interested.. or you can just take a defaulted adoptee from my books if I have them. XD Just to let you know I'm CONSTANTLY making customs so yes.. I'm pretty fast with them but I procrastinate on posting. If you want to TRADE not REQUEST just ask nicely and give pet, speicies, ect.. Make it easy for me so I don't have to research. :D It would be nice to have a full reff or a written discription. Anywho, here are my adoptee listings. Click the adoptee to go to that neopet's page. :D If you wish. ;3 XD [more definentially coming.. be prepared!! )D]

..:..Dahling plooshehs!Pounce!!!zOmG-oOoOfFfpTtSsadopt.me.and.I.will.take.over.the.world||:~puppy~hood~:||~purrs~sigh... I'm made of snot...ruffle pufle muffinzFllloOOOOOoooff! I CAN fly with faith, trust, and pixi dust!...abandoned...nameless?

††Awsome Adoptee Directory††

Hhehe, some awsome all pet adoptee places that I find are very awsome. :3 You may want to look if you haven't found anything you like here. ;D

Pet: Tosukey
Owner: _fluffy_chic
Discription: Very nice pixel MYO adoptees that are easy to colour. :3 There is a small FAQ and a nice directory and layout so you can easily find what pet you are looking for. :3 I highly suggest you go there.:D nice cute and small adoptees of all pets.

Pet: Hatsushimo
Owner: nomm_00
Discription: These adoptees are simply dazzling! Especialyl since it is on a complete page of a very lovely ice bori. [don't see many of those now a days.. maybe they all melted.. did I mention raindrop was once an ice bori? XD -ramble-] He's very cute and then there is a small explination and FAQ about adoptees and how Nomm_00 makes them. VERY nice indeed! Then you have your choice to choose from many pets, shaded, two tails, many options with easy okakei frames. You should really check them out, very nice indeedles. -nod nod-