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Counter added: August 29th, 2006
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~will be updated sometime soon...when I get time ==;~

Current layout features カノン (Kanon) & 坊 (Bou), the bassist and the guitarist (respectively)
from the band アンティック-珈琲店- (Antique Kouhiiten/Antique Cafe/Antic Cafe/ AnCafe).

Uh...how about not?

That's, like, the best omelette I've ever gotten :o

Finally, a Space Faerie quest~

Someone must've forgotten their Prozac this morning..

Such bad timing! Hahaha!

It may be dirty, but it still tastes sweet~! xD;

I won't even mention what it reminds me of...

Stare all you want! I'll stare back!

Aww, the poogle came back! Don't get clobbered this time!

Yummy! Crackers! *munch munch munch*

I don't like eggs anyway, but THIS is too much..it's been on the floor!



People expect so much from poor Coltzan. Tsk tsk...

Screenies like these make me consider putting in a "memorable siggies" section...what do you think? :3

...note, I don't particularly like Hilary Duff =.=

Chats like these make me wonder what Cloud Gnorbus hide in that fluffy mane of theirs...:o


This didn't make much sense to me :o

Well, THAT was creative ;o

You'd KILL your sister for pounding your pet? WTH...it's just a game!

The resemblance is uncanny, eh? LOL j/k

I wish beggars would just shut up.

There must be some secret Neopet-slaughtering ring in the Haunted Woods. How else would you explain most of those gross foods?

The girl who started that board was really rude.

These people rock (except the Duff fan...blech)

Honestly, when will people stop pretending they're "Hannah Montana" or "Miley Cyrus"? She's not even that special --;


Neat glitch, eh?

LOL I have a fan XD;


Gotta love the 'gross-out' boards x3;;

Pfft, JARED.

Why can't there be more intelligently inquisitive people like this on the boards?

Another siggy I liked ^o^

Er...a LOT of people like ketchup o.O;

I was SUCH a dork on this board, but at least one person appreciated my humor XD;

This board...man, I'm so glad that there are some truly amusing people on Neopets x3;

This was one of the more inventive pieces of spam I've encountered.

Ah, daboolie. Hilarious spammer, really.

Poopland? Where'd they get THAT answer? XD;

A small typo, but a funny one ^o^

Pay special attention to the siggy...WTH? o_o;

Yay for pwnage!

Can you imagine someone swabbing their ears with a churro? I can XD

My screenie philosophy is appreciated :3

And isn't it ironic? Don'cha think? XD

I love typos.

And there's another person who's angry for no reason o_O; "you're not even supposed to BE there!"...riiiight, dude. Whatever.

Haha, Balet's great XD

And once again, that "John Zambales" weirdo comes back to humiliate himself on Neopets.

Yay, I'm liked x3; haha

Worst. Poem. Ever.

Older NeoBoards Area

These are just the older NeoBoards that I put up when I put the page itself up ^^
I put the latest ones in a different box ^_^

*le sigh* Somebody needs attennnntion.

This guy was so random...his outburst just killed me. He thought TNT was responsible for his dad being under a bridge too (see next screenie xD)

I almost died at the ogrin comment xD; ...my sense of humor is weird at times. I can be too easily amused.

The person's comment at the bottom was priceless :3

Special Board Area: 06-06-06

Some people were kind of spooked out by this day, and decided to share with the rest of us what
had happened to them, though I'm not sure if they were exactly truthful ^_^;
In this case, I sure hope not.

Special Board Area: Memories of a Brat

This girl was such a total brat. She claimed to be a rich girl from Beverly Hills, and was
ticked off because her dad sent her best girlfriend home early. Here's what ensued on her board:

Special Board Area: The Naive Pounder I

Now here's a girl who's pretty naive. Her pet is a) unpainted b) low level and c) non-LE.
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn't it? ...except not:

Special Board Area: The Naive Pounder II

And what have we got here? Why, it's another naive girl thinking someone'll
find her plain pet attractive enough to adopt:

Special Board Area: Board Topics

Sometimes you don't even have to look at a board to be amused!
Let's see what I've found screenie-worthy:

The thing I love most about this one is that I can read AND understand what it's saying XD go Japanese class!

Aww, he doesn't like my sense of humor? XD

This one took FOREVER! That blasted Drackonack wouldn't touch ANYTHING for the longest time...

Yeah, I finally have some pounding screenies! I have plenty more, but I had way too many Tonus and Jetsams (after Jetsam
Day there was a flooding of the pound, and I've seen about half a dozen or so so far) to include them all,
so I only selected a couple of those. Anyway, here they are so far :3

That Elephante has the most perfect name too :o it's a shame I don't have room right now :/
(and that it was already snatched up)

This is for anyone who complains that they never see Poogles in the pound.
I saw this one (which has a nice name by the way) and a yellow one right after it in one day o_o;
again, it's a shame my accounts are full (my newest side is too young to adopt an LE pet anyway)

A nicely named Koi was found as well!
Too bad this was the only one I've seen ^^;
but I already have one, so whatever...

If only I had room...this lovely Desert Kyrii would've been MINE!
It was only level 1 too :O and really cheap...darn.

Someone was probably loaning someone this Pteri for the Pink avvie :o

This Wocky had such a cute name too =_=;

For some reason, I see a lot of Cloud pets, and I don't know why.
This Skeith had a nice, number-and-underscoreless name too =_=

Well, whaddya know? A perfectly good Cybunny!
...dreadful name though.

I wanted this one SO badly! I think Cloud Gnorbus are so cute ._.

Ever since I added a Green Urapa Bead to my Talisman, I've had my NPs
increase on some of my game scores ^_^ it's awesome~

Seriously! Why else did this exist?! @#%*!


I think he's on something o.O

Yeah, he's lost it.

This joke's virtually the same, and he HATED it! Hahaha!

A scammer was advertising a Magical Lime Chia Pop for 30,000NP on one of the NeoBoards one night,
and this is what those who visited the scammer's shop encountered: a poorly-veiled attempt to
trick unsuspecting Neopians into purchasing a NON-Magical Chia Pop for a ridiculous price. Well,
on some browsers, the coding was flawless, but not on mine (I use Firefox).
Laaaaaame...you lose, scammer!

Yay! Thanks Esophagor~~~ I got a good profit on that quest :3

Meanwhile, Edna stiffed me big time. I'm still determined to get her avvie though, but she leaves me bitter most of the time *shakes fist at evil green Zafara*

It always seems like it's the Aisha that's messing me up when I do the Fruit Machine -_-

Is that the perfect hand or what? XD

I took this when I FINALLY was able to afford a Baby Paint Brush to paint
Bou-kun with~~ I was so happy :3

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy paid me a visit while
playing Sutek's Tomb one evening ^_^

I normally don't do so well at that game, but when I finally got a high score, the window messed up on me! Nooooo--!

Maybe this was the Aisha's way of repaying me for stiffing me so many times XD

Ah, I love NPs...thanks Scratchcard Wocky~!

I'm sooooo 1337! xD;;

I finally got something...

Too bad I missed it :/

Yay for plushies!!

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