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About Me

My name is Laura, but I go by Petchy on Neo. Been playing for about 7+ years now, and I'm still as addicted as I used to be. I live in Toronto, Canada, so I'm 3 hours ahead of Neo time. Depending on my work schedule I usually update between 7am-10am my time.

I'm a Premium Member, so neomail me for an invite!!!!

While you're reading up on me, please visit My Guild & my shop for the cheapest wiz prices!

Site Updates

january 1

Petchy is on vacation for 3 weeks. See you then!! Hope you had a great New Year!!

december 26

Game ratios are updated :)

december 25


november 25

Game ratios are updated :)

november 15

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEOPET!!!!! see the Neopets Updates section for celebration details!!

october 25

Game ratios are updated :)

September 26

Game ratios are updated :)

September 25

6am NST - Still waiting for TNT to update the ratios :)

September 3

Sorry for the lack of updates my friends, I've been sick with a bug last few days.

August 26

Game ratios updated! Sorry for the delay! forgot what day it was!! XXD

August 20

Finally! After 10 long days of petpage coding being out of service, I CAN UPDATE AGAIN!! Thank you to everyone for being patient :)

July 28

A good neopian was nice enough to let me know that there is yet ANOTHER Capri Sun game out there. Head over to the Quick 'N Easy Games now to play these easy games!

July 25

July Ratios Updated :)

July 23


What do you find most useful about my guide?
a) Crossword & Daily Question Answers
b) Quick links to all dailies
c) 1k-a-play game list & tips
d) Greedy NPs section
e) Neopets Updates
f) other

Please neomail me your answer. I'm very curious :)

July 1

Wow! I can't believe it's already July! Where has this year gone so far! Anywho, everything is up-to-date :)

Don't forget to check out my Stocks Inspiration page!! It's updated with a lot of profitable information ;) (pun intended)

June 26

YES! I know the ratios have changed. They changed while I was sleeping, and now I have to run off to work. Yes, at 5:15am lol I'll update the game list later with current ratios :)


I updated a few games, but I really need to get to work now. The ones with no pictures need to be changed to better games. However, the ones with pictures are updated and good to play :) ENJOY!

UPDATE - 4:30pm NST

Game ratios are updated :)

June 25

I'M BACK!! Sorry for my long absence. Was travelling around the UK for a month, then had to get over the jetlag, but I'm back :) As of 7:40pm NST the game ratios have not been changed by TNT. I'll try my best to update them as soon as I can after work tomorrow (assuming they're updated by TNT by then ^^)

May 22

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Been working loads of hours to make money for my trip to the UK which I am leaving for tomorrow. Also, because of this I will not be updating the Crossword or Daily Question until I get back at the end of June. I will try my best to update the games as soon as possible after the ratio change. See you in a month!!

May 9

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! to all the lovely mothers out there :)

Also, I'm very sorry about the lack of updates lately. Neo for whatever reason has given me a 404 error page every time I have tried to save my changes for the last few days. Seems to be okay today :)

May 3

Since I was getting loads of neomails asking how I make my neopoints other than games, I've decided to track my Stock buys and sells to inspire all of you :)

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stick with me kid!'ll be a millionaire in no time!

Hello! and Welcome to my neopoint making guide! So I guess you're wondering why I've made yet another neopoint making guide when there are already so many out there. Easy! Over years of playing neopets, I finally found a daily routine that brings in the most nps, and I want to share it with you. This guide has everything from clickable dailies to those insane games that bring you 3k each day (with up-to-date ratios!). So what are you waiting for?? GET TO MAKING THOSE NPS ALREADY!

Neopets Updates

january 1, 2011
I would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the last year! Thank you for all your kind and supportive emails. They've definitely helped in keeping this guide running :)

I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year's Eve, and I wish you all only the best in 2011!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! & Happy Birthday to me! :D

december 15, 2010
Head over to the NC MALL now to claim your FREE Holiday Goodie Bag!! Since it's a Neo Cash freebie, you are also allowed to claim it on side accounts!!

Claim Now

december 15, 2010
All neopians with accounts +60 months can purchase from the Hidden Tower today at a 3% discounted price!! Still need the FQD Avi? Today's your chance!!

