Hi there, guest, and welcome to my little page here on Neopets! My name is Osayukoi, or just Sayu for short! I'm a candy loving Korbat...so I've dedicated my little E-Roost to my one true love: CANDY!! So feel free to look around! There's lots of things to see and do, including some fun crafts you can try at home! You can also learn about me and my family, get some reviews on the best candy and find some links to some of the best candy shops in all of Neopia! Navigation is on your right, so click away and I hope you enjoy! Oh yah, and before I forget, I'd like to aknowledge my owner, dragon_spine (Magnus) for drawing out my layout and stuff! Please respect her art and don't steal it or use it for the BC, Art Gallery, etc. It's just for looking, thanks. :)

Well, to get the basics out and know, my name is Osayukoi and I am a Kandy Korbat. Now, I know what you're thinking: "What on earth is a Kandy Korbat!?
It's simple! I'm the only one in existance, but it basically means I'm a candy-toned version of a Starry Korbat...plus I love candy. You could say my love for sweets is so extreme that my fur lightened, but hey who knows!
Anyway, back on track...I'm a male Korbat, weighing in at roughly 42 lbs and I'm about 66 centimeters tall! My favorite colours are baby blue and pink, as well as lime green! I'm 141306 hours old and although I'm not a fighter, if you're interested in my combat stats they are:
16 strength, 15 speed, 9 defence, 46 intelligence, and my current health points are 19/19.
Oh yah, and I've won #BD_WON out of #BD_PLAYED battles...and lost #BD_LOST.

Oh yah, I've won a couple awards since I was born on Neopets, so incase you'd like to see them, here are my trophies! Aren't they shiney?

As you can clearly see...I LOVE CANDY!! Yes I do, I live, eat and sleep candy. I can't get enough of it! Chocolates, lollypops, candy canes, slushies...I could go on and on, but you get the point! Now aside from candy, I like other things too! Oh yes, I love quite a few other things...aside from my one and only love for candy!
Some Stuff I Really like...
Usuki Dolls: They're...so fun to play with though! I always make my owner, dragon_spine, buy them for me.
Things That Glow: I love techno...so of course I love glowy things!
Techno: I like a lot of different music, but techno is my favorite! Particularily happy hardcore!
Nailpolish: ...What? My toenails aren't pink for nothin' ya know!

That's right, it's time for Sayu's Top Licks of Neopia!. My aim with this part of my petpage is to give a good review on some of the tastiest candy out in Neopia to date, aswell as reccomend GREAT candyshops! So sit back, unwrap your favorite chocolate bar and prepare to feel your mouth water!

10. Sherbert Strawberries - A perfect tasting fruit meets the perfect taste of sugur! These little candies are sure to have your sweet tooth tingling!
9. Rainbow Gelert Lollypop - Not only is it tastey and cute to look at, but each layer of candy changes as you lick it away!
8. Candy Chia Apple - No, I'm not a Chia Hater, but I think even a Chia can enjoy a tastey apple-flavoured treat! I mean, look how adorable the candy chia looks!
7. Toffee Classic - Nothing out of the ordinary, just plain ol' toffee that never goes old!
6. Lime Nimmo Bites - There's other flavours of Nimmo Bites, but I find the original lime flavour is a sour wonder!
5. Gummy Fish - These Gummy Fish make the list cause not only are they a nice snack, but they provide hours of entertainment if you can play with your food!!
4. Blueberry Faerie Bubble - Any of the Faerie Bubble treats are fun to eat, but they've pulled off the blueberry taste remarkabley well in this goo-centered candy!
3. Bananarific Ice Lolly - Frozen treats are big in Neopia, but the Bananarific Ice Lolly will blow your ming with it's extreme banana taste!
2. Gooey Strawberry Grarrl - I know I'm a little bias with the strawberries thing, but the gooey grarrl candies are just to DIE for...they're a mix of tastey strawberry flavored fudge and white chocolate...yum!
1. Raspberry Sweetie - Well...any Sweetie treat for that matter. No, it's not big and extravagent, but these little candies have a magic way of making any Neopet smile. :)

10. Cocolatte Fruit - You're thinking 'fruit?' but no, once you crack past the leathery skin, it's chocolate galore!
9. Baked Apple with Snowberries - An easy treat on the teeth, but a tastey one nonetheless complete with a nice combonation of snowberries, whipped cream, chocolate and apple goodness!
8. Chocolate Chip Pizza - What more could you ask for!?
7. Caramel Usul Cake - Far too tastey for just a Usul. This U-shaped treat is equipt with pieces of almond and white chocolate, aswell as an ummagine icing base! Mmm-mm!
6. Maple Syrup Negg - Easy to bite and easy to love. If you're a fan of maple syrup, this is what you want!
5. Chococherry Surprise - Sure it looks like a mound of chocolate, but the gooey cherry filling will make your tastebuds scream for more!
4. Chocopie Slice - An extreme bite into the epitome of chocolate!
3. White Chocolate Pear - A purely delicious combonation of white, creamy chocolate and fruitiful flavour!
2. Triple Chocolate Mince Pie - Get this: this pie's full of melted chocolate, chocolate chunks and chocolate flakes ontop__. You can't get much more chocolatier than this, people!
1. Chocolate Cherry Cheesesteak - Cheesecake, Cherries and a mountain of chocolate...this is the dessert of all desserts! Your mouth will scream for more!

