So you want to keep time, hmm? Great! Understanding the times system is an important part of the Kadoatery game. While you can feed kads by relying purely on times posted by others, learning to do it on your own is a valuable skill. If an error is posted or if no one else is keeping time, you'll be able to fend for yourself!

The times board can be found at the Games forum.

Look for a board called Kadoatery Feeding Times & Lists .

This guide is an attempt to explain the numbers and facts about the times system as well as the timekeeping format I use. It does not purport to be law.

Lines in red are example T&L posts.

NOTE: This is NOT a guide about how to feed kads! There are already many great guides about this and I didn't think Neopia needed another. This guide is just about the times system and the Times & Lists board (T&L). If you need a kad-feeding guide, check the first posts at T&L as there are some listed there!

Mains and Minis | New Main/Mini | Pends | Calculating A New Mini | Splits | Naming Minis | Merges | Unfed Minis | List-Making | Ordering Minis and Main | NTO | Making A New Board | The New Times System | FAQs | Link Back?

Mains and Minis

Usually, most of the kadoaties will go simultaneously. This majority group is called the main. Sometimes, however, kads will ask for new food items at a different time than the main group. These kads are called minis. Minis can be a single kad or a group of more than one kad.


New Main or New Mini

After a main or a mini goes and is fed, add 28 minutes to find the new main or new mini time. New mains and new minis mark the start of a new cycle, though they are not actually times that kads are expected to ask for new foods.

new main @ :53
new mini @ :00

The earliest time a main will go is 35 minutes after the previous one. We add 28 minutes to keep with the established time system instead of adding 35 because many users don't refresh at the first time listed with the assumption that it won't go.



Once the new main or new mini has passed, the kads begin to pend. These are the times when you need to refresh the Kadoatery! Kads pend in 7-minute intervals. At each pend, if the kads don't ask for new foods, add 7 minutes and check again at this time.

main pending rf @ :00

(Main is pending, refresh at :00. It's not necessary to include "rf", but many people like to.)


Calculating A New Mini

Brief section summary, in case you hate reading: To calculate a new mini, find the minute in the 7-minute interval system the (usually UB) kad was fed most closely after, and add 28 to that minute, rather than to the exact minute it was fed.

Minis are usually created when a kad is fed outside of the cycle of the main. Most kads in the main will ask for inexpensive food items and get fed within a minute or two of each other (or within seconds). Kads asking for expensive food items, however, generally have to wait much longer (even days or weeks, poor things) and so are fed more sporadically. An example situation:

Main goes at 12:00.
A kad asking for a UB item is fed at 12:09.

The important thing to remember is that all kads (the main as well as any/all minis) will go within the same 7-minute interval system: the time difference(s) between them will always be a multiple of 7.

To find the new main time, you simply have to add 28. In this case, 00+28 = 28, therefore the new main is at 12:28. Calculating this new mini is different. Instead of adding 28 minutes to the exact minute the UB kad was fed, you add 28 to the minute in the 7-min interval system it was fed after.

If main went at 12:00, then the minutes that will correspond with the timing system this hour are 00, 07, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, and 56. Here, the time before :09 that is closest to it is :07 so the new mini time is 12:35 (07+28).

When in doubt, round down! It's better to start refreshing too early than to refresh too late and miss.

has been fed!

new main @ :28
new mini @ :35



The other way that minis are formed is by splits. Sometimes when the main goes, it breaks up into 2 groups. This uncommon occurrence is called a split, and as far as I know, it's random. A single kad can split from the main, or a group of them can split. If you're sure you're tracking the main (and mini/s) correctly, splits are easy to identify. The smaller group can break off first, leaving the main pending, or the main can go first, leaving the smaller group behind. A couple examples:

1. Main is pending at :25. There are no minis. At :25, only two kads ask for new food items. This is the split group. Main still hasn't gone yet so it'll continue to pend, but now there is a mini to keep track of. The mini contains two kads so indicate that in parentheses.

main pending rf @ :32 (25+7)
new mini (2) @ :53 (25+28)

2. Main is pending at :13. There are no minis. At :13, six kads ask for new food items. Five kads from last main have split and are still pending. The first group is the main as it has more kads (even though it's only one more).

mini (5) pending rf @ :20 (13+7)
new main @ :41 (13+28)


Naming Minis

The number sign (#) indicates the number of the mini (only necessary if there is more than 1 mini). Parentheses indicate the number of kads in a mini (only necessary if there is more than 1 kad in the mini).

Mini #2: The 2nd mini.
Mini (2): The mini consists of 2 kads.

These DO mean different things! Keep that in mind when naming your minis.



