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Dear guest,

So you've stumbled upon my petpet matching guide! As you can probably infer, petpet matching is a hobby of mine -- and I've decided to share my enthusiasm for this pastime.

What is it about matching petpets that requires a whole petpage guide on the topic? A good petpet match appears aesthetically appealing on a petlookup. A great petpet match, however, complements and contributes to your pet's character, which in turn fleshes out his or her personality. When you introduce a petpet to your pet, it opens up another dimension to your character. Most people tend to settle for a good match, but fall short of the latter.

Now, I could have just listed all the painted pets and their respective recommended matches and call it a guide—but would I really be teaching you anything? I would stifle your creativity, rob you of the adventure and the pride behind your petpet finds. Instead, I'm going to demonstrate the technique: how to identify aspects of a good match, how to find that petpet, and have it all fit in your budget.

So, are you ready to face the challenge? Step into my realm and become enlightened...

With all due Respect,


Matching Methods

What constitutes the "perfect" match between a pet and his or her petpet? Many factors come into play—including that we all have a different sense of balance. Here are the most common methods petpet matchers use.

By Color Scheme

This is definitely the most popular and common method; you are probably familiar with this already. Color matching is identified not only by the paint brush of which your pets is painted, but also by careful observations of the color schemes on your pet. If you have an acute sense of detail to color, you'll find this method quite easy and possibly and quick favorite.

Examples: Maraquan Draik + Island Babaa, Camouflage Kougra + Carmariller

These petpets may not look alike at all to their owners, but they still match in the sense that they share a common color schemes or paintbrush color.

By Pose

Pose matching is identified by careful attention to how your pet is positioned. Once you have memorized the pose of your pet, you would then seek a petpet that is positioned most closely to your pet.

Examples: Maraquan Draik + Maraquan Harris, Tyrannian Krawk + Niptor

By Physical Traits

In order to match your pet to accomplish this type of match, take a good look at your pet. What shape of ears does your pet have? Does your pet have hooves or paws? Does your pet have stripes, spots, fur, or scales? Does your pet have insect wings, faerie wings, bird-wings, or dragon-like wings? There are several more aspects to examine your pet from, but those were just a prompt to give an idea of what kind of physical traits you should look into a petpet.

Examples: Maraquan Acara + Green Tentacle, Red Ixi + Nuk

By Species

Species matching is similar to matching by physical traits; their approach is identical. However, the previous method may only look at a couple specific traits. However, species matching is more general of an outlook of the pet to his or her petpet.

Examples: Blue Draik + Kazeriu, Green Grarrl and Trumpadon

Because we generally associate a draik to be a dragon, we can pick a dragon-like petpet for it. Likewise with the grarrl, who resembles the T-Rex.

By Theme

Theme matching usually blends with the color matching method, for often a pet's paint brush colors also happens to have the same color scheme—but that is not always the case.

Examples: Fire Gelert + Baby Fireball, Jelly Shoyru and Blobikins, Royalgirl Ixi + Mortog, Royalgirl Kacheek + Hegelob

A royalgirl ixi can be paired up with a mortog not only because they both are associated with Meridell, but they also have the princess and the frog theme. Royalgirl Kacheeks are dressed in Shenkuu fashion, so Shenkuuian petpets would also match.

The Anti-Match

Tired of the same stereotypical matches? For a different twist in matching, try finding the exact opposite to complement the pet. If opposites are complements of each other, the same holds true in petpet matching. Matching by opposite includes can opposite species (cat+dog), theme (fire+water), and colors (black+white). Irony also works wonderfully for this method.

Examples: Halloween Lupe + Babaa, Grey Pet + Smiley, Buzz + Antwerph

The Visual Gag

There is no standard definition for this, but it's pretty easy to identify. This type matching is most often characterizes by a petpet illustrating by a common joke, pun, or stereotype of the pet. This method of matching may at first make no sense at first, but after some thought you might end up admiring the clever mind of the matcher, and a small giggle.

Examples: Tyrannian Mynci + Rotawheel, Snot Pet + Ghostkerchief, Mallow Grundo + Melton

*hands you a tissue*

Here's my find: Meet OceanPredator and his petpet, Yesterday's Lunch.

Fish are friends, not food!

Matching by Personality

What's nice about this method is that the match goes beyond appearance—it's unique to your pet's personality. To pick a petpet by personality while petpet shopping you must keep in mind the personality of your pet. The petpet is then can be picked with the approach of which petpet best illustrates the personality of your pet, or as a companion your pet would like based on his/her personality.

