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A girl has been found dead in an alleyway yesterday.

She was my bestfriend. Her name was Roselin. And while this is a tragedy, I cannot blame myself for ending her life.

The mind so worn and tattered
Breath so shallow and thin
The mirrors, oh they're shattered
As the mistress laments in sinb

The words so fake and hallow
Eyes so glossy and dim
The glass so full yet shallow
The water so close to the rim

Her lips, the red is splattered
Her blud is chilled to the bone
Her face so pretty, like it mattered
As she thought of her scheme all alone

The feeling so bittersweet
Her goal at an angel's breath
Her mind, it experienced a treat
Yet perfection has caused her her death

Celebrating in her redemption
Paranoia was what let her thrive
This goal, this trance, this perfection
Her dreams are what eat her alive

The story through her eyes

Meet Princess Himene Excalion. She may not have been the most well-liked heiress in her kingdom. Some may have even dubbed her 'twisted'. But she does possess the one thing that keeps her from complete failure: determination. From the first moment her mind warped itself to her last breath, the princess has held onto her goals in hopes that it would bring her closer to the woman who abandoned her. Dreaming she would finish the aspirations that her esteemed mother did not, Himene seeks nothing but to achieve the impossible: perfection.

This section is a first-hand look on how the princess herself descended upon the vast darkness of insanity. The entries allow you, reader, to take a peak into the delicate heart of the famed Himene and allow you to understand the reasonings of how she fell to where she is today.

The good days..

Dear Diary,

Do you recall when times were simpler? When the largest of our problems was the one dying pansy polluting the beauty of the gardens? Do you recall father's gentle smile as he raised his jeweled hand to brush his fingers along my hair? What about the butterfly kisses that mother used to grace upon my cheek?

All of it was before the war. Before politics erased the softened smiles on my father's etched face. Before the pressure of bearing an heir trampled itself on my mother's shoulders. I was but a child then. A naive child who's wide eyes were oblivious to the dangers of the world. The lies that lay beneath the tomb of riches and jewels. Such an innocent I was.

I remember parading through the streets -for father had wanted the people to be familiar with their king- and seeing the dirtied faces of the townspeople staring at us like we were Gods. And in truth, we were of the sort. We were powerful. With the Excalion blood that ran through our veins, we were nearly invincible. And father wasted not a moment to remind us and his people just that.

Oh Diary, do you recall how it was to see our beloved castle through child eyes? The marble floors resembled ice-skating rinks with it's glistening luster and the pillars appeared to be over a thousand feet tall. And the gardens. Oh the lovely gardens. If there was anything beautiful and memorable in this white palace, it would be the rose gardens that line it's back perimeters. I used to frollick about their dew-covered petals in elated glee, my laughter carried by the several hued butterflies that graced the area.

But of course, everything good always has to come to an end...

The beginning of the end..

Maid speaking.
Queen speaking.

Dear Diary,

I had a nightmare last night. It wasn't like the ones I've come across before. It was more like I had been the subject of trickery by the fey and was transported back in time. It was like I was eight years old again, Diary. The reason why I dubbed it a 'nightmare' was because, if you do recall, those years weren't exactly the happiest of my life.

Those years, as I look back on it now, were what I can justly name 'The Dark Years'. Father seemed to have preoccupied himself too much on the fancies of politics and the power that it could get him that he had not been paying too much attention to mother. What's more, he was barely at the palace with us. But he has been paying attention to those beautiful young ladies at court. Mother, most likely, was not pleased by his actions.

I recall walking by the library one morning to hear the silent sobs of a woman weeping within it's borders. I did not mean to pry but my curiosity got the best of me and I crouched low beside the door, hidden in the shadows. She was crying to one of her ladies-in-waiting, a half empty champagne bottle stood dimly on the desk where she sat.

Don't worry my lady.. the maid was saying, He will return. And you shall see that the Lord Excalion loves not a woman but you. How can he not, your grace, you are the fairest woman in the land. Besides, my lady, he is currently out cavorting with political affairs. Me thinks that he must miss his fair-haired bride.

My mother's wracking sobs were dulled somehow and even as I child I knew that she was trying to lessen her pain using other means. Yes, yes Clementine but there is one problem., my mother answered back in a slur of words, Even if he was here. Even if he was at court, I would still not be able to give him the greatest gift a Queen can give her King.

And what is that, your Grace? The maid replied.

I watched as my once beautiful, perfect mother lifted her delicate head to answer. Her lips, never failing to be a blood-red in color, were quivering as she spoke. A son.

The maid's eyebrows ruffled in concern as to what she might be implying. What do you mean, mistress? You are still young. You are able to bear children are you not?

My mother collapsed into Clementine's arms, her shoulders heaving in large sobs that echoed off of the wallpapered walls of the library. That is the problem, maid! Can't you see! She clutched so tightly at Clementine's simple dress that I feared that she would tear a huge chunk off of it. Himene was my last. This.. this disease has ruined me before I had the time to bear a son. Oh wretched King up in heaven, why must you curse me by giving me a stupid, stupid daughter?! A daughter! Why not a son?! Why not a son?! She breathed in quick shallow breaths, gasping for heir as she calmed herself down.

