The Professors Field

Did you enjoy your classes while in school? Did you imagine maybe even teaching one of your own one day? How about running a club? If so, this field is for you! This field is for those who want to TEACH, INSPIRE, and CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT FOR PEOPLE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL WORLD!

If you choose to join the Professor Field, you will be in charge of helping run and teach classes, host academic clubs, and maybe even a bit of both if you like to be an overachiever. Within the Professor Field, there are three distinct milestones you need to hit: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor. If you wish to move up in your field, you will have to put in the work! We are not at Hogwarts anymore, this will be your career! Complete the requirements for each category, and you will qualify for your promotion!

Welcome to the Professors

You're our new hire, aren't you? Splendid. What was your area of expertise, again? Please read carefully through our list of available classes, clubs, and other academic endeavors and send your top three, in order of preference (or, if you have a new idea, send that) to theorderofmerlin (you can use the button just to your left there - yes, perfect). They'll get your paperwork sorted. Well! We're happy to have you.

Now, you must be a GRADUATE in The Order of Merlin, yes? Excellent. You'll remain at that rank while you are a new hire - an intern, really - and while you are a Lecturer. You're going to have to work your way up, I'm afraid. We reward brilliance and hard work around here! What, you're curious about how to move up? Hm. Good. Very good. We appreciate ambition and curiosity like yours. Let me explain.

There are three promotions to be earned: Lecturer, Instructor, and Professor. You start out as a new hire - an intern, as I mentioned - and you'll want to make your way to a 'Lecturer' as quickly as possible. To do so, complete the three requirements under 'Lecturer', listed below. When you are promoted to Lecturer, you will remain at the GRADUATE rank in the guild. Don't fret - you're on your way up.

To be promoted to 'Instructor', you must complete the three requirements under 'Instructor', listed below. When you are promoted to Instructor, you will move up to the rank of LOCAL in the guild. Excellent work, just excellent.

To be promoted to 'Professor', you must complete the three requirements under 'Professor', listed below. When you are promoted to Professor, you will move up to the rank of RENOWNED in the guild. You're making a name for yourself - we approve highly of you!

Once you have received all promotions for your teaching, you may notice that there is still another guild ranking you have not yet achieved: THE ORDER OF MERLIN, THIRD CLASS. Well spotted! This ranking is awarded when you have completed all three promotions in TWO FIELDS. In this case, Professor and Artisan, or Professor and Ministry.

I hope that clears things up for you, and I can see great promise in you. Run along, now - we're eager to see what you have in store.

♠ Lecturer

1.Set up a Jinxed in page.
2. Set up your first class.
3. Update your class three (3) times.

As a Lecturer, you will receive a payment of 2 galleons, and 10 sickles bi-weekly.

♠ Instructor

1. Get 25 comments on your JinxedIN.
2. Update your class a total of six times.
3. Create a second class.

As an Instructor, you will receive a payment of 3 galleons, and 20 sickles bi-weekly

♠ Professor

1. Get 50 comments on your JinxedIN page.
2. Update your first class a total of nine times.
3. Update your second class a total of six times.

As a Professor, you will receive a payment of 5 galleons, and 15 sickles bi-weekly


You are more than welcome to come up with your own class here at The Order of Merlin. This list is just a guide to help get you started. The classes that have been struck out are either already made or are being made. If you would like to teach a class in the guild, please message us and let us know what class you will be teaching, the style of class you would like to use (traditional: lesson/homework, lecture, lab), and a little information about what you actually plan to teach in your class.
❖ Advanced Muggle Interaction: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Alchemy 101: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Ancient History of Magic: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
Auror Training: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
Basic Training Academy: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Charms 101: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Cosmic Time and Distance: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Cosmology: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Curse-Breaking: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Dragonology: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Ethics in Magic: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Famous Witches and Wizards: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ The Fundamentals of Astronomy: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Ghoul Studies: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Healing Magic 101: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Herbology 101: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Journalism: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Numerology: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Obliviator Training: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Magizoology 101: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Ministry Science: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Muggle Art: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Muggle Music: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Potions Mastery: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Runology: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Transfiguration 101: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Wandmaking: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor
❖ Wizarding History since 1940: Lecturer, Instructor, Professor
❖ Wizarding Transportation: Lecturer - Instructor - Professor

Professor Awards

coming soon!

Professors JinxedIN

JinxedIn - council, artisans*, wandmaker, hufflepuff
JinxedIn - council, ministry*, job, hufflepuff
JinxedIn - council, professors, quidditch coach, hufflepuff
JinxedIn - council, artisans*, job, hufflepuff
JinxedIn - sub-council, professors, job, slytherin
JinxedIn - sub-council, professors, job, hufflepuff