Shop Now!

december 8, 2010
Head over to the NC MALL now to claim your FREE Holiday Goodie Bag!! Since it's a Neo Cash freebie, you are also allowed to claim it on side accounts!!

Claim Now

december 1, 2010
IT'S DECEMBER!!! You all know what that means! Every day for the next month, make sure to visit the Advent Calendar for great prizes and nps!!!

Visit Now!

november 23, 2010

Participate Now!

Day 7 - FINAL DAY!

Send Score Challenge: Send your score in any 75 Qualifying Game.
Game Challenge: Send a score of 300+ in Meerca Chase.
Secret Challenge: Send a score of 400+ in Trouble at the National Neopian .
Random Challenge: Play 10 Qualifying Games, 1 from 10 different Neopian Lands.
Theme Challenge: Send a score of 150+ in Dubloon Disaster, 400+ in Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway and 350+ in Stowaway Sting

Day 6

Send Score Challenge: Send your score in any 60 Qualifying Game.
Game Challenge: Send a score of 200+ in Hasee Bounce.
Secret Challenge: Send a score of 400+ in Bouncy Supreme .
Random Challenge: Play a Qualifying Game with less than 2 million plays, and another game with over 20 million plays.
Theme Challenge: Send a score of 150+ in Feed Florg, 40+ in Snowbeast Snackrifice and 450+ in Flycatcher

Day 5

Send Score Challenge: Send your score in any 45 Qualifying Game.
Game Challenge: Send a score of 130+ in Kiko Match II.
Secret Challenge: Send a score of 1,500+ in Destruct-O-Match III .
Random Challenge: Play any Qualifying Game with a rating of 7+.
Theme Challenge: Send a score of 150+ in Turmac Roll.

Day 4

Send Score Challenge: Send your score in any 30 Qualifying Game.
Game Challenge: Send a score of 1,500+ in Meepit Juice Break.
Secret Challenge: Send a score of 1,400+ in Snowmuncher.
Random Challenge: Send your score in 3 Qualifying Game that are in your Favorites list.
Theme Challenge: Send a score of 450+ in Let It Slide, 350+ in Meepit vs. Feepit and 40,000+ in Kookia

Day 3

Send Score Challenge: Send your score in any 15 Qualifying Game.
Game Challenge: Send a score of 300+ in Carnival of Terror.
Secret Challenge: Send a score of 3,600+ in Ice Cream Machine.
Random Challenge: Visit a game where the NP ratio is -0.2. (Ex: Nova Defender
Theme Challenge: Send a score of 95+ in Ghost Bopper, 275+ in Edna's Shadow and 400+ in Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Day 2

Send Score Challenge: Send your score in any 5 Qualifying Game.
Game Challenge: Send a score of 450+ in Korbats Lab.
Secret Challenge: Send a score of 10+ in Zurroball.
Random Challenge: Add 3 Qualifying Games to your Favorites List.
Theme Challenge: Send a score of 150+ in Sophie's Stew, 325+ in Freaky Factory and 1,200+ in Scourge of the Lab Jellies

Day 1

Send Score Challenge: Send your score in any Qualifying Game.
Game Challenge: Send a score of 175+ in Math's Nightmare.
Secret Challenge: Send a score of 50,000+ in Spellseeker.
Theme Challenge: Send a score of 150+ in Extreme Herder 2 & 225+ in Gadgadsgame.
Community Challenge: If everyone works together to reach a goal of 45 million gameplays, then those who sent scores during the event will get prizes.

november 15, 2010
Yay! It's that time of year again! Here are the a bunch of things you can do while celebrating Neo's 11th year!

All pets within levels 1 - 40 receive free training at the Swashbuckling Academy.
Send game scores 5 times!!
Play Buried Treasure for FREE!
Snag a Limited Edition pet since they'll be randomly released throughout the day!
Unlock the Neopets Birthday avatar by visiting the News page.

New Plot Steps!
september 25, 2010

Need help completing the steps for the new plot?

Featured Game = EASY 6k!!
august 26, 2010
Yahoo!!! Kass Basher is today's featured game!! Head over NOW to make 6k is less than 5 mins!!