Clementine was aghast at the words that the Queen confessed to her. But judging by the look on my mother's face, she was not finished. I remember feeling like bile was rising in my throat. You see, Clementine... my mother said carefully in between sobs, If I cannot bear a son, His Grace has no more use for me. The only reason why I was able to rise from poverty was because the King fancied me. But how can he fancy me now? An old, diseased streetwench who has nothing to offer for him. And what would the people say? What would they think of their Queen? His reputation is important to him. He will throw me out on the streets and I will lose everything, Clementine. Everything I worked so hard for. Everything my father worked so hard for. My power.. it will all be gone.. I was perfect, maid. Perfect... If only I had born a son...

I woke up with a start then, my heart pounding and sweat beading on my brow. I had thought I had stored the memory deep into the dark corners of my mind. So why did it appear itself to me last night?

I remember that the days following that morning of confessions, my mother started to act differently. I would end the day bruised or sometimes bleeding, the maids silently tending to me, not wanting to defy their Queen. The palace was a dark place from then on. It was no longer the white fairytale castle that I laughed and played in. During the months father wasn't home, it was a prison.

A ray of sunshine..

Dear Diary,

I was going about reading in the library today when the dream from a few nights ago wandered into my mind. The library had always been mother's favorite area. She had used it as her sanctuary. A place where she would conceal to whenever the outside world became too much for her. Ever since the day she departed from court, I noticed that I have been spending quite some time in the large expanse of the room.

Perhaps it was my subconcious speaking to me telling me that I missed my Queen. That the childish part of me wanted her to return. After all, she was still the woman whom I call my mother. However whenever I would allow myself even a moment to remenisce on the love that my mother once brought to the palace, the darker side of the memories always played into my mind.

Do you remember the day she left, diary? It had been eight years since that event that haunted my dreams some nights ago. I believe I was about 16 years of age when the Queen had deserted her lovely court. I had simply awoke one day to see that she was nowhere to be found. I didn't bother inquiring the maids or servants for I had assumed that she was about the kingdom taking a stroll perhaps.

But once the day started to lose it's light an ominous feeling settled in the pit of my stomach and I began to realize that something wasn't entirely right. The quietness of the maids. How they spoke in hushed whispers. The fact that her room had been stripped of it's beddings.

Mother was gone.

And perhaps I should've lept for joy at that moment. The woman who has caused me pain for the last eight years has finally ridded herself from my life. I would finally be able to go to bed without worrying about aching badly in the morning. I wouldn't have to wear those distasteful long-sleeved dresses simply to hide the bruises. I can show off my neck now, not needing to conceal the red marks clasping around my throat like fingers.

But instead of rejoicing for this new era of my life, I instead crumpled to the marble floor right outside of her bedroom and burst into tears. The searing pain I felt when she left me was a pain that I never felt again. Not even to this day. While I sat there, a heap of depression, I wondered to myself why she had left in the first place.

We sent word for my father. It should've gotten to him in no more than a week. But I recall months passing, without even a single word from him.

An encounter..

Hime speaking.
Violet-haired boy speaking.
///Other/// speaking. (little boy; guard; bystander in crowd)

Dear Diary,

Today I decided to take a stroll across town. I have been rather lonely lately. The bad dream still continues to haunt me even in the mornings and thoughts of my mother won't stop circulating in my head. I decided that perhaps a breath of fresh air would be rather good for me. You wouldn't believe what happened to me today.

Walking down the streets, it became rather apperant to me the differences between the slums and the nobility. There were little shacks made out of some of the most miniscule materials. Rotten pieces of wood and blankets with holes in them. The people did not seem to like me trespassing on their territory even when I gave them the most sincere, kindest smiles I could. The two soldiers behind me kept a close eye at the slum people to make sure nobody decides to act foolish.

I realized then that they were probably irritated that my father had left the kingdom. Technically, their King wasn't ruling his lands. Our Cardinal was taking his place. And lately, the rules envoked by said Cardinal have been rather harsh on the poorer populations of Excalion. Even though I wasn't the King or the Cardinal themselves, I was still part of the royal family and therefore, part of court. I was just as good to them as a murderer's wife.

I wanted to make them like me diary. It wasn't like it was my fault that my father was so preoccupied with other affairs. And not just that.. a sort of pain rippled deep in my chest at the thought that I was lounging in my beautous palace while these people sat on the dirt practically starving to death. So I picked out a random child from the crowd and handed him three gold pieces. Enough for a week or two's worth of bread. At first the child was scared that I would hurt him but when I reached out and ruffled his dusty brown hair, a shy smile flitted across his features. His face beamed at the sight of the coins.

///Thank you Princess!!/// He sang before he turned and sprinted out of the scene. I glanced around to see that some of the people edged closer to me, their faces wary but less hostile. One of the guards warned me for getting too close but I waved him away.

I believe I gave away about 50 pounds today. And while it makes my heart joyous to know that there is a little less hostility between the lower and higher classes, I knew that it brought happiness to the poor people of the streets. The guards looked at me disapprovingly but what is it to them? It wasn't like I took it from their paycheck!

While I was doing my little act, someone's voice interrupted me. We don't need your charity princess.. I noticed that they spoke the word 'princess' with much venom.

I whirled around to see a male, about my age, dressed in musty brown trousers and a dusty white button-down. He stood proudly, hands on his hips, atop of a stone wall about 6 ft from the ground. His messy violet hair was speckled with dust and he had dirt smudged in random places. But it was when I looked into his pale blue eyes that I felt a vaguely familiar tremor waver in my stomach. I knew I must've seen this man before.

The guards began to sheath their swords, ready to protect me, before I put a hand up to halt them.

