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About Elevated

Elevated is an exclusive guild primarily for users who have a passion for trading, as well as customizing their pets. The guild also has a graphics and layout block, and an avatars and trophies block for those who enjoy those activities on neopets. The main focus of this guild is to provide a creative outlet for members who enjoy and take pride in the hobbies above. By joining, you'll have access to tips and trading pages, guild activities, as well as intelligent, experienced players to chat with. Elevated aims to bring users with similar passions closer together to create a tightly knit society.

If you are fortunate enough to have stumbled upon a recruitment board, and feel like applying, here are rules that members must follow at all times. If you cannot abide by these rules, you will not be allowed to remain in the guild or participate in guild activities.

  • Enjoy yourself. Don't be afraid to have some fun, that's what being is a guild is all about. Enjoy chatting with others, making new friends and doing what you are passionate about.
  • Follow all terms & conditions as set by TNT. As a group of intelligent users, we expect every single member to behave and follow the rules. We do not want to have to kick anyone out for any reason, so make sure to always exhibit good behavior.
  • Respect Others: This means respect other user's opinions, feelings, items and ideas. Think before you type and treat others how you want to be treated!
  • No Spamming! This is self-explanatory.
  • Critiques, Criticism, Help etc.: if you are giving advice to others, do it in a respectful manner. We give tips as steps stones toward improving, not insults meant to put down others.


You need to meet some of these requirements to be eligible to join Elevated! Not all of them, but we are looking for experienced and active users !

  1. Own a "High-End" Pet. This pet can be either with common real names or real words, BD Stats, Draiks, unconverted pets, or Krawks. We are mostly looking for users with higher-end trading experience (please don't be difficult about this. It's not necessarily necessary!).
  2. Customization Skills: Each pet on the account you are applying from must be customized; this can be either with NC or Neopoint items. Just … you know, no bare pets.
  3. 200+ Avatars. A large number of avatars is always an important aspect of an account – it shows you're active. Or were at some point. Lol ;D
  4. Account age over 12 months. We are only looking for experienced users who are dedicated to their account and know the Neopian world. Please note this isn't required for the account you are planning to join on; meaning you can join from side accounts. We are looking for experienced users that have been playing for a while and don't just plan to quit after a few weeks !
  5. Have 5+ Trophies. Another opportunity to meet an easy requirement if you do not meet some of the others!
  6. Be 15 years of age or older. We are looking for mature players who are literate, can communicate well with others and are able to contribute ideas. (This is important !)


Ranks are determined based on post count. Council positions remain open and we encourage users to take on the responsibility.

    Baron. Beginning rank.
    Viscount. Post 100+ times.
    Earl. Have 250 or more posts.
    Marquess. Have posted 500 times or more.
    Duke. Exceed 750 posts.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask. We are willing to accommodate members if they promise to contribute to the guild and always take the steps they can to make the guild a better place. Have any suggestions? Feel free to neomail them to a council member to take them further. We are very open to making any improvements to the guild and would love to hear what other members have in mind.


Fill out the application below and mail it to Jane, Tori or Kara to be approved.

    About You.
    What you wish to improve on.
    Why you are interested in joining?
    What can you contribute to the guild?

Member Biographies

Current Members: ~20
Everyone, please send in your Bios !

I am your Guild Leader of awesome. Seriously, I am made of awesome. I like sleeping and … eating … and … failing at everything *sobs* Seriously, who was stupid enough to leave the guild in my hands???
Hi guys. You'll usually find me in the PC, or occasionally lurking the NC boards. If you ever see me, I don't bite so feel free to randomly chat with me c: I'm a trading addict so I usually have a board up when I'm online_ I play Neopets because of the nice people I often come across and it can be a good escape from reality when you need it. I love my lazy cat, reading books, watching tv shows, + shopping. I dislike rudeness and unfairness. Anyways, have a fantastic day & thanks for reading!
Arienette is my name, and I have like 1291803 billion pets. I am in love with animals. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my bf and we have three dogs and three cats! yikes! Not to mention all the caged animals. I have been playing neo for over 10 years ;; pathetic! I usually lurk the PC/NC. I /hoard/ RW/RNs... yes hoard 0-0 I have 5 accounts all full of RW/RNed pets except for my one UC Light Angel. I am obsessed with Draiks & Skeefs. I over customize everything. =/ I has bright red hair, a yellow mini copper & I work in a animals hospital.

