Greetings, fellow magical being! We're so glad you have stumbled upon our page! We would like to welcome you to the information page for the guild, "Obscurus." If you are +18 and an experienced Neopian that harbors a love for the Harry Potter series, then this may be the place for you! Here you will find our application page, requirements, sample applications, and more.

About Us!

To give you a brief glimpse of what we are about, we are an established guild that was founded December 12, 2011. We're also an 18+ private, literate Harry Potter themed guild that brings back the HP Guild feel of yesteryear. Here in Obscurus, we offer you all a place to enjoy the company of your peers in a setting free of immaturity, most of the time. Besides being 18+, we also stray away from the traditional houses of the Harry Potter guilds, and support different occupations of the wizarding world. This is due to, well, let's face it, most of us have job in the real world whether that job is college student, mother, teacher, etc.

Rules & Regulations

As adults, we all know the basic rules. However, just so you know what we here at, "Obscurus," expect of you, here is a list of rules and expectations. Please, read through them and become familiar with them. This way we won't have to send you to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement!

Post Requirements

Obscurus is a Neopian guild that acknowledges how real life needs to come first. However, in joining the guild we ask that you take the time to be present and post. We truly look forward to getting to know you, and the way we can do that is by posting.
  • New employees have 48 hours to introduce themselves within the guild. If this is not done, the Magical Maintenance Department will have no choice but to sweep you out as they will believe you to be a Muggle.

  • We understand that you may be quite busy and Obscurus always puts real life as the priority, but as a new employee, your first job within the guild is to post at least ten non-spam messages within your first 7 days.

  • Additionally, the Magical Maintenance Department will be conducting regular guild sweeps. As a member of the guild, you are required to post ten non-spam messages between guild sweeps. These will occur once a month. If you know that you are going to be gone for a period of time, it is your responsibility to notify a Publisher so that you will be exempt from a sweep until your vacation/hiatus is over.

Rules of Obscurus

☞::Literacy is a Must!::
-The Obscurus Publishing Company have decided that they simply can live without their, "lol's," and, "omg's." While the once in a full moon, "lol," is fine, please make sure you're not becoming, "Abbreviation-happy." We have a zero-tolerance policy for chatspeak. We don't want to see any 1337 and "talkin lyk dis," so please be respectful and use your big kid words. However, we do have a fondness for emoticons as they showcase a wide range of emotions in this text-driven realm.

☞ ::Spamming Is A No-no::
-No one likes a litter bug and, when it comes to spamming, that's exactly what it is. We ask that you do not exceed three posts in a row or intentionally stretch the boards because our Editors will have to clean up after you. Also, please make sure that your posts have a MINIMUM of five words. We're all adults here. We can construct complete thoughts and sentences.

☞ ::Mind Your Manners::
-The little rabbit in Disneys, "Robin Hood," said it best, "Mind yer manners." Whether you are on the guild boards, advertising boards, guildless boards, or anything else Obscurian related, please remember that you're representing the guild. Beyond that, it goes without saying that all of TNT Rules must be followed as well. If there is an issue somewhere, please neomail one of the Editors and they will take care of it. All else fails, go through neomail and ask yourself, "What would Dumbledore do?

☞ ::R-E-S-P-E-C-T::
-We ask that you respect the team that keeps this guild running. They do have your best interest at heart and need your full cooperation to keep it running like a well-oiled machine. This does include TNT too. Their eyes are always watching, even when you think they are not. Keep in mind the rules that they have created. This includes things like not posting links to other Non-Neo locations on the boards, keeping inappropriate conversations elsewhere, and not popping attitude if your post get deleted for something we feel is, "Red Flag," worthy.

☞ Don't be rude to your fellow wizard
You know what this means so I'm not going to write this out. It falls in line with the other rule we have of, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." Let's remember what we learned in kindergarten about being nice & polite to others.

☞ Follow these rules please
They are here to add boundaries and set some guidelines so that you know how we expect you to act. None of the rules are "out of line" and are pretty basic in terms of what can be found in guilds. It's going serve no purpose to complain about them as they are certainly reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This guild looks really interesting! Can you send me an invite?
A: We're glad you are interested, but first, you must fill out an application and send it HERE.

