Orthia the Eyrie

Hi guest! I am Orthia the Eyrie. I am very happy to finally be a Pirate! My owner Frosty has always wanted a Pirate Eyrie. (Clicking that above link will take you to my owner's main account, but not to her side account leoninesprite which is where I live).

Here are the second half of the screenies. To see the first half, visit Artemis961's page.

If I look at your screenies and consider them super-spiffy, I will give you my special screenie award!
Rise up to the challenge, ye scurvy dogs, yarr!

Note: I am very strict when it comes to giving out awards. Only recipients to whom I give 10/10 get one. If you got one, be honored - it means your screenies were truly hilarious and award-worthy. I don't give out awards to JUST ANYONE ;D

Neopians who have won my Screenie Award:

1) pyrokineticka

2) crazedfrogluver13

3) elegon

Please read before continuing...

Because I was constantly having trouble with the screenies and with photobucket, I will no longer be able to display your comments on the screenies here. :{ I am so sorry especially to those who actually had comments that I had previously displayed here! I am so disappointed. And I was nearing my 100th rating, too. That's about 350 neomails - gone.

I still have a copy of the comments, however, so rest assured that I will keep all your neomails with me and that it's not because I don't appreciate your feedback that I'm not displaying them anymore :}

Because there aren't as many of the awards, I will still keep them on here. And you are still VERY welcome to neomail me your comments, because I will continue to take screenies of them and keep them with me. Unfortunately I just won't be able to display them any more... sigh.

Anyway, without further ado:


Does anyone see Uriah on the boards these days?? Don't tell me he quit XD
This was in response to someone asking to see screenies. And thanks for advertising mine for me, Uriah (but Artemis is a shoyru)

After this conversation I decided that I'd dedicate a whole new section to it. So, you have this page :P

This is actually a pretty surprising experience for me.
I wonder how many people in the future will advertise my screenies? :P

Haha lol... Popular and unpopular at the same time :P

Rofl this just proves my last point!!

It's ok, really, a lot of people make that mistake :P

Well, at least SOMEONE mentioned me haha.

She meant the slorg that used to be attached to my Eyrie. She liked poking it XP

Wow, I feel so special :'D Thanks rusty! *huggles*

She was the champion who taught me how to use the quick adopt link as well. ^_^

I found it funny that she's made it TWICE onto this particular section of my screenies!
The first time she was asking for screenies and lindzerin advertised them, and now SHE'S advertising them! :o

And this was on the same day I got my 50th award, too! YAY!

On the same board as the above. Three in one board! :D


The year was wrong, I actually received this in 2005, not 2004 :)

Something has happened!
Congrats, Frostyninetales! You have won o0o_opiate_o0o's Piratetastikal Screenie Award!

After Neo's stupid new coding rules, this award for some reason doesn't work anymore. And I forgot to record who actually gave it to me :o so if it was you, please neomail me!

I was the first to receive this award from diamond! Yayness :D

FIFTIETH AWARD!! Woo! Thanks for making this great, everyone! =D

This awesome-ness screenie award is from faeriegiv3r :o

Something has happened!
You have won Mindfreak7856's platinum nerkmid award for the coolest petpage!!!!!

Something Has Happened!
0You have won a cuttie_amina award because you made me happy!

The goddess featured on this award is Artemis!! Isn't that clever!!

Something has happened!
Your screenies have won the random event screenie award!
Your screenies get infinity/10.
-molli (buddypalal4)

This is my ONE HUNDREDTH AWARD!! Woo! Thank you very much to everyone!

WHAT?! Only one hundred and forty-eight awards?
Come on people! Quench my greed and gimmeh more feedback :P

Hope you enjoyed the screenshots! MORE WILL BE ADDED SOON.