Customization Contest

It's time for another BEST DRESSED Contest !


.Send in your pets' customization by 11:59:59 PM NST on December 20th to

.Pay attention to the theme. This months theme is: Winter/Holiday Season!

.You can send in up to two customizations. They can be the same theme. You do not have to send in two customizations. If you don't want to, you don't have to participate at all. Should you want to send in two customizations, they do not have to be from two different themes. The pets also don't have to be on your main, you can send in customizations you use on sides if you want to!

Click here for Entrants and Voting

Click here previous Winners !

Show off your win with one of these Trophies !


This is how you vote: Send a neomail to Jane with the Title:
Voting: Month (ex. January) Year (ex. 2012)".
In the Neomail, post the number 1 through 3, and a neopets' name behind it. Behind the number one, add the name of the pet you think should receive first place (and so on).
Voting: 21st-31st December.

You can vote for yourself, only if there are 5 or less entrants.

This months Entrants:





Previous Winners

July 2013



First place Second place Second place

June 2013


Sweeti (Sweetipie099112)

Minnie (minnie_3398)
First place Second place Third place

April 2013



First place Second place Third place

March 2013



First place First place Third place

February 2013



First place Second place Third place

January 2013



First place Second place Third place

December 2012



First place First place First place

November 2012



First place Second place Third place

October 2012



First place Second place Second place

August 2012



First place Second place Third place

June 2012



First place Second place Second place

May 2012



First place Second place Third place

March 2012



First place Second place Third place

February 2012



First place Second place Third place

January 2012



First place Second place Third place

August 2011



First place Second place Third place

Customisation Guide

Weekly Challenge

Every Thursday a new Challenge will be posted which you can work on Friday through Wednesday. Send in your answers to Jane.

This weeks challenge: Item Quest

Rarity: 101
Category: Toy
Release Date: March 12, 2011

Previous Challenges

Mystery Pic
Oh, dear – the reformatting of this image has totally gone wrong.
Weekly Game
Previously known as Game Weekend. We will be competing for Game Avatars.
Scavenger Hunt
Bored ? Why not run around Neopia seeking the answers to pointless questions ?
Item Quest
Well … this is awkward.
Can you remember what this item is called ? My memory is acting up.

Game Weekend

Every now and then, why not work on a Game Avatar you're still missing?

None right now.

I realise some you might already have the featured avatar, so just sit back and relax !

There's an avatar you would like to have but nobody's forcing you enough to do it ? Just send in a suggestion of the next avatar we should work on !

Previously Featured Games

Get 15+ correct guasses in a row.

Randomly awarded, though usually with 4+ correct guesses.

You need a score of 250+ or more

Knock down a coconut.

You need a score of 20,000 or more.

You need a score of 725 or more.

Randomly awarded when scoring 24.

You need a score of 1500 or more.

You need a score of 2500 or more.

Mystery Pic

I lost the source, could you please point it out to me ? Send in your answer to Jane.

None right now.

Previous Rounds:

Round of 9th May 2013
Jazzy Bori Wig

Hint: Wig

Round of 14th February 2013
Camouflage Techo

Hint: Rainbow Pool

Round of 22nd November 2012
Faerieland Mystery Capsule

Hint: NC

Scavenger Hunt

It's time for a little Quiz !

Below are a few questions for you to figure out.

None right now.

