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[sitely news] 11/24/10: new layout! Cheers to a happy Thanksgiving. || [neopia updates] UCs: UCs can no longer be attacked by colour-changing random events! & Loyalty system: Older accounts now get more transfers. See "transfers" for details. & Customs: Legality & Legitimacy of customs has been added. See Editorial #432 for TNT's words. & Krawks & Lutaris are no longer Boochi Shields as they can now be painted Baby.

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Welcome to the matrix.

...Or not. But welcome to Cae's amazing guide to new Pound Chatters who want a brief summary of what's going on or old pound chatters who are confused on some finer pet-trading details. Here you'll learn about the transfer system, adopting out, acronyms, unconverted pets, the lab ray, pound chat etiquette, and more.

Wait -- you don't even know what pet trading is? Maybe I'd better introduce the basics to you first:

I want a pet. You have a pet that I want. Let's trade.

There we go. That sounds about right :D

If you ever have any questions, spot something that's wrong, or have additional input, please contact Cae and she'll be happy to modify the page.

Well, that was fun. Now that we've got the basics covered, close your eyes and pick the red pill to begin.


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boochi back to top quick answer
A Baby Bruce that comes in a random event that can possibly turn your active neopet's color to Baby. Active pets that are UCs, already babies, or don't have Baby as a color option will always be safe.

detailed answer
Depending on the person, Boochi can either be loved or hated. He comes in a Random Event and is a total pro at the art of de-aging, something that is much wanted in the real world. He can turn your Neopet into a baby.

He is the reason of "Boochi Shields" -- pets that are made active pets, just to protect the other pets on an account from the possibility of getting hit by Boochi. Boochi Shields are generally Krawks and Lutaris (because they can neither get hit by the Invisiray -- see PC Slang -- or by Boochi, as they cannot be painted Baby or Invisible), Baby Pets, or Neopets with a low paint.1

No baby pet or unconverted pet can get hit by boochi, making them popular boochi shields. Additionally, no UC pet can be hit by the Invisiray (see PC Slang), either, making them the ideal shield.

Sometimes, Boochi will fire his ray gun and miss -- and your pet will remain normal. But when he hits your neopet...

1. Krawks & Lutaris were often used as Boochi Sheilds because they could not be painted neither Invisible (Invisiray) or Baby (Boochi); however, a January 2010 news article declared that both Krawks and Lutaris can now be painted Baby and they are no longer effective Boochi shields.

customs back to top quick answer
An offer for a pet, normally with a capped sum, in which this person is willing to create/paint/morph any color/species combination up to the capped sum.

detailed answer
You are dying to get a Usukiboy Usul, I know. You'd give your little sister for one. I mean, you've got the perfect name picked out and the perfect character planned -- just one problem. You have exactly 2,352.6 neopoints in your bank account... or you're just stingy, like me :D

What to do? Well, you do have a rather amazing neopet rotting on your side. You can trade that neopet for a custom -- In which another player puts up their moneybags up for trade.

You know what I'm talking about. You've seen those threads with flashy titles. Let me translate them for you:

2kk custom uft!
This person is willing to create a pet that costs up to 2kk (2mil) in exchange for another neopet

This person is willing to create a pet and paint him/her with a Royal Paint Brush in exchange for another neopet. This is a 1.75mil custom.

Why won't anyone offer on my FFQ custom?
This person is a whiny kid who wants people to offer on their FFQ custom, essentially able to create a neopet and paint it up to pirate, with some exceptions (See FFQ)

Draik + custom up to darigan uft!
This person has a pre-created Draik and is willing to paint the Draik any color up to Darigan (any color worth 0 nps to 1.4mil), in exchange for a neopet.

unlimted custom up for trade seeking ucs
This person is filthy rich and can create any neopet you want (with the normal exceptions of lab-only colors) and is seeking only UCs in exchange.

This person has a One-Use Robotification Zappermajig and can create any Robot Pet.

You kinda getting the hang of it? Note that people who have customs up for trade generally hate it when someone offers a neopet of lesser value -- offering a baby neopet on a darigan custom, for instance (Baby PB = 600k; Darigan PB = 1.4mil)

It's also rude to back out on a custom offer when the other person's already created the pet or bought the paint brush. Legally you can still back out, but the rest of the PC will hate you forever. ♥

Flask & Flasking back to top quick answer
Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water is a one-use item that, when fed to your pet, randomly changes your pet's color (anything from yellow to pirate).

detailed answer
I know your type. You like to live on the edge. You like to gamble. The PC readily accomodates your type by presenting to you a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water -- one sip, and all your dreams come true...