Excuse me, kind sir, but I am simply helping my people. What harm can that do? If you'd like, I can share some of my bearings with you? I stared at him with hard eyes, showing him that I wasn't afraid. I had two guards with me. And he? Well.. he had nothing but a dull-looking dagger shoved in a pocket to his side.

He looked at me with narrowed eyes -I swore I knew him- and smirked mischieviously. He put his arms behind his back and started to pace left and right along the narrow walll. I wondered if he'd topple over. I don't need anything from you princess. And neither do we! Don't you think we've gotten enough from you nobles already? The Cardinal has been making it rather hard to live on the streets nowadays, madame. But of course, you wouldn't know it. You're the /princess/.

Every inch of me wanted to reach up and strike him but I refrained. Who was he to talk to me that way? I was royalty! And he.. well he was a commoner! And don't think me saying that makes me a hypocrite diary! Whether I help them with money or not, they are still commoners. And I was nobility. It was just the way things worked.

Yes, I understand that the rules are sort of.. harsh. But what do you want me to do about it? I cannot overturn them. The most I can do is try to make your lives a bit easier by providing some funds. Which is what I was doing before you rudely interrupted me, sir. I spat back.

The boy pursed his lips and pondered my statement. Are you sure that helping is what you're /only/ doing, my lady? Or are you not buying our sympathy for you and your wretched royal blood. Us street-dwellers will never fancy you cake-sniffers no matter how much money you'll give us.

///Aw, common Aro! Give it a break! The princess was just trying to help us!/// Someone in the crowd behind me defended, in my surprise.

He glared at the offender before continuing pacing along the tip of the wall. Have you forgotten, Solomon, that these.. rich folk.. have been the cause of our misery? We cannot take their petty charity now! We must resist!

The guards behind me grew rather irritated with the boy and aimed their swords at him. ///Keep talking lad and we'll have you yapping in prison for treason.///

The violet-haired boy faltered ever so slightly at the threat by my brutish guard. Oh of course. But since you're here right now, kind sir, why don't you arrest the princess as well? She's commited a crime just right now.

The crowd gasped including me and the guards. ///What are you spitting about, street leech?/// the guard taunted.

The boy grinned as he leaped down rather gracefully to meet us on the floor. He was a full head taller than I but I was not afraid of him. Because my dear gentleman.. I believe it is in the royal code that unadmitted acts of charity are strictly prohibited.

I grinded my teeth together in anger and spoke before anyone else could. What do you mean unadmitted?! I admitted this! I'm the princess and I have authority!

And that you do, my lady. He said in the most mocking, sarcastic tone, But I'm afraid not enough to undermine the law. If you paid more attention the the rules instead of primming your beautiful face, you would know that only the King has permission to admit any forms of charity. It's some sort of thing about keeping the royal wealth in track or whatever hulabaloo. I'm surprised you don't remember. It was your very own father, after all, who created the law in the first place. He examined his fingernails, pretending not to be paying close attention to the conversation.

I pursed my lips together as I recalled that he was right. My father enacted the law after some kindhearted member of the court ended up giving away nearly a quarter of the royal riches. The man did not live long enough to even apologize. I glanced up towards this violet-haired lad who seemed to know so much about court. Who was he exactly?

///How dare you! Who do you think you are speaking about the law like you actually have a clue?!/// One of the guards snarled, stepping closer with his pointed sword. The mystery boy simply raised his eyebrows, expectantly, mockingly. I held my hand up and the guard halted, forcing himself to relax.

He's right, Rex... I said in defeat, I.. did break the law... The crowd, who got much larger last time I glanced back, gasped in response. What was I going to tell father? Surely he wouldn't send me to jail for such a petty thing. But then again, if he didn't, his reputation would be hurt and the people would start calling him a hypocrite. Ugh.. curse this lad that stood before me!

But of course, Princess.. I'm willing to let this little case slide. I won't tell a word.. cross my heart. He literally wrote an imaginary 'x' on his chest.

And what makes you think these people will keep mum? I gestured towards the crowd who had grown to about 40 or so people.

The boy scoffed. Aw I got these guys in the bag. You see.. He lowered his voice to a stage whisper and inched closer to the princess which made the guards uneasy, I'm sort of their.. leader.

I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. You're their leader.. I repeated with disbelief.

He nodded sincerely. Now, let's talk business. I let you off the hook, now you have to give me something in return..

I folded my arms, a skeptical look written on my face. Name your price. 20 pounds? 50? 100?

A soft smile, one that favored the left, lit up his features and I stepped back, taken aback that behind the dirt and grime, he actually was rather decent in the face. One dinner. With the esteemed and beautiful Princess Himene. It doesn't have to be fancy.. But I do adore those lovely little candles with the rose petals. And I sort of have some topics I'd like to discuss with you.

A guard's eyes opened widely as he tried to interject. ///My lady! You cannot possibly think of letting that street rat inside the palace! The King wouldn't-///

And is the king here right now, sire? I said, my eyes scolding. He shook his head once. Then let me handle this, soldier. He gave me a favor. It is only proper that I rant him one in return. I turned back towards the boy. And, my lord, do you wish to dine once rather than accept enough money to dine for a year?

A playful look flittered across his pale blue eyes. Isn't it obvious, my lady? He tilted his head and his voice lowered enough that anyone around me could not hear, One dinner with you is worth more to me than one hundred dinners alone. He diverted his gaze from my eyes into the sky which was slowly darkening. You'll find me easily, princess. Ask anyone on the streets where Aro is and they'll lead you straight to me.

