It's so nice to see you here on my petpage! Oh.. so we have not met yet. Then maybe let's start from beginning.

My name is Oreelka, but you can call me Oree. I am an Island Ixi which live in Neopia for quite long time now. You can speak freely. I always like to talk with new met Neopians. I think everyone has an interesting story to tell. What is mine? Well, it's not quite a story. But I hope you will find interesting what I have to say.

As I said I live here for quite long. I was watching how amazing Neopia is growing and how Neopians are having more and more to choose from. New games, new activities, new places and also new kind of food. I think these days Neopians have so much choice that it is like a selection of a way of life. For example you can spend all your time on Mystery Island eating tropical food and relaxing all day long or live in Neopia Central shopping, eating pizza or Hubert's hotdogs.

I created my petpage to help guide all of you, my dear friends. Maybe when you listen carefully, you will know what to choose to live a healthy life.

But first of all to introduce myself better I prepared some information:

Name: Oreelka
Nickname: you can call me Oree
Species: Ixi
Colour: Island
Birthday: 28th day of Awakening (Y5)
Eye colour: light green
Hair: red, straight and short
Special Signs: quite long, black horns and black hoofs. My skin is tanned. I have tatoo near my navel
Appearance: tall and slim. I care to be athletic
Clothes: I prefer shorts and tops. I like earings
Family: Firefree(my owner), younger sister: Lurumi, younger brother: Shuneko
Petpet: Apple the White Weewoo
Fav colour: red
Fav place: Mystery Island (ideal place for sunbathing and vacation)
Fav food: all healthy food! Especially fruits
Fav item: Strawberry Kiwi Tea (Firefree says that I have eyes like kiwi and hair like strawberry)
Fav Band: Twisted Roses (they're cool and Ixi is a leader of the Group!)
Like: spending time with friends, resting, sunbathing, playing games, dancing, Tropical Food, sports and training
Hate: staying at home, chocolate, Slushies, being in bad health-condition, going to Jelly World
Wishlist: I need Codestones only.. just wanna be a strong girl

That should be enough for now. When you are ready to read more choose one of the icons at the top. You can find there a whole section about living healthy in Neopia. Also if you like Ixi's (or fruits) feel free to stop by Fruit Ixi Adoptables section and adopt one or two for yourself.

start: 17.07.2006

Live healthy

Firstly, healthy life is not only eating fruits and vegetables. If you spend some time with me here I will show you it is much more. For me healthy life is a happy life with lots of dancing, playing favourite sports and resting in favourite places. Definitely living healthy doesn't mean being slim. Not at all. It means feeling well in your body. To achieve this I will give you few simple advices. Sit down and listen carefully.

At the beginning some basics. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to work properly. Fortunately in Neopia's shops you will find food suitable for your health. You should consider your diet precisely. I think I can help you with this list:


Vitamin A
necessary for your eyesight. Eat: eggs, milk, berries, carrots, tomatoes

Vitamin B
for powerful muscles. Eat: meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables

Vitamin C
increases your immunity. Eat: citrus fruits, black berries, green pepper

Vitamin D
makes your bones strong. Eat: milk, eggs, butter, meat

Vitamin E
helps you focus. Eat: nuts, green vegetables, eggs


strong bones and teeth, great mood.
Eat: cheese, yoghurt, milk, eggs, spinach

energy, optimism, strong bones. Eat: fish, pasta, meat, cheese

for beautiful skin, hair, nails, hooves. Eat: cereal, yolk, liver, oyster, lobster

for proper blood. Eat: fish, mushrooms, nuts, vegetables, dried fruits

for your heart. Eat: nuts, spinach, potatoes, bananas, meat

Deficiency of vitamins causes multiple diseases. To avoid this you can buy tablets. But remember that to many tablets can also damage your organism so it's better to obtain vitamins with food.