Or they come to a scrreching halt with a soundtrack of a little baby crying in the background. And anyways, not all of your dreams would come true at all. Maybe just one.

Flasking, as PC'ers call it, would make your Neopet turn any random color available to that species -- from Yellow to Pirate. In some cases, it'll change your neopet into the same color it already was -- from Silver to Silver, for instance!

Q. What colors can I get? Are they the same as the FFQ colors?

As of right now, I don't think there are any confirmed colors that you cannot get. You /can/ get robot and other colors that are not available via FFQ, however.

Q. How do I find the item?

You can get it by buying it through the Trading Post or Auctions, or you can be lucky enough to fish it up. (Note that your pet's fishing level has to be at least 80; and again this is totally random. The chance of fishing up a Flask is rather low. See here for a fishing guide.)

fountain faerie quest back to top quick answer
A Faerie quest, randomly received like other faerie quests, that allow you to visit the Rainbow Fountain once and get your pet painted any color (with the exceptions of Msp, Magma, Royal, Sponge, Ice, Usuki, Quiguki and Robot) when completed. Using your FFQ on a Buzz will give you an avatar.

detailed answer
I know what you want. You want to be that one person that makes everyone else jealous. That, when they see you, they spit on the ground and curse, wishing they had your luck. You want to be that kid. I can make it happen.

Well no, not really. I can't make it happen. But I can tell you one way to achieve it, based on pure luck: Get a new, young account, and be lucky enough to get a FFQ, or a Fountain Faerie Quest. (*Note that account age has nothing to do with getting FFQs. This is just so that all the old accounts will be uberly jealous.)

Now, how do you get this ah-mazing quest, and what is so special about it? First question: You get it like any other faerie quest. It's completely random. That's why you've gotta have that lucky rabbits foot, and that's why you'll be the envy of eight-year-old accounts that haven't ever gotten one.

Second question: Nothing at all. It's just like any other quest: can't use the Shop Wizard, etc. The price of the item can range anywhere from a couple thousand to a couple hundred thousand neopoints. Holy cow, not worth it, right? Well, I forgot one small detail: once you complete this quest, you can go visit her pool and get your pet painted almost any color you want, ranging from green to pirate!

There are some colors that can't be painted with an FFQ, including Msp, Magma, Royal, Sponge, Ice, Usuki, Quiguki and Robot.1 Albeit the FFQs used to let you paint your pet some of these colors a long time ago -- not anymore. Sorry!

Q. What do most people use their FFQs for?

If you use your FFQ to paint a Buzz, you can get the Buzzin avatar. Many people also put their FFQs up for trade as a custom, often in exchange for UCs; sometimes, to get the avatar, they put up a "Custom Buzz FFQ" for trade, and these normally go for converted pets or royal customs (and often used with a Mysterious Swirly Potion). Or they just create a dreamie pet of their own ^^

Q. Okay. Say I have an FFQ, complete the quest -- but I haven't used it yet -- and I get another FFQ...

This is known to happen to some infuriatingly lucky people. Grrrr. You'd better use that old FFQ up before you complete your newer FFQ. Otherwise, the old one'll just disappear.

1. This information was referenced from the SN article on Fountain Faerie Quests.

TNT's Rules back to top a run-through
You must be 4+ Months Old to Adopt Certain Pets
You cannot adopt pets that with a level of three or above; neither can you adopt LE pets and pets of most colors. That means until your account is 4 months old, you'll be severely limited in trading. See here for a list of colors that accounts under 4 months can adopt.

The Pound
The first rule in the Pound is that it's fair game.
The second rule in the Pound is that it's fair game.
That means if you lose a pet in the Pound while halfway through a transfer, it's your fault and there's nothing you can really do about it.
Of course, it would be nice if the other person returned the pet. Some do. But it's not required.

Trading: A
You have Pet A, trading with another person for Pet B. If you get Pet B, via pound or transfers, you must give the other person Pet A. To do so otherwise is reportable.

Trading: B
You cannot trade a pet for neopoints, items, or more than one neopet. You can trade one neopet for one neopet only. To do so otherwise is a reportable.

After you've agreed upon a trade and the other person has spent money for the trade (bought the paint brush/ morphing potion and/or painted the pet), to back out is now reportable.