Previous Rounds:

Round of August 1st 2013
1. Who, in Faerieland, delivers the mail? Mail Faerie
2. Which deckhand likes neggs? Young Sproggie
3. When did pie-throwing at clowns go into the second round? Nov. 30th 2007
4. Which fictional Shoyru was left in the pound, longing for his parents? Barkha
5. What is Peters catchphrase? Your (pw) has been changed

Round of June 20th 2013
1. Which smart Zafara leads a double life as a criminal?Sabatha
2. Who is the last to join Rohanes quest? Velm
3. When was TreasureKeepers discontinued? December 14th 2011
4. What did Taelia leave behind when she left Faerieland? Snowfaerie Token
5. What are the names of Jhudoras Gruslen bodyguards? Sarah & Daisy

Round of March 21st 2013
1. Will there be cake ? and rampaging (yes)
2. Who couldn't handle their magic ? Xandra
3. Where is Hannah when word of the Obelisk gets out ? Kreludor
4. What has Norheim spent years on perfecting ? decoding messages
5. How is Gladstone getting to Tyrannia ? by airship

Round of January 17th 2012
1. How many times is it possible to play Poogle Racing in one hour ? 4 times
2. At what an altitude did Faerieland use to float above Neopia ? 10 000 ft
3. Who created and edible friend ? Wizzle
4. What used to be the name of the Faerie that runs the Library ? Book Faerie
5. The Tiki Tour Guide was once kidnapped. By whom ? Tura-Kepek

Round of November 7th 2012
1. What is the date mentioned of Adam's neopoint-count last changed? (just the month/day) September 25th
2. Who are the duo that sometimes take over the editorial? Jazan & Hanso
3. What neopet was the second created? Scorchio
4. What is the theme of the very first gallery spotlight winner? Lupe
5. How long does a user have to be away for so that their account is eligible to purge? 18 months

Round of November 1st 2012
1. Who is – probably – the oldest active user ? Not counting current or previous Staff Members/Accounts. coolgirl
2. Find a pet with an item for a petpet. Plirrr (more: /~tickulish)
3. Had Viacom bought Neopets using NC, how much would it have been ? 16bil NC
4. Which was the first petpet released on the site ? Angelpuss
5. Where did TNT get the idea for the Mutant Mortog ? 3-headed frog found in Somerset

Round of July 15th 2012
1. How much would it cost to adopt the strongest pet in Neopia ? 39688187 NP or more (Antorcha)
2. TNT are such trolls! Where on the site can you find a Pokémon ? Gallery of Evil
3. How many avatars can you still get if you only started today ? around 340
4. What is the Jellyworld equivalent to the Free Omelette called and who guards it ? Pfft;; What is this ? We all know Jellyworld doesn't exist ! Giant Jelly guarded by The Jelly Keeper
5. What can't we have because it belongs to Adam ? Asparagus

Item Quest

Oh my, it seems our clerk has made some mistakes updating the items database. Jeez;; he forgot the most important information: the Item name !

Would you be so kind as to help me out ?

Rarity: 101
Category: Toy
Release Date: March 12, 2011

Previous Rounds:
Please Note: Sometimes more than one answer is correct, I will list those that were guessed correctly, plus the original item I chose.

Round of 22nd August 2013

Flishy Paddleball Game
Rarity: 80
Category: Toy
Release Date: November 11, 2005

Round of 18th July 2013

The Big Book of Hate and Anger
Rarity: 85
Category: Book
Release Date: October 30, 2007

Round of 27th June 2013

The Big Book of Hate and Anger
Rarity: 70
Category: Book
Release Date: October 30, 2007

Round of 25th April 2013

Yellow Polka Dot Koi Dress
Rarity: 92
Category: Clothes
Release Date: May 24

Round of 31st January 2013

Eyrie Statue
Rarity: 101
Category: Gardening
Release Date: February 23

Round of 6th December 2012

Bag of Gold Pillow | White Pedestal
Rarity: 101
Category: Furniture
Release Date: March 31st

Round of 15th November 2012

Handsome Valentine Quiguki
Rarity: 98
Category: Toy
Release Date: February 14th

Round of 25th October 2012

Air Faerie Token | Dark Faerie Token
Rarity: 99
Category: Battle Magic
Release Date: August 16th


I think I'm getting old. Could you tell me the name of this item ? Send in your answer to Jane.