Half Price Day!
august 3, 2010
Just a friendly reminder that today is the 3rd of the month, which means all Neopian Shops are selling items at half price :)
Head over to Neopia Central NOW!

Monthly Freebies & Bonju Avatar!
august 1, 2010

Woo hoo! It's August, which means if you have the following items, you are eligible to get the Chef Bonju avatar!!

How to get the avi:
Have the "Mad About Oranges" avatar active and mix the following at the Mystery Island Cooking Pot.
1. Orange Juice
2. Blumaroo Steak
3. Gourmet Cooking for Your Pet (book)

Style Showdown & FREE NC
july 29, 2010
Yep, you read that right! Just by entering the Style Showdown you will receive 150 NC FREE!!

Click here to enter now!

And if that's not enough, The Neopets Team are also giving away a goodie bag in the Petpet Park NC Mall to celebrate it's 1 Year Anniversary! So if you have an account set up, go grab your goodie bag which includes an item and 150NC FREE!!

Claim yours now!

AUGUST = Chef Bonju Avi!
july 28, 2010
Just a friendly reminder that it is almost August, and that means that those who have yet to get the Chef Bonju Avi can get it!

How to get the avi:
Have the "Mad About Oranges" avatar active and mix the following at the Mystery Island Cooking Pot.
1. Orange Juice
2. Blumaroo Steak
3. Gourmet Cooking for Your Pet (book)

NC Mall Goodie Bags
july 20, 2010
Better late than never! If you haven't snagged your free goodie bags from the NC Mall yet, I suggest you do so now.

Head over to the NC Mall Now!

USER PERK - 3% off at the Hidden Tower
july 21, 2010
If your account is 60+ months, you are eligible to shop at the Hidden Tower with a 3% discount today!

july 3, 2010
Just a friendly reminder that today is the 3rd of the month, which means all Neopian Shops are selling items at half price :)
Head over to Neopia Central NOW!

july 1, 2010
WOW! I can't believe it's already July!!!!


Tarla's Tour of Mystery
april 29, 2010
There is a new GAME CHALLENGE!

Click the image to play!

Seems TNT is playing with us again. It was mentioned in the news today that Tarla will be running around throughout the site. If you happen to find her, you will have the choice of items, neopoints, or the option to get a better look at what awaits behind her mysterious mist.

Click the image to read what TNT had to say

Want a better chance at finding her? Head over to the boards now to see what others are saying.

APRIL GAMES & Easter Cybunny Avi News!
april 9, 2010
Yep, you read that right!! So head on over to the Games section and start earning your NPs!!

AND...tomorrow is the last day to get the Easter Cybunny avatar if you don't already have it! Just send the Happy Easter (Animated!)" Neogreeting card to someone to unlock it!

april 1, 2010
First off, today is April Fools Day, so don't be surprised if something odd happens on Neo today! Also, every year on April Fools you are able to get the April Fools Avi. Visit the News Page if you don't already have the avi.
Featured Game Glitch!
march 18, 2010
Hey ya'll! Apparently the game listed as the featured game, Edna's Shadow, is not the featured game! HOT DOG HERO is AGAIN!! YAY!!! What an easy 6k!


Festival of Neggs & DD Prizes!
march 15, 2010
IMPORTANT: If you have PREMIUM and are having a hard time finding your Negg for the quest, TURN OFF PORTAL!

The Festival of Neggs starts today! Don't forget to check back every day to complete quests and earn great prizes!

Daily Dare Prices are ready for you to claim! Visit the Main DD Page to claim your trophy and prizes!

Last day for Daily Dare!!
march 14, 2010
Today is the LAST DAY to play the Daily Dare games! So if you want a spiffy trophy, I suggest you go catch up NOW!

REMINDER! 6 more days until DD is GONE!
march 8, 2010
Are you up-to-date with the games? There is less than a week to catch up! Click here to learn about which spiffy trophy you can get depending on who you beat, and when you beat them.

Happy Gadgadsbogen Day! & Featured Game!!
march 4, 2010
If you don't already have the avatar, now is your chance! Visit the Gadgadsbogen Neopedia Article now to get the avi!

