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Welcome to Orofane's Cheap Book Guide, a petpage designed to help you locate affordable books to raise your pets' intelligence. Here you'll find a list of various books selling for less than 1,000nps.

If you have any additions, comments, or questions, feel free to neomail me. Thanks for visiting!

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5.25.14 - Prices have been updated and new books are beginning to be added. I hope to be up to 100 books by the end of the weekend.

78 books listed as of 5.25.14

:: using the guide

Helpful Hints
Booktastic Books are sold at the Booktastic Book Shop and count towards the number of Booktastic Books your pet has read.

Click the title of a book to open a Shop Wizard search for that item.

Remember if you don't have access to the Super Shop Wizard to refresh the Shop Wizard results to ensure you get the best possible deal on a book.

Users often have multiple copies of cheap books in stock because they're easy to get from Dailies. Stock up on these multiple cheap books so you can read them to all of your pets and save time visiting fewer shops. Don't forget about those pets on your side accounts.

If your pet has high enough intelligence, this may increase its value in terms of pet trading.

Your Pet's Reading History
To see which books your pet has already read, add their name to the end of this URL:

And to see which Booktastic Books your pet has read, add their name to the end of this URL:

:: information about intelligence

Intelligence Levels
Your pet's intelligence level is determined by how many points they've earned. Here is a list of the levels:
10-14: Average
15-19: Above Average
20-24: Bright
25-29: Clever
30-34: Very Clever
35-39: Brilliant
40-44: Genius
45-49: Super Genius
50-54: Mega Genius
55-59: Total Genius
60-94: Master Genius
Above 95: Ultimate Genius

If your pet is a Grundo or a hatched Draik, they will start at 0 intelligence and have the following 2 levels:
0-4: Dim Witted
5-9: Dull

In terms of books read, these levels are approximately:
0-2: Average
3-4: Above Average
5-7: Bright
8-11: Clever
12-13: Very Clever
14-16: Brilliant
17-19: Genius
20-22: Super Genius
23-25: Mega Genius
26-28: Total Genius
29-48: Master Genius
49+: Ultimate Genius

Activities that Increase Intelligence
Wheel of Knowledge : Landing on the lightbulb space will increase your active pet's intelligence.
Coltzan's Shrine : Visiting Coltzan's Shrine may increase your active pet's intelligence.
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity : The plushie may increase your active pet's intelligence. You'll get this message: "While staring at the discarded plushie, YOURPETNAME has an epiphany, and seems a bit more enlightened. "
Faerie Crossword : Completing it quickly can raise your active pet's intelligence.
Cliffhanger & Guess the Card : When playing these games, there's about a 10% chance that your active pet will gain intelligence.

Items that Increase Intelligence
Elixir of Intellect
This increases your pet's intelligence by 2 points.
Genius Negg
Eating this will increase your pet's intelligence. It will also give you one of the following 6 books: Theories of Physics, Where Neggs Grow, Mystic Neggs Book, Battledome Guide, Know Your Neggs Book, or Cooking Neggs Book.
Greater Earthen Potion
When used, this item increases your pet's strength and their intelligence by 2.
Illusen Day Elixir
Increases your pet's intelligence by 2 points.
Potion of Brightvale Castle
This potion will either do nothing or increase your pet's intelligence by 1.
Potion of Telepathy
This item will increase intelligence by 1.
Sparkle Potion
This potion will increase your pet's intelligence by 1-3 points.
Witchy Negg
Eating this negg has many possible effects, one of which is increasing your pet's intelligence.

Refusing to Read a book
Sometimes your pet will refuse to read a book. It has something to do with the number of letters in the name of the book and the number of letters in the name of your pet. It's a simple fix - just change the language you're browsing the site in. Usually French or Spanish will work, but if they don't, try one of the Asian languages. Keep trying a different language until your pet reads the book.

Loyal User Perk
If your account is older than 24 months, there's a chance that a book won't disappear after you read it to a pet. This is great because you can then read it to another pet for free!

Book Smarts Boon
If you fight for the victorious side during a skirmish at the Battleground of the Obelisk, you will be rewarded with your choice of boon, one of which is called Book Smarts. The Book Smarts Boon - available for the Seekers faction and randomly for the Awakened faction - will give your pet two to four intelligence points instead of one each time they read a book. This boon lasts for the week-long truce between skirmishes, making that week a great time to increase your pet's intelligence for cheap!

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:: the list

Under 25 nps

Babaa Care Counting Babaas Day in the Life of King Roo Faellie Handbook Faellie Tales Gallant Gallions Comic
Gallion Care Gallion Colouring Book Gruslen Pop-Up Book Kiko Pop-Up Book Lenny Crosswords Mystery Island Monthly
Neopian Times Issue 3 Ogrin Survivor Soggy Scroll The Luckiest Babaa Turmac Snacks Waterlogged Book

25 - 50 nps

Attack on Kreludor Fishing For Zafaras Mystery of the Kougra Paw Tome of Selket Yurble Tales

50 - 200 nps

A Nimmo Music Extravaganza Brightvale Castle Geraptiku Recipes Keeping the Peace King Hagan My First Babaa

200 - 400 nps

Brightvale Guide to Stained Glass Windows Cartography For Beginners Cybunny Diary Inside the Mind of a Lupe Scroll of Serpents The Big Blue Blumaroo Book

400 - 600 nps

Back in Peaceful Times Bruce Snowball Strategies Classic Moehog Tales Kreludan Cookie Book Moon Missions Moon Rock Formations
Playing with Fire The End of the Tunnel The Grarrl Who Crushed Tyrannia The Green Book The Kreludan Flag The Wonders of Water

600 - 800 nps

A is for Aisha Collecting Moon Rock Constellation Spotting Kreludan Encyclopedia Kreludan Recipes Kreludan Sundaes
Repairing Your Ship Victory is Ours

800 - 1,000 nps

105 Lava Cake Recipes About Roberta Acaras in History Advanced Papyrus Making After the Battle Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes
Babaa Tales Cooking with Qando Fruit Defend Yourself Deteriorating Scroll Eye-Sha Faerie Folk
Galactic Adventures Gnorbu Mane Care Gruslen Grooming Korbat Calculus Kreludan Facts Kreludan Fashion
Nest Builders Manual Not-So-Disgusting Dung Uses Orange Grundo Survival Handbook Qasalan Etiquette Repairing Your Petpets Sakhmet Natives
Simple Spells The Magic Paw The Threat Outside Traversing The Moon

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