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Welcome in

You draw in heavy breaths of air as you run down a block of quaint houses. The soles of your shoes slapping roughly against the pavement, neopets move out of your way as you run past them. Petpets jump by you, run with you, even nip at your feet as you're dashing by them. You're late and you know it.

You've finally come to a stop in front of a worn, paint chipped two-story house. You can tell it's been around for a while. Pushing the creaky metal fence forward, you walk up the porch and ring a chipped circular door bell. You hear a dull buzzing sound through the door, and peep through the peep hole, although you can't see anything through it. The sound of approaching footsteps jolts you away from the peep hole, you fluster, quickly making sure that your hair is fine. The door opens and a silver gelert greets you bashfully. Her hair is black and long and chopped into several layers starting close to her head. Her dress is white and short, with a black fabric clinging to its bottom. Overall, the gelert looks very monochrome except for her eyes, which are a deep red color.

I thought you wouldn't come, she said. My name's Para, please come in.

Sorry, the bus took forever to come, you explain as you walked through the door.

It's okay, this is all kinda silly anyway, this tour-interview, whatever it is. But whatever She say's goes.

Para leads you to the living room, and motions for you to sit on the couch. You look around the house as Para goes into the kitchen to prepare some drinks. Although the house looked old and unattractive on the outside, the inside however, seemed quaint and comfortable. The clinks of cups bring you to focus back onto the gelert as she approaches you.

Here you go, hope you like raspberry juice, Para says as she hands you a cup. She smiles at you and tucks some of her choppy hair behind her curiously pierced ear.

We should get this started with.


As you sip from your cup, you take out a spiral notepad and pen, Para blushes and plays with the edge of her dress.


Para nods and responds, Yes.

Name: Paraxysm Laroque
Nick Name: Para
occupation: super market employee
Height: 5'7
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Piercings: eight industrial bars
Dream: To be a model

So you're pretty normal huh?

Para smiles and looks down. Yeah pretty much, she responds. Her smile morphs into a small pout, I don't have powers or really anything all that interesting about myself.

But you do don't you? I wouldn't be here otherwise right? Tell me your story, tell me about your past.

M-my Past?


Yes, you say, flipping to the next page and double clicking your pen. Para drinks from her cup and swallows her raspberry juice. Okay.

I guess you could say I grew up as normal as you can when you have one parent.

It was just me and my mom. She never had any other children. I was the only one. My dad-I don't remember much about him. He left when I was three. Or maybe he died. I don't know. But my mother never told me the reason for his absence.

Whenever I would ask about him, she would never answer me, but instead she'd tell me that I had his eyes, his hair. She suffered a lot about it. I would always see it, always notice. She would try so hard to hide it but I would always notice the tear stains on her cheek.

Whenever my mother wasn't mourning (or when she hid it extremely well), it was actually really nice. We had a lot of fun. We bonded often.

I remember we used to bake a lot. We usually baked right after I'd catch her crying. She'd wipe her tears, smile and hold her hand out to me. c'mon let's go bake some chocolate chip cookies! she'd say something like that. I enjoyed baking with my mom, and I hope she'd enjoyed baking with me too.

We used to live in a small apartment up until I was eight years old, then my grandparents died. They died in a freak accident. So my mom inherited this house. It was a change from where we used to live but one thing that didn't change was my mom's crying. If she wasn't crying over my father's leave, she was crying over my grandparents. Especially since this was their house. There were so many memories of them. There where clothes left, picture frames, even dinning ware. Everything was left in the house. And it was painful for my mother.

Eventually she moved on and we became comfortable in our new home. We baked and laughed and lived in our home. Put away the past and decorated the house with present. Everything seemed to be fine.

It wasn't long after that, that I began thinking of how things would be if I didn't have my mother. What would I do if she had gone like my grandparents had, like my father. What would I do? Who would take care of me?

I didn't have to wonder long about that though.

I was 12 years old when it happened. I had just come home from middle school and as always, there was no one at home. My mom worked so I was always alone for a few hours before she would come home. It was normal.