He quickly lept back with cat-like agility to the top of the wall, ready to depart. Wait lad! I called after him.

He froze in his steps and slowly turned towards me, his eyes twinkling with mischieviousness. Yes, my mistress?

What do you intend on discussing with me at the dinner?

A light grin spread across his face and his rain-colored eyes glistened in amusement. Invite me to dinner, my lady, and you'll find out.

And with that, he disappeared behind the wall.

I don't know who the lad was, nor what his intentions were, but a part of me is somewhat curious to find out. The guards told me to let it be because, since I was royalty, I wasn't obligated to make deals with the poor. But I would feel rather unjust if I didn't hold to my promise. But what bothered me the most isn't the fact that he had the audacity to ask the Princess of Excalion for dinner.. but for his utter familiarity. I've seen the lad before. I am sure of it. Though where, I cannot recall.

But perhaps it is too late to be contemplating such matters, correct? I really should be getting to bed now, diary. I'm rather tired.

One day, I'll give his mystery lad Aro his dinner. I'll see to it that I keep my word and it will be done.

Secrets of the past..

Dear Diary,

As you can probably guess from the previous journal entries, I have been thinking quite alot about the past and it's dreary events. I don't know what has gotten into me.

Today was lonlier than usual for some reason. We haven't had any affairs recently seeing as father is still out doing business with our sister kingdom. I do wish he would come visit us here in the castle, diary. I do miss him so. It has been over a decade since I saw him last.

I suppose now I can see why mother was driven insane. If my husband were to leave me alone here in this desolate palace with nothing to keep me company but servants, I would've taken my leave as well.

I've always thought about the true reasons to why she left Court in the first place. I'm sure she cannot find the streets more endearing than the marble-covered rooms of glorious old castle Excalion.

At the time of her departure, I hadn't a true idea why she would leave. I consoled myself for several days that she had left because she was irritated by the lack of attention her King gave her.

But today, I gave it more thought and I believe I struck a breakthrough after all these years.

I realized that while the neglect of my father played a role in her choice to abandon us, it was not the root of the reason.

It has come to my attention that mother, despite her poise and grace, was not from a wealthy family. At least not at first. She was born in the streets. A commoner. But she was blessed with the face of a Goddess. She and her father -my grandfather- worked blood, sweat, and tears to rise the ranks all the way up to court. She wanted to have the perfect life. To make her father happy. She needed to be perfect.

My mother had been a lady-in-waiting to the Queen of Excalion's sister kingdom. It was there, in a royal meeting, that my father noticed her flawless face.

It must've been like a dream to her. My grandfather must've been elated at the chance of power. As the father of the King's bride, money would surely come in buckets. My mother, though she may not have known it, was a vessel used by my grandfather to gain power. And somewhere along the road, she succumb to the devil that is power and started to desire it as well.

King Excalion was her route to attain power. Her way to perfection. She married him and became Queen of Excalion, a revered, respected, and powerful position. And they even bore a child. A daughter by the name of Himene. And for those first few years, I was their joy. They would yeild a son, the Queen promised. The next-born will be a son. And my mother will finally live the life she had so painstakingly worked for. She will be perfect.

Until the implications happened.

My mother left because her fantasy had come to an end. From the day she had acquired that disease of hers, her beautiful vision of perfection had lost it's fire to go on. If only I had been born a boy, she had said. If only she had born a son. Not a daughter, the disease wouldn't have affected her so. She wouldn't have left court. Father would've still loved her. Everything would've been absolutely perfect.

I have uncovered the true reason behind those bruises and tears and yelling and screaming. I have found out why she always seemed so angry at me during those dark years. Back then, I thought she was simply taking her fury out on me. It didn't even cross my mind that she was enraged /at/ me.

To think I ruined her perfection, diary. No wonder she hated my very being. She left because I was a flaw. A flaw in her perfection.

Realization of a goal..

Dear Diary,

I did not do anything but sit and think today. I didn't even dare to eat or drink. The servants tried to force me to feed but I would not let them. I ordered them to leave, diary. Leave me alone. The funny thing is.. that I wasn't even hungry.

I simply sat in mother's desk in the library and let my mind wander. Let the vast collection of books circulate me, their fountains of information leaping from it's pages, begging me to read them.

Funny. My thoughts always ended up circulating around mother.

I wonder what it must've felt like to her. To have to work so hard to achieve something only to have it taken from your very grasp by a monster you birthed. Actually, I wonder what it feels like to be that very monster. The monster I'm pertaining to, of course, is the old Princess Himene.

I decided today that I am starting anew. I am going to set for myself a goal that I know, with faith, will be brought to me. Mother's goals were quite simple. She merely wanted perfection.

And I, as well you know dear diary, that I ruined that dream of hers. Isn't it rightful that I try to achieve what she has lost? Restore her legacy if you may be it?


A figment of imagination

Full Name: Himene Antoinette
Nickname: Hime
Species: Kyrii
Color: Royal
Gender: Female
Age: Late Teens/ Early-Mid Twenties
Birthday: November 11th
Status: Princess
Relatives: None

Current Occupation: Princess
Born In: The Central Empire
Family Origins: Royalty
Current Residence: The Marble Palace
Petpet: Pucelle the Plushie Angelpuss
Artifact: Pinkish-Red Roses
Ability: Intelligence

Height: 5,5
Physique: Slender
Hair Color: Medium Teal
Hair Style: Wavy & Long
Skin: Light Blue
Eye Color: Pinkish-Red


Name: Pucelle
Species: Plushie Angelpuss
Gender: Female
Personality: Prissy. Bratty. Spoiled. Narcissistic.
About: Pucelle actually isn't alive.
She's just a little plushie toy that has been with Himene for quite some time.
However, according to Himene, she's alive and breathing.
Perhaps it has something to do with Himene's sanity.