NEW --- according to The Neopian Times' Editorial #432, you can supposedly back out of a trade now, even after a pet has been painted in a custom. However, this directly contradicts statements made by TNT even mere days prior to the release of this editorial; there will hopefully be some clarification to this later. In any case, if you do back out after a pet has been painted for your custom, whether or not it's reportable, you will manage to become the PC's most hated person.

After you've been selected to adopt a pet or you and another person agree upon a trade but nothing else has been done, to back out is rude but is not reportable.

To "harrass" another player is reportable. If someone's backed out of a trade and you feel the need to vent, leave their username out of it. But think twice before posting about it; most PCers won't be sympathetic.

False Reporting
Reporting someone when they didn't do anything illegal is reportable itself. Make sure you know what you're doing. And even so, no one likes report happies.

False Topics
Creating a thread with a name that is completely uncorrellated to your thread is reportable.

Is reportable also. Um, yeah.

gender changes back to top detailed answer
Gender changes can be obtained through a lucky lab zap or by battling the Lab Ray Scientist in the battledome. The Lab Ray Scientist can be acquired as a challenger here if you already have the lab. A gender change on a Royal or Usuki pet via a lab zap will change the gender of the paint as well (and include the new clothes), for instance, from Royal Boy to Royal Girl.

detailed answer
Your Neopet is male, but you want it to be female. This can be rectified easily through battling the Lab Ray Scientist. (If you already have the lab ray on your account, you can get him as a battledome challenger by refreshing here.)

The Lab Ray Scientist has a weapon that can change your pet's gender. Note that it may take more than one battle in order to get this gender change, though it often shouldn't take too long. I often get the gender change within the first two or three hits.

Q. What if my pet is Royal or Usuki?

If your pet is, for instance, a Royalboy, then changing the gender through battling will not affect the paint itself. Your new female neopet will still be a royalboy. Just with the eyelashes.
But, say, if you were to be lucky enough to garner a gender change through zapping, your Royalgirl will become a Royalboy entirely.

Note that this still remains true regardless of your Neopet's gender--

I placed this scenario for the PC before and asked for responses, not knowing it myself: Say you've got a RG Uni, unclothed in this case. You change the gender to male through battling; then you get a lab zap changing the gender. What would happen?

I received various answers, none of them completely certain. They were all wrong.
Ironically, I received the correct answer the following day. My male RG Uni was zapped into a female RB Uni. Apparently the change in clothes is based on the pet's current paint, and not the gender.

Success! Notice especially the awesome eyelashes she's got here (: Note that this also applies to Usukis -- I even tested it myself and managed a Female Usukiboy to a Male Usukigirl zap.

lab ray back to top quick answer
The lab ray is acquired by obtaining all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. You can use the lab ray once a day, and it can randomly change your pets' stats, species, color, gender, or do nothing at all.

detailed answer
The Lab Ray is an awesome item (if you have access to it, it's right here) that can increase/decrease your pets' stats and change your pets' gender/color/species. You can zap one neopet once a day -- and the results are completely random.

Note that the Lab Ray cannot change your neopet into the following colors:
Baby, Royal, Usuki, Quiguki, Plushie, Pirate

Though the Lab Ray can change your neopet into the following lab-only colors:
Robot, Jelly, Snot, Ice, Alien, Clay, Coconut, Custard, Garlic and MSP.

The lab ray can also change your neopet into nearly any species, including LEs and Lutaris. There have been a lucky few who have been able to zap their pets into Draiks or Krawks in the past, but whether or not the lab ray is still capable of this is unknown.

Q: What kind of stat changes can the lab ray do?

Increase 2-5 hit points or increase/decrease 2-3 strength, defense, or movement at a time. Because it cannot decrease hit points and tends to decrease defense more than any other stat, "lab rats" often have high hit points and low defense. This trait is useful in 1-player BD, however.

Q: How do I access this amazingness on my account?

You buy all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, which at the moment (January 2010) costs roughly 1.1mil to buy as a set. You can generally get it cheaper by buying individual pieces, and this price is always changing with inflation and deflation. Each map piece costs a different amount, ranging from 15k to 250k. If you're lucky, you can win map pieces from KeyQuest or from a rare Random Event.
Once you buy all nine pieces, head on over here, and you should now be able to access it forever and ever (: Note that once you get the lab ray, all nine pieces will disappear.

Q: Should I get the lab ray or should I get a paint brush?

