the lady behind the curtain

hey all, you can call me wish, but my friends call me kitty. i began playing neo when i was about nine, i'm currently 26. i spend a lot of time travelling, so i'm not always in the same timezone. i have a sweet pupper and a lovely kitten i'm always happy to share photos of. i might make them their own section here one day ;P when i'm on neo i enjoy saving neopoints, collecting various cute items, writing stories about my pets, and designing - customizations, lookups, galleries, portfolios, etc. i can be found chatting on the boards, zapping my pets and adopting them out on the PC, and emptying my SDB into my shop by the hundreds. i'm usually working on avvie goals or neopoint goals but one of my working projects is training Soual to be a super strong battle pet. you can view my permanent pets below, in their fully customized glory. i am always on the lookout for inspiring names so don't hesitate to shoot me a neomail ! there's a section for my trading fodder somewhere around here *shuffles through stickie notes*

when i'm offline, i like to go to music festivals. i volunteer with a lot of different organizations and travel to different states to work with them at their events. my dog travels with me and we work together meeting people, helping them journey through life and grow, and making friends with the world. i like to paint with watercolor (though i'm not very good at it, yet!) and design things in different aspects of life. i train animals for a living and work part time in patient health care. if you are ever in need of someone to talk to, my neomails are always open (:

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news blast

2.12.19 made a rl pet page, moved content to permanent pet's page (phetal). updated links.

1.9.19 spent some time spiffing up the code and the content. will spend time attempting more img codes like last time. hopefully i don't lose steam like last time haha. same note to self about anchors within this page !



train soual to even 50 300 avatars 1 complete stamp album complete all pet's customization empty sdb (10,000+ items to go!)

needed avatars

*not very up to date*

dream items

here is a list of neocash items i am looking to obtain. most of these are for my gallery, but some may be for my pets. the list is small but i will occassionally add to it for gallery items or new customization tweaks. send me a neomail if you have any of these items up for trade! i can not currently offer customs or caps :( i keep a super up to date version of my uft and wishlist here ~


Deemuncursed to protect this family, brought back by oracl and hajdes. shape shifter.

Dehity goddess. godless.

the Sparky

Soual bound to the team by destiny, determined to collect the best specimen so she might be free of her vessel once and for all.

Oracle behind a gentle exterior hides the mind of brilliance. able to see things unimaginable to others; the future, the past, other's fate.. she hides from the world above with other magic folk in the forest.

Hajdes some call him the master of death, but those who know him well have heard the story. a forbidden spell, spoken in vain effort to revitalize loved ones lost, an eternal curse to bear as punishment.

the Spyder

Suncorpse tbd.

Moonfit tbd.

Healsong tbd.

Spellspark tbd.

Mangyo in honor of our fallen, sweet kitter Mango. forever immortalized as his young, stripey self always chasing lasers with his little white fur mustache. Sir Mango, RIP.

Phetal tbd. but i love her more than any of the others *shhhhhh

gallery wishes

these are pretty items that i am looking to add to my gallery. most items are here for gift ideas, my reference, or because they are hard to find/expensive. if you have an item up for trade here, let me know !
hover over image for item name!

pets uft

here are some pets i have up for trade currently. i can usually add an unlimited custom to these pets, and do currently have access to premium perk but do not have access to ffq or cc perk. check back as i also love to change things up and collect cool names! names with * are going to be a bit harder for me to part with, so bring your best game :)

Majicals * (English RW MS)

Trippx (6L)


Brayere (labbed BD pet)

Cact * (4L RW Acronym)

Cleann (English RW MS)

Arystocat (English RW Movie MS)

Luxome (English RW Company name)

Kangofu (Japanese RW)