    ◈ Roses
    ◈ Cold Weather
    ◈ Books
    ◈ Solitude
    ◈ People who don't ask questions
    ◈ Perfection
    ◈ Doilies
    ◈ Lace
    ◈ Doves
    ◈ Strawberries
    ◈ Silk


    ◈ Dirt
    ◈ Hot weather
    ◈ Suspicious People
    ◈ Insects
    ◈ Ripped Dresses
    ◈ Being disturbed while reading
    ◈ Touchy-feely people
    ◈ Liars
    ◈ Being interrupted


Himene, before her descend to darkness, was a slightly different girl. She was a somewhat stubborn, kind-hearted individual who was basically like the average girl. However, when she warped, she acquired a few traits that were not normally there. Of course there are still bits and pieces of the true Hime hidden underneath the dark cloak of a girl she is now, but only a choice few could have the privelage to unlock them.

Organized & Focused
Controlling & Overobsessed
Stubborn & Bratty

Quirks & Habits

Beliefs & Customs





(Lol. I am changing his picture, don't worry. That thing is just there as a filler

I don't quite know who he is. Where he comes from. Or who his family is.
What I do know is that he is unworthy of my company. A mere theif?! And he dares to pursue me! The man must have a lot of nerve. Still. I cannot help but notice that he has a sort of.. regality towards him. Like a prince almost. I wonder where a theif acquired such a gait.

I never quite understood how this woman obtained such prime elegance. Every time I see her, walking, striding like a black cat in the moonlight, I envy her grace. If only I were to be as elegant as this mistress. It seems to me as if she had, perhaps, was born over a century ago. The poised grace of earlier generations preserved with her. Her beauty? Timeless. With porcelain white skin.. so white that she would blend in with the snow. And those eyes. I have been envying her since the moment I first laid eyes on her.

Himene's Library Collection

Otohime has read 82 books so far

Hime: This is my lovely library. Of course, I have already read every single one of these books. I always command Aerynn to buy me more. I don't usually let anyone snoop around here since it's my most sacred area, but perhaps I shall bend the rules just this once. Feel free to look at any of the books. Though please don't tear or fold any pages. Each one is my treasure

^Map Reading
Hime: It was okay I suppose. A bit dull for I don't truly walk around anywhere but my castle but hmm..

^The Green Book
Hime: Funny because I'm not too interested in the color green. I love blue mostly.

^Inside The Mind of a Lupe
Hime: Lupes are such interesting creatures indeed.

^Neopian Encyclopedia F - J
Hime: I do not understand why Aerynn chose to give me this volume instead of the first one. Nevertheless.. It was quite.. intriguing.

^Tome of Selket
Hime: I like to brush up on my Desert knowledge. After all, my bestfriend Fyorany is the Princess of the Sands.

^The Big Blue Blumaroo Book
Hime: Not a fan of blumaroos. I wonder why I even read this piece.

^Neopian Times Issue 3
Hime: The Neopian Times does have some nice articles..

^Classic Moehog Tales
Hime: Moehogs are filthy creatures. Perhaps that is the reason why I read this volume. It makes me feel better about myself.

Hime: I don't have an opinion of the Faeries really...

^Evil Spells
Hime: ... Please don't inquire why I have such a book in my posession.

^One Scary Night
Hime: Proposterous! This wasn't the least big scary.

^A is for Aisha Hime: I wonder when Aerynn will buy me "K is for Kyrii".

^Turmac Snacks
Hime: A book I simply found stuck underneath the couch. Perhaps Pucelle left it there.

^Day In The Life Of King Roo
Hime: Tch. King Roo isn't even a real king.

^The Luckiest Babaa
Hime: I think Aerynn is mocking me. I mean, really? Baby books?!

^My First Babaa
Hime: Again with the baby books Aerynn.

^The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha
Hime: I quite enjoyed this one. My good friend Zhekuu is the star.

^Lets Play Deckball
Hime: I don't even play Deckball..

^Gruslen Pop-Up Book
Hime: Shut up! I read this when I was still a Baby Kyrii!

^Mystery Of The Kougra Paw
Hime: The cheapest of the cheapest books. Aerynn.. are you really that broke?

^Kacheekers Strategy Guide
Hime: Every woman of class needs to know how to trump others in Kacheekers.

^Yurble Tales
Hime: I just noticed that Yurbles look alot like goblins.

^Mystery Island Tour Guide
Hime: For some reason, I simply adore Mystery Island. I wish to go there one day.

^A Kau Summer
Hime: Again.. more of the little kid novels...

^Fantastic Faellies
Hime: I wish that Aerynn would buy me a Faellie. But she's too poor and I am far to lazy to go buy one myself.

^Advanced Poetry
Hime: One of my favorite books. Finally. Aerynn comes along.

^Cartography For Beginners
Hime: For beginners?!? What am I, some kind of lowly mediocre individual to you!?

^Learned Royalty
Hime: I adore reading about other women of Royalty who endulge themselves in knowledge other than war. This book is a treasure.

^King Hagan
Hime: ...Don't get me started with this doofus.

^More Than Carrot Cake
Hime: I don't like carrots.. but I do like cake..

