Who is Heero

Nickname: Heero
Timezone: nst+3
time I am usually on neo: 6am nst -2pm nst (posibly later)mon-fri
Birthday (month&day): 07-1988
Which of your pets is your favourite: Otumay
Why Join the guild: I love chatting with others and being in a group helps me be motivated to help others and achive my own goals
What are your neopian interests :I have a wide variaty .I love BD now and am coming into the avatar seen but mostly I just like customizing and creating careters for my pets When it comes to your account, what are you most proud of?My pet since I have painted ,traind and spent so much np on them they are my pride and joy.
On a scale of 1-10 how involved were you with your previous guild? How? 10 when I can of corse some times life gets in teh way.
What do you hope to improve while being here? Everything and anything you can always get better at something so from pets ,to stories to avatars I will inprove.
What else should we know about you?:Well I love animals macaws are my favorite.I am obsessed with dragons and fethers so much so that they are the main thing I draw.I love creating stories but am bad at writing so they tend to get lost in my head.last but not least a small list of likes wich are D&D ,Magic the gathering,pokemon (older versions)Game of throne,true blood,Falling skis,and walking dead.If you like to know more just mail me.

Real life

Ok so My real name is Savi which was legally changed from Samantha about a year ago.I am a extreme animal enthusiast but sadly can not have many pets at this time.I am slightly different I do not like cute rabbits or hamsters I like snakes ,bugs and other creepy crawlies.I do have one cat named Cheetos and love him more than anything even though he is really grumpy.I do draw a lot but get discouraged easy I always what my pets to have the best drawings then I find some one that I think draws better.i write a lot of poetry of seldom share it as I write it more for my self than any one else.I am 24 almost 25 I am planning to go back to school this fall not sure what for but something..haha.I love the out doors and travel a lot.I am pretty much a stay at home wife at the moment but that will all change when I graduate.I have been into games since I was very little and some favorites are of course Neopets since I was 11,Dungeon and dragons since I was old enough to read,Magic the gathering for the last 2 years and much more.I love puzzles and like thinking about the vastness of the universe and the small parts we all play.Other than that you will have to mail me and chat ...so looking forward to hearing from you..


Mutant Acara (X)
I achieved Sindele on 4/28/2013

200 avatars (X)
Acived 3/25/2013

250 avatars ()

Wraith hissi ()

Complete story page ()

5mill in bank ()

500k bd record ()

110 difrent hissi items()

Otumay 300hsd (X)

Otumay 600hsd ()

Maraquan Draik(X)

Evoreth 100hsd ()

Evoreth 200hsd ()

Goals as of July 28 2012

Heero, I organized these to help you.


Some of these are SUPER easy.
Some will take time, but are super easy.
Some will cost you NPs.
Some involve pets!


I will help you with the easiest ones in here! Some are super easy, but don't waste time on these yet!


We will work on these once your av count is above 200!


Do your dailies every day in hopes of getting these avs!


Try and get a SF code from someone on AC/BD


Try and get ASAP!


I will help you find lends on the AC, PC and all that jazz.




Sticks N Stones: 10, 17
Chomby and Fungus: 8, 15, 22, 23, 25, 29
Jub Zambra: 5
Yes Boy, Ice Cream: 12, 19, 26
Jazz: 13, 20, 27


Complete a snow faerie quest ASAP.
Don't worry about buzzin or edna.
Do Illusen all of January, and Jhudora all of Feb.


Oh Yeah: Feb 4
Heart Sloth: Jan 14
Heart Happy: get this as soon as you get Heart Sloth
Bonju: in AUGUST.