If you know you want a Faerie Uni, for instance, you're better off saving up for that Faerie Paint Brush, considering the lab ray is completely random. If you just want something for fun and are willing to put up with the number of times you'll get "...and he doesn't change at all!" or a "...and he changes into a Blue Buzz!" as a result, get the lab ray (= It's loads of fun. It's also great for pet trading & adopting pets out, though again -- if there's one dreamie you're dying to have, it would be a whole lot less painful and a whole lot faster just to save up for the brush itself.

mysterious swirly potion back to top quick answer
Mysterious Swirly Potion is a one-use item that, when fed to your pet, randomly changes your pet's species to a Limted Edition species while preserving your pet's current color. Note that if the species your pet changes into /cannot/ preserve the color (as in that color is not available for the selected LE species), your pet's color will be reverted to basic.

detailed answer
So you have that Plushie Buzz sitting on your side account, looking rather dashing if you do say so yourself. And by dashing, you mean hideously ugly. And you also happen to have an extra 2mil or so neopoints wasting away in your bank account that you're looking to get rid of, because who doesn't have 2mil (more or less, depending on current inflation) at hand ready to spend?

Well, there are two solutions: give both the pet and the money to Cae, who will gladly accept the donation, or you can maximize your profits by buying a Mysterious Swirly Potion.

What are these things? Let's say you follow my advice and use it on your Plushie Buzz. He/she will turn into a random Limited Edition species while maintaining its current color -- if possible.

Let's look at the key words again: Random -- there is no garauntee which pet you're going to get, and inevitably, some LEs are more popular than others.
Limited Edition -- no Draiks, Lutaris, or Krawks, sorry. They're restricted. You can only get a Kiko, Jetsam, Cybunny, Poogle, Tonu, Chomby, Koi, or Hissi.
If possible -- that means if the species your pet turns into can't maintain its current color, then it will revert to basic. For instance:

...because Pirate Hissis exist. However, if you decide to MSP a RB Buzz, you'll get a Blue/Red/Yellow/Green basic Hissi, because no RB Hissis exist at the current time.

Some good colors to MSP are Plushie and Pirate, because all LEs have Plushie & Pirate forms so you don't need to risk getting a lousy basic Neopet.

Q. How do I get this snazzy item?

You can get it by buying it through the Trading Post or Auctions, or you can be lucky enough to fish it up. (Note that your pet's fishing level has to be at least 80; and again this is totally random. The chance of fishing up a MSP is rather low. See here for a fishing guide.)

Q. Is it worth it?

If your pet is an unpopular Pirate or Plushie, I'd say yes. Granted, Kois and Tonus, for instance, aren't the rage either, but your LE pet will be easier to trade. However, if you're MSPing a Baby pet -- why spend 2mil when the Baby Paint Brush iteself is 600k? Also note that a MSP is a one-use item and disappears after you use it on your Neopet.

Q. If I use it on my UC, will it remain UC?


not UFT banners back to top what is it?
Occasionally you'll come across this term. What is it? Well, it's a banner you can put on a petlookup that declares that your pet is not up for trade. (Warning: These flashy banners do not 100% prevent nubs from offering a BNed Christmas Kougra on your VWN BD Mutant Draik; Nub-B-Gone spray doesn't always work, either.)

Okay. Nice. I have no idea why you have this here. I mean, it's pretty obvious from the title -- "Not UFT Banners?" Really.

Well, see, I used to create Not UFT Banners for people, but I stopped, and I thought I'd post a couple of them up here for you to use for free (: There's only a handful here, and unfortunately, I haven't got time to make anymore. All I have to ask is that you don't remove the linkback/credit/watermark or claim you own them; other than that, feel free to edit and paste your pet's name on it, if you'd like.


paint brush clothing back to top quick answer
Clothes acquired by painting your neopet a certain colour such as Royal. If they match your neopet's current color (Island Kacheek clothes on an Island Kacheek), these clothes will stay with your neopet through transfers and remain in your closet if your neopet is pounded.

detailed answer
When you paint your neopet, sometimes you get paint brush clothing as a part of the paint. Paint brush clothing is like normal customization -- you can remove it, you can keep it on... you just can't get it to leave your closet, save one way. But first, we'd better take another look at what PB clothes are first.

Here is a view of the customization page of a Usul -- and all the clothes that a Usul can wear in my closet is shown alongside it. You'll notice several sets of PB clothing. There's a Green Usul set, a Christmas Usul set, and a Purple Usul Headband.