Sometimes when multiple things are pending at the same minute, they ask for new foods simultaneously. Fantastic! Now you have fewer things to keep track of. This is called a merge. Merges can occur between a main and a mini / multiple minis, or between a mini and another mini / multiple minis. Example:

Mini #1 (2) and Mini #2 are pending at :56. This means that a mini with 2 kads is pending, as well as another mini with a single kad. At :56, three kads ask for new foods. This means that the minis have merged! If those were the only minis, you can take out the mini number and simply include the number of kads (which is now 3).

new mini (3) @ :24 (56+28)

If you like, you can add a note such as "minis merged" to an update when a merge has occurred, so that people know what's changed.


So no one fed that mini?

Oh crumb, a mini went and it asked for a Happy Anniversary Negg. That guy is probably going to be waiting for a while. If a mini kad goes and isn't fed within a few minutes, you can stop tracking it. A new mini only happens when a kad is fed, after all! If it's fed later, it'll create a new mini at that time. A similar thing happens to minis of multiple kads. If a mini (3) goes and only 2 of the 3 kads are fed, it becomes a mini (2). For example, at :06 a hypothetical main and mini (3) are pending, and this happens:

Cheops Plant
Container of Purple Liquid
(UB; is not fed)
Blueberry Fruit Pancakes

main pending rf @ :13 (06+7)
new mini (2) @ :34 (06+28)



Part of being a timekeeper at T&L is posting the lists of the food items asked for. This is mainly helpful to keep track of what foods to buy (for invents and SDBs).

To keep your list neat and organized, separate the different kad rows with spaces. If you refreshed a bit late and missed an item or two, put the word "missed" in place of the item name. If you missed the whole list, post something along the lines of "missed list" with your times. Someone else can post the list or fill in the missing items after your update. (Do try your best to get the whole list, though!)

Starry Gelert Pie
Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry)

Swirly Kiko Fudge
Shoyru Ice Cream Sculpture

A Dozen Neggs
Sparkling Flatfruit Juice
Xweetok Hot Chocolate
Chomby Veggie Burger

new main @ :00


Ordering Minis and Main

This is something that isn't crucial but that I like to do to keep organized. Feel free to do the same if it makes sense to you! If you think it sounds like a bothersome hassle (it's not, really!) go ahead and skip this section.

Brief section summary, in case you hate reading: Listing all pending kads according to how long they've been pending rather than always simply listing the main first can be helpful to better understand what's going on.

Many people list their times with the main first, always, followed by any minis there might be. For example:

main, mini #1, and mini #2 pending rf @ :23

But what if one of those minis started pending before the main did? It's a nitpicky thing, but I find it helpful to order things according to how long they've been pending. This way, I know what I'm expecting when I go to refresh! For example:

mini #2, main, and mini #1 pending rf @ :23

It's technically the same thing as above, which is why it's not a necessary distinction, but here's the difference: the first example tells me to anticipate the majority of kads, while the second tells me to anticipate either 1 kad or the majority of kads. And if the main does go, I'll know that mini #2 went also, since it was pending first! This ordering method is great for keeping track of merges.

Sometimes you have a lot of minis to keep track of. It just happens. I'm going to try to explain the efficiency of this system better by outlining three of the many possible things that could happen in the following example situation:

Update at :39:

mini #3, mini #4, main, mini #1, and mini #2 pending rf @ :46

1. At :46, one kad asks for a new food. At :53, the same thing happens again. These were the two single minis I named #3 and #4. It would have been nice for them to merge, but they didn't, so now you have to calculate new minis.

Update at :46: (After mini #3 goes)

mini #4, main, mini #1, and mini #2 pending rf @ :53 (46+7)
new mini #3 @ :14 (46+28)

Update at :53: (After mini #4 goes)

main, mini #1, and mini #2 pending rf @ :00 (53+7)
new mini #3 @ :14 (46+28)
new mini #4 @ :21 (53+28)

Now #1, #2, #3, and #4 are in ascending order – I like numbering minis so that they do this. #3 and #4 get sent to the back and they all stay in order.

2. At :46, two kads for a new food. Hurrah, minis #3 and #4 have merged! Now you only have 3 minis, rather than 4.

Update at :46:

main, mini #1, and mini #2 pending rf @ :53 (46+7)
new mini #3 (2) @ :14 (46+28)

3. At :46, main goes, but there are still two single minis pending. If main has gone, then so have minis #3 and #4! You can forget about them now. No need to change anything about the remaining ones, they're still #1 and #2.

Update at :46:

mini #1 and mini #2 pending rf @ :53 (46+7)
new main @ :14 (46+28)


When the mini is larger than the main…

It becomes the main, as you'd expect. This little quirk is very rare but does sometimes happen. If there are multiple minis and they keep merging with each other but not with the main, you might end up having more kads in the mini. If this happens, simply flip their names.