I always disliked being alone, and I would always worry about her. So I would busy myself with homework or friends. Or I'd clean or cook. And that's what I did, I cooked dinner for us. Some pasta and steamed vegetables. I had set up the table and looked at the clock above the kitchen doorway. It was six forty-seven. I frowned, my mother was usually home around six pm. I wondered if she was doing over time or left later than usual so I decided to call her work place.

I walked over to phone and dialed her work number. As I heard the phone ringing, I twisting the telephone cord between my fingers

Hello? answered the secretary who usually took phone calls.

H-hi, I stammered, Is my mother Lorena still there?

No sweety, she left a while ago.

Oh, okay. Thank you miss. Feeling crestfallen, I hung up. I wondered, perhaps she had stopped by my uncle's house. So I decided to call as well. At first no one picked up, so I tried again. Clutching onto the cord tightly I waited for someone to pick up. It was my aunt who answered.


Is my mom there!? I cut in frantically, she's not home yet!!

huh? Oh, she's not here Para.

She's not? Her co-worker said she left a while ago!

She's probably held up by rush hour you know?

But Tante, it's almost seven!

Alright, alright calm down. I'll come over to keep you company until your mom comes home okay?


That way you won't be by yourself.

Okay Tante.

Bye Para. The line went dead and all I focused on was this horrible feeling of knots in my stomach.

Soon enough the doorbell rang and I dashed for the door. Expecting to see my mother I threw open the door. My frantic greeting faded and my anxious smile slid off my face. It was my aunt. My lip quivered and my vision blurred and I threw myself at my aunt, arms clutching onto her clothes. She grabbed my shoulders and led me inside.

We waited in the living room for my mother on this couch. We waited until eight pm. Until eight thirty, but she never came.

My aunt decided to call the police and report a missing neopet. She gave a description of my mother and gave a lot of uh huh's and yes and no's. After she hung up she asked me if I was going to eat and that I should. But I couldn't, hunger left a while ago.

A policeman came by later asking for a full detailed description of my mother. What color was she, how tall, her body type what she wore what she had with her, her name and age. Where she worked, and if she mentioned coining anywhere or meeting anyone. Once we told them everything all they could offer was a we'll find your mother soon!

It had gotten late and my aunt urged me to sleep, and after a struggled argument, she finally got me to bed. I laid there for a while though. Hoping they would find her.

And I hoped, I hoped with all my heart that they would bring her home.

They never did though.

I woke up the next day, dragging my feet into the kitchen. I didn't remember the day before. I really didn't. I slowly walked into the kitchen and greeted my mother only to find my aunt by the kitchen counter, making some breakfast.

I was puzzled as to why she was there. But I slowly remembered as I saw an oddly contorted look on her face. And slowly I remembered. And as I stared at her, I noticed a faint pink tinged in the white of her eyes and the way her eye brows furrowed upward.

Para, her voice was shaky and horse. Your mother-they found-she was cashing her check at the bank, and two men came in- Oh Para I'm so sorry, she was shot-they were robbing the-

I-I couldn't hear anymore. I backed out of the kitchen and ran. My mouth was drying and throat pained, and my cheeks felt horribly wet. As I ran, I wailed, salty tears dripped into my mouth.

I wasn't so sure where I was going. I ran and wailed into the streets bare foot and wearing only my pink night gown. I ran past houses and stores and neopians. I ran past everything, screaming and crying.

I don't remember when and I don't remember where, but my aunt grabbed hold of me. I was still shrieking, still crying. Neopians walked by staring, some stopped and stared as I yelled for my mother.

Hey stared at me like if I was some kind of freak. Like as if I was the only one in the world who lost someone. They had no right to look at me like that. Like if I was some sort of animal.

After the funeral, well, I don't remember much of the funeral nor did I remember when the attorney read my mother's last will and testament. But I was taken into care by my aunt and uncle who had kids of their own. And the house? It was left to me, though I still don't officially own it. They told me once I turned 18, the house would be mine.