All right. Now that we've got that straight, how do we get rid of it? You can't pound your Christmas Usul to get rid of it. Paint brush clothing do not follow pets into the pound; it'll stay in your closet.

The only way to get rid of it is through transfers. Transfer your Christmas Usul to anybody else -- and the clothes will be sure to follow, whether or not the clothes are on the neopet itself at that time.

Note that only the Christmas Usul clothes will go with -- if your Usul is Christmas but is cross-painted with Purple, the Purple clothes will not go with.

Wait. Cross-painted? What's that?

It's when you take a Neopet, paint it once to get some clothes, and paint it again for either more clothes or a different base color. For instance:

This Usukiboy Usul has been cross-painted Purple and Usukiboy. Purple, for the Purple bow; Usukiboy, for the Usuki clothing and the base color. (Ignore the Woodland Archer's Bow; that's a NC Mall item xD) If I were to transfer him, then the Usuki boy clothes would go with him, but the Purple Bow would not; if I were to pound him, neither Usuki clothing nor Purple clothing would go with him.

Neopets can be twice-painted, thrice-painted, or painted an infinite number of times.

Q. I adopted an unclothed pet from the pound. Is there any way I can get the clothes?

Yes, actually. Some people are actually nice enough to use up their transfers just for this purpose. There are entire databases of extra paintbrush clothing that people have got and are willing to donate, such as Extra PB Clothes, Secondhand Closet, and iCloset.

PC cliches back to top cliches
When all else fails, you can try for this award: How annoying and unoriginal can I be? Try combining all these much-hated PC cliches, and you will surely win.

First Post: ... with a hammer! LOLZ

First Post: Yep, swimming happily in the pond. Lol.

First Post: Your attention! LOL Sorry but while you're here, bump? XDDD

First Post: ...if no offers!

First Post: sorry for the n00bish title LOL anyways, __ is uft!

First Post: MY ACTIVE! :D :D IT'S MY DREAMIE!! What is it worth?

Board Title: so I herd u leik poogles.

First Post: Offer.

Making an offer beginning with "Long shot, but..." or "Probably not, but..." x.x

Posting superbly much at a Dream Pet Giveaway board

Offering a VWN pet on a custom/amazing pet, solely on the grounds that the pet is VWNed

Claiming your pet is a RW/RN when it's obscure or is laced with extra suffixes and prefixes

A curt and indifferent "nty glt" as a response

Creating a pointless ranting board (you know, to alleviate your stress by getting hated on)

Offering "Any on these accounts?" and making the person go through all 4.5 of your accounts

Getting considered and never getting a response

On an app: OMG DREAMIE. I would never trade!!!!

Neglecting to read the first post
List made with contributions from various PCers. Thank you (=

For a more extensive list, check this one out.

PC etiquette back to top etiquette
It's rude to be impolite. The PC is no exception, and yet there is a ridiculous number of blatantly rude characters flickering around through the threads. Don't be one of them. We'll hate you, even if the drama keeps us entertained for the time being ^^


After neomailing someone an offer and they say no thanks (but good lucktrading), should you neomail them back with a "All right, good luck to you too" or should you omit the spam?
Everyone's different, and everyone had different opinions when I posed this question on the PC. Some respond with a courteous "Good luck trading to you too" when they get an equally courteous "No thank you, but good luck!" message. When they're met with a "NTY GLT," they generally forgo the succeeding compliments.
Others dislike it altogether because it clogs inboxes.
What some do is attach something along the lines of "And if none of these interest you, good luck trading!" to the end of their offer, thereby skipping the dilemma altoghether.

Conclusion: A slight majority prefers receiving responses of "Good luck to you too!" though many also noted that they didn't mind not receiving the message. Just do what you're comfortable with and feels natural -- you're not going to please everyone, anyways.

General Rules

One. When you're trading a pet for someone else's custom, it is rude to back out once the pet has already been created/items have already been bought.

Two. Don't be a troll, and don't be overdramatic. And don't create self-pity or gloating boards.

Three. When someone is excited about adopting a pet you think is ugly or with a name you find distasteful, don't voice your opinion. Congratulate them and move on.

Four. False topics are now reportable. And they're exceedingly annoying anyways.

Five. Don't offer a transfer exchange, etc. to someone before finalizing a trade with them. It can waste both your and his/her transfers, which is infuriating when we've only got a couple transfers per month.

Six. Don't offer your BN Blue Shoyru on someone else's WN UC Plushie.

Seven. Do not offer your pets on pets that are clearly labeled "Not UFT.