If no one is timekeeping and you'd like to help out by updating the times, this is always appreciated. But if, however, you only want to post one or two updates, adding nto (meaning Not Taking Over as timekeeper) to the end of your post will absolve you from the responsibility of posting further updates ;)


Making a New Board

We don't explode T&L boards (i.e. post until the post limit is exceeded and the board gets deleted). Instead, when it gets to page 24 or 25, a new board is created and the old one is left to fade away, where it can still be referenced if needed.

The board template is linked in one of the opening posts. Because of the amount of text included, you'll need a Neoboard pen in order for the first post to go through. If you're timekeeping and you don't have one, either break that first post in two or get someone else to start the board for you. Once the new board is created, post a link to it on the old board so that people know to switch over.


One At A Time

If someone else is keeping time, try to refrain from posting unless necessary. The timekeeper didn't update immediately? Sometimes people get distracted. Allow him or her a grace period of 2-3 minutes before posting the update for them. They made an error? Sometimes people don't notice typos until after they've hit that Post Message button, and then they've got to wait at least 30 seconds to fix it (ahh that darling anti-spam post block), so consider giving them the chance to fix it before you politely correct their error. This helps to avoid clutter posts!


The New Times System

In late 2013, we saw a change to the Kadoatery. Previously, kads ran on an exact schedule. It's 12:00 AM on a Sunday? Refresh at 12:06 AM. It's 1:15 PM on a Wednesday? Refresh at 1:16 PM. With a chart of all times handy, T&L was a luxury, not a necessity. It doesn't currently work like this, though.

Kads no longer go at the 20-second mark. Instead, they go progressively later and later (generally about ~5 to 20 seconds per main). This means that if kads are pending at :15, for example, they might go at :15 or at :16. If you keep track of the second main goes, approximately, and rf for 30 seconds starting at that point for the next main, you shouldn't miss it! If you have no idea what second it went, it's safest to refresh for 60-90 seconds (starting early on at the minute listed).

Other than that they sometimes go later, however, the times system still works the same way. Kads still pend in approximately 7-minute intervals.

If main is pending at :15 but it doesn't go until :16, calculate the new main by adding 28 to :16 rather than to :15. If there are minis, add 1 minute to them as well in order to keep all kads within 7-minute intervals of each other. For example:

First update:

main & mini #1 pending rf @ :15
new mini #2 @ :29

Second update:

main went @ :16:10 (If you like, state something like this so that people know why you've modified the times. If you know the second main went, you can add that, too, so that people don't have to spend as much time refreshing.)

mini #1 pending rf @ :23 (16+7)
new mini #2 @ :30 (29+1)
new main @ :44 (16+28)


T&L hasn't been updated in a while!

Currently, the best you can do while waiting for an update is a little guesswork.

Count up in intervals of 7 minutes from the last certain time posted. If it's been a couple hours, you may as well add a minute to that time because the way that kads now go hungry later and later will likely have pushed the times back a bit.

Unnamed kads are single minis, so if there's one of those hanging about, you'll know to look out for a mini as well. The last kads in the kadoatery are the kads that have gone most recently, so if the mini kad is in the bottom right corner, you'll know that main is pending first, and if the mini is at the top, then it's pending first. If a UB kad has been fed, however, and you didn't see when, it's pretty much impossible to tell for sure where it fits in the order.



I decided to add a general kadding FAQ section because I do often get asked the same questions.

I fed a kad but someone else's name showed up. What happened?
This is called a tie. You and another user both clicked that kad at the same time! You'll both have a feed added to your kad count, but it can only display one username.

How long do the kads asking for UBs stay in the Kadoatery?
Until somebody feeds them!

What if all the kads ask for UBs? Do they get reset?
I have heard that they were reset at least once in the past, but I don't see it happening again anytime soon. If all the kads ask for UBs, we will probably have to wait for some kind people to feed them.

Which method should I use?
It's really a matter of personal preference, so I can't say what will work best for you! I would recommend SW feeding to most users attempting to achieve the avatar, though. Invent is good, too, especially if your internet speed is not optimal, but it's still possible to SW feed with slow internet at certain times.

What's the best time to feed kads?
In the early AM, NST. It's slowest then because most people in North America (like me) are sleeping. Perhaps 1-6 AM NST, thereabouts? Little bit earlier, little bit later? I can't offer a specific timeframe as I'm not often around in the morning.

Why do you feed so many kads if there are no rewards left for you to achieve?
Just because I can't receive another trophy or avatar from feeding kads doesn't mean that it doesn't still feel rewarding! Each feed is an accomplishment, and it's fun watching the number on my lookup go up. Most overfeeders will tell you something similar.


Link Back?

Button from Floret; thank you!


Last updated: April 13, 2014

If you have any questions or comments about this guide, feel free to mail me!

Guide created by Alix (shehadaname1).


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