Meet the Family


About me

Items heerokusukudo owns

NCAltadorian Column Staff
NCBattle Thought Bubble
NCBigsby Shadingtons Hat
NCBlack Rose Garland
NCBlue Painted Feet
NCBeaded Orange Chiffon Dress
NCAdorable Freckles
NCApple Orchard Background
NCBlack Fedora
NCBlack Satin Bow Tie
  • NCBone Necklace
    NCBottled Faerie Background
    NCBouncing Tennis Ball
    NCBox of Chocolates Hat
    NCBrightvale Altador Cup Jersey
    NCBrightvale Team Cuffs
    NCBrilliant Carnival Headdress
    NCBroken Heart Thought Bubble
    NCCandy Cane Hair Bow
    NCCarnival Propeller Beanie
    NCChest of Plunder
    NCCircuit Board Wings
    NCClassic Beauty Mark
    NCClockwork Eyepatch Facepaint
    NCCloud Castle Background
    NCCobrall Constrictor
    NCColour Changing Leaf Wings
    NCColtzans Shrine Background
    NCConfetti Shower
    NCCopper Blonde Wig with Headband
    NCCreepy Trap Door
    NCCumulus Wings
    NCCupcake Crown
    NCCursed Flowers Foreground
    NCDark Faerie Magic Staff
    NCDark Valentine Sword
    NCDashing Gothic Jacket
    NCDazzling Candy Corn Field Background
    NCDelicate Cobweb Wings
    NCDeserted Town Background
    NCDouble Edged Meridell Spear
    NCDual Personality Makeup
    NCDusk to Dawn Background
    NCElegant Gold Necklace
    NCFaerie Circle Background
    Faerie Fruit Filled Stocking
    Fairest of Feathers Mask
    NCFalling Petpetpet Shower
    NCFlower and Jewel Circlet
    NCFlower Basket with Straps
    NCFlower Bed Background
    NCFlower Star Wand
    NCFluttering Wings Music Track
    NCFlying Feather Pillow Shower
    NCFyora Wing Garland
    NCGames Master Cape
    NCGhostly Blue Gloves
    NCGiant Candy Cane Foreground
    NCGlittery Feather Facepaint
    NCGlowing Paper Star Wings
    NCGolden Flower Necklace
    NCGolden Key Necklace
    NCGot To Smile Thought Bubble
    NCGothic Buckle Shirt
    NCGothic Inspired Makeup
    NCGothic Pillars
    NCGothic Vine Face Paint
    NCGourd String Lights
    NCGreen Warlock Wig
    NCGrim Faerie Statue
    NCGypsy Boy Vest
    NCHandsewn Mushroom Hat
    NCHaunted House Hat
    NCHaunting Eclipse Moon
    NCHeart Balloon Arch
    NCHeart Vest and Shirt
    NCHero of Neopia Foreground
    NCHero of Neopia Mask
    NCHomemade Lavender Faerie Wings
    NCI Heart NC Flag
    Igneots Fire Flower
    NCIngenious Flying Contraption Wings
    NCInside a Space Craft Background
    NCJeweled Tiara Shower
    NCJewelled Staff
    NCKing of Green Gloves
    NCLady Frostbites Collectors Wig
    NCLemonade Stand Table
    NCLost Desert Oasis Background
    NCLost Desert Team Cuffs
    NCMad Tea Party Shoes
    NCMagical Floor Harp
    NCMechanical Wings
    Menacing Tribal Mask
    NCMerry Balloon Gift Foreground
    NCMiniMME6-S1: Golden Wand of Wonder
    NCMME5-S1: Ancient Blumaroo Sentinels
    NCMME5-S3: Semi-Watchful Stone Guard
    NCMME5-S4b: Mystical Stone Chest Piece
    NCMuted Library Background
    NCMynci Defender Flag Trinket
    NCNeopian Battle Shield
    NCOperatic Star Dress
    NCOrange Contacts
    NCOrange Slice Wand
    NCOrange Warlock Wig
    NCPastel Blue Hair Bow
    NCPhantom Carriage
    NCPink Bow and Sparkles Headband
    NCPink Plaid Coat
    NCPremium Collectible: Taelia Handheld Plushie
    NCPretty Flower Headband
    NCPrissy Miss Bow
    NCRainbow Tiara
    NCRainbow Uni Horn
    NCRainbow Wax Sword
    NCRainy Day Cloud
    NCRay of Light Background
    NCRegulation Meridellian Helmet
    NCRest In Peace Wreath Garland
    NCRoyal Qasalan Cloak
    NCRoyal Velvet Wings
    NCRuffled Gothic Silk Wrap
    NCScurvy Pirate Jacket
    NCShenkuu Lantern Garland
    NCShenkuu Warrior Princess Shirt
    NCShimmering Draphly Wings
    NCShining Sun Staff
    NCShiny Blue Faerie Tiara
    NCSilly Sun Headband
    NCSkeletal Hoodie
    NCSkull Bow
    NCSleek Purple Wig
    NCSnowman Nesting Dolls
    NCSpectral Chains
    NCSpectral Pumpkin Path Background
    NCSpiffy Black Leather Jacket
    NCSpiked Headband
    NCSpiky Orange Mohawk
    NCSpinning Neopian Globe Staff
    NCSpooky Pumpkin Patch Background
    NCSpooky Tattered Shirt
    NCStained Glass Window Background
    NCStone Guardian Foreground
    NCStylish Spiked Wig
    NCSummer Chia Fruit Sculpture
    NCSwirling Hearts Head Bonk
    NCTekels Collectors Staff
    NCTiny Glasses
    NCToxic Skull Lantern
    NCTwisted Roses Background
    NCTyrannian Wings
    Underwater Fire
    NCUnsettling Lamp Set
    NCValentine Newsboy Hat
    NCVampire Costume Face Paint
    NCVintage Gold Necklace
    NCWaterfall Diving Background
    Wind Up Pocket Watch
    NCWinged Altadorian Sandals
    NCWintry Snow Swirl Capelet
    NCWonderland Croquet Set
    NCWonderland Garden Background
    NCWoodland Archer Belt
    NCWoodland Archer Body Art
    NCWoodland Archer Cape and Quiver