Eight. If some nub who breaks rule six offers their BN Blue Shoyru on your WN UC Plushie, you don't need to laugh at them. Just say no thanks.

Nine. Don't be a report happy. .__.

For a more extensive list, check this one out.

PC slang back to top slang
WN UC BD MSP UFQT? HOLD UP THAIR. I have no idea what you just said. Let me go run through this quick English - PC Dictionary and see if I can uncode this jargon.

Avvie pet: A pet that gets you an avatar (Werelupe, OG, IQ, FB, MR, Snow, avvie petpets, etc.)
BD: Battledome Pet
BN/VBN: Badly Named/Very badly named
DN: Decently Named
Double-Avvie pet: Avatar pet with attached avatar petpets, getting you two avatars
Dreamie: A dream pet of a particular user that would supposedly be nurtured and cared for. In reality, this word is flippantly used until it really means "Cool pet. Can I have it?
DUCKs (D/UC/Ks): Draiks, Unconverteds, and Krawks
FB: Fire Blumaroo
FFQ: Fountain Faerie Quest
Flask: To use a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water on your Neopet
GL/GLT: Good luck/Good luck trading
GUP: Green Uni Project: morphing your neopet with a Green Uni Morphing Potion
Invisiray: A random event that turns the color of your active neopet into Invisible
IQ: Island Quiggle
Lab Rat: The pet you are currently zapping the lab with. In BD terms, a lab rat has high HP and low defense and is untrainable.
LE: Limited Edition {Kiko, Jetsam, Cybunny, Poogle, Tonu, Chomby, Koi, Hissi}
MSP: This word has two possible meanings. It can either mean MSPP (see below), or Mysterious Swirly Potion
MSPP: Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle
MR/Mummy/Mummy Ruki: Halloween Ruki
NM: Neomail
NTY: No thank you
OG: Orange Grundo
PB: Paint Brush
PBS: Generally this means "paint brushes," but when someone says "GIVING AWAY FREE PBS," it probably means "Peanut Butter Spiders".
PR: Pound Release
RB/RG: Royalboy/Royalgirl
RE: Random Event
Retrading: To trade for a pet just to trade that pet again
RN: Real-name (Ex, a pet has the name "Mary")
RP/Rper: Roleplay/Roleplayers
RW: Real-word (Ex, a pet has the name "Moon")
UC: Unconverted
UFA/UFQA: Up for adoption/Up for quick adoption
UFT/UFQT: Up for trade/Up for quick trade
Unclothed: Without paintbrush clothing
WC: With clothes; This is a rarely used acronym
Werelupe: Halloween Lupe
WN/VWN: Well-named/Very well-named

popular pets back to top box office
Not gonna deny it. There are definitely some pets that are higher in demand than others, because they are rarer or are simply in trend right now. Note that these are just statistics; there are some outliers who would rather have a Snow Chia than a UC Faerie Grarrl, I'm sure.

Also please note that these are also generalizations. While most generally agree that UC Plushies are worth more than UC Faeries, a UC Faerie Grarrl, for instance, is more valued than a UC Plushie Buzz.

Short Names

Short names: less letters, less combinations, and therefore all the rarer. People demand for pronounceable (No thank you on a name with only consonants) of two, three, or four letters long -- and can sometimes offer pretty well for them.

Real Names & Real Words

Real names and real words -- that are common (You don't know the word "prevaricated?" Ah, you are all illiterate hags!) and are not misspellings (What do you mean, "Andromeda" is spelled with only one "n"?) can go for a whole lot -- even UC Krawks and Draiks at times, if the name is flabbergastingly awesome enough.

And no, "flabbergastingly" is not a real word. Don't be a jerkface and race to the "Create-A-Neopet" page to see if it's been taken. (And "jerkface" isn't a word, either... just so you know.)


Question: What is your favorite/least favorite pet species?
Most Popular
Total of 79 votes cast
Species Raw # of Votes Percent Popularity
Draik 9 11.39%
Krawk 6 7.59%
Xweetok 6 7.59%
Lupe 5 6.32%
Bori 4 5.06%
Usul 4 5.06%
Cybunny 4 5.06%
Aisha 4 5.06%
Gelert 3 3.80%
Kougra 3 3.80%
Hissi 3 3.80%
Eyrie 3 3.80%
Most Unpopular
Total of 79 votes cast
Species Raw # of Votes Percent Unpopularity
Quiggle 9 11.39%
Skeith 6 8.86%
Ogrin 6 7.59%
Chia 5 6.32%
Buzz 5 6.32%
Lupe 4 5.06%
Draik 4 5.06%
Ruki 4 5.06%
Moehog 3 3.80%
Kiko 3 3.80%
Tonu 3 3.80%
Nimmo 3 3.80%

Notes: Outliers (pets with only 1 or 2 votes) were removed.
Also note that there are some Neopets who are in both columns.