None right now.

Previous Rounds:

Round of 5th September 2013

Sunblade Replica

Round of 4th July 2013

Managing Anger

Round of 23rd May 2013

Twisted Doughnut Charm

Round of 11th April 2013

Oppressor Onions_

Round of 28th March 2013

Negg Hunt Box Lunch

Round of 21st February 2013


Round of 24th January 2013

Flaming Food Cornucopia

Round of 13th December 2012

Planetary Pizza Ring

Other Activities

Fill it In !
A coloring contest for a special prize !
[RETIRED] Trophy 's
Want to show off that your pet has won the Customization Contest ?
[RETIRED] Action is Character
Can't find the motivation to work on your Pet? Search no more! Ran from 03-05 2013
[CANCELLED] Logo Contest
Time for a new Guild Icon.
Advent Calendar
Advent, Advent, a candle burns! First one, then two, then three, then four, then Father Christmas is at the door! (okay, that sounds better in German)


Pets UFA
Throwing Pets your way!
Paint Brush Clothing
Help us clear out our Closets !
Pets UFT
… our pets uft ?
Neocash TL/WL
Avatar Lending
Still need those avatars ? Thank you all lenders !

Our Pets up for (quick) adoption

Our Pets up for trade

Neomail Jane if you have UFT pets !

Tell me the name, color/species, add if it's RN/RW/UC/BD, what you are seeking & where people should neomail you. Did I forget anything ? I hope not.

Unlimited Custom
Seeking: RW/RN pets (No lab only/robo)
Contact: anzillu
Dioscuri the Lab Pet
Seeking: cool RWs, UCs
Contact: kakalake
Girlie_Glimmer the 1890+ HSD UC Grey Cybunny
Seeking: UC RPDK
Contact: kakalake
Yenable the UC Grey Koi
Seeking: UC Darigan Yurble/other UCs
Contact: kakalake
MyUsulYellow the UC Grey Scorchio
Seeking: UC Darigan/Faerie Yurble
Contact: kakalake
Pennsylvania the Darigan Nimmo
Seeking: cool RWs, UCs
Contact: kakalake
Raboratoriratsu the UC Faerie Tonu
Seeking: UC RG Lupe
Contact: kakalake
Rosalynd the Grey Kacheek
Seeking: Anything interesting
Contact: googleybear12

Our spare Paint Brush Clothing

Adopted an originally clothed pet from the pound? Got an unclothed pet in a trade?
Feel free to see if any of us has it's spare paint brush clothing!
(No seriously, take this stuff off our hands)

Contact kakalake for:

Aisha Collar
Green Bruce Bowtie
Ixi Collar
Christmas Grundo
Christmas Kacheek
Christmas Kiko
Christmas Ogrin
Disco Techo
Halloween Lenny
Island Lenny
Mutant Usul
Red Usul
Robot Shoyru
Zombie Ruki

Contact googleybear12 for:

Mutant Aisha
Blue Bruce Bowtie
Christmas Uni
Halloween Grarrl
Halloween Xweetok
Yellow Usul

Neocash Tradelists

Avatar Lending

If you have Avatar Items or Pets you would feel comfortable to lend out, please drop me a mail so I can add them here.

If you would like to be lent something, please mail the owners. Please note that items/pets will only be lent out if you have been an active member. We want no scamming here ò_ó

Tori is lending out items for these avatars.

Eco is lending out items for these avatars.

Link Back to this Page

Action is Character

… so take action and finally work on that character!