Hot Dog Hero is today's Featured Game!! This is a super easy way to make 6,000 nps So get to it!!


High scores reset & freebies!
march 1, 2010
Just a reminder that the high scores are reset today because it's the 1st of the month! So if you're trying to get a trophy or avatar, now if your chance :D

Also, don't forget to grab your monthly freebies!

Featured Game = easy 6k Today!
february 28, 2010
Dubloon Disaster is the featured game today which means you get DOUBLE the NPs!! Send your score at 277 for 2k each game!

Description: Use the arrow keys to move around and collect all the dubloons without touching any mines.
HINT: Try to get the mines to run into each other. They will blow up and in turn there will be less to run away from


Avatar Alert!
february 12, 2010
Another new avi has been spotted. It's an easy clickable. Click here to visit the pet lookup of one who is at least 1 year old.

Got a Lenny? Get FREE Training!
february 12, 2010
It's Lenny Day!! If you own a Lenny, don't forget to bring him/her to good ole Cap'n Threelegs for some free training ALL DAY!

february 11, 2010
A new round of Daily Dare started up today! Head over now and see if you can beat AAA!

There is also a new avatar for voting on the Staff Tournament.

FREE NC Mall Gift Bag!
february 8, 2010
Visit the NC Mall to claim yours now!

free dailies

Giant Omelette

Grab a piece of omelette

Free Jelly

Grab some free Jelly

Shop of Offers

Receive 50 or 100 nps

Fruit Machine

A winning spin gets you nps and prizes

Deserted Tomb

Might find treasure!


A winning ticket gets you nps and prizes

Coltzan's Shrine

Codestone? dubloon? nps?
who knows?

Altador Prizes

Only if you participated in the plot


Possibility of getting nps, random item or even Neo Cash

Lunar Temple

Guess correctly and win a prize. Check out this guide if you get stuck


Visit between 6-7am, 2-3pm 10-11pm NST to try and sneak away a prize

Adver Video

Watch 5 short adds and win NPS!

Healing Springs

Cure your pets every half hour!

Petpet Park Prize

Click to pick up free nps or an item!

Monthly Freebies

Who doesn't love free stuff?


Receive a prize by waking him up. Only awake for one hour a day. Click here for estimated times

Lab Ray

only free after you buy all 9 map pieces

Petpet Lab Ray

only free after you buy all 9 map pieces

Blue Grundo Plushie

See if the poor little guy will talk to you.

Symol Hole

Enter the hole and see what you can find!

Meteor Crash

Try until you win!

Apple Bobbing

Visit once a day

back to top

wheels and chance

Wheel of Excitement

Costs 500nps. Every 2 hours

Wheel of Mediocrity

Costs 100nps. Every 40 mins

Wheel of Misfortune

Costs 150nps. Every 2 hours

Wheel of Slime

FREE! Every 8 hours

Wheel of Monotony

Costs 150nps. Once a day

Wheel of Knowledge

Costs 400nps. Once a day

Winter Scratchcard

Costs 600nps. Every 6 hours

Spooky Scratchcard

Costs 1,200nps. Every 2 hours

Desert Scratchcard

Costs 500nps. Every 4 hours

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one timers

Neopets Tutorial

Follow tutorial & redeem

Free NC Item

Click claim for a free item

Neopets 5 Books

Complete Quizes

Word Scramble

Unscramble Words

Burger King Codes

Win prizes

Mynci Defender Virtual Code

Win virtual prize

Jubjub Power Bounce Game Token

click to redeem your 1 free token

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other things to help pass the time

Soup Kitchen

Pick up a bowl of soup
only if you have less than 3000nps

Money Tree

Really low on nps? Grab some donations

Shop Till

Sell anything?


Collect your interest


Play with your neopet and earn nps


Slow, yet profitable way to make nps. Click Here for more info.

Potato Counter

Count the right amount and win nps

Rubbish Dump

Low on nps? Come grab some garbage


Can you catch something?

Berry Picking

Costs 400nps. Go berry picking


Good way to win food


Will you pick the winning numbers?

Burried Treasure

Costs 300nps. Can you find the treasure?