Q: Will you respond to our applications, whether we are accepted or not?
A: Yes, always! In both cases, you can expect to be notified as soon as one of our Editors reads your application.

Q: What is the turnaround time between sending an application and receiving a reply?
A: That honestly depends. If a member of our Publishing Staff is online_ you will receive an answer once the Obscurus team discuss your application. Otherwise, please allow up to 24-48 hours for a reply.

Q: I was looking at your requirements and I do not meet all of them. Do you make exceptions?
A: Yes, we do grant exceptions. We allot 5 invites per Term and it's on a case by case basis only. If you do not fit into a requirement, state in your application why you think you belong in Obscurus and what sets you apart from others who do meet our criteria. Show us your how mature you are, and do not be afraid to go into detail about what you think you can bring to the guild.

Q: What type of applications do you accept?
A: We accept both neomails and petpages. If you do use a petpage, please have your application tidy (using a premade layout is perfectly acceptable!), and use a font type and color that is easy to read. If we can't follow your application, then it doesn't matter how beautiful it is.

Q: Do you have any pointers for our applications?
A: We like detail. Seriously. Your application is our first impression of you, so you should try your best to be honest and portray yourself in an appropriate manner. If we see that you put effort into your application, it shows that you really want to be a part of Obscurus, and this will make us happy.

Q: Is there anything that could possibly hurt our chances of being accepted?
A: Yes, there is. We stated that your application is your first impression, and that we appreciate effort. If we see you did not do this, then we will be more reluctant to accept you. Examples of lack of effort: Not answering all the questions, not answering in complete sentences, giving very short, non detailed responses, showing a lack of interest, etc. Your application shouldn't look like a 10 year old created it. One of the owners is a 5th grade teacher; she knows.


To join Obscurus, we do have a few requirements, in addition to the age requirement of being 18+, that needs to be met in order to join. Our requirements are as follows:

|✖| 18+ or College-age
|✖| 3 month+ Neopian Account
|✖| Must be a MAIN Account
|✖| Own at least one painted pet

We do make exceptions to the requirements but they are on a case by case basis. Please note, due to the Neo-goal support in the guild, we're no longer accepting side accounts.

Alternate Requirements

We realize that there are plenty of individuals who are highly mature and don't bring the drama llama with them to the guild they join. Thus, here are some items we looks for in those of the, "Exceptions." Keep in mind, we do reserve 5 slots per Term for such individuals.

|✖| Avatar Count
|✖| Previous Guild Recommendation
|✖| Main Account
|✖| Pet Statistics

Application to Obscurus

Please make note that this is an 18+ guild that caters to those who are looking for a place to escape from the monotonous expectations of college courses and work responsibilities. We recommend that when submitting an application, you put as much detail in your answers as possible so we can get to know you before we send you an invite. Pet pages and multiple neomails are perfectly acceptable and definitely encouraged. If you do use neomail, please make sure you label you Neomails accordingly so we know what order to read them in.

Please make sure that, before you fill out the Registration Form, you ensure that your guild neomails and invites are enabled.

When your application has been completed, please send an owl HERE.

The Application

Directions :: The application form is extremely straight forward and meant to get to know you. We want to learn more about your personality, your quirkiness, your nerdiness, etc. All in all, we want to get to know you. After all, we were always taught to keep away from strangers. Please remember your literacy here and what your teacher taught you in terms of answering questions. That being said, we do require to you respond to each question in a complete statement. Besides, the more you explain yourself, the more likely it is an invite will appear in your inbox as we'll have a better feel for your personality.

The Application Form

1. Name:
2. Time Zone:
3. What can you contribute to the guild:
4. Describe yourself in four (unique) words:
5. Your favorite Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean and why:
6. Why do you want to join Obscurus?
7. Nerdiest thing about you:
8. We want to know about you, so for the last question we would like you to tell us about you. This should be no less than 150 words and get creative with it! Poem, rap, interpretative dance, etc. All are perfectly accepted and welcome!

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