10. Gummy Quiggles - They're small, cute, and wiggle around until you bite into them!
9. Banana Gummy Slorg - Just look at the little guy's face, honestly! This is one of the cutest (and tastiest) gummy candies to date!
8. Root Beer Barrels - Chewy, bite-sized barrels that make a chewy, root-beer packed snack!
7. Raspberry Jelly Heart - One of the few chewy treats that tastes of delicious strawberries...it's also a great valentine's day gift.
6. Sour Gummy Skeith Tail - If you can't handle the sourness, you can always thwap someone with it! It wiggles right back to you!
5. Gummy Worm Lollypop - This unique combonation of hard candy and gummies is sure to please any fan of sourness!
4. Acara Jelly Pops - Portable, chewable, cute little Acara's on a stick! They come in either yellow (banana) or blue (blueberry) jelly!
3. Pineapple Gummy Chia - Pineapple!? And Gummies!? Great combonation! Sweet and soury, and chewy as heck!
2. Fizzy Neocola Bottles - Same great NeoCola replica taste, but the ones fizz in your mouth!
1. Techo Jelly Surprise - Delicious blueberry jelly and icecream cupped in an edible techo-shaped dish is the perfect chewable tastey you can find in Neopia!

10. Super Sour Shocker Chia Pop - If you think you can handle sour, you haven't had a Sour Shocker pop yet! Quite possibley the best sour treat in all of Neopia!
9. Striped Chia Pop - No, it doesn't taste like zebras...but if you like black liquorice and vanilla, you'll love this chia pop!
8. Banana Split Chia Pop - The same great taste of a banana split in a portable package!
7. Pineapple Chia Pop - Mmm tangy goodness...and a bit of magic mixed into this one...
6. Rainbow Chia Pop - If you just can't choose what flavour you want, then this is your pick! It's the best of all tastes!
5. Blue Apple Chia Pop - Similar to the taste of a regular apple Chia Pop...but this one comes from the rare Blue Apples! It has a special little taste to it!
4. Candy Floss Chia Pop - If you've ever hated the sticky mess of cotton candy, this will solve your problem as this Chia Pop tastes EXACTLY like cotton candy!!
3. Plum Chia Pop - A super unique flavour to hit the candyline, this plum Chia Pop has some magical properties..and a magical taste!
2. Juppie Swirl Chia Pop - Mmmmm delicious Juppie juice and cream all mixed together to tickle your tastebuds!
1. Snowberry Chia Pop - This is the ultimate chia pop...the delicious flavour of Snowberries compiled into a frozen treat that will NEVER melt! Even in the middle of summer!

10. Pepperminto Slushie - A minty candydrink created by the infamous magician, Minto the Magnificent, is sure to leave you wanting more!
9.Thistleberry Slushie - If you pick out some of the whole thistleberries they've thrown in here, the taste is actually quite good! And unique, nonetheless!
8. Kiwi Slushie - Definately points for unique taste, but the bits of kiwi skin you may find can be a downer to some...I still find it very tastey though!
7. Orange Cream Slushie - It's like an orange creamcicle you can drink! Simpley to die for!
6. Marshmallow Slushie - Super thick and gooey! And oh-so marshmellowy!
5. Tangy Tropic Slushie - If you put all the fruits of mystery island into one drink, it would be the Tangy Tropic Slushie! None other contains such a beautiful blend of tropical fruit!
4. Cherry Lemonade Slushie - You'll need to wear sunshades to eat this one, but it's worth the intense flavour!
3. Oranella Slushie - A fruity blend of rare Oranella fruits, a citrus delight!
2. Tiger Orange Slushie - Grrr! The fierce flavour of orange and molasses is what's in this slushie, sure ti have your teeth sticking together to savour the taste!
1. Rainborific Slushie - Unlike most rainbow candies, this slushie actually contains the essence of rainbows! This taste is too good to pass up!

Is your shop a candy shop or gallery? A chocolate shop? Do you know of someone who does? Than nominate yourself or your friend for the Top Lick of Neopia Award! If you think your shop is the ULTIMATE candy haven, neomail my owner, dragon_spine with the subject as Top Lick Award and she'll send me over to rate your shop or gallery! If you win, you'll be neomailed a Trophy that you can display in your shop if you'd like! :) The winners of the Top Lick award will also be posted on my petpage, so start nominating! I'd love to hear from you!

