welcome to my altador cup pixel page. These pixels are designed for people that don't want a massive banner ruining their lookup, or just want a cute lil pixel. Please link back, no sticky paws... go shenkuu!

Banners, I'm in the process of making these, there are more coming

Some snowglobes for altador cup teams, enjoy!

Due to high demand I have made a limited number of custom snowglobes for people. I may decide to reopen customs in the future, but at the moment I am just too busy, sorry.

Also, please do not take these customs if they are not yours. Please ask permission from the people that requested them first, thankyou =]

requested by clover_charm100

reserved for zhiwei1993

requested by yoyoyi188

requested by rampaged

requested by omgitsfrostehm

requested by miss_attitude800

requested by marta_lucia

requested by _nintendogs123_

Snowglobes without text (requested by sunnylovex)

If you are a shenkuu supporter, this is a great website that you can submit your scores to: nathankot.com/pointcounter

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