Healthy Food

Neopian Health Foods shop is located in The Neopian Bazaar. I recommend you to visit it often for all those tasty things. It always has the most fresh and delicious food. It's amazing how many kind of dishes you find there. From simple fruits and vegetables to refined ones like Tchea and Meatball Noodles or Luxury Cabbage Cake.

My favourite are Mixed Fruit and Veggie Kebab. They are not so expensive. Try them and I'm sure you'll fell in love.

Mixed Veggie KebabMixed Fruit Kebab

You don't have to buy finished meal. You may prepare one by yourself. If you are not a cook master like my sister Lurumi, I suggest reading books about making a healthy dish. I found few really interesting ones. Maybe you will find your favourite.

Healthy Kyrii TreatsMy Favourite FoodCooking With Peas
Cooking For KougrasThe Kau CookbookCooking With A Bomberry
Head to the Magical Bookshop to buy one


Remember that if something taste good it doesn't mean it's healthy. The same is with drinks. There are so many kind of Neocola and Slushies but have you ever considered how much sugar each cup has?
I can tell you: A LOT!!

Also I can tell you there is nothing better than simple water. But if you really want to drink something sweet chose fresh juice.

Tomato Basil JuicePineapple JuiceParsley Juice
Bottle of WaterGarlic JuiceCup of Water

How to stay fit

Remember that if you are fit and strong you feel happy. Better start your training at Swashbuckling Academy or Training School quickly and then head to the Battledome to see how your body changed greatly. Good luck !

Nimmo Combat GuideHeavyweight Boxing GlovesBattledome Guide

And don't stop practicing. Regular training is the most important thing when you want to keep perfect body. You can buy equipment that will help you even in your own Neohome. Try these:

Pull-up BarWorkout BenchHand Weights
Chia Clown Punching BagPunchbag Bob Punching BagPant Devil Punch Bag

Do you want to know more? You will find many great training guides in bookstores. They're different for each species of Neopet. Here is the list of the best ones about exercises and training I found so far:

Weight Lifting for JetsamsKacheek ExerciseQuiggle Work Out
Nimmo YogaHow to Stay FitZafara Keep Fit

You also help your body while having fun. Playing basketball, volleyball and riding bike is great. Find your favorite and start playing. Shortly you will see the results.

Purple Ruki Skipping RopeRoller BladesWooden Skateboard
Super Duper ScooterBori Tennis SetBasketball
Red Mountain BikeCloud Chomby Flying DiscLeather Exercise Ball

My favourite form of exercising is dance. I really enjoy dancing because you have to move every part of your body. It really helps you stay in good shape with lots of fun additionally. Great fun and great training, you should try hard.

Dance Moves For ScorchiosBlumaroo Dance MovesMynci Dance

Rest and relax

You should take care not only of you organism. Pay attention to your spirit. There is nothing worse than to be put under stress. I recommend you to take things easy and go on a little trip. Here you can find my suggestions about the best place for rest

Mystery Island Summer BackgroundMystery Island

Personally it's my favourite place in whole Neopia. Nowhere you can rest just like here. As it is 'a tropical island hundreds of miles from just about everywhere' you can be sure that all your problems will disappear there. You can sunbath on The Beach, play volleyball with Myncies or eat delicious tropical fruits. Beware of eating too much Chokatos and Stramberries as it can result in stodginess


Wintery Slope BackgroundTerror Mountain

Do you prefer not so hot places? Terror Mountain is a good choice if you want to breath a fresh air. With white snow everywhere around you will feel calm and refreshed. Daily trips to Top of the Mountain and on a ring are good for everyone. Also this is an only place where you can taste famous snow food. Snow Broccoli are so yummy.. What? you are unconvinced? oh, okay, maybe Watermelon Shaved Ice will suit more.

