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Featured layout:

Found in the anchored section (style #9), this layout features a large content area for all of your stuff!


As you explore the lunch box a bit further, your stomach starts to growl. Suddenly, a small sheet of paper flies out from the box and lands beside you. Picking it up, you read out loud,

Are you hungry for some sandwiches? Or perhaps a nice, juicy piece of blumaroo steak? Well, unfortunately, I don't have any food for you. However, I do have some premade layouts! Why don't you take a look at these? Feel free to send me suggestions if there's something you want me to add.


Yarr, there be schemin' and dishonest pirates out there, but I'm sure you're not one of them! Before the lunch box is opened, you best be reading these rules.

Each layout already has the credit in the "sitely" section. Please do not remove them.
Do not redistribute these on your site, or claim them as your own.
You can edit the layout (ex. change text colours, add text on a banner). Just be sure to keep the credit on.
You can edit templates but the credit must remain on.
If you see anyone using TLB content without credit, please notify me.

Layout Count

How To Use

You take a look at the outside of the lunch box. It looks like someone's made some notations...

Anchored: 11
Single page: 5
Templates: 1

- Drag and drop the images into the address bar for full view.
- Like the layout? Click inside the textarea, press Ctrl A to highlight the entire coding, the Ctrl C to copy it.
- To save your page, you may need to zoom out (Hold Ctrl and press - until you can click it. Then hold Ctrl and press 0 to return the page to normal).
- For many of the layouts, you need to use a different style of coding to display tables. Here's an example (note the "ID" tag):

Anchored petpages

Note: Some of the resources included in the older petpages are a bit outdated and have since been replaced with newer, higher quality resources. If you're interested in using TLB resources, be sure to check this page for the newer stuff!

Style #1: Simply Compact

This compact layout packs quite a lot of stuff! With room for 6 links, there's also a small div under the menu you can use for updates or other content. Each style below features a Neopian character as well as a general background that fits the theme. It also comes with a lightly patterned floral background!

Style #2: Modern Elegance

This style may be a bit different than usual layouts. There's a small div at the very bottom of the layout which you can use as an update are. The layout is coded with 6 links and the space below it can be used to display two buttons (with textareas). Need more links? Just delete the button/textarea and add more!

Style #3: Groovy Icons!

With a simple design, these layouts use a specific TLB icon as the main colour palette. It's coded with six links and includes a lightly patterned background in grey.

Style #4: Geometric Love

Featuring a nice fading background, these layouts are sure to make a statement! Originally coded with 6 links on the side, you can add more if needed. The "title here" is coded using three different colours so whether your site name is one word or many, it'll definitely stand out!

Style #5: Reflections

The content area in this layout includes a very light background, a reflection of the main image.

Style #6: Ohh, Bubbles!

Originally coded for 6 links, the menu can be expanded to suit your needs. There's also an area below for your site's buttons.

Style #7: Too Easy

These layouts are great for simpler pages, like your portfolio, "about me", or wishlists. If you're familiar with coding, you can add more links. The layout has been coded with an area for buttons below the menu. For those who want to get more creative, feel free to delete the regular text title and create your own graphic site image!

Style #8: Symmetrical Boxing

Need lots of links? Look no further! This compact layout features a large area for tons of links. If you don't need that many links, you could even get rid of a few and add a spiffy button! For those who want to customize their premade layouts, try adding your site name below the content area.

Style #9: Simple Wave

Need a large content area for your stuff? This one features just that! There's also an area where you can customize the layout with your own site title. You might even want to add your own graphic-style title instead of using a text one.

Style #10: Complicated Boxes

This layout features nice spotlight effects and a smaller content area. For those who want to customize the layout further, try adding your own graphic-style site title directly on the image!

Single page

Style #1: Mosaic Header

No matter the width of your screen resolution, the top image will keep repeating.

Style #2: Fixed Side Mosaic

On the other hand, the images in the layouts below tile vertically so no matter what your screen resolution height is, the layout will still look great.


Style #1: The Bare Minimum

Change the banner, add a background, edit the colours, get creative! The div where your content goes in has additional padding so your images will have a nice, symmetrical look.