why hello there! i'm star! welcome to my site, gypsy fonts, which began in february 2016!

     i've been making fonts pretty much my entire career here on neopets, but i've only just recently decided to begin sharing them with people. i love the creative process that goes into making them; there's something i find particularly soothing about figuring out just the right design and picking the perfect colors to go with a quote.

     my goal is to create quality fonts that are accessible for everyone to use and enjoy -- both those with neoboard pens and those without, because i know just how frustrating it is to find the perfect font, only to discover it only works with a nb pen.

     so now you might wondering, what will i find here? well, i create fonts based on words. sometimes they're song lyrics, sometimes they're quotes, and sometimes they're just something i made-up myself. at gypsy fonts, you'll find a little bit of everything.

     questions, comments, or concerns? feel free to contact me!


      please give these rules a quick read through before you continue! thanks!

      you may edit these fonts as much as you want, however you want, as long as you give me credit for the original design.

      having said that, that does not mean you can claim these fonts as your own, no matter how much you have edited it. the base code is still mine.

      please do not redistribute my fonts in any way, shape, or form. theft is not tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.

      and if you decide to leave a link back to here on your userlookup, that would be greatly appreciated. a button is preferred, but css links work too.



color block names




goner by twenty one pilots


fireproof by against the current


forget me now by against the current


gravity by against the current


running with the wild things by against the current


dreaming alone by against the current


outsiders by against the current


hold me now by RED


   what have we become by the sweeplings


boromir from the fellowship of the ring


pippin, fellowship of the ring


aragorn from the return of the king


eowyn from the return of the king


random contest winner, potato chip


gallery of evil - vira, forever beautiful,   sunlight fades



kau fortune teller, reflections


grey faerie, forgotten kingdom


darigan pteri, holding out my hand


meepit vs feepit


good or bad?, holes in my heart


blumaroo - fire!, fire


quiggle - cheesy grin, terms & conditions


grundo - faerie, sun & moon


lupe - king altador, write it on your heart


geraptiku - deserted tomb, are we there yet?


forgotten shore, let's be adventurers


korbat - royal, chin up princess


starry gelert, my moon & stars


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*replace the color codes (ex. 848484 or 6B6B6B) with a color code from your avatar. use an online eyedropper such as the one on sunnyneo.com to get the color you want.

total font count: 35


     i see you've found the requests page! the request form is down below; nothing too complicated, just a basic outline to give me an idea of what you want. once you've submitted your request, i'll contact you to let you know that it's been accepted. if you don't hear back from me within 48 hours, you might want to send it again.

You want a font, and you've come to the right place. There's only one request form, and it's pretty simple. After I've finished your font but there's some minor tweaks you want, feel free to edit your font however you wish! Keep in mind, I still created it so you can't take credit for making the font if you do decide to change some things up. I would also like to point out that I do not make block fonts. They're too complicated for my brain and they look different depending on what computer you're using. To give you an idea of my font style, I've included some of my favorite examples to the right.

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button credit

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patterns from colourlovers!
pattern credit: red paisley by agussgut
template credit: o2b paisley doo wop by o2bqueen

april 11th, 2018

   »»» oh yikes. i have no idea how long the images were broken, but they're fixed now! sorry if this caused any inconvenience for anyone! and sorry that i haven't been very active, school has taken priority. hopefully after finals, i'll be able to focus more on the site.

january 28th, 2018

   »»» thank you so much to missy from oyster for creating two link back buttons for gypsy fonts!

january 20th, 2018

   »»» happy late new year! let's celebrate with one new font added.

december 19th, 2017

   »»» one new font added.

december 13th, 2017

re-branded et& as gypsy fonts.
   »»» one new font added.

december 11th, 2017

finished switching pictures over to a new image hosting site; everything should be all shiny and new looking again!
   »»» three new fonts added.

december 11th, 2017

well lookee here, i've actually done something. font previews are now fixed, but there are still some other things that need to be done. if anyone actually follows this site, thanks for your patience.

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