Snow BroccoliBlue Ice SkatesWatermelon Shaved Ice

Meridell BackgroundMeridell

This place is unusual with no doubts. So much activities to pick and choose. Plus you won't find such a clean air anywhere as it is here. Well, you can train your brain with Sinsi in Shapeshifter or your dexterity in Cheeseroller. At nearby Meri Acres Farm you can pic as many berries as you wish. Take a not so long walk on the east to visit Brightvale with its fabulous fruits. I can assure that you won't get bored easily here.

MarrowSinsis Puzzle BookBrightvale Celebratory Fruit Basket

I hope you won't be unmoved to what I said. Healthy life means happy life so don't forget about this.

Fruit Ixi Adoptables

Finally you have reached my adoptables section. I suppose most of you have visited my petpage just because of them. But that is great for me! Why? The more Fruit Ixis are adopted the more Neopians will read about living healthy in Neopia (I hope so). That is the reason why you should
always put a link back to my petpage. If you don't know how to do this simply
copy the code as it is from a frame below image of your choice. Then
paste the code wherever you want without changing anything. I don't mind if you change the code as long as it contains a link back.

I'm glad if you enjoy Fruit Ixi's Adoptables in any way you like. What I forbid is
changing an image,
using them in Beauty Contest/Art Gallery etc., and
saying that you made them by yourself.

For now you can find here all available Ixi colours (or at least all visible Ixi colours). If you are looking for a particular one simply press Ctrl+F and type colour of your choice as it is named in Rainbow Pool. What you will find here additionally are Special Ixi Adoptables which are below ordinary colours and Custom Adoptables which are at the bottom of the page.

Special Ixi Adoptables contains great female Ixis of Neopia. So if you are a fan of Sophie or Nabile you will find them there. Custom Adoptables were made for friends. Mostly in exchange for a custom adoptable of me. So if you have Ixi adoptables and want a custom fruit one simply Neomail Firefree. If she has a time, she will do an adoptable trade with you. If she doesn't have time you can always send a custom for me. I will be grateful and certainly place it in Art section of petpage.

Special Ixi Adoptables

Strawberry&Kiwi Oreelka

Lychee Tarla

Fig Nabile

Pumpkin Sophie

Rose Ixi from Twisted Roses

Custom Ixi Adoptables

(custom for smockey11)

(custom for snocatt)

(custom for bosco4ver)

(custom for leahlynn09)

(custom for buck1950)

(custom for chak_chak)

(for generationrewind)

(custom for fairye)

(custom for hoozuki_zoku)


Welcome in my favourite section of the petpage. Why favourite? Because here I can see how many great friends I have. At the bottom you will find brilliant art made by them. Bear in mind that I appreciate every piece of art. So if you would like to draw something for me, even if you think you are not an artist, feel free. I will cherish picture from you for ever.


Wow, these look just like me! Big thanks goes to the authors. I encourage to visit petpage of the author by clicking on the image. Also if you have Ixi adoptables, and you are willing to make a custom for me, neomail Firefree. I will certainly place it here so everybody can see it.

Oreelka by others

Note that size of these pictures is reduced. To see image in full size right click on it. Then chose an option like 'show in a new window' or 'show image' or choose properties, copy picture's address URL and paste it in browser. Option for you depends on your browser.

(with friend, LittleAntler the Lost Desert Ixi in first pic) both by Smockey11

I love this one!
(with friend Deztao, the Island Aisha)
by ae0nsoul

by Shadowstripe | by mysticflamepack | by lldaniixll

by buck1950 | by sts_friends_forever | by bosco4ver | by Aquilawa

Banner exchange

It is quite sad to say goodbye but this is the last section of my page. I'm glad that you spent so much time here. I hope very much that you enjoyed everything what you found and read. At the end I want to offer you a banner exchange. If you have a great Pet Page simply copy the code of a banner of your choice, insert it somewhere on your Pet Page and Neomail Firefree. She will insert banner of yours here. If you don't have a banner, I will still be grateful for placing mine wherever you wish.

Friend pages

::Silence is Golden::

That is completely all for now. I hope to see you again soon.

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