^Toast Treats
Hime: Toast is too messy for my tastes..

^Life of a Clone
Hime: My am I fortunate that I do not have a twin. I am as original as you can get.

^The Mote Encyclopedia
Hime: And yet I do not own a single Mote.

^Brightvale Potion Manual
Hime: This piece was actually quite interesting. And I cannot say that about everything I read.

^The Life of a Double Crosser
Hime: ..For an apperant reason, reading this was like deja vu.

^Fishing For Zafaras
Hime: I do not fish. Ever. Let alone fish for zafaras.

^Brightvale History
Hime: A Princess must always know her roots.

^Meepit vs Feepit Game Guide
Hime: I do not have time for trivial things such as games.

^Halloween Ruki Tales
Hime: Perhaps the only reason why I read this is because I know a Halloween Ruki personally.

^The Secret of Treasure Island
Hime: Borrowed from Zhekuu's collection. Her choice in books is.. interesting.

^Scroll of Serpents
Hime: And this is from Fyorany's Royal Library. I kind of.. took it without her looking.

^Ogrin Survivor
Hime: Found this in a jungle somewhere when I was stranded. Helped me survive that place.

^Island Cybunny Guide
Hime: ..Boring.

^Ancient Arcana
Hime: This one was quite interesting.. It kept me entertained for a long time..

^Brightvale Guide to Stained Glass Windows
Hime: It gave me ideas on how to decorate my castle for when I'm queen.

^The Yooyu
Hime: I'm not much of a player but I do love being in the audience.

^Altadorian Archives
Hime: Again. Simply for knowledge expansion.

^Brightvale Books Catalogue
Hime: Of course I would need this!! How else can I think of more books for Aerynn to buy?

^Wheel of Knowledge Book
Hime: I already knew all these secrets.

^Mystery Island Monthly
Hime: I'm sure you already know my fondness for the little island. This helps keep me updated.

^Krawk Island Chronicles
Hime: Another book that Zhekuu let me borrow. It was very interesting in my opinion.

^The Royal Book of Colouring
Hime: What? I like to commit myself to childish activities at times.. Those times are extremely EXTREMELY rare.. but still.

^The Golden Journal Vol. 1
Hime: A beautiful journal. Fit for a Princess.

^Gallion Care
Hime: When Aerynn gets off her lazy butt and earns some NP, she better buy me a Gallion or I would've wasted all my time reading this boring book.

^Gallion Colouring Book
Hime: I know what you're thinking. NO. I bought this for my future Gallion. Not me. No.. Definitely not for me.

^The Gorgeous Gallion

^Jelly World Travel Brochure

^Nimmo - Now and Zen
Hime: This book helped me calm myself down.. something I really need to do.

^The Plushie Coffee Table Book
Hime: Quite cute actually! Allor let me borrow this.

^Book of Origami Paper
Hime: One of Otohime's books. Her taste is so.. peculiar.

^Counting Babaas
Hime: What? Sometimes a Princess needs to count sheep to be able to sleep well.

^How to Knit
Hime: One of my favorite past-times.

^Rainy Day Activities
Hime: Oh the rain. There is so much you can do when the sky cries.

^Petpet Park

^Simple Certificate
Hime: What is this? A SIMPLE certificate? Bring on the Fancy Certificates Aerynn, what is wrong with youuu?!

^Potions of Brightvale
Hime: Brightvale. I like to learn as much as I can about that wonderous place.

^Brightvale Architecture
Hime: Again with the Brightvale-ness. I need to study more for when I have my own castle.

^History of the Brightvale Book Shop
Hime: Quite interesting. I wanted to know all about my favorite bookshop.

^Embroidery Made Easy
Hime: Just like knitting, one of my favorite past-times.

^Knowledge and Honour

^Sunset On Mystery Island

^The Bucket Book

^Mops Throughout the Ages

^No Sleep Til Brightvale

^Faerie Music Making

^Faerie Activities Book

^Book of Chemical Reactions

^Where is Bonju
Hime: ..Don't.. even ask...

^Ponderings for the Holidays
Hime: Oh the holidays.. bahh. Hum bug.

^Raindorf Dances
Hime: AGAIN with the Christmas Books! -irritated huff-

^Finding the Best Ugly Sweater
Hime: There is no such thing as the BEST Ugly Sweater.. I mean.. duhh.. It's ugly.

^101 Ways to Annoy a Uni
Hime: Those unis are quite annoying with their incessant neighing and the annoying sound of their hooves clacking on the cobblestone.. Time to show those huge horses that Princess Himene is not one to mess with.

Himene's Hallway


By Aerynn

These are a bunch of pictures that I drew for Otohime. They're quite old and un-updated to say the least. I need to start getting towards her new design and all that junk Dx

By Others:


Adopt your own little prince today! Adopt your own little princess today!


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Random Ramblings

Divinity Challenge 37: Letter To Younger Self

Who wouldn't want a chance to send some friendly advice back in time to their poor, confused, inexperienced younger self, possibly facing a life-changing decision? As they say, hindsight is 20-20; with the wisdom that comes with time, your character might write about what they wish they hadn't done and what they wish they had.

Dearest little Excalion daughter,

My what a lovely Venus you have become. And an even more beautiful woman you will be. But don't be foolish girl, your face will only go so far. I have been taken upon the action to warn you before you be fall into misfortune. Heed my words little sprite, for I am knowledgeable of these waters.