This Activity is over!

It ran from March 1st 2013 to May 9th 2013

This activity is open to everyone – non-Guild members as well !

Who doesn't have a pet they've had for ages, but that just seems to be sitting there? And while you've always had a story in mind, you just haven't found the motivation to make everyone else see how special it is. Or maybe you have finally gotten your dream pet and are bombarded with inspiration. Then again, maybe your have no idea what to do with your pet at all. Lets work on our pets together, to finally overcome your laziness or get some direction into your thoughts !

If you would like to participate, please send a neomail to
Jane with the name of the pet your would like to work on in the coming weeks.


  • Entering. Even though you can enter with more than one pet, I would suggest against this as some challenges will be more time consuming than others.
  • Disqualified. Yes, you can indeed get disqualified if you fail to complete a challenge in the annointed time unless you excused yourself beforehand. You will then have the next challenge to catch up (but you would have to complete two challenges in the time of one). If you fall more than one challenge behind, you will be removed from the list. Though of course you could still complete the challenge privately, your progress will no longer be listed. This is to prevent you from being lazy. If you still are, well, then we can't help you.
  • Challenges will be added Thursdays and will last one or two weeks – depending on the difficulty. Should a Plot start while this event is ongoing_ some challenges might be extended.
  • Any Progress should be displayed on your pets petpage. Feel free to work ahead if you're on a roll!
  • Content: Any written content should be created exclusively by you! Any art displayed on your petpage that relates to challenges should be made either by you or specifically for you! Meaning you can get a custom image of your pet done by a friend or someone else – as long as they made it for your pet (so no adoptables unless custom). Give credit where it is warranted!


Challenge 1 will run from February 28th to March 7th 2013

Create a brief character Profile for your pet (ex: Name, Age, Origin, Likes, Dislikes & anything else you can think of).
By now, I hope you have all thought about where you are going with your pets character/story, so head over to DTI or JN and try out different future Customizations.

Read up on the Guidelines !
Challenge 2 will run from March 7th to March 14th 2013

Write and/or draw a reference for your pet. The description should be a few sentences long, it should decribe your pets looks and even character traits if you want. If you decide to only make an image reference, please be sure to follow the guidelines.

We will be getting to story-writing sooner or later, so for yourself, create a mindmap with different story ideas or a plotline if you already know where you want your pets story to go. There are many different ways to create a story, so think about what writing style would work best for you – diary? retelling of their story in a conversation ? comic strips ? a good old fairy tale ? or maybe even a screen-play ?
A Story can be told in many ways.
Challenge 3 will run from March 14th to March 21st 2013

Write/create a prologue for your story, or some kind of introduction. If you're doing something art related like comic strips instead of planning to write a story … do that.

After this Challenge, I will also be removing all participants who haven't actually … participated. So if you are behind on a challenge, I suggest catching up quick.
Challenge 4 will run from March 21st to March 28th 2013

Give your pet a spiffy pet-lookup ! Feel free to use premades and customize the look-up to fit your pet – like changing colours, adding images and text. Maybe you role-play ? Or stick a short summary of your pets story on it ? Or just want to let an image speak for itself ? Anything goes ! (well, anything allowed).

If you use premades, be sure to leave credit, even if you change the code around to suit your taste!
Challenge 5 will run from March 28th to April 4th 2013

The hard part is starting: Write Chapter One of your pets story. Be it diary entries, novel or conversations – write at least 2000 words. In case you are only planning to write a short story: write that ;D
If you are making comic strips (which I haven't actually seen anyone do) make at least 4.

Be sure to stick to one writing style, keep track of your tenses and diversify phrasing (said, replied, yelled etc.); there are many words to make a story more lively. Avoid too many repetitions: try out synonyms !