Question: What is your favorite/least favorite UC color?
Most Popular Color
Total of 73 votes cast
Colour Raw # of Votes Percent Popularity
Plushie 28 38.36%
Faerie1 18 24.66%
Royal 14 19.17%
Grey 6 8.22%
Darigan 3 4.11%
Maraquan 1 1.37%
Baby 1 1.37%
Tyrannian 1 1.37%
Desert 1 1.37%
Most Unpopular Color
Total of 64 votes cast
Colour Raw # of Votes Percent Unpopularity
Mutant 32 50.0%
Sponge 10 15.63%
Tyrannian 6 9.38%
Grey 4 6.25%
Robot 3 4.69%
Darigan 3 4.69%
Usuki 2 3.13%
Desert 1 1.56%
Baby 1 1.56%
Halloween 1 1.56%
Royal 1 1.56%

Notes: All outliers were included.
1This was my greatest surprise. Generally it is acknowledged that UC Plushies & UC Royals are the most sought after; however, this may be because UC Royals are rarer than UC Faeries, making it "worth" more.


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pound & pound release back to top quick answer
The Neopian Pound is where your pet goes once you abandon him/her; a glitch can happen and make your Neopet "stuck," in which that Neopet can only be found in the pound by searching its name. Magma pets turn red in the pound; Ice boris turn blue. Paint Brush Clothing do not follow the neopet into the pound.

Pound Release is an account that stores neopets abandoned while the pound was down several years ago. These neopets are finally being returned to the pound, a batch released everyday at 8:47 NST (or 9:47 NST during daylight savings time).

detailed answer
Rule of the Pound: Everything is fair game. It's a riskier form of transfer than direct transfers, due to the number of pound catchers who lurk the pound, refreshing constantly in hopes of ensaring an enticing free pet. And if you lose your pet in there, there's no guaruantee that you'll be able to get it back.

A pet can be pounded an unlimited number of times a day; however, an account can only pound once a day.

Neopets can be "stuck" in the pound. This is a glitch. When you pound a neopet and it gets stuck, it means that no matter how many times you hit the "View More Neopets" button, your pet will never show up. You'll have to type the pet's name into the search box in order to find the pet.

Also note that Magma pets, when pounded, will turn red, and Ice Boris1, when pounded, will turn blue. (Note that they will retain their color if transfered between accounts using the transfer system.) Petpets will follow Neopets into the pound, while paint brush clothing, customization items, and battledome weapons do not.

What is Pound Release?

For a period of time, the pound was down, and pets that were pounded during that time were put onto an account called "pound_release". These pets are finally trickling back into the pound, a batch released everyday at 8:47 AM NST (9:47 NST during daylight savings time). This includes a number of UCs, painted pets, Draiks, Krawks, and more, making the entire affair super exciting for some.

1. Ice Boris are now a /retired/ neopet. They could only be created by downloading a certain toolbar (no longer available) several years ago. Some people still can create Ice Boris customs; Ice Boris, therefore, are rare (even if they're not too popular).

one-use robotification zappermajig back to top quick answer
One-Use Robotification Zappermajig is a one-use item that, when used on your neopet, changes your Neopet's color to robot, an otherwise lab-only color. This is a retired item.

detailed answer
Once upon a time, there was a plot that gave away One-Use Robotification Zappermajigs if you scored enough points. You can't get 'em anymore as far as I know, and many have been used, so they're relatively rare.

What does it do? It turns your Neopet's color into Robot.

Huzzah! Darth Vader has successfully been created.

3 ways back to top quick answer
A riskier form of trade involving three participants, in which pets are transferred in a cycle. (Person A transfers to Person B, B to Person C, and C to A).

detailed answer
You're dangerous. You're wild. You are so intense, that you do three-ways.
...I don't know what you're thinking about, but I'm thinking about pet trading.

You know. I've got a Purple Gnorbu, you've got a Purple Xweetok, and my invisible friend here has got a Purple Yurble.

I love Purple Yurbles. You love Purple Gnorbus. My BFF Invisible Friend has got a passion for Xwees. ...Well, let's three-way.