Take this baby Aisha as an example. Now most people would match him or her to a plushie Miamouse or a Faerie Kadoatie. I don't know about you, but don't you get tired of the same pet + petpet combination on forty different baby Aishas? Let's examine some different alternatives...

If your Baby aisha is an angelic goody-goody, the angelpuss would illustrate its innocence nicely.

If your baby aisha is an sweet, innocent looking pet but secretly an an evil and manipulative genius, you might want to caution fellow visitors with a tip-off by matching a pinklet or devilpuss. And because we all know that meepits are amassing for world domin—*surreptitiously hauled off into the shadows*

Which Method is the Best?

Again, the answer to this question is subjective. But generally, you want to try and hit as many areas of matching as possible. Here are a couple examples that most people say are "perfect" matches: Ice Hissi + Snowickle, Faerie Cybunny + Faerie Eizzil, Halloween Blumaroo + Halloween Baby Blu.

As you can see above, all the pets and their respective matches fit in the theme, color, physical traits and to some extent, pose and species. All the different types of methods as previously discussed work together to exemplify the best possible match. Keep that thought in mind when you go petpet shopping.

On a Budget?

  • Determine your price range. Logically this should be the first step, but give yourself some leeway so that you have enough choices.

  • Look for unpainted petpets first.
    • Unpainted petpets are generally cheaper than painted petpets, because you don't have to procure a petpet paint brush.
    • If you ever come upon the day where you are forced to separate your pet and his or her petpet, the unpainted petpet will be relatively easier to sell.
    • You may find /~Strawbur or /~Cucumburs helpful, for they both provide a listing of unpainted petpets for 100K and under. Disclaimer: They are seldom updated, if at all.

  • The trading post price is not always set in stone. Unbuyable petpets are hard to sell. If you neomail the trading post sellers they are usually open to haggling quite a bit; this is especially true as the petpet gets more and more expensive.

  • Buying a painted petpet? Check existing painted petpets for sale first. You would be surprised at how many people skip over this. Because unbuyable painted petpets are even more harder to sell, you have more room to haggle—you're more likely get it cheaper than the price of the petpet paint brush plus the petpet. Search the trading post, auctions and use the shop wizard search function to look for galleries that have your desired painted petpet before buying the petpet paint brush and petpet separately!

  • Attach petpetpets later. Petpetpet matching is another story for another page. If you have other goals in mind, you don't need to think about more extraneous expenditure.

Your Resources

Now you that know how to match petpets, where are some places you can go to find the right petpet?
Petpets: A Pictionary & History @ /~100bottles is a full listing (rare petpets included) of all the unpainted petpets. Interesting additional features comprise of cooking pot and tangor's workshop combinations, old drawings of petpets, and links to anything petpet-related that you can imagine.

Neopia's Official Petpet Puddle is like the rainbow pool, only petpet version. Handy for finding petpets, for it has a drop-down list so one can quickly access to a collection of pets by species or color.

Petpet Matcher @ /~Petpetmatcher (appropriately named XD) is a handy little device which lets you have visual of a pet, petpet, and petpetpet together. Very useful and generally most recommended by the HC.

Your Perfect Petpet @ /~autumning is a freshly open site which does custom petpet requests. Well over 100 pets have already been matched with their top 3 petpet recommendations.

Pet(pet[pet]) Matching @ /~Lil_Zorro is another petpet matching guide like this one! Although it hasn't been updated in a while, it's still quite useful for petpet matching ideas. It provides a large percentage of painted pets and their custom matches already completed.

Why not neomail your neofriends to help you hunt for that perfect petpet? They may surprise you with fresh perspective —and it's fun to spend the time together. :)

As much as I love the Help Chat, this board may not be able to give you the personalized help you desire and will most likely toss you links already provided above. Most people cannot afford to invest half an hour petpet-hunting for a stranger.

Jellyneo's Item Database is an extensive and constantly updated database of all items in Neopia. You can filter out petpets under the item category drop list (look for Unpainted Petpets under their Special Category), and you can even sort it all by price! It's offsite so no linkage here.

Aaand... if you direct your attention to the left, you'll see two more links sections under Your Resources. I grouped the petpets by appearance, as well and some quick lists of which petpets generally match said color/species. Don't I spoil you? ;)

Now What?

So you've found your perfect petpet for your pet. So you've relished in your pride and bragged to all everybody about this fantastic match you've found. But wait! The journey is far from over.


Well, the first thing you ought to do is come up with a story with how they met and became best buddies. Naturally this should be the introduction story, and of course, their endless antics/adventure stories which follow. You can write this for fun and post it on your petpage, submit it to the neopian times, or the petpet spotlight!