Pet Ciyai Female
Lynnetra Female
Kaynoe Female
Oeoe Female
Eresu Female

Template from That Kills Me. Neomail envelope from The Lunch Box.


Thank the owner!

Neopoint Wishlist

Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting-will be teh next upgrade to Otumays BD set.

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Hat-Hoping to complete the set this is the only pice I need.

Blue Hissi Morphing Potion-to morph Draki then paint tyranian.

Neocash Wishlist

FQC and Training Cookies -For Otumay's training so he can reach 900hsd as soon as posible.

Upcycle-need to get rid of the junk..

Pet Wishlist


Well Hello I am Glad you have stumbled into my humble aboud. I am Heero and I have been a hissi enthusiast for a long time but recently decided to broaden my pet collection.I have found that Just having hissi limits the Character possibility so now I have added a beautiful mara draik , Handsome mutant Petri and soon hope to add a magnificent Mutant acara.Now me and neo go way back more than 12 years so I am a little obsessed but the first couple years and accounts were pretty much me just playing games and earning points.It was not until Otumay came into my life that I started caring about my pets about 6 years ago.I hand painted him fairy at 4mill and have not held onto a single np since then.I spend a lot on my pets and am not sad to always be broke since I love them.I am a prety slow earner but I make do.So what is neo to me...well a home away from home.

BD-this is one way I earn NP when I am not tempted to use the items coming earned by fighting I can make at least 60k a day.That is quickly absorbed by training my pets ..wow its expensive. Otumay is my main BD pet with 600hsd but my other pets will catch up some day.I have hand trained all my pets which I am proud of.

Pets-I go a little crazy with my pets even just getting NC because they may need it in the future. Others that that I zap with my four lab rays to trade or adopt out pets to loving owners.

PC/BD boards-Yup I am here all the time its addictive even if I am just bumping others boards I love interacting and seeing others pets ideas.So you will find me here a lot.

Stocks-This keeps me a float when I am low on np.I tend to sell at 100% but some times wait longer depending if I need the np.This is great and better than the bank.Its so nice to get a surprise 100k now and then.

Habi-I am at level 50 but tend to forget it ..I reastart when I need a quick burst of np or am motivated for some reason.


Original layout by Sugary Premades
Extremely edited by Heerokusukudo

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