I would give you the Gnorbu; you would give my friend the Xwee; and my friend would give me the Yurble. So we're all happy, and everything's good.

Of course, this is all rather risky, and it's good to know who you're trading with well before you do so. It's way too easy to be scammed in such a scenario, so beware!

Some people make their three-way trades public by creating a "Witness Thread" on the PC, welcoming people to watch the trade in an attempt to stifle any possible scamming.

transfer system back to top quick answer
A way to safely and directly switch a Neopet from one account to another. Unlike the pound, which is a free-for-all. A safe-exchange transfer (or direct transfer) will automatically swap two neopets on different accounts. For every two years your account's age is, you get another transfer.

detailed answer
Transfer - n - a way to safely and directly switch a Neopet from one account to another. Unlike the pound, which is a free-for-all.

Every account gets one transfer every month per two years they have played. Here is a chart to help you figure out how many transfers your account gets:

Account Age (in months) Number of Transfers per Month
0-23 1
24-47 2
48-71 3
72-95 4
96-119 5
120 - ? 6

Each transfer can be split into one in-transfer & one out-transfer, or one safe-exchange transfer. An in-transfer lets you take in a pet; an out- transfer lets you give out a pet. The safe-exchange (or direct transfer) option is mostly for trading purposes to avoid scamming, which will swap two neopets.

For instance, a Faerie Xweetok on Account A and a Maraquan Grarrl on Account B go through a safe-exchange. After the safe exchange's completion; the Faere Xwee will be on Account B, and the Maraquan Grarrl will be on Account A. Easy and clean ^^

One of the pros of this, besides the fact that it's impossible to get scammed in the safe-exchange option, is that you can have 4 neopets on both accounts. If you were to split up the safe exchange with an in-transfer and an out-transfer, at least one account would have to have only three (or less) neopets, just to make room for an incoming.

There is no safe transfer option for three-ways.

Unlike the pound, paint brush clothing follows pets in transfers, as well as other customization items (excluding NC Mall wearables).

Besides pet trading & adopting out, transfers are often used for account rearranging, avatar lending, and giving away paint brush clothing.

Q. What are the cons to transfers?

Well, you only get a limited number per month. And there have been some glitches in the past; for a period of time, paint brush clothing disappeared from pets being transferred. Also note that a pet cannot be transferred twice in one day.

Q. Help! Someone just offered a direct transfer on one of my pets. I don't want to accept, and I don't want to waste my transfer, either!

Ignore it. The transfer should expire within three days, and your transfers will remain intact (though theirs won't be). If you reject it, rumor has it that your transfers will disappear, too.
To prevent this from happening again, you can modify your preferences to block all user-to-user transfers. Just remember to toggle it off again when you need to use your transfers ^^

unconverteds back to top quick answer
Pets styled in the "old art." They can no longer be created and cannot be customized with clothing.

detailed answer
Unconverted (UC) Neopets are relatively rare, and therefore often high and demand and expensive to obtain. They are neopets from before the "conversion," or neopets with the "old art" -- this is from before customization came to be. They can no longer be created which means that they'll only be getting rarer and rarer.

You cannot customize a UC, but you can convert your UC if you wish. But you'd have to be more of a fanatic than John Brown to do that, since UCs are (as mentioned twice already) rare and can go for quite a lot in pet trading. Note that once you convert your neopet, you cannot unconvert it again.

But wait! Not all Neopets have got a "UC" form. Some neopets were "auto-converted," which means that when customization came out, all neopets of that species and color were automatically converted to the newer art. For instance, though there is a UC Maraquan Kau, there is no such thing as a UC Maraquan Uni, because all Maraquan Unis were auto-converted.

There are UC Plushies, Royals, Faeries, Greys, Darigan, Desert, Sponge, Mallow, MSP, Usuki, Coconut, Maraquan, Halloween, Tyrannian, Robot, and Mutant.

Q. How can I get a UC?

You can trade for one. UCs normally go for other UCs, Draiks, Krawks, or customs.

Q. How can I tell if my pet is a UC?

First of all, if your pet is looking sad, it's not a UC. UC pets portray no emotion. Second of all, if it's got a fist, it's not a UC either. Third of all, if the picture matches the one at the Rainbow Pool... nope, sorry, not a UC.
However, you can find out if your pet is a UC if you go to your Quick Ref and look for this notice:

Drag & Drop the image into the address bar for full size.

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