Learn to Draw Your Petpet

Practice drawing your petpet. You can consult the How to Draw Petpets for help—but bewarned, this petpet is the most difficult to draw and should only be reserved for the most skilled of artists. Might I suggest a picture of your pet and petpet interacting?

Other Fun Activities

Other activities you can do with your petpet include but are not limited to: the Symol Hole, Turmaculus, the Petpet Lab Ray, or Petpet Battles. Make sure to stop by to visit with your petpet once in awhile, why not stop for a little chat? Those little dearling critters say the darndest things.

Remember, the adventure doesn't have to end at matching. You can tap into an entire other aspect of Neopia—all thanks to your petpet.


Remember, petpet matching is only part of the bonding process between you, your pet, and of course, your petpet. You can ask your friends, ask the HC -- but if you have other people match your petpet for you, in the end it only stifles your relationship with your pet.

Despite everything that I've showed you, a petpet can still match even if it has no visual similarities to your pet. If you've created a story behind the match, if you can easily imagine them interacting with each other, then it's the perfect match!


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  • My guide to all things HTML & CSS:(/~Kished)(L00kuphelp Restored)(created by mach3000, now hosted/maintained by betrayals)

  • My reference to all petpets in Neopia, used in the creation of the petpet categorization section:(/~100bottles)(Petpets: A Pictionary and History)(Created by foofoo_at_my_house)

  • My reference to good pet & petpet matching examples:(/~Lil_Zorro)(Petpet[pet] Matching)(Created by the_princess_z)

  • Also used in the creation of the petpet categorization section:(items.jellyneo)(Jellyneo's Item Database)(Established by Dave)

  • Special thanks to Bianca (12th) for her contributions, for her ideas, for reviving my interest in this petpage.

  • Kudos to Jake (j9726gp) for suggesting the Grundo Mallow and Melton match!
  • A shoutout to Jolt (joltshock) for finding the hardest petpet to draw. I'm still practicing! :(

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Quick-Find List

If you want a place to jumpstart your search, this list might help. Remember these are only general recommendations; they probably won't satisfy you so be prepared to continue hunting for that perfect petpet!

By Species

Here are some of the most common matches that people often match up with each species of the Neopet. If you notice, not all species have matches because there doesn't seem to be any existing petpets. I'm open for suggestions though.
  • Acara: Flowper, Meekins
  • Aisha: Kadoatie, Alkenore

  • Blumaroo: Baby Blue
  • Bori: --
  • Bruce: Darblat
  • Buzz: Buzzer, Teasquito

  • Chia: Flosset
  • Chomby: Acko, Stego
  • Cybunny: Eizzil, Snowbunny

  • Draik: Gallion, Ukali, Hegelob, Kazeriu

  • Elephante: Ettaphant, Pandaphant, Woolypapith
  • Eyrie: Albat, Vaeolus, Ganuthor

  • Flotsam: Flishy, Florta, Bluna

  • Gelert: Kimbi, Puppyblew
  • Gnorbu: Vacana, Antwerph, Bika
  • Grarrl: Trumpadon
  • Grundo: Tenna

  • Hissi: Magtile, Cobrall, Reptillior, Quetzal

  • Ixi: Hoovle, Hornsby, Manjeer, Naalala, Nuk

  • Jetsam: Arkmite, Sharky, Chomper, Nuranna, Spirkle
  • JubJub: Furwitch, Magaral

  • Kacheek: Miamouse
  • Kau: Minitheus, Kiiyak and Blurgah
  • Kiko: --
  • Koi: Kora, Primella
  • Korbat: Barbat, Batterflye, Karren

  • Kougra: Tasu, Blugar, Gruslen, Biyako
  • Krawk: Krawk, Huggy
  • Kyrii: --

  • Lenny: --
  • Lupe: Puppyblew, Doglefox
  • Lutari: Sandan

  • Meerca: Babyca
  • Moehog: Blurgah
  • Mynci: Momba, Mirgle

  • Nimmo: Greeble, Mortog, Carma, Frogarott, Frogler

  • Ogrin: Ombat

  • Peophin: Bluna, Peo
  • Poogle: Flowper
  • Pteri: Beekadoodle, Pawkeet

  • Quiggle: Greeble, Mortog, Spyven, Carma, Frogarott, Frogler

  • Ruki: Flerper

  • Scorchio: --
  • Shoyru: Dragoyle
  • Skeith: --

  • Techo: Flizzardo, Gumblesh
  • Tonu: Icklesaur
  • Tuskaninny: Narwhool, Screal

  • Uni: Alabriss, Whinny
  • Usul: --

  • Wocky: Lutra
  • Xweetok: Lutra

  • Yurble: Babith, Minitheus

  • Zafara: --

By Color

Here are some of the most common petpets that I recommend match up with each paint brush color. The list is more sparse... I will gradually be adding more if I find any or if new petpets are released. Again, I am open to suggestions!

