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Hello! Welcome to my list of untaken pet names! Once the pet name is taken an image of the pet will appear, so if you don't see any pictures that means those names are free!

Page Created 4.17.2016
Last Updated 2.24.2019

Number of names listed: 480
Number of names taken: 218

Site Updates:


Added 98 untaken names into the unsorted tab.


Moved 20 taken names to taken names tab: Nlvo, Ojnn, Rmod, Szld, Spesu, Elgyra, Elzyre, Rieald, Sazyre, Viahil, Xenesh, Zurely, Aerenys, Chelroc, Eemalee, Trejure, Ariesreia, Sandcape, Snowmaster, and Baneberries.
Added 3 new names: Javonti, Ahsiekal, and Ahseikal.


Moved 7 taken names to taken names tab: Hewne, Meswo, Xogai, Bertdo, Aetolan, Forthlay, and Occursus.
Added 24 new names: Vobys, Adaidh, Paesys, Aerenys, Alaehra, Aridysa, Arsinde, Debajoy, Eraenys, Rhaehra, Roslys, Saenela, Quinhia, Andregoto, Apiashal, Daemalarys, Jaelanys, Marklynne, Pulindaka, Rainaldo, Saisavali, Tathagato, Trailokyam, and Tyraemyx.


Moved 20 taken names to taken names tab: Pbix, Udgu, Ylto, Chror, Cluiz, Etupe, Guyes, Ormyn, Ilvasa, Maeula, Ordysa, Petyre, Raztul, Sasheh, Berrich, Caesmus, Suadeo, Hepaticas, Mettere, and Portare.


added 33 four letter names, 36 Dungeons and Dragons inspired names, and moved taken names. 4L names added: Abfz, Agnd, Blti, Bshe, Bthb, Cxba, Ehvv, Eiyj, Ewlb, Ifnd, Jbxe, Jlze, Lfxa, Nlvo, Nmpi, Nyjd, Ojnn, Pbix, Qror, Rmod, Sbwy, Szld, Tbxe, Tphy, Udgu, Vbdl, Vkky, Xcsx, Xcqi, Ylto, Zdgu, Zfot, and Ztie.
D&D Names Added: Ormyn, Eldysa, Elgyra, Elzyre, Dohani, Ilvasa, Jelwyn, Odiree, Olveme, Orwyse, Ordysa, Maeula, Paenys, Sasheh, Sazyre, Selxis, Xazyre, Aludysa, Ashimea, Carkini,, Helgyra, Isazira, Jelwyse, Kithwyn, Kloceli, Lilzyre, Marsira, Minnove, Trizyre, Venmyra, Welyore, Daphizyre, Faeniana, Jaysellae, Lorigani and Thasreze.
Taken names moved: Bthw, Keury, Rhenry, Wesaer, Elinlea, Thelaya, Douglyss, Haskens, Necessarius, Bshe, Ehvv, Qror, Vkky, Ztie, Scayz, Zaewn, Mizerabil, Badevel, and Progressio.


added 9 new names and moved taken names. Names added: Guyes, Petyre, Baelush, Graejoy, Palmiry, Theeyon, Marjerri, Mizerabil, and Milesandra. Taken names moved: Zuhet, Doryphe, Beverlye, Sofhiyah, and Etupes.


added 14 new names as well as real city names. Names added (* indicates RW): Eemalee, Eemaly, Eemmalee, Etupe, Etupes*, Sochaux*, Badevel*, Haskens*, Lemoyne*, Tontogany*, Wauseon*, Doryphe, Jaeleighh, and Zaewn.


Revamped with a new layout and moved taken names to taken names tab.

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