Wishing Well

Be careful what you wish for ;)

Magma Pool

If you catch the guard asleep, paint your pet Magma


Can you snag a prize?
Check the help boards for TARLA posts!

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Yes. the reason you're all here! You want to know how the heck I make all of the neopoints that I do in a day, right? After I do my dailies, I play neopoint making games in this exact order. Follow it, and you can make just as much as me!! If there is a game that you think should be on this list, neomail me and I'll add it in.

Quick 'N Easy Games



Score to Send

Daily Outcome

Adver Video

This is one of the easiest things that you could to earn at least 500nps. Takes no work at all. Just click start, go do other dailies, or play other games, and come back to spin the wheel. Do this 5 times.
ratio 1.00
avg. 2,800nps

Wheel of Slime

Easy Peesy! It's one of Neo's wheels, but the best thing about it is, IT'S FREE! And you can win up to 2000nps! Why not?
ratio 1.00
avg. 750nps

Survey Shack

A fun game of slingo. Click to release the ball, and see where it falls.
ratio 1.12
avg. 1,000

Fashion Fever

Can't get much easier than this. You don't even need to dress your neopet to get points. Just start the game & end your game. Send your score and get 300nps each time. If you want an extra 100nps each time then send your neopet to a friend's email. Honestly...for an extra 100nps it's not even worth the trouble. But if you're down on nps, go for it!
ratio 1.00

Faerie Crossword

Fill in the crossword 3 times and win 600nps each time you send your score. Click here if you need help.
ratio 1.00

Daily Question

Answer the daily question and win the amount of neopoints specified each day! Click here if you don't know the answer.
ratio 1.00
avg. 375nps

Catch the Petpet

Another easy one! YAY YOU! The point is to search through the crowd for the petpet which you are shown a picture of before each of the 4 segments. Find it, click it, send score! Yep! it's that easy!
Play to end
ratio 0.70
avg. 1,460nps

Petpet Pair-Up

Just like Kiko Match!
Play to end
ratio ?
avg. 1,300nps

Big Green Help

Answer 10 questions about being green!
Answer all 10
ratio 1.64

Smug Bug Smite

This game is all about your reaction time and reflexes! Throughout the 3 levels, it's your job to catch the bugs! The faster you catch them, the more nps you make! Choose any weapon. The type of weapon you choose does not affect your end score.
Play to end
ratio 1.00
avg. 1,802nps
Petchy's Total: 9,663nps

back to top

1k A Play

Petchy's suggestions to add to your favorites each month.



Score to Send

Petchy's NPs

Kass Basher

Best way to reach 813 is to use the bat. So first unlock the 3rd level. Once you do that, wait until the wind reaches 7 to 9 and click the left mouse button to hit the kass. Hold down the left mouse button while it's going up into the air, and as soon as it starts turning downward let go.
ratio 1.25


Tunnel Tumble

Click on your player and drag him around making sure not to hit any of balls or walls.
ratio 0.31

Chariot Chase

Be the first to race around the track and cross the winning line!
ratio 1.39

Warf Rescue

No one lists this as a good np making game and I don't know why! It's easy, and it's a quick 3k! You have to save the kadoties. Keep piling the warfs on top of each other to build them up high enough to reach the kadoties.
ratio 6.26


Defender Trainer

Answer a few Neo Related questions in hard mode until you reach 316 points.
ratio 2.27

The Castle of Eliv Thade

You may move 1, 2 or 3 spaces, depending on what the game allows you. Every time you move, you will be given an anagram to figure out. Enter the correct answer to move on.
ratio 2.95

Volcano Run

Collect gems as you soar through the volcano. Left click to drive the Scorchio up in the air, and release to drop him.
ratio 1.58

Extreme Potato Counter

In each level, pay close attention and count each and every potato that flies across the screen. Try not to get distracted by the other vegetables and items which try to trick you. At the end of each level, type in the number of potatoes you counted.
ratio 8.92

Math's Nightmare

I know! I know! Who wants to do math on their time off, right? WRONG! This game is super quick and easy. Choose division and potato counter and answer a few easy division questions!
ratio 3.20