  • Baby: --
  • Biscuit: --
  • Brown: Mirgle, Vacana, Urchull, Whoot

  • Checkered: --
  • Christmas: Fir, Wreathy, Raindorf
  • Cloud: Cirrus
  • Camoflauge: Carmariller

  • Darigan: Chumablah, Cyodrake, Drackonack
  • Disco: Jawshell, Mundo, Ponka
  • Desert: Khnum, Anubis, Turtmid, Kepru, Crystacat, Seti, Khamette, Sunutek, Khonsu, Gebb

  • Electric: --

  • Faerie: Faellie, Flosset
  • Fire: Baby Fireball, Moltenore, Vaeolus, Melton, Garfir, Hoggir, Ramosan

  • Ghost: Ghostkerfish, Snorklin, Ghostkerchief
  • Glowing: Globilol
  • Golden: --
  • Grey: Droolik, Snoogy, Frowny

  • Halloween: Spyder, Clompkin, Furwitch, Candy Vampire

  • Invisible: --
  • Island: --

  • Maraquan: Arkmite, Goldy, Bubblebee, Bubbles

  • Orange: Cubett, Tyrowbee

  • Pink: Hopso, Floud, Gathow, Icklesaur, Meepit, Ownow
  • Pirate: --
  • Plushie: --
  • Purple: Mazzew, Sproing, Tencals

  • Rainbow: Jawshell
  • Relic: Mibblie
  • Royal: --

  • Sketch: --
  • Shadow: Crokabek, Mibble, Seti
  • Silver: Pfish
  • Skunk: Pandaphant, Altachuck, Biyako
  • Snow: Abominable Snowball, Powtry
  • Speckled: Feepit
  • Split: --
  • Spotted: --
  • Starry: Wain
  • Strawberry
  • Striped: Hornsby

  • Tyrannian: --

  • Usuki: --

  • White: Catamara, Feloreena, Narwhool, Xampher
  • Woodland: Taweret

  • Zombie: Gremble, Lil Frankie
Lab Ray Only Colors
  • Alien: Green Shocket, Beepalite
  • Chocolate: White Ona, Jinjah, Dribblet, Walking Carpet
  • Clay: Goople
  • Coconut: --
  • Custard: --
  • Garlic: --
  • Ice: Polarchuck Jelly: Dribblet, Filamen, Blobikins
  • Mallow: --
  • MSP: Cheerlub
  • Robot: --
  • Snot: Ghostkerchief, Snotbunny, Bogie
  • Sponge: --

Petpet Categories

Grouped by appearance, this section is designed to help you find a petpet if you have a rough image of what you want your petpet to look like. I crafted this section by manually combing through 100bottles, so I may have missed a petpet--and if you find that I did, do let me know! Hover over the image to find the name of the petpet.

Robot Petpets

AvabotBeepalliteBuzzlyC430 AutobotChomperCuttlebotCybitDiddlerFilamenFleurbikFlipperbotGrieferGX-4 OscillabotN-4 Info Retrieval BotNavibotNeotrakPinceronQuadroneRoaderie 1000RobocrushRoburg 3T3RollatronRotawheelRotoblur 4000Scout UnitSkootle BugUltra PinceronVacumatic 9000Wheelie

Petpets with Wings


Petpets with Beaks


Petpets with Hooves


Insect Petpets

AntwerphBuzzerDarpinchFlerperFlightning BugGrackle BugGratikLurmanNavibotPoppitPyonSelketSpyderTeasqitoTeemyteLyinsScarabugSpyraborBubblebeeCrabbyCrabulaZebba

Dinosaur & Prehistoric Petpets


Halloween Petpets

SlorgSludgySnorlkinBarragaCandy VampireClompkinFurwitchGrembleMeepitBat BoyGhostkerchiefTwister WrapSklydeZomuttSnomorgWalking CarpetBatterflySpooky TentacleGnarLil FrankieIntesteen

Winter Petpets

Abominable SnowballPolarchuckJinjahCougiFirGaroodaFelfWreathyRaindorfPowtrySnowickleSnuffly

Desert Petpets

Aquatic Petpets

Snake, Dragon, & Reptile Petpets

Cat & Tiger Petpets

Dog & Fox Petpets

Mice Petpets

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