Edit April 4th:Concerning last weeks challenge: I realise it was a lot of words, if you have less, that is okay. I understand that most neopian stories are on the short side. The challenge was more about getting you all to write it all out if you lacked the motivation.
Challenge 6 will run from April 4th to April 18th 2013

Yes, you have two weeks to complete this challenge. Your assignment: create a pet page ! While you are free to use premades and templates, please customize it to fit your pet. Change colours, add your own background images – the works !

Remember – all the rules still apply: give sufficient credit, whether you use someones codes or you got gifted art !

I also cleaned out the list of those not participating. If you can't find yourself anymore think I made a mistake deleting you, drop me a mail !
Challenge 7 will run from April 18th to April 25th 2013

Write the next chapter of your pets story. No worries, no word count this time!


Make/Get a picture displaying a scene in your story. This can be a part you have already written, or something later in the story. Read up on the Guidelines for image rules.
Challenge 8 will run from April 25th to May 2nd 2013

Make a button for your pet's page.


Go the extra mile: Where do you want to go from here ? There are a lot of things you can still do. Continue writing your story, entering your pet into the Beauty Contest or try for Pet Spotlight, even Site Spotlight ! Drawing images to illustrate your pets story, or making short profiles for secondary characters. Be creative !

I would also appreciate any feedback you can spare. This is the first time I tried something like this and I know it's imperfect. If you missed something that should have been here, or you have any additional ideas how to make this activity better, please drop me a mail !
Maybe there will be an Action is Character II ;D

Also, if you don't make a button for your pets page you will be thrown from the list *radical*
I wanted to thank you all for participating in this activity, and I hope you had fun! As I mentioned, I would appreciate some feedback ;d

And remember: just because the challenges are over does not mean you are done! Keep working and improving.

edit: Wow;; only like 2 people have buttons. People weren't very vigilant with the last few challenges *frowns*


Guild Members will receive imaginary points in the imaginary point system.
For every challenge you will receive that many points (Ch1 is 1p, Ch8 is 8p).
However, if you fail to complete them on time, the count will start over
(late on Ch4, you will receive what you have (6) and then start Ch4 with 1).

Create a Trophy

Create a Customization Contest Winning Trophy and send it in to Jane.
You have until March 31st to send in as many trophies you have created as you want, the winner will be chosen by voting (poll-probably) after the deadline.


by tianzhou753

by tianzhou753

by tianzhou753

by tianzhou753

Entry is over, you can now vote for your favorites in a poll on the Guild Home Page. If you decide to "Have your pick", that means you want all trophies to win, and if you want to show one off at your pets lookup, you can chose which one to take c:


Dress – 1
Mirror - 1
Captured Faeries - 2
Novas - 1
Have your Pick - 3

Create a Logo

CANCELLED due to lack of interest.

It is your job to create a new Logo for the Guild! Send in your entry to
You have until June 30th to send in as many logos as you want, the winner will be chosen by voting (poll-probably) after the deadline.

Measurements: 100x100
You can also suggest a color scheme with your entry!


current logo




Advent Calendar

Don't forget to go to the 'real' Advent Calendar:

It's that time of the year again! Each day you open a door (or sock) and get chocolate, or a toy or … well, whatever is behind your door ! Now, the German Advent Calendar has 24 doors, so that's what I will be going with.

So this year, a trivia question will be added each day for you to answer. For each correct answer you will receive a #point! You can only send in your answer until the solution has been posted, which will mostly be around 7am NST the next day.

I'll think of something special for those that answer all correctly ~

01.12 – What date was the then called Aisha Ice Totem given out ?

Imaginary Point System !

kakalake: 55
fdhalla: 31
bethstell: 31
googleybear12: 11
earthiness: 11
tianzhou753: 8
misslymiss: 5
anzillu: 4
widgewoo: 3

CC win : 2
CC 2+3: 1
Scavenger Hunt: 6 (first all correct), 5 (all correct), 4 (four corrects), and so on
Mystery Pic/Item Quest/Memory/Game Avatar: 5
Entering a contest: 1 per entry

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Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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