Be Sure to visit the Winners:
Candy Emporium - owned by muttonchops
Death By Chocolate - owned by argoisin
All Things Chocolate - owned by heartcandyz
Chocolate Gallery - owned by getto_agent
The CHOCOHOLIC Gallery - owned by fleep

Aaah, candy is synonymous with plenty things...chocolate...sugar...and best of all, holidays! Oh yes, as you're probably aware, there are plenty candy-related holidays in Neopia! And incase you can't remember which ones they are or you just wanna know when to expect to get some tastey treats, I've compiled a list of holidays involving Candy around Neopia.

Yes, the day of love itself, Valentine's Day! This holiday is known for chocolate and hearts, so enjoy the sweets from your sweetie on this February holiday!
Day: February 14th
Treats To Expect: Valentines Muffins, Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box, Valentines Chocolate Selections
Booo--oooo! The most infamous candy holiday around, Halloween! Where all the little goblins and ghouls around Neopia go out and demand sweets from the residents! Heh, no, I'm kidding, but this holiday sure is a candy extravaganza!
Day: October 31st
Treats To Expect: Almost Gummy Rats, Spooky Donuts, Lollipops of all sorts
Aahh...a holiday in the season of giving...and what better to give than lots of candies and treats? Heh, Christmas is another well-known candy related holiday that all good little pets enjoy!
Day: December 25th
Treats To Expect: Candy Canes, Chocolate, Holiday Slushies, Gingerbread Men
That wonderful holiday when the Easter Bunny visits all the lucky Neopets and leaves tastey chocolate treats!
Day: Usually around April 20th - 25th
Treats To Expect: Easter Neggs, Chocolate and Sugar Bunnies, Chocolate Eggs

If you like playing with your food...or candy...and you wanna take it to the next level, I've made a list of some of my favorite candy crafts to share with all of you! Enjoy and have fun!

Lollypop Puppets

  • Large, flat-surfaced Lollipops or Suckers
  • Icing
  • Gummy Worms
  • Licorice
  • M&M's
  • JuJubs
  • Candy Corn
  • LifeSaver Candies
  • Any other candies you want

    1. Mix up a bown of icing, not that much. The icing will be used to stick the smaller candies to your lollipop, so only make as much as you think you'll need. It'll depend on how many puppets you intend to make
    2. Take your candies and stick them to one side of your lollipop. You can use the Gummy Worms or Licorice to make smiley faces and mouths, M&M's and Life Savers, or other round candies are perfect for eyes. Candy Corn and JuJubs make great teeth. Other candies can be used to add horns, eyesbrows, or whatever else you want to add to your puppet!
    3. If you're using smaller lollipops, use shoelace licorice for mouths and mini M&M's for eyes!
    4. Let the icing harden and enjoy! Play with your Lollipop Puppets until your hungry -- then eat 'em up!
  • Candy Caterpillars

  • Shoelace licorice
  • LifeSaver Candies
  • Tiny Candies (M&M Minis)
  • A small amount of icing

    1. Take a string of licorice (as long as you like) and knot one end.
    2. Put your LifeSavers on the string (through the hole, of course) until you reach the end of your string, then knot that end so the LifeSavers can't fall off.
    3. Tie smaller lengths of licorice around sections of your 'cateripillar' to make legs and antenea on the head of you'd like.
    4. Take two M&M Minis and icing them to one of the end LifeSavers (whichever end you want the head to be) to make the eyes.
    5. And there you have a caterpillar! Make as many as you like and eat them up when you're done playing with them!

  • A little look at my friends and family!
    This is my fiery brother who's known as Daisuke or Daichan for short. He loves hardcore. He loves it like a god, heheh! He's a really cool brother, and was dragon_spine's first pet! So he's my only older brother.
    DarthHardcore (Darth for short) is the newest member to our family, a mutated version of the insect-like Ruki species. I didn't really know him when he was normal, but ever since the poor guy was mutated he's spoken in what I guess is a language...it sounds like whirrs and clicks to me though! He's a good Ruki, though, and communicates well enough with hand-movements!
    Known as Hitori for short, this is my youngest brother. He's very, very antisocial...my other two brothers kinda traumatize him often...but I don't. I feel bad for him. He doesn't like talking to people really...but he's a harmless little guy.
    This is my Ghostkercheif petpet, Kaitou! His name means 'phantom' in Japanese...which is suiting considering he's a ghost! He's a bit mindless...kinda just floats there most of the time, but I love him all the same! Daisuke mistakes him for a hanky alot of the time tho...eerk.
    My wonderful, talented owner! She's more commonly known as Magnus, a red weredragon who took the liberty to take care of me and my 3 brothers! She's really nice, and loves to draw. She does comics for The Neopian Times.
    dragon_spine's best friend's Aisha, Tat! She's really nice, but I think she has a crush on me. *blushes* Heh...either way, she's a nice friend!
    If candy were a neopet, Devi would be it. *slurp*
    He's another of dragon_spine's friend's pets.
    My spider-man obsessed friend, Spyro! He's a candy fanatic like me, we LOVE raiding the candy stores together! Hehehehe! We usually have to sneak some neopoints from our owner to do so, but we're both very sneaky.


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