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*NEW SCREENIES (4/3/08)*

I would be in love with Donny if he didn't call me a prawn.

See more here.

Missed Valiny's 666. And Akwain's. *is depressed* But at least I got this one! *perks up*

Scathing. Absolutely scathing. And heartless. I may be a sarky little berk, but I've got a heart, at least.

She said I could leave her name in. A gracious girl, I must say.

There's such a thing as dignity. She doesn't have it.

I really almost did laugh out loud when I read that.

Some people are just... nuts.

I do so like devious minds. A very interesting girl.

Now she's my neofriend.

Was helping her with her font. Still couldn't get the right effects. Totally beyond my neoHTML skillz (with a z), but a very nice person all in all.

I assure you, Qing Shui is the only edible AND tasty petpet of the four I have.

I actually did laugh out loud at sunny's reply!

Which reminds me, I'd better go try it too... *scurries off*

52, 52... if you're a comic book fan, this is a pretty significant number.

Bleh. At least I didn't get 1.

Poogles... -_-;

Aishas are cats with more ears. Cats with one pair of ears are charming. Cats with two pairs are not. (I swear that particular Aisha has a grudge against me...)

I DON'T like people who steal art. A comparison of her petpage and the original art page is below:

It's definitely not a water plant...

Poor dog... not even a visit to the vet?

I went on a buying spree today to get this av...

Now THERE'S a boneheaded way to get iced...

Neopia's been having too many heatwaves the past few days...

The Ghost Lupe is the weirdest...

So very, very long... such a nice av too.

It's nice, but I do wish people would actually say so if they were buying instead of lending.

You should definitely spell definitely definitely =D

It's right THERE under your POST...

You need a laxative, Mr Lava Ghoul.

*sweatdrop* She was most certainly cuckoo! (And it nearly drove me cuckoo taking this, too. 27 pieces of one screenie!)

There are like ZILCH ways my post could even be taken as begging...

Grr... Completely horrible! Shouldn't they have something in the game to stop something like that?

It's also bloody lucky I was only borrowing it, otherwise it'd become a Broken Evil Fuzzle!

Swamp Ghouls taste like marshmallows ;P

Me and my pets LOVE calamari...

Shouldn't it be frozen??

Please don't try to lend out if you DON'T know what a collateral is, bodoh.

Two different accusers, two different accusees. One pair are idiots. Guess which one?

Truly, I really did forget all about this av! I just picked WeAreAllDOOMED to get blessed because she didn't have any abilities!

I estimate that 1% of those rained, having been kissed, will turn into royalty.

I know that it's really not that exciting, but it's an FQQ, and that could mean I'm closer to an FFQ!

Yeah, well, *I* eat five Monoceri for breakfast! So don't you go round scaring my Valiny!


If you get an Ankh to the bottom, it'll clear the whole bottom row and its column. D: Sadly, soon after that the board got reshuffled. Which it does not! If it were really reshuffled, it'd still have the two Ankhs there after I went on playing!

Still haven't matched this score on Destruct-o-Match yet... D:

I *hate* Kads!


I... I never thought I could lose an av... *sob*

Well, I'm not a Battledome person, so it goes towards my Packrat av.

It's one of the coolest avs I can think of.

I have this urge to poke it and see if it'll burst like a bubble...

Dude gets all over the place...

x( Sometimes she can be so rude...

My ex-guild, mind. It was very odd... when I refreshed it was back to Neopets.

Pork=haram. Look it up if you don't know what it means.

Silly, no one will lend you with an attitude like that.

I mean, really...

Now the NC Mall has those faerie dolls, but it doesn't seem quite the same :/

I helped the guy out and he referred me, which was nice, but he needn't have done so.

O.o Oh Neopets timecodes, you so crazy.

It was a double tie too! So cool!

xP Sooo unfair...

Pteris all seem to have something against me...=.=

Uh... WHY would TNT want to stalk you?? Seriously...

It really boggles my mind, honestly...

Two rolls and I not only qualify but also get 24! Too awesome!


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Lois' Screenie Award

Not really an award, but it's still very sweet :D