Understand little one, that nothing lives on forever. What you think will be beside you for as long as you live may so easily depart the very next day. Mother may seem young and vibrant today, but soon she will lose luster. Her eyes will sallow and her hair will gray. Soon she will leave you to the care of the ladies-in-waiting. Soon will be the last time you will be seeing her. Learn from her as much as you can love, for the time is ticking.

But do not blame her dearest, for it was not to ail you that chose to depart from court. I mustn't disclose on the true reason now however, for you shall find out yourself in time. Just know dear, that Lady Excalion was a woman that must be revered for her power, admired for her elegance, praised for her beauty, and envied for her ability to achieve what others have so painstakingly wanted to achieve: Perfection.

Your mother was flawless, little one. She overcame the impossible. And because you have her strong blood running through your veins, you have the capability of such accomplishments.

During the time of her departure, dry your tears. Do not lessen your beauty with those tears. Know that she is a woman you must follow. Must imitate. Must become.

Learn her actions, memorize her words. Make an effort to become exactly like the Lady Excalion. Do not question it now. There is a reason for this that will all become clear, sweet.

On your journey to perfection, you will come to whispers about you and your motives. Learn from your mother's example and do not listen to the lies that they spread about you.

Do not trust anyone love. Not even your beloved nurses or the sweet, kindly ladies of court. The servers, guards, and ladies-in-waiting are not to be leaned upon. For they may address you as their princess, their mistress, their lady, but they will betray you for the prosperity of their own well-being.

Submit not to the several courtiers that you shall encounter for non want nothing more than the wealth in which you carry upon your head. Do not submit to their faux flattery and extravagant gifts. After all, who in heaven's name do they think they are? Providing you with luxuries that you can so easily uphold yourself.

Keep an eye out for the clear-eyed prince of the sister kingdom darling, his infatuations for you when you two age will end up causing problems to your goal of utter perfection. Do not succumb to the temptations of love or anything of the matter. Lady Excalion did not love any but her blood child and her kingdom. Not even His Grace, her very husband. A mother's affection cannot be argued and it is a Queen's duty to adore her empire. Anything beyond those boundaries is dangerous, sweet.

Remember that your queen did not have many true friends for they all seconded her motives, criticized her thoughts. All companions would do the same to you, my love. You do not need acquaintances to thrive in the busy life of court.

It is to my understanding little one that these words may cause pain to one's heart. After all, the very betrayers are the ones who so dearly cared and raised you. But have my word, little princess, that what I do not jest. All that I write to you is truth. Do not be afraid little one, for I have warned you of the unfortunate events that are to come. Have confidence love. You shall prevail.

Hold your head high, princess, for one day, you shall be queen.


Divinity Challenge 22: Through the Maid's Eyes

A lady-in-waiting's opinion of her mistress.

There is something off about the mistress. That I am most certainly sure.

Although perhaps I am not one to make impressions. After all, I am but a simple maid. And a new one at that. I have inquired to the women who have been with the Princess longer just what it is that is amiss about her. In the beginning, I came to the assumption that perhaps she is just greiving over a broken heart of some sorts. But after hearing what the others have to say, I shall not ever believe such a simple explanation again.

I've heard incidents where she would spontaneously awaken at midnight and start to sob uncontrollably. It always started with soft little groans which, in about a half-hour's time, would grow into full-blown wails. The entire palace would be shaken and many found it hard to return to slumber as the princess' agonizing cries echoed the walls.

Even more unnerving than the wails was the laughter. I wouldn't like to get into the details but I have witnessed this phenomenon myself. It wasn't the tickling kind of laughter either. She would go on for hours at a time. Laughing hysterically to noone but herself. It was as if she was mad.

And maybe she was. Many a maid and butler dub her insane for her peculiar ways. And I know it may sound preposterous since I am but a maid, but I do pity the poor dear. She is young, beautiful, and I'm sure, very intelligent. But being in this castle of hers is doing her no good. We have been trying to make an effort to coax her into going to beyond the palace borders but the stubborn dear, simply wouldn't have a word of it. She would simply smile a quiet, demure, smile and shake her head ever so slightly. Then she would utter the words, "The outside world is a dangerous place for a little girl like me." It puzzled us of course. She is already of marrying age and yet she refuses to leave her castle. What could possibly be out there besides a few theives? She doesn't have much aquaintances either. At social events, she seems to wallow around the room, moving around here and there not speaking more than a couple of sentences to anyone. Many a person think that the princess is just a shy delicate little wallflower. However, the way I see it, she is simply picky as to who she makes conversation to.

And so she stayed, seemingly floating about the palace, like a ghost with her dainty footsteps and graceful movements.

During the day she simply sits in her library, reading one of the hundreds of hundreds of books the king had bought for her. She is fond of reading, that girl. She could go on for an entire day, skipping meals even.

She's like a doll, with her spiraled locks, rosy cheeks and ruby-red lips. Though her gentle and quiet nature conceals it, the princess is very vain. Very very vain indeed. She refuses to leave her budoir unless her face is just the way she likes it. She treats her hair like it is her life, asking us maids to prim it's curls every now and then. Her feet, always painted with the exact color that matches her eyes, are always adorned with some sort of pretty little sandal. She's quite self-concious, always tagging along a handmirror so she may check herself whenever she felt fit. And if she felt that she did not meet her own expectations, she called upon the maids to mold her into her idea of perfection.

