No, these questions aren't frequently asked at all. I just put them here.

1. Do you like purple socks?
OH YEAH! The result is this theme.

2. Pie?

3. Can we be affies?
Yes please.(:

4. What about fanmail?
Only if I'm worthy. :(

On to the screenies!

Disturbing images are forming in my head.

I didn't know ghosts wore suits.

I was only making a font! I didn't say anything! Honest! D:

But the TFR's plot prizes were way better than TFR! But I loved the epic characters in TFR! Augh, should I pick TFR or TFR?

What do you mean, I took her there on purpose?

Hahaha, hahahaha, hahahaha, NO.


Sorry, owner of the comic above! If you know who you are, NM me and I'll credit you!

Of course Mr. Tombola Man and I aren't in cahoots! Why would ya think that?

Don't ever accept gifts from strangers, kids.

The day is very short, then, eh?


It was around my bedtime, too. Funny.

This isn't what it looks like.

*tear* They hate me!

Too much love. :K

Gee, thank you Mr. Ghost Lupe, for taking my wonderful pet's high hit points down. How could I ever repay you?


This is what I do when I am bored. I customize pets. BEWARE.

Both, "Wow, TNT," and "ACK!


Noooo....! My reign of terror has ended! For now...


Careful, when Leopard wants to take revenge, she takes revenge.

No, that's not their full username. SPAMMER ON THE LOOSE!


Neopia, meet the next Dr. Sloth! Er, Sloths...

Even if it means that the food is oddly made and quite unappetizing.

Behavior issues, I'm sure.

OH EM GEE. She has stunned me into silence. So much that I have revealed my true form. Introducing… THE REAL DIA!


First fanmail! You should check out her screenies, too! They're funny. 8)


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