Kiko Match

Easy card matching game.
ratio 3.10


Attack of the Marblemen

Your job is to get all the Marblemen back into the toy box. Use the mouse to click on a bouncer (little triangles that make up the background). The Marblemen will bounce off the bouncer. Place the bouncers in such a way that Marblemen bounce their way into the toy box
ratio 11.54

Imperial Exam

Quite the fun speller-bee game! If the word is spelled correctly press the up arrow. If the word is spelled wrong, press the down arrow.
ratio 1.23

Chia Bombers II

Kill all the Chia Bombers before they kill you. Use the arrows to move around, press spacebar to fire, and press M to drop a mine.
ratio 2.59

Ready To Roll

Use your mouse to guide the rolling Yooyus to safety, while helping them collect the sun tokens and avoiding treacherous obstacles.
ratio 1.32

Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers

Use the arrows to move around while being careful not to bump into any objects OR your components trail.
HINT: Personally, I start off going straight, then turn up and make a box around my component so she has no where to go but into my trail! ^^
ratio 3.58

Rink Runner

Chase the music notes around to collect them without falling through the broken ice.
ratio 10.72

Crisis Courier

Soar through the air collecting coins. Left click to switch between ball types. Read the tips between levels to understand which ball does what. Example: First level, use the fire ball to smash through fire mutants, and ice ball to smash through ice mutants
ratio 0.53


Grand Theft Ummagine

Collect all the fruit and find a way out without being caught by the guard!
ratio 6.26

Techo Says

A fun memory game. Watch carefully as the Techo plays out a sequence, then copy him in the exact same order.
ratio 5.18

Merca Chase II

Move around and collect all but the red neggs. DO NOT TOUCH THE RED NEGGS!
HINT: Type superextrahypergravitymode before you start the game to enter Gravity Mode
ratio 1.47

Let It Slide

A fun little adventure game! Guide the Snuffly through the levels using the arrow keys and collect gems along the way.
ratio 1.42

Ghost Bopper

This game takes a lot of concentration. Make sure that your number lock is active, because you must use your number pad. Bop the ghosts by hitting the corresponding number on your numbers pad. Make sure to read the tips between levels as things change each time.
ratio 4.29

The Buzzer Game

Carefully follow the path with your mouse to the end, being sure not to hit the wire.
ratio 10.72

Magma Blaster

Shoot at the rocks by left clicking on them. You can only use the same symbol as the rock to shoot each one though. So Use number keys 1 through 6 to change between symbols.
HINT: You only need to play up until the first bonus to get 130 points, so you only need to shift through numbers 1 through 3
ratio 7.15

Spell Seeker

Start off by choosing which symbols you'd like to use (I find numbers easiest) and then click on ascending, or descending numerical patterns to isolate the cubes. (ex. 1, 2, 3 or 3, 2, 1)
ratio 0.01

Snow Wars II

Protect your men by completely surrounding at least one with snow blocks. Then shoot at your enemies.
ratio 5.67


Wait until you hear the "release" noise (sounds like a steel door shutting) and then QUICKLY press the spacebar to splat the sloth as soon as you see him coming down the tube.
ratio 1.88

Snot Splatter

Yes, the score might seem intimidating, but this game is SOOO easy to rack up points! THe point is to clear the board of snot blobs. Every time you click on a blob, it shoots out a small blob in each direction. These blobs in-turn hit the first blob in it's way, and so on (like a dominos effect).
ratio 0.06

Moon Rock Rampage

Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to fire your "laser" gun or push the blocks of moon rock. Shooting or pushing rock into enemies will kill them, and pushing moon rock into the lava will allow you to walk over it.
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Ready To Roll

Use your mouse to guide the rolling Yooyus to safety, while helping them collect the sun tokens and avoiding treacherous obstacles.
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Greedy NPs

Key Quest

Most don't realize just how profitable this game really is. Sure it's time consuming, but who doesn't love a good competition?? Key Quest is a fun multi-player board game which requires you to move around the board and collect each key. Once you have acquired all keys, make your way over to the door to unlock it. The first person to get to the door with all keys gets a gold key, and top prizes. Second person gets a Silver key, third person gets a Bronze key, and the 4th gets a lead key. All players get prizes and the neopoints they earn during game play though, so you've got nothing to lose! AND Unlike other games on Neopets, you can play Key Quest all day long! The only catch is that you can only use 10 keys a day.