That's a thing with her. Perfection I mean. She has this sort of crazy inhibition that everything -and I mean everything- has to be, in her terms, perfect. Her dinner needs to be perfectly balanced in terms of meat and vegetables. Her tea, mixed so evenly, it looked like colored glass. Her beddings must always be wrinkle-free exactly 10 minutes after she awakens from her slumber. She has a schedule for everything. Whether it is how many minutes she takes for a bath or how many pages in a book she must read within a certain time frame, she has it all. It puts pressure on us since we have to make sure to abide by her rules. If not.. well.. the insanity arises.

I cannot say that I am not intimidated by the princess because then I would be lying. The way she speaks in that soft tone. The way she smiles so sweetly it almost seems rehearsed. The way she moves about so gracefully like a dancer. Something about her seems so much like a facade. Like we are seeing only the surface. A calm, perfect, surface. None of us say it, but we know that something dark might be living inside this perfect little angel. We all know the princess is ill. Ill in the body -she is quite sickly the girl-, but most importantly, ill in the head.

There have been times where dark things occured leading back to the girl. Like the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of Princess Trellena of the Ketrovian kingdom. She was one of the mistress' few friends. But before the disappearance, it seemed like the two were having difficulties. Whenever the mistress was stressed out, she would always wander the palace gardens late at night.

We have found that several kitchen knives went missing whenever she decided to take her walks. We don't hear or see her return back inside, but instead find her sound asleep in her bed as if she somehow teleported there without us knowing. And once we see that she is asleep, we find that the knives have been returned to their proper places. On the ridges were little traces of red from the rose petals outside. Bits and pieces of thorns, leaves, and broken stems appear in the drawer as well. One would think that she used to knives to hack a rose bush out of anger. Although when we inspect the garden the next morning, we find no bush harmed.

We don't like to make assumptions, especially of our own mistress, but what else could we do? We don't say it out loud, but each of us know what the other is thinking.

There is something dark manifesting within her. Something that didn't occur overnight but rather built up through time. What it is, we don't know. But true emotions can only be bottled up inside for so long. The time will come when they will all just break through. Only the Lord knows what might happen then.

Diary Entry: The Beginning

Night. 11:45. Sunday.

I apologize for I haven't the slightest clue how to keep a journal such as this one. I simply found it amongst the drabbles, collecting dust in a corner off the edge of a sewing machine.  Apperantly it had belonged to my mother or something. 
Oh heavens, what does one do with a diary such as this? What shall I write about? I am aware that the common interest with these little contraptions is to scribe about one's day.. one's feelings.. wishes and goals and the like. 
If that is the way it is.. then so be it.
I shall start with the way these people I call my people call  me.

They bid thee insane. 
They bid thee unstable.
Why doth the woman listen not?
Even after the naysayers spoke their trenchant words.

But then again.. why should I listen to their words? They don't understand what it feels like to be so close to being the epitome of perfection. The pain, the anguish it requires. The tears, the blud. But I promise you, diary, that once one reaches that high pillar of flawlessness, it is not like anything in the world. 
Of course, I know this not first-hand but from the experience of my mother. She was the first woman who achieved the goal of being perfect. Since I cannot settle for first, I shall be comfortable with second.
Once you are perfect, the world will adore you. Love you. Leave you to be and allow you to go about your own. Because you will  fascinate them. Because you are on par with the gods and goddesses that dwell among the heavens above.
But if that is so.. Then why do so many  criticize my doings, my intentions? Is striving for perfection really such a sin? The Almighty himself is perfect.. shouldn't we be striving to be just like him? To follow in his footsteps? His word?
According to the people who surround me, apperantly not. 
They tell me that I will not succeed. Something about perfection not existing. That it is the flaws in nature that make her beautiful. Or some hulabuloo of the like. But I know that what they speak of is a lie. For if they spoke the truth, how so is it that my mother achieved such a thing?
They tell me that I am "sick" in the head. That I think "wrongly". Have a "contorted" point of view. 
But I refuse to believe them.
I am not insane. I am not sick. If  anything, they, and everyone else who agrees with them, are in need of a checking. For I know for a fact that perfection is possible. 
But of course, the road to flawlessness isn't always a clean one. One must smooth out the wrinkles to create a perfect sheet. And I take that statement to heart.
If there is a problem that arises... correct it. 
If that problem refuses to be solved.. 
Eliminate it.
That's what happened with my bestfriend Trellena. 
Oh the poor girl, she was an intelligent one, mind you. And beautiful too. 
But.. well.. she threatened my perfection. Stained it with what her eyes have seen. 
You see, I wasn't quite myself one day and I committed a mistake that I cannot even bring myself up to describing. I promise you that you would not want to know.
You must  understand... I simply couldn't have left her be after she has seen me make that one.. mishap. She wasn't supposed to see.
But she did. 
And the fact that she did created an obstacle in my constant reminder that it never happened.
If she had not seen it, I could've convinced myself that the event never occurred. 
But she saw it.
And because she did, it was an assurance that it wasn't just my imagination. It was real. Flesh and bone. Gnawing at my insides. Threatening my perfection.
And of course.. like stated before.. 
If a problem refuses to be solved, simply eliminate it.
So you see dear Diary, it may not have been the right thing to do, but it was a necessary evil.
It was essential to my goal.
If one were to ask if I regret my decision, I must be honest and say to you that I do  not.
Her presence was a small price to pay for my flawlessness. 
You must agree, don't you?

Of course you do. Anyone who doesn't can surely be diagnosed with a highly dangerous form of insanity.

-Himene Vivianna


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