I was always a quiet child, but after my mother's death I withdrew from anyone. Even if I had more company than I usually did, it wasn't the same. She wasn't with me anymore.

Everyone always told me she's there with you in spirit. Your mother's with you in your heart. Their words where always empty. It was all just a load of crap, nothing but lies.

I lived with my aunt and uncle for four years after that. They brought me up with their children, or at least tried to. Although it wasn't their fault, I started to resent them. I resented a lot of things. Maybe it was a stupid adolescent cry for help but I would just go out of my way to make their live a living inferno. They kicked me out eventually. I guess that's what I wanted though.

I ended up moving in here. It still doesn't officially belong to me. But it will when I turn 18. Since then I pretty much got a job, at a supermarket yeah. I'm working at the cash register now. I'd rather be doing other cooler jobs, but you make with what you have right?


Oh...Well at least all of that is past now right? You proclaim on a lighter note, smiling hoping to ease some unwanted negative air.

Yeah, I guess you're right, Para gives a wan smile in return.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell or show me?

Para seemed to perk up a bit, shrugged and gave a slightly more genuine smile. Sure, uh let me tell you about some people I know.

Neo Family

Ekokmo: Eko's pretty cool I guess. He'll try to flirt with some girls. but he's pretty hot tempered too. He's a good guy though.
Marjerii: Mar's a little cutey, but kinda annoying. She's happy go lucky and well, did I mention annoying?
Bausse & Knaxx: I'm not so sure about them but I know they're like partners. Bausse is pretty nurturing for a guy and Knaxx is uhm....scary to say the least.
Daisuun: Dai's so cool and awesome! She plays guitar, piano and violin.
Alealeain: Leain, haha, she's a weird one. She likes to act tough and arrogant a lot of the times. It's hard to actually be friends with her.
Devec: Devec, I'm not even sure what he is. He's from a different world that Devec.
Delemae: I actually don't know her, but I hear she's one tough woman.
Feral: I hear he's really scary, and rude and wants to be king or something.
Scytheras: Ever hear rumors and urban legends? She's kinda like one. People say all sorts of stuff about her.
Jekaei: He's a sleazeball! He's like a bum or something. He's smells and yeah, you get it right?


Dapp: Dapp's pretty cool. She's a vampire, but thats cool. She's nice but she mopes sometimes. She's been kinda depressed lately. I wish I could help her..
Ray: Ugh, Ray's a jerk, He thinks he's this big hot shot. He teases me and hits me sometimes (I hit him back), and he's always calling me fat, I barely even eat food! I like getting my revenge whenever I can though. (Glowie would like to say that Ray is Para's bff)

Sounds like an interesting bunch!

Para giggles, I guess.

Do you have anything else to show or tell me? You ask.

Oh well I guess I do. Para responds, putting her cup down on the coffee table. She rises and says to you, follow me.

Para leads you out of the living room and into another quaint room. She walks over to a wall with shelved books and she pulls out a heavy dusty book. Turning away from, she blows of the dust and hands it to you.

This is a photo album, She blushes a bit. It might be a little narcissistic but it has a lot of pictures of me. They're kinda sorted from newest to oldest. What do you think about them?
(Please drag the image to the adressbar to see them full sized.)

Drawn by Zi

Drawn by others

I used to have photos that other people gave me, but I've seem to have lost them. 8C

After your done looking through the photo album, close it and hand it back to Para. They're nice, you tell her.

Thank you. She smiles and looks down. That's about all I have left to really show you.

It's okay, I enjoyed this anyway. I should get going though.

I'll lead you out then.

Link in

Your led out of the room and yourbrought back to the living room. As you start getting ready to leave, Para helps gather your things for you.

Even though this was kinda weird, it was kinda nice. She smiles bashfully and hands you your things. If you ever want to come back, don't hesitate to stop by. Take this with you if you'd like. That way you can find your way back easier.
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