TIP: Unfortunately, the mini-games require pretty fast computers, so the faster the computer, the better chance you have of winning the mini-game. However, even if you lose the mini-games, it doesn't mean you'll lose the game! And either way, like previously mentioned you still get a prize, so just finish the game and sell those prizes :)



Indeed they do! Many of you out there don't participate in stocks because you think that you don't have enough neopoints to buy stocks. WRONG! The maximum you can buy each day is 1000 stocks. The cheapest you can buy stocks at each day is 15nps. So, you'd be spending roughly 15k a day(15 x 1000 = 15,000nps). This guide shows you how to make WELL over 15k a day, so there is no excuse as to why you cannot buy stocks each day, and still have nps left over each day to bank. FYI: There is no point buying less than 1k worth as the profit is not very high.

There are 3 strategies to choose from when buying/selling stocks:

1. Quick sell: Buy low(15nps) and sell at pretty much anything higher than 15nps. Hey, a profit is a profit! If you need quick neopoints, even buying at 15nps, and selling at 16nps, or 17nps still gets you 1-2k. Sometimes you'll get lucky and it can jump more than 1nps or 2nps at a time, and you'll make more! The risk in doing this is that instead of going up, it might go down. The bright side is has to go up at some point! XDD

2. Selling at a Goal: Set a goal for yourself. ALWAYS buy low (15-17nps). The lower you buy, the higher the profit when you sell. This strategy takes a long time, so it requires that you have patience. Personally, my goal is 60nps. It's high enough to appreciate the profit, and low enough not to have to wait FOREVER! haha but Many players wait for 70+ (some even for that rare 100).

3. Stagger Selling: This strategy requires that you have a few thousand shares in a stock, and you sell shares at different high points. For example, let's say you have 8k in one company. When it hits 60nps/share, sell 2k, and hold the rest. When it hits 75nps/share, sell another 2-3k and hold the rest. When it hits higher, sell the rest! This is a great way to make high profits, and there's not much risk involved, because if it at least hits 60, and starts going down, just sell the rest so not to lose out on the high.


Sniping is a great way to make thousands of neopoints a day. It can be done using both the regular Shop Wiz, as well as the Super Shop Wiz if you have Premium. The point is to find a shop with an item at a lower price than normal, buy it, and sell it at regular price for a profit. There isn't a specific amount that you SHOULD have on hand. It all depends on what you're sniping. Personally, I keep about 100k on hand, but you can keep less or more.
FYI: According to TNT, sniping is not against the rules, it is completely legal. So, it is NOT considered cheating. If someone were to ask you for the item back because they realized that they mis priced it, you do not have to return the item. You bought it, fair and square.

Regular Shop Wiz: To use the shop wizard, just type in the item you are looking for, and click search. It will then bring up 20 shops with the item in stock. With the regular shop wizard, shops are grouped together by owner names which start with the same letter. Press refresh for a different group of shops, and look out for shops which have the item priced MUCH lower than other shops.

The above image is a great example of a good snipe. So keep searching for new items, and continue refreshing until you find a good snipe.

Super Shop Wiz: The SSW definitely has it's advantages. Unfortunately, it is only available to Premium Members, and can be found on your portal. What is so great about it? Well, unlike the regular shop wizard, the SSW brings up a list of the shops with the lowest priced items. It does not group shops together by owner name. The SSW is used just like the regular shop wizard. Type in the item, and press search.

The above image is a good example of a good snipe using the SSW.

Unfortunately, there are a couple limitations to using the SSW. It gets tired much quicker than the regular shop wiz. This is to be fair to non-premium members. When this happens, just wait until the next hour. So, if the SSW gets tired at 1:30pm, it'll tell you to wait 30 minutes. You can use it again at 2pm. Another limitation is that you cannot search for Paint Brushes, Transmogrification Potions, Lab map pieces or Nerkmids (use the regular Shop Wizard for these items).

List of